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Circa 1930 The Luton RingThe Luton Ring circa 1930

The Luton Ring



Coucy Ring


GS112-Ruby-Halo-Ring-TVRuby Halo Engagement Ring

Dublin Ring



Seville Ring



Cannes Ring


Antique Diamond Engagement RingIt is the ring that signifies an unbroken circle of trust, love, and loyalty. Every day, it will act as a reminder of this moment in your lives, the point from which you embark on a lifelong journey. Estate Diamond Jewelry is dedicated to providing the perfect ring, having cultivated a reputation for curating pieces that represent an incredible blend of history, design, craftsmanship, and rarity.

Our range of jewelry includes the delicate intricacy of Edwardian vintage engagement rings as well as the glamorous and fashion forward style of vintage Art Deco Engagement Rings. Estate Diamond Jewelry has assembled a collection of exceptional pieces, from which we are confident you will find your perfect ring.

The Heart of Luxury

Rare Edwardian Engagement RingBeyond an expertise developed over three decades, Estate Diamond Jewelry gemologists exhibit a dedication to unparalleled quality. Estate Diamond Jewelry’s third-generation jewelers distinguish themselves by employing the same techniques utilized in the Art Deco era, and each of our vintage Art Deco engagement rings raises the bar for exquisite quality and beauty.

Fit for a Queen

Many of the finest pieces can be seen in our collection of vintage Edwardian engagement rings.  A number of our handpicked pieces, such as the many rare Edwardian Engagement Rings, chosen by jewelers with the finest eye for antique style, contain Old Mine and European Cut Diamonds, carved by master craftsmen for the most intense brilliance and shine.

Dia and Eme RingRarest Beauty

Bold and progressive, the power of the Art Deco style was in its elegant simplicity: the jewelers of that time took pride in rings that were fashion forward, yet paid homage to the master work of past gemologists. Estate Diamond Jewelry carries on that bold tradition by curating a luxurious collection of vintage Art Deco engagement rings using the same techniques that were refined by the preeminent jewelers of the Art Deco era.

A Stunning Stone

In the Edwardian Era, society was at the height of sophisticated elegance, and advances in metallurgy allowed for the first instances of the use of platinum in jewelry. Thus, many of the Edwardian vintage engagement rings in our collection carry unique stones. Like other precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, these were chosen as an alluring complement to the fine and delicate crafting of the time. The unique quality of each piece acts as both a signifier of the era in which it was created and a stylistic statement that is beautifully relevant.

Antique Ruby and Diamond RingThe Preeminent Source for Fine Estate Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry’s professionals have handpicked each piece to bring you the perfect engagement ring. Whether it is the faithful symmetry of the Art Deco style or the gossamer elegance of Edwardian craftsmanship, we offer the finest collection and most outstanding expertise in the industry. Contact us today, and let our team of experts help you to discover which of our antique and vintage engagement rings will best help you and your loved one begin your journey.