Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquette

Normally, when we talk about etiquette, it centers around a mix of formal and informal rules which dictate our behavior in a given situation. When shopping for an engagement ring, it’s a little bit different as the situation can shift one way or another depending on what happens at each stage of the process. Also, the etiquette isn’t necessarily observed according to the rules of the store you might be in, although that will be…

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Examining a Diamond for Kimberely

Understanding the Kimberley Process

Any commodity which commands a high price in both dealer and open markets is always going to attract certain elements who will look to maximize profits with little or no regard for anybody else. Sadly, diamonds, throughout their history in jewelry manufacture have been no exception. In 2003, to try and combat the rise in diamonds being openly traded to finance several civil wars – known as conflict diamonds – the UN introduced the Kimberley…

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Engagement Ring Process

How Long Should the Engagement Ring Buying Process Take?

It lasts as long as it lasts. The end. Ah, if only it were so simple. The process does, of course, last as long as it lasts, but there’s a bit more to it than that, and how you define the process before you even start the actual search will determine exactly when it finishes. In reality, like so many aspects of jewelry buying and wearing, there’s no right or wrong answer. Some people agonize…

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Remove ring from figner

How To Remove a Stuck Engagement Ring

First, we should probably say that rings don’t get smaller over time, but we should also add that weight gain, although a potential factor, isn’t the primary reason for being unable to remove a ring from a finder. As we age, our body changes. We may routinely retain a little more water which settles around the joints, we may develop arthritis which also affects the size and shape of our joints. Also, pregnancy or other…

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Wedding Band and Engagement Ring on Finger

Which Ring Goes On The Finger First?

Many of the subjects we discuss regarding engagement and wedding rings have their origins in the quite recent past as, although the giving of one or the other is an ancient tradition, the circumstances for them today have changed somewhat over the past few hundred years. Indeed, until those recent historical times, it was quite common for only a single ring to be given in order to indicate that a woman “belonged” to a particular…

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Cabochon Engagement Ring

Understanding Cabochon Stones

Often, cabochon stones are categorized alongside stones that have been cut and faceted, but this isn’t strictly accurate. The word “cabochon” comes from the French word “caboche”, meaning head, and this is a clue to how the finished stone usually looks. A cabochon is a stone that is polished to a finished shape, rather than being cut, and suits some precious and semi-precious stones more than others. In most cases, the finished stone will be…

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Cleaning Earrings

How To Clean Earrings

Earrings are exposed to more dirt and grime than just about any other piece of jewelry, including rings. Whilst rings come into contact with all sorts of substances all the time, the nature and location of earrings means less of same sort of gloop gets brushed or washed away.

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10 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Ready To Get Engaged

An engagement needs a proposal, but how do you go about getting that proposal in the first place if he shows no signs of making the move of his own accord? Here, we show you how to go about nudging him in the right direction and, hopefully, doing it in such a way that he’ll forever think it was his idea.

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Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Band

Engagement rings are bigger, brighter, bolder and usually much more expensive than wedding bands, so they must be better. But are they really? And what does “better” even mean in this instance? Actually, as we’re not really comparing apples with apples, the comparisons can be weighted either way depending on your viewpoint.

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