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Q: I have an 8×6 oval moissanite in a 14k 4 prong cathedral solitaire setting. If I wanted to upgrade to a 9×7 oval moissanite, would I have to get a whole new setting or can it be reworked to fit a 9×7?

A: It would be possible to stretch the prongs to fit the new size stone. I would take it back to the jeweler who originally sold to you and ask them to rework the mounting.

Q: Hello! I recently received a ring and was told it was German gold, but I cannot find anything online about “German” gold. Can you please help me?
A: The only thing that would make the gold German would be if it was made in Germany. Otherwise, gold is not identified with a region.

Q: How do I know what size my finger is?

A: Common question. I would strongly recommend taking a look at the article that we wrote about discovering your finger size.

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