Emerald Engagement Rings

Discover our rare collection of beautiful Emerald Engagement Rings. Our emerald rings, curated by our jewelry experts over the past 30 years, display fine and beautiful emeralds. Many of the stunning emerald rings from our collection were created during the Art Deco Era and Retro Era.

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  • Top View Antique Edwardian Ring Westbury Ring 13108Turn of the Century Platinum Ring 13108 Side View WestBury Ring

    Westbury Ring. Circa 1900

  • 12407 Emerald Irving RingIrving Ring Top Side View

    Irving Ring. Circa 1925

  • Brentford Ring Top ViewEmerald Cocktail Ring with Diamond Halo 12911 TSV

    Brentford Ring

  • Costa Smeralda Ring Top ViewCosta Smeralda Ring Top Side View

    Costa Smeralda Ring

  • 3.73ct Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring Greenwich Ring TVDiamond Halo and 3.73ct Emerald ring Greenwich Ring

    Greenwich Ring

  • Green Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring Holme Green RingPlatinum, diamond and Emerald Ring Holme Green Ring

    Holme Green Ring

  • Medellin Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Ring TVMedellin Emerald and Diamond Ring SV

    Medellin Ring

  • 0.50ct Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Newbury Ring Top ViewPlatinum and Double Halo Ring Newbury Ring Top Side View

    Newbury Ring

  • Emerald and Diamond Cluster Earrings Veneto Earrings

    Veneto Earrings

  • Bakewell RingBakewell Ring Top Side View

    Bakewell Ring

  • Brunoy Ring TV AngleTSV Brunoy Ring

    Brunoy Ring

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  • Fitchburg Ring Top ViewFitchburg Ring Top Side View

    Fitchburg Ring

  • 1.57 Carat Vintage Oval-Cut Emerald Halo Ring 12882 TV1.57ct Vintage Emerald Halo Ring 12882 TSV

    Halton Ring

  • Livingston Ring Top ViewLivingston Ring Top Side View

    Livingston Ring

  • Loughton Ring Top ViewLoughton Ring Side View

    Loughton Ring

  • tapered baguette diamonds 2.48 carat Green oval cut natural emerald 18k white gold - Madison Ring18k white gold 2.48 carat Green oval cut natural emerald tapered baguette diamonds - Madison Ring

    Madison Ring

  • Nordmont Ring Top ViewNordmont Ring Top Side View

    Nordmont Ring

  • Segovia Ring Top ViewSegovia Ring Top Side View

    Segovia Ring

  • Tempi Ring Top ViewTempi Ring Top Side View

    Tempi Ring

  • Tolu Ring TVTop Side View of the Tolu Ring

    Tolu Ring

  • Vernon Ring Top ViewVernon Ring Top Side View

    Vernon Ring

  • diamond ring 1.80 carat emerald-cut natural emerald 18k white gold - Lane Ring18k white gold 1.80 carat emerald-cut natural emerald and diamond ring - Lane Ring

    Winslow Ring

  • Essex Ring TVEssex Ring TSV

    Essex Ring

  • Retro Emerald Engagement RingEmerald French Retro Ring

    French Emerald Retro Ring

  • Victorian Era Engagement RingVictorian Gold Engagement Ring

    Victorian Emerald Engagement Ring

  • Cervia Ring Top ViewCervia Ring Top Side View

    Cervia Ring. Circa 1980

  • Fano Ring Top ViewTSV Fano Ring

    Fano Ring

  • Neston Ring Top ViewMorley Ring Top Side View

    Neston Ring. Circa 1900

  • Procida Ring Top ViewProcida Ring Top Side View

    Procida Ring. Italy, Circa 1970