Fancy Diamond Rings

Shop our Fancy Diamond Rings collection, thoughtfully curated by Michael and Afshin of Estate Diamond Jewelry. These beautiful rings are a testament to timeless glamour, showcasing an array of breathtaking rings adorned with colored diamonds in vibrant shades of pink, yellow, red, blue, and green.

Each piece in our collection is a rare treasure, offering a unique palette of colors that bring out the extraordinary beauty and brilliance of fancy diamonds. From the soft, romantic hues of pink diamonds to the rich, sunny glow of yellow diamonds, the calm serenity of blue diamonds, and the refreshing vibrancy of green diamonds, our selection embodies the ultimate expression of luxury and individuality.

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  • Marquise Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring - Alameda RingYellow Gold on Platinum Diamond Ring - Alameda Ring

    Alameda Ring

  • Barrow Ring Top ViewBarrow Ring Top Side View

    Barrow Ring

  • 4.04 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring Bethpage Ring4.04ct Fancy Yellow Emerald Cut Ring - Bethpage Ring

    Bethpage Ring

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  • Tumby Ring Top ViewTumby Ring Top Side View

    Bowen Ring

  • Pear-Shape Light Brown Pink Fancy Diamond Ring - Champs-Elysees Ring vmk13 TVPear Shape Fancy Diamond Halo Ring - Champs-Elysees Ring vmk13 TVS

    Champs-Élysées Ring

  • Double Halo Ring Delano Ring Zoomed in Held Top ViewPink Diamond Ring Delano Ring Top View Zoomed in Worn on Hand

    Delano Ring

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  • Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Florham RingPlatinum and Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring - Florham Ring

    Florham Ring

  • 1.315ct Yellow Diamond Impressive Ring Fremont RingPlatinum and Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring - Fremont Ring

    Fremont Ring

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  • Fancy Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Band - Gladstone Band VMK60 TVAsscher Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band - Gladstone Band VMK60 TSV

    Gladstone Band. 3.54mm

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  • Graff Round Brilliant and Fancy Yellow Ring - Berkeley RingGraff Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Ring - Berkeley Ring

    Graff Diamond Ring

  • Pink Diamond Haledon Ring Top View Artistic Hand Photo Zoomed InLight Pink Oval Diamond Ring Haledon Ring Zoomed In Top View Worn

    Haledon Ring

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  • Marquise Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring - Kentwood Ring 14777 TV

    Kentwood Ring

  • 1.00ct Fancy Pink Diamond Engagement Ring - Linas Ring vmk11 TVFancy Pink Mixed Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Linas Ring vmk11 TSV

    Linas Ring

  • Luxembourg Blue Diamond Ring Front ViewTop Side Angle of Luxembourg Blue Diamond Ring

    Luxembourg Ring

  • Princess and Radiant Cut Diamond Pendant - Malba Pendant dyl34 TV

    Malba Pendant

  • Three Stone Marquis Cut Brownish Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Top View DYL41-TV-1000PXMarquis Cut Center Stone And Pear Cut Side Stones Three Stone Engagement Ring

    Massachusetts Ring

  • 1.39ct Fancy Yellow Oval Diamond Marquis Cut Halo Engagement Ring DYL42-TV-1000PX

    Miramichi Ring

  • 1.72ct Yellow Diamond Ring Miston Ring1.72ct Fancy Yellow Old European Diamond Ring - Miston Ring

    Miston Ring. Circa 1950

  • Yellow Brown Double Hal 18k White Gold Engagement Ring 14104-TV-1200 bFancy Yellow Brown Diamond Engagement Ring- Montmartre Ring 14104 TSV

    Montmartre Ring

  • Orsay Diamond Fancy Color Ring11767 Platinum Engagement Ring

    Orsay Ring

  • 5.78ct Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Ring Ottsville RingFancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Ottsville Ring

    Ottsville Ring

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  • Yellow Diamond and Diamond Halo Ring Paterson RingFancy Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Paterson Ring

    Paterson Ring

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  • 13.03ct Fancy Dark Brown Yellow Diamond Ring - Rockwell Ring RJ-05 TVColored Cushion Diamond and Baguette Accents Ring - Rockwell Ring RJ-05 TSV

    Rockwell Ring. Circa 1925, Antique, Art Deco Era.

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  • Oval Cut Fancy Diamond Halo Pendant - Rushmore Pendant dyl33 TVrushmore pendant 18k white gold and rose gold

    Rushmore Pendant

  • Sapri Ring Top ViewSapri Ring Top Side View

    Sapri Ring

  • Marquise Cut Fancy Pink Diamond Ring - Scandia Ring 12070M TVFancy Pink Diamond White Gold Ring - Scandia Ring 12070 TSV

    Scandia Ring

  • Stockholm ring double halo oval cut ring 14778-TV-1000PXdouble halo oval cut diamond ring Stockholm ring 14778-TSV-1000PX

    Stockholm Ring

  • Cushion-Cut Fancy Intense Orange-Yellow Diamond Ring - Stratford Ring

    Stratford Ring

  • 1.18ct Light Blue Fancy Diamond Ring - Syosset Ring VMK14 TVFancy Light Blue Diamond Engagement Ring - Syosset Ring VMK14 TSV

    Syosset Ring

  • Tiffany Oval Cut Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring - SB502 TVSigned Tiffany Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring - SB502 TSV

    Tiffany Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

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