Estate Diamond Jewelry Ethical Guarantee

At Estate Diamond Jewelry, we not only aim to supply the best high quality antique and vintage jewelry, but we also aim to do so in a manner which is both ethical and transparent.

All the diamonds that we use, whether in an antique ring or in a more recent design are, in themselves, antique or vintage stones unless otherwise mentioned. We do not use diamonds extracted in mines which operate with often complete disregard for those working in them, nor those which have found their way into the marketplace without fully verifiable provenance. By using only old diamonds, it is our intention to avoid contributing further to an industry that has at times been less than open and honest.

Many of the world’s regions in which diamonds are mined are also regions in which poverty is rampant and often blighted by war and internal ideological or religious conflict. We at Estate Diamond Jewelry abhor the conditions in which many mine employees work and live, whilst those who own the mines get steadily richer.

In 2003, an international initiative was negotiated and agreed upon, in which an attempt would be made to establish the true provenance of all the diamonds which come to market, thereby hoping to reduce the trading conditions available to rebel groups and other non-regulated dealers in the diamond trade. This initiative, known as the Kimberley Process is an ongoing effort to improve both the integrity and the reputation of the diamond industry today.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Although, by using only old diamonds, Estate Diamond Jewelry doesn’t contribute to potential problems that exist within the extraction process today, we wholeheartedly endorse the Kimberley Process, and insist on examining the full provenance of any diamonds or finished jewelry pieces we purchase, as far as is practical. By doing so, we believe we can conduct all our business with a clear conscience and the knowledge that we are helping to improve our industry for those who need it.

If we have doubts about the origins of any newer diamonds we are offered, then we will decline to purchase them and look elsewhere. It is this adherence to our own strict code of conduct that we believe we offer the best antique diamonds and antique diamond jewelry currently available.

By supporting such attempts to monitor the mining and subsequent trading of diamonds, we believe that the communities who rely on the mines for work will benefit both directly through improved education and health care and indirectly by a steady improvement in working conditions.

Diamonds are beautiful things, and it is only right that the process by which our customers get to enjoy them should meet the expectations that we rightly demand from our suppliers.