Shop our exquisite collection of Aquamarine Engagement Rings, thoughtfully curated by Michael and Afshin of Estate Diamond Jewelry. The tranquil blues of the sea inspire these captivating rings, each featuring stunning and substantial aquamarines that embody the essence of calm and clarity.

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1.62ct Round Aquamarine Solitaire Ring. Lansing Ring


Round Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring


1.14ct Round Aquamarine 18k White Gold Ring


1.58ct Aquamarine and Platinum Diamond Solitaire


1.90ct Aquamarine and Diamond Accent 18k Gold Ring


18k Yellow Gold and Aquamarine Solitaire


2.80ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Baguette Halo Ring


Asscher Cut Aquamarine and Platinum Solitaire Ring


Cushion Cut Aquamarine Gold Wyoming Ring


Round Aquamarine and 18k Yellow Gold Crown Ring


Round Aquamarine Woodlands Aquamarine Ring


10.55ct Aquamarine Platinum Sedgewick Ring


18k White Gold and 0.90ct Aquamarine Ring


18k Yellow Gold Floral Motif Aquamarine Elliston Ring

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2.75ct Round Aquamarine and 18k Yellow Gold Ring


5.40ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Platinum Ring. Holt Ring


Aquamarine and Platinum Diamond Floral Ring


Asscher Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Platinum Ring


Carre Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring


Platinum and Aquamarine Three Stone Ring


Platinum and Around Aquamarine Solitaire Westridge Ring


Platinum, Round Aquamarine Solitaire Ring


Round Aquamarine and Sapphire Halo Platinum Ring


Vintage Platinum 1.68ct Aquamarine Ring


1.13ct Round Aquamarine and 18k White Gold Ring


1.18ct Round Aquamarine and Diamond White Gold Ring


1.69ct Aquamarine and Ruby Ring. Westbrook Ring


1.76ct Round Aquamarine and Platinum Ring. Tiber Ring


18k Yellow Gold and 1.20ct Cushion Cut Aquamarine Ring


3.25ct Aquamarine, Diamond and Sapphire Welsh Ring


Our aquamarines are meticulously selected for their exceptional color and saturation, ensuring that each ring in our collection stands out for its breathtaking beauty and unique charm. Mounted in beautifully crafted settings, these gemstones are not just rings but symbols of timeless elegance, perfect for proposals, unique gifts, or as a statement piece for a cocktail party.

In addition to contemporary designs, our collection boasts an array of rare vintage and antique aquamarine rings that transport you to a different era. From the intricate designs of the Victorian Era to the geometric elegance of the Art Deco Era, our vintage aquamarine rings offer a touch of history and heritage.