Sparkling Diamonds on Black Surface

Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

Diamonds are used in jewelry, and particularly in engagement rings, for the very reason that they do, indeed, sparkle quite magnificently, but why? Crystal glass, even of the highest quality, will never compare to the best diamonds despite being absolutely colorless and flawless, so why should a diamond twinkle and shine like a star in the night sky? The Science Of Diamonds Without getting too deep into the actual technicalities of it, the light properties…

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Platinum vs Gold

Platinum or White Gold – Which is Better?

Is there much of a difference in looks, cost, quality or anything else? Despite their general visual similarities, we’re really talking about a “horses for courses” situation, where there may not actually be a right answer to the question.

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Diamond Engagement Ring on Finger

What Hand Does An Engagement Ring Go On

It’s the left. See you next time! Well, actually, it’s not quite so easy a question to answer as you might think. The convention in the US is certainly to wear an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand and, after all it isn’t called the ring finger for nothing. But the “rule” about which finger a proposal should be accepted onto has many variations around the world, and we have to…

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Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine is something of an unusual gemstone, in that some colors are quite common and others extremely rare. One of several types of the mineral Beryl, aquamarine is among the rarest of the various colors (pink, green, yellow, blue colorless and others) to be found, and is so named due to it resembling the clear blue color of the ocean.

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Platinum stud diamond earrings

Top 10 Vintage Style Earrings

When we talk about vintage jewelry, it’s easy to get caught up in a world of spectacular rings or necklaces. It’s too easy to forget that earrings can be some of the most eye-catching pieces of jewelry around, and we have some amazing vintage examples for you in our top 10 list.

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Low Profile Engagement Rings

As manufacturing methods and the tools to apply them have become more readily available with the advent of technology, so too has the range of designs that come out of this mini-revolution. Jewelry is no exception to this, and even the engagement ring – probably the most “classic” of all classic ring designs – now has several sub-genres of design and manufacture.

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What is a promise ring?

The concept of giving a promise ring has been around for a surprisingly long time, with the earliest examples first surfacing in 17th century England. The rings themselves can come in many different styles, with no convention on which – if any – precious stones are used, and some going as far as to be engraved with poetry or other phrases on the subject of love. In the US, we’ve been giving promise rings for…

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Vintage Ring and Box

Common Questions about Vintage Engagement Rings

The experts at Estate Diamond Jewelry have prepared many of the common questions that are asked about vintage engagement rings and provided quick and easy to understand answers. Feel free to keep coming back to this page. We will keep on adding more common vintage engagement ring questions on a regular basis.

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Shoulder of 2 Carat Engagement Ring

Top 10 Engagement Ring Shoulders

With any engagement ring, the setting of the center stone is clearly the star attraction, but it doesn’t have to stop there. The engagement ring diamond shoulders are also often used to set more, smaller stones, which allows the eye to be drawn both ways and which adds considerable interest to the overall effect.

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