About Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry has a proven commitment to excellence. For over 40 years we have curated the highest quality rare Art Deco jewelry, Victorian jewelry, and stunning items from the Edwardian era.

Learn more about how we started and what makes us so unique!

Our Mission

Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom Appointment with Afshin

At Estate Diamond Jewelry, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect engagement ring. We strive to collect rings that will be as unique and as beautiful as the people who will wear it.

Whether you love antique cushion-cut diamond rings or an expertly crafted vintage engagement ring, Estate Diamond Jewelry has the extensive inventory and expertise to make your dream ring a reality.

The mission of our company is very different from what you may encounter with other companies. Here is a list of some of the things that set us apart:

Before doing business with us, we strongly recommend that you Google us and read our reviews. We have hundreds of happy customers. The positive feedback that they’ve left for us will make you a lot more confident moving forward.

Our Jewelry Collection

Customer Examining Engagement Ring in Showroom

The virtuosity of vintage craftsmanship can be seen in the beauty and elegance of our rare antique rings. Our collection is curated by our experienced jewelers and gemologists. With a keen eye for unique and breathtaking pieces, only the finest pieces make it into our collections.

We have invested over 39 years of experience in collecting our collection.

Our fine Art Deco jewelry embraces the progressive spirit that led Art Deco to become synonymous with luxury and glamour. Our diverse collections also include a wide selection of Edwardian jewelry. This selection contains jewelry that exemplifies the intricacies and breathtaking brilliance that defined the era.

In each of our unique pieces, Estate Diamond Jewelry maintains the highest standards of quality and style.

Here are a few examples of some of our jewelry collections:

Estate Diamond Jewelry in the Media

Rare Aqumarine Ring from Media Photo Shoot

Today, after over four decades of collecting the finest vintage pieces, we have finally entered the digital age. The totality of our stunning collection can now be found online.

Our distinctive selection has garnered mentions in Time Magazine, Vogue Paris, Refinery29, Gem Gossip, and Buzzfeed. We’ve also been mentioned in Southern Weddings Magazine, Who What Wear, Huffington Post, Ruffled Blog, Junebug Weddings, Yahoo Finance and many more.

We are thankful to be able to bring our passion for vintage jewelry to a wider audience.

Discover Your Perfect Piece

Customer Examining Engagement Ring in Showroom

As is the case with these rare and exquisite pieces, time is of the essence. If you are drawn to a particular item or have any questions about our selection, we invite you to notify us.

You can call us at (212) 265-3868, or email us at using this contact form. Our expert jewelers look forward to helping you find the perfect ring. Explore our vintage jewelry blog to discover our perspectives on the fascinating world of antique jewelry.

Estate Diamond Jewelry (also know as EDJ) has earned a reputation for high-quality not just in our selection, but in our customer service department. We have an accredited A+ rating by the BBB.

Our Showroom Location

Estate Diamond Jewelry 5th Avenue Showroom

Our showroom is located on 5th Ave in New York City.

The suite overlooks the Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship Store on one side and the Rockefeller Center Rink from the other. The windows that run East to West face towards the Rockefeller Gardens Rooftops where a famous scene from the Spider-Man Film was shot.

Our building is named the Swiss Building and was built during the Art Deco Era (circa 1931). The building architecture and the inner facade of the lobby have all been preserved. Even the intricate details inside of the elevators are part of the original 1930’s design.

608 5th Avenue Elevator Design

The New York Times called the building, “An extravaganza in marble modernism”.

Our jewelry showroom is only available for visits by appointment only.

Click here to book your appointment.

Our Showroom is located at:

Estate Diamond Jewelry
608 5th Ave, Suite 503
New York, NY 10020

The Estate Diamond Jewelry Team

Estate Diamond Jewelry has been operating in New York since 1980. Founded by Michael and Afshin in NYC, it has since flourished into a 5th Avenue showroom together with a thriving online presence.

Michael Khordipour

Michael Khordipour Headshot for Estate Diamond Jewelry
Michael Khordipour

The co-founder of Estate Diamond Jewelry and the owner of M. Khordipour Inc., Michael founded Estate Diamond Jewelry in 1980. Starting the business traveling in his car from customer to customer, Michael slowly grew his dream into the flourishing business that it is today. Known for his keen eye and his superior taste in fine jewelry, Michael has made it his focus to curate one of the top collections of vintage jewelry in the world.

Although Michael is passionate about all types of rare and fine jewelry, he soon realized that there were many customers who appreciated the vintage rings that he collected on the side. After a lot of convincing, he began to make them available for purchase.

