Top 10 Jewelry Instagram Accounts To Follow

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
March 1, 2024 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Jewelry’s Instagram accounts have come a long way from their fairly modest beginnings. What was a simple way for people to show off their phone snaps has blossomed into a serious social media contender for everything from bloggers and authors to massive retail outlets that want to promote new products or special offers. Here’s our list of the top Jewelry Instagram Accounts right now!

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  1. Estate Diamond Jewelry
  2. Trabert Goldsmith
  3. Harry Winston
  4. Tiffany & Co
  5. Anita Ko
  6. Buccellati Milan
  7. Eddie Borgo
  8. Links of London
  9. de Grisogono
  10. Frank Beverett

1. Estate Diamond Jewelry


Guess: Cushion Cut or Rose Cut? #AntiqueDiamond #EDJRing #EstateJewelry #EDJ #RareRing #Ring #PlatinumRing #Bling #EngagementRing #ForSale

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Of course, jewelry is very well represented on Instagram, so we take a look at our top 10 accounts for you to follow.

Some will be familiar names, some won’t, but all bring serious joy to spending an hour or two (or three or four!) winding your way through Instagram.

Follow Estate Diamond Jewelry on Instagram

2. Trabert Goldsmith

Link: Trabert Goldsmiths

Traberts have only been around since their opening in San Francisco in 2002. In that short span, they have established themselves as a top-quality “future heirloom” maker. One area that makes the Instagram account stand out is that they’ve grasped exactly what the platform is all about. The images are perfect for their purpose. They also have quite a quirky approach to how the images are captioned, and so it helps to lighten the experience considerably.

3. Harry Winston

Link: Harry Winston


Leaves are falling, and fancy intense yellow #diamonds are calling. #WinstonFall #HarryWinston #HighJewelry

A post shared by Harry Winston (@harrywinston) on

Mention the Harry Winston name to anybody with a passing interest in jewelry, and their eyes will light up. A lifelong jeweler, Winston progressed from buyer and seller to maker and collector. He famously donated the Hope diamond to the Smithsonian in 1958, and the company is still family-owned. The Instagram account just oozes class and sophistication. Their level of photography gives a truly exquisite experience even when just flicking through the collection.

4. Tiffany & Co

Link: Tiffany & Co


With flying colors. The extraordinary world of Jean Schlumberger. #TiffanySchlumberger

A post shared by Tiffany & Co. (@tiffanyandco) on

Tiffany is indisputably one of the biggest names in jewelry. They have been at the vanguard of jewelry design and promotion for many years. It’s probably only right that they have a powerful account on Instagram. The difference, though, is that, whereas the corporate side of Tiffany can sometimes come across as a little dry and even aloof, at times, the Instagram account is decidedly more quirky. They are not afraid to have a little fun. Of course, the jewelry is right up with the best, and Tiffany do a great job of displaying it.

5. Anita Ko

Link: Anita Ko


Twinkle twinkle ? #anitako available now

A post shared by Anita Ko (@anitakojewelry) on

Anita Ko is the epitome of modern jewelry design. Based in LA, and bringing all the expected Californian attitude right to the door, Ko takes an innovative approach to jewelry. She isn’t afraid to occasionally go all rock ‘n’ roll. This makes browsing through the company Instagram account a refreshing interlude from the slightly more conservative line taken by many designers.

6. Buccellati Milan

Link: Buccellati Milan

Due to their incredible style, you can’t be a lover of fine jewelry without being a lover of Buccellati. Often big, bold, and – dare we say – brassy, Buccellati pulls no punches in size or design and rarely takes an approach that could be described as subtle. For all that, do their designs come anywhere close to being blingy or ostentatious? Everything the Italian masters do is just wonderful, and there’s no better place to see what they do than on their terrific Instagram account.

7. Eddie Borgo

Link: Eddie Borgo

We’ve extended the definition of “jewelry accounts” with Eddie Borgo. The company is really more of a fashion company than an outright jewelry designer. Still, jewelry is a big part of what they do, and they showcase it brilliantly. Scroll through the account, and you’ll see pictures of huge TV and movie stars being less than serious but all fantastically adorned in Borgo creations. Whether it’s a unique earrings/necklace set or a pair of specially commissioned eyeglasses, the Eddie Borgo Instagram account is never boring!

8. de Grisogono

Link: de Grisogono

There’s a reason why the designers with a sense of the derring-do have the best Instagram accounts. The visual interest in just about every single piece they produce means you’ll never get bored flicking through the images. De Grisogono is no exception. They don’t quite reach the bold levels of, say, Buccellati, but they are not afraid to eschew any perceived rules or conventions in jewelry designs and just do their own thing.

9. Frank Beverett

Link: Frank Beverett

So far, we’ve looked at a list of the great and good of Instagram jewelry, but we’re going to throw an account at you now that encapsulates all the very best of the names above and more. Frank Beverett is a Senior VP in Sotheby’s Luxury Division. Sotheby’s is one of the leading auction houses for art and jewelry. They boast an auction history matched only by close rivals Christie’s.

Beverett has images from some of the collections Sotheby’s has auctioned over the years. He also features his own personal favorites from the world’s leading designers.

(Bonus) Estate Diamond Jewelry

Link: Estate Diamond Jewelry


Describe this ring with a word beginning with “B”? #EDJ #ForSale #Ring #VintageDiamond #Jewelry #London #GoldRing #OldMine #RareRing

A post shared by EstateDiamondJewelry (@estatediamondjewelry) on

Estate Diamond Jewelry is one of the undisputed kings of antique jewelry and vintage engagement rings. The EDJ Instagram account does a great job of showing off pieces that are in their catalog. Each picture is perfectly presented to show the rings as though you were looking at them in the flesh. Estate Diamond Jewelry has been curating a collection for over 30 years. It’s only right that the Instagram account should show the limitless appeal of every single item.

This is an account with no padding, just wall-to-wall fabulous jewelry.

Which Jewelry Instagram Account is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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