Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Band

Engagement rings are bigger, brighter, bolder and usually much more expensive than wedding bands, so they must be better. But are they really? And what does “better” even mean in this instance? Actually, as we’re not really comparing apples with apples, the comparisons can be weighted either way depending on your viewpoint.

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Who buys guys wedding ring

Who Buys The Groom’s Wedding Ring?

It’s not actually so long ago that planning and organizing a wedding was largely done along lines split by financial responsibility. The bride’s parents would pay for the wedding itself and make most of the big decisions, with the groom’s parents often providing a contribution by way of paying for the flowers. As costs increased, however, these lines became more and more blurred to the point where costs are now usually much more evenly shared…

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Louis-François Cartier

Historical Spotlight: Louis-François Cartier

It’s often easy to forget that the great design houses that we all admire so much have their roots in much smaller enterprises. Today, many high-end jewelry, fashion and perfume houses have emerged from other, longer-established relationships, but it hasn’t always been the case. Most, like Cartier, started as retailers or small-scale designers and manufacturers, and produced such high quality merchandise that word spread quickly.

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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The Different Shapes of Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are a little unusual in the fact that they can actually be quite a wide variety of shapes, as long as all fall within the basic geometric classification of “rectangle”, and all have a slight curve to the edges thereby resembling a cushion. In practice, though, cushion cuts would usually be either square or oblong with non-square cuts having a width:length ratio or around 1:1.15, although this can be extended to 1:1.25…

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Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

In the jewelry business, we spend so long talking about the need for the 4Cs of diamond classification, that it’s easy to forget sometimes that the Color of those Cs is actually a lot more flexible than you might imagine. The ideal diamond color is usually seen as being “white” which, of course, means colorless in jewelry terms, but diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and shades. A completely colorless white diamond is…

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Anniversary Gifts

Vintage Anniversary Gifts

Unlike a number of newer celebration days in the calendar, wedding anniversaries have always been celebrated with a particular attachment to a type of gift. For example, the first anniversary is traditionally associated with Paper, and so a gift made of, or containing paper was commonly given. As time has passed, although the anniversaries have retained their traditional associated names, the gifts given have changed significantly.

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Art Deco or Edwardian Ring

Edwardian or Art Deco – Which Engagement Ring Is Which?

Both Edwardian engagement rings and Art Deco engagement rings are stunning pieces, rich with detail, character and history. Understanding the differences between rings of these two distinct periods can help you better appreciate their beauty and choose the ring that best symbolizes both your personal flair and the timeless love of your relationship.

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Sparkling Diamonds on Black Surface

Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

Diamonds are used in jewelry, and particularly in engagement rings, for the very reason that they do, indeed, sparkle quite magnificently, but why? Crystal glass, even of the highest quality, will never compare to the best diamonds despite being absolutely colorless and flawless, so why should a diamond twinkle and shine like a star in the night sky? The Science Of Diamonds Without getting too deep into the actual technicalities of it, the light properties…

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Platinum vs Gold

Platinum or White Gold – Which is Better?

Is there much of a difference in looks, cost, quality or anything else? Despite their general visual similarities, we’re really talking about a “horses for courses” situation, where there may not actually be a right answer to the question.

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