Emerald Engagement Rings

Discover our rare collection of beautiful Green Emerald Engagement Rings. Our vintage emerald rings, curated by our jewelry experts over the past 30 years, display fine and beautiful emeralds. Many of the stunning emerald rings from our collection were created during the Art Deco Era and Retro Era.

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  • 1.84ct Natural Emerald And Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring 13009-Artistic-1000x1000Old European Cut Diamond Halo Ring 13009 F3

    1.84ct Emerald Cut Emerald And Diamond Ring. Tolu Ring

  • Old European Cut Cluster Diamond Halo Livingston Ring 13352 F3Colombian Emerald and Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring Livingston Ring 13352 F1

    4.55ct Colombian Emerald-cut Emerald and Diamond Ring. Livingston Ring

  • 4.97 Carat Emerald-Cut Natural Emerald Bezel-Set in 18k Yellow Gold Greenwich Ring 14402Emerald and Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring 14402 F5

    4.97ct Emerald-Cut Emerald Halo Ring. Greenwich Ring

  • Emerald and Diamond Cluster Earrings Veneto Earrings

    Rare 5.54ct Colombian Emerald Earrings. Veneto Earrings

  • seaman schepps cocktail ring handcrafeted in 1975vintage seaman schepps cocktail ring circa 1975 featuring emeralds and baguette cut diamonds

    Vintage Seaman Schepps Emerald Ring. Circa 1975

  • 18k White Gold and Emerald Ring - Littleton Ring 13259 Artistic

    0.79ct Emerald and Baguette Halo White Gold Ring

  • Edwardian Era Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring ArtisticThree Stone Emerald Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring 13733 F5

    Antique, Edwardian Era, Colombian Emerald Ring Circa 1910

  • Cabochon Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring ArtisticOld European Cut Diamond Bezel Set Geometric Halo Emerald Center Stone Ring 14366-F6

    Elmfield Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era

    Original price was: $4,000.Current price is: $3,600.
  • Egyptian Revival Emerald and Sapphire Ring - Scarab RingNatural French Cut Sapphire Halo and Diamond Accented Ring 13271 F3

    Platinum, 1.03ct Oval Emerald and sapphire Halo Scarab Ring

  • Striking Platinum Ring Centering Natural Emerald Artistic Picture Medellin Ring 13959Green Emerald and Old Cut Diamond Platinum Ring 13959 F5

    Platinum, 4.32ct Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring

  • A Geometric Emerald and Diamond Ring Dalton Ring 14638Retro Era Diamond and Emerald Geometric Ring 14638 F1

    Vintage Retro Diamond and Emerald Ring. Dalton. Circa 1940

  • Emerald Cut Natural Emerald And Diamond Halo Platinum Engagement Ring 13901-Artistic-1000x1000Bezel Set Emerald Center Stone Diamond Geometric Halo Engagement Ring 13901 F5

    1.03ct Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Ring

  • Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring Artistic PhoneAGL Certified Emerald Cut Emerald Ring 13894 F2

    1.06ct Colombian No Oil Emerald Platinum Ring

  • 1.22 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Accent Ring Holmes Ring DYL581.22ct Center Emerald Cut Emerald Ring Dyl58 F1

    18k White Gold and 1.22ct Emerald Cut Ring

    Original price was: $5,700.Current price is: $5,130.
  • 2.51 Carat Natural Zambian Emerald Cut Ring Winslow Ring DYL432.51ct Emerald Cut Prong Set Zambian Emerald Gemstone Ring DYL43 F2

    18k White Gold Floral Design 2.51ct Emerald Ring

    Original price was: $12,500.Current price is: $11,250.
  • pampa ring I color VS2 overall claritypampa anniversary ring featuring an emerald stone of 2.48 carats with good saturation

    2.48ct Round Emerald Three Stone Platinum Ring

  • Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring - Procida Ring 15012 F25.46ct Cabochon Emerald and Diamond Ring - Procida Ring 15012 F1

    Antique Cabochon GIA Emerald Ring. Art Deco, Circa 1920

  • cushion cut natrual emerald three-stone ring Lakeside Ring 14960-F5Lakeside Ring cushion cut natrual emerald three-stone ring 14960-F2

    Antique Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Edwardian Ring

  • Vintage Geometric Ring Featuring Baguette Cut Diamonds Glasgow Ring 14558Vintage Calibre Cut Emerald Diamond Ring - Glasgow Ring 14558 TV

    Vintage Diamond and Emerald Ring. Glasgow. Circa 1950

  • 0.96 carat greenwood engagement ring featuring colombian emerald made of platinumemerald gemstone on a beautiful engagement ring with emerald trapezoid diamonds on each side

    0.96ct Emerald Colombian No Oil Ring

  • antique European cut diamonds halo on 0.97 carat Colombian emeraldgemstone engagement ring emerald-cut 0.97 carat no oil Colombian

    0.97ct Emerald and Diamond Cluster, Colombian, No Oil

  • Emerald and Baguette Halo Ring Arcadia Ring Artistic0.58ct Baguette Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 13909 F6

    1.01ct Emerald and Baguette Halo Platinum Arcadia Ring

  • colombian no oil engagement ring emerald and diamondsgreendale engagement ring with diamonds next to emerald stone

    1.02ct Colombian, No Oil Emerald Platinum Ring

  • Emerald and double diamond halo engagement ring 12484 ArtisticFitchburg Ring Top Side View

    1.52ct Emerald and Double Halo Platinum Ring

  • mayfield ring from Colombia no oil emerald with diamond on each side1.58 carat emerald engagement ring with diamonds on each side

    1.58ct Natural Colombian No-Oil Emerald Platinum Ring. Mayfield Ring.

  • 1.60 Carat Natural Emerald Set Gemstone Ring Chitina Ring 14613Five baguette cut diamonds put on both sides of this 1.60 carat authentic emerald prong set

    1.60ct Emerald and Diamond Accent Platinum Ring

  • essex ring with a 0.40 carats total weight of the baguettesessex engagement ring featuring an emerald stone

    1.72ct Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Essex Ring

  • 1.87 carat Green Columbian Emerald Diamond Ring Cedarmere Ring 14620Platinum Emerald and Diamond Floral Halo Ring 14611 F5

    1.87ct Colombian Emerald and Cluster Platinum Ring

  • Zoomed In Photo for Detail Burnaby Ring 15048Zoomed Out Hand Photo Burnaby Ring 15048

    18k YG, 1.62ct Emerald and Baguette Halo Ring

  • 1.00 Carat Emerald Cut Emerald in 18k Yellow Gold Carville Ring 145050.76ct Carre Cut Diamond Halo Ring 14505 F2

    1ct Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Ring Ring