Known for his positive attitude and compelling warmth, Michael is always on the laborious hunt for “the perfect ring”. He is extremely particular and carefully curates each ring that joins the collection. His pride in the direction that Estate Diamond Jewelry is heading is one of his most talked about conversations.

Afshin Shaddaie

Afshin Shaddaie at Estate Diamond Jewelry
Afshin Shaddaie at Estate Diamond Jewelry

Afshin moved to New York City in his late teens. A few years later he began his career in the jewelry industry. He teamed up with Michael Khordipour in 1981 and they’ve been working together ever since.

From the very start of his career, he’s been passionate about rare antique jewelry. He enjoys a close friendship with some of the greatest antique collectors in the world. They usually turn to him when they stumble into their most difficult questions. He has since become one of the foremost antique jewelry experts in the world.

Each month, Afshin and Michael peruse through hundreds of vintage rings. They always study and analyze each ring very carefully. Afshin passionately tries to ensure that only the finest jewelry makes its way into the Estate Diamond Jewelry Collection.

Afshin is constantly traveling to international shows and private viewing events in hope to find new rare vintage rings that will be fine enough to make an impression. When he’s not traveling, he is available for appointments at our New York showroom. If you ever have a chance to have an appointment with Afshin, you will know right away how kind and patient he is.

He strongly feels that the rings in the collection are the best ambassadors of their own worth. He doesn’t believe in pushing or pressuring the visitors who visit the showroom. If someone is discerning enough to recognize the beauty and quality of any ring, then they’re the one who truly deserves to own it.

Benjamin Khordipour

Benjamin Khordipour at Estate Diamond Jewelry
Benjamin Kkhordipour from Estate Diamond Jewelry

Benjamin joined Estate Diamond Jewelry in 2014 and very quickly learned the ropes. He has an advanced Gemological degree from the GIA of New York and an advanced degree from Gübelin of Switzerland. Benjamin uses his knowledge of diamonds and colored stones and applies it to his passion for vintage and antique jewelry. The balance between the old and the new is something that fascinates him.

Like his father Michael Khordipour, Benjamin is a pleasure to talk to and always has a smile. He believes that every customer deserves to make an informed and educated decision when it comes to jewelry. He’ll spend so much time and energy bringing as much knowledge and understanding to the customers he interacts with.

As a passionate UMass alumnus, Benjamin usually won’t resist an opportunity to mention his alma mater.

Extremely knowledgeable in technology and social media, Benjamin lends his expertise helping bring Estate Diamond Jewelry to our next chapter.

Shmuel Aber

Shmuel Aber at Estate Diamond Jewelry

Shmuel is the CMO at Estate Diamond Jewelry.

Hailing from Australia, Shmuel mastered coding and programming at a young age and then began exploring art and photoshop. He then moved to the United States and took advanced courses in Computer Sciences and Digital Marketing in New York. In 2013 he joined on as the CMO of Estate Diamond Jewelry.

Shmuel designed and built the website. He is always busy directing the social media channels, google optimization, and organizing the marketing operations. When he gets some free time you can also find him coordinating the product photography and artistic photoshoots.

Ratana Bifulco

Ratana Bifulco

Ratana Bifulco is the one who makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the office. Never one to resist a smile, Ratana ensures that all the customers are happy with their jewelry and sufficiently “cared-for”.

Known for her organizational skills, Ratana is the one ensuring that the showroom is in order. She is also the one who makes sure that everyone is running on schedule.

Passionate about jewelry, Ratana never tires from carefully studying each beautiful ring that joins the collection.

Adira Weisel

Adira Weisel at Estate Diamond Jewelry

Adira is the Social Media Manager of the EDJ team. Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, she moved to NYC for college in 2018, and fell in love with the city. A recent college graduate with a degree in Marketing/Management, she has a passion for all things creative, such as social media marketing and photography. She also loves the beauty industry, including jewelry, which makes her enthusiastic about her work and the company.

Understanding the importance of sales and customer service, Adira loves working with our customers through social media as well as in appointments in order to help them find their perfect ring and help create an upbeat atmosphere in the office.

Gabrielle Iskhakova

Gabrielle Iskhakova Headshot for Estate Diamond Jewelry

Gabrielle Iskhakova is our newest member of the team. She does Data Entry and Photography for the website.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she loves to channel her passion for jewelry in the big city. She uses her Industrial Psychology Education towards the success of her marketing and website work.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, learn about the history of jewelry, and spend time with her family.

Mushkie Chernick

Mushkie is our Data Entry Director. She was born in Sydney, Australia, and moved to New York in 2018.

Her passion for art and photography is infused into every post that she delivers. She loves vintage jewelry, and like the rest of the Estate Diamond Jewelry Team, she’s a big believer in spreading jewelry education.

Accreditation and Badges

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