Top 20 Engagement Ring Box Ideas for Proposing February 11, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

People often underestimate the importance of an attractive engagement ring box. The ring surroundings may complement it and make it pop, adding up to the magical atmosphere of the special moment. Neglecting such a small, yet crucial detail may even be considered thoughtlessness. 

If you have already chosen a desired engagement ring and are looking for a box that would be a perfect finishing touch, we are here to help. Read on to draw inspiration for the best engagement ring box ideas for proposing and pick the one that best suits the style of your ring. 

1. Glass Ring Box 

Glass ring boxes look celestial and magical. Of course, a see-through box won’t hide your intentions, but if you are looking for something fairytale-like, it may be a great choice. Glass boxes may be accompanied by ornate vintage-style detailing on the edges or feature a strict minimalistic look. Such a ring box will complement any ring style. 

2. Resin Ocean Ring Box 

Resin Ocean Ring Box

Brides who adore nature will be happy to get a ring in a wooden box with resin elements resembling the ocean floor. Most modern ring styles go well with resin ring boxes, however, the most fascinating combinations are achieved with blue gemstones such as sapphires and aquamarines

Here’s the link to learn more about the gorgeous ring boxes above.

Here’s a gorgeous example of a glass ring box from Etsy.

3. A Treasure Chest Ring Box 

Treasure Chest Ring Box with Engagement Rings inside

An engagement ring is often the most valuable piece of jewelry a woman can own. Therefore, a treasure chest ring box is an ideal storage option for something so exquisite. The chest can be made of precious metal and engraved to make your SO feel truly royal or it can be a simple wooden box design. 

4. Geode Ring Box 

Amethyst Wedding Ring Box

What could suit a gemstone ring better than a box made of genuine, raw gemstone? Each geode is unique with its captivating patterns and textures. However, such a bold box requires a ring that won’t get lost in comparison. 

Here’s a link to a gorgeous Amethyst Ring Box.

5. Puzzle Ring Box 

Puzzle Cypher with Engagement Ring inside

Another symbolic option showing that your SO is the missing piece of the puzzle. You can customize it to be a real riddle, or feature a puzzle shape with a simple sliding mechanism. Such a box will be great for brides who admire board games and cherish their inner child. 

6. Vintage Ring Box

Click to view the aquamarine ring shown in the picture.

There’s no choice better for a vintage ring than a vintage ring box. Vintage boxes often feature intricate ornaments and are made of high-quality materials that allow them last for decades. To create a perfect combination, choose a box from the same era as your ring. 

If you buy a vintage ring (click the link to view our rare collection), you might ask the company if the ring came with a vintage box.

7. Ring Box With Light

Engagement Ring Box with Light Inside

A small light in the box makes the ring shine brighter. For proposals in restaurants with dim lighting or on a night beach, a ring box with a light is a great option that won’t let the ring become dull. 

8. A Rotating Ring Box 

Rotating Ring Box from Etsy

Rotating ring boxes can be extremely thin, which makes them convenient to hide. However, the main advantage of rotating ring boxes is the mechanism that turns a ring to full view. A rotating ring box will present your ring in the spotlight it deserves. 

9. Ring Box With Flowers

Ring Box with Flowers on Top

Ring box with flowers is, perhaps, the most romantic, whimsical choice. The flowers can be either artificial or genuine. Ring boxes with flowers resemble a tiny garden on your palm that surrounds the main treasure. Such boxes look best with elegant, feminine rings with delicate ornaments

10. Seashell Ring Box 

Seashell Ring Box with Engagement Ring

Another great option for nature-admiring brides. A seashell ring box reminds us of the Little Mermaid tale and evokes a desire to walk along the seashore. Such a box can be made out of real seashells and will be especially appropriate for a proposal at the beach. 

11. Split Heart-Shaped Ring Box 

Wooden Heart Ring Box Closed

Heart-shaped ring boxes are common, however, most of them are classic velvet boxes. You can customize a heart-shaped ring box to be made of any material including wood or stone, and add an engraving. It’s a modern twist to a classic heart-shaped box, therefore, such a ring box will suit any ring style. 

12. Pyramid Ring Box 

Glass Pyramid Ring Box with Wedding Band Inside

Pyramids are mysterious and fascinating – they are a great option if your ring is just as unusual. A pyramid ring box is remarkable enough for such a magical moment and best suits yellow gold rings with rich detailing, paying tribute to Ancient Egypt. 

13. Frame Ring Box 

Frame Engagement Ring Box

A frame ring box can be made of any material, the main idea is that the ring rests behind glass in a frame. Your SO will be pleasantly surprised to see a message or a photo on the glass or frame background. After the proposal, a frame ring box may become a nice interior detail reminding you of an important moment. 

14. A Notebook Ring Box 

Notebook with Engagement Ring hidden inside

For those who prefer surprise proposals, a small notebook with a hollowed spot inside is a discreet way to hide a ring. You can request to customize the notebook to look like a favorite book of your significant other or leave a sentimental message inside. 

Or you can just go with a blank book design with a hollowed-out oval center.

15. Faberge Egg Style Ring Box 

Faberge Egg Ring Box

A Faberge-style ring box may be too bold for classic, modest rings, but it is a daring choice for statement vintage rings. It is quite discreet, too – of course, it isn’t easy to hide in your pocket, but your SO is unlikely to realize that you are going to make a proposal when she sees such an unusual ring box. 

16. Pocket Watch Ring Box 

Pocket Watch Ring Box

pocket watch style ring box is a great alternative to the classic square velvet boxes for several reasons. Firstly, it isn’t obvious, so is suitable for a surprise proposal. Secondly, it can be made of precious metal and customized to your liking, making it a piece of art on its own. Thirdly, it is symbolic, suggesting that your love can withstand time. 

17. Angular Black Velvet Ring Box 

Octagon Velvet Ring Box

A great choice for those who admire classic with a modern touch. Time has proven black velvet to be a safe option for anyone. It will suit both modest solitaire and bold, extravagant rings. To make a simple black ring box more contemporary and striking, choose an unusual geometric shape box, such as an octagon. 

18. Light Up Ring Box 

Light Up Glowing Box with Ring inside

A light-up box can have cut-outs on the sides and when used with a light, creates a message. A light-up box may be quite bulky, but it’s a refreshing way to surprise your SO. You can have a smaller box for an engagement ring and use the light-up box to pop the question. 

19. Pop-Up Flower Ring Box 

Pop up Ring Box with Flower

A ring box with a pop-up flower is a fairytale-like option with an unexpected twist. Pop-up flower boxes may feature a mechanism that pushes the ring up in the center of the flower – just like in rotating ring boxes. The box can be plain or customized to resemble a love letter. 

20. Personalized Ring Box 

Personalized Engagement Ring Box

Think of what your SO admires the most. A ring box can resemble an object from a book or movie, or have an engraving. A classical choice that goes well with any ring box style is an engraving of initials and dates

A Unique Box for a Special Moment 

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect ring box option for you amongst our top engagement ring box ideas. Each bride is different, and so is each ring. Therefore, your choice should be based on the personality of your SO and the ring style. Remember – a tasteful ring box can make your special moment even more magical.