Shop our Vintage Earrings collection, carefully curated by the Estate Diamond Jewelry Team. Our selection showcases the delicateness of Edwardian, the boldness of Art Deco, and the boldness of Retro designs, with notable pieces from the Georgian and Victorian eras. We picked each pair of earrings based on craftsmanship, design, and rarity.

Vintage earrings are beloved for their rich history, incredible design, and timeless style. They are a favored choice for those seeking elegance with a story. Browse our collection to find a pair of vintage or antique earrings that transcend modern fashion.

Transport yourself to eras of luxury with our curated range of estate earrings, spanning the Victorian Era (1837-1901), Edwardian Era (1895-1915), Art Nouveau Era (1890-1910), and Art Deco Era (1920-1940).

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1.60ct Diamond Cluster Earrings. Irvine Earrings

SKU: GS599

Antique Victorian Diamond Cluster Halo Earrings, Trenton. Circa 1840

SKU: 14007

Vintage VCA Lion Earrings

SKU: 13186

1.80ct Diamond and Onyx Earrings

SKU: 12150

Antique Edwardian Sapphire Earrings. Codroy. Circa 1910,

SKU: 14006

Antique Victorian Diamond Earrings. Cardiff. Circa 1880

SKU: 14022

Bayville Earrings

SKU: 11181

Estoril Earrings

SKU: 12584

Important 4.99ct Rose-Cut Diamond Earrings. Pier Earrings.

SKU: 10609
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Norwich Earrings

SKU: 12421

Rare 5.54ct Colombian Emerald Earrings. Veneto Earrings

SKU: EE317

Vintage 1.63cts Diamond Earrings. Circa 1950

Original price was: $5,400.Current price is: $4,860.

Vintage 1.80ct Diamond Stud Earrings. Calverton Earrings. Circa 1980

SKU: 13795

Vintage Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings. Circa 1950

SKU: 14385

Vintage Clip-On Diamond Earrings. Rustburg Earrings. Circa 1970

SKU: sb126

Vintage Retro Citrine Earrings. Florence Earrings. Circa 1940

SKU: 14148

Vintage VCA Pearl Earrings

SKU: SM234
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Westergard Earrings

SKU: mar108

Windber Earrings

SKU: 14801

Avondale Earrings

SKU: 13198

Avonlea Earrings

SKU: 13720

Bampton Earrings

SKU: mar106

Camborne Earrings

SKU: 13204

Lorne Earrings

SKU: 12666

Madigan Earrings

SKU: 14246

Patton Earrings

SKU: OT1939

The Tifferet Earrings

SKU: 11510

Antique Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Earrings. Circa 1810

SKU: 10957

Bocca Earrings

SKU: 14056

Canvey Earrings

SKU: GS585