Top 67 Marriage Proposal Ideas September 9, 2019 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Are you looking for romantic ideas for your marriage proposal? These marriage proposal ideas will help create the most memorable moment of your life! Discover ideas that will help you “pop-the-question” in the most creative way.

Many are simple and easily done with just a little thought, but some will need a great degree of planning. All of them, though, are sure to make an impact!

Important Tip: We recommend picking an engagement proposal idea that aligns with your personalities. If you are shy and reserved, don’t plan a flash mob!

1. Design A Memory Game

Effort Level: High. Cost Level: Low.

Couple Proposal and Love Heart

Throughout your relationship, there will have been places and things that have become significant to the two of you. Things that have a special place in both of your hearts.

You don’t need to recreate those moments literally, but a nod to them or something which allows a connection will be fine. She will appreciate that you’ve been both paying attention and have thought about the proposal long enough to figure out what matters to her. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just relevant.

If you want to bring your game up a little, you can custom create your own cards. My recommendation would be to create around 100. One of them can be a picture of the ring that you bought for her.

You can also have the theme of the game to match your ring. If you purchased a vintage ring, for example, make the design with a rustic and antique feel. This rule is a good idea for all the ideas mentioned below.

2. Plan A Treasure Hunt

Effort Level: Very High. Cost Level: N/A.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts are a lot of fun. But be warned, they are also a lot of work. If she loves clues and riddles, she may just love this proposal idea.

The advantage of a treasure hunt (and the reason that they are really popular) is because they keep the entire experience very romantic and personal.

A treasure hunt will also remind her how much you cherish the relationship.

The treasure hunt can include lots of clues to lead her from spot to spot until, at the last location, there’s a proposal.

You may even choose to not be in the room when it starts. Just let her find her own way. As far as wedding proposal ideas go, this one may be one of the most romantic ideas on this list!

3. Inside Chocolate

Effort Level: Very Low. Cost Level: $20 – $100.

A vintage engagement ring nestled in a strawberry cookie

Buy a fancy box of chocolates (you can buy NeuHaus Chocolate online now), and put the ring in place of one of the chocolates. You can pick her favorite one if you know it. It may take her a second but, when she realizes what’s there, you’ll already be waiting to pop the question.

This is a great idea for a low-maintenance couple who won’t enjoy the commotion of a high-energy proposal!

4. The Behind The Back Play

Effort Level: Very Low. Cost Level: N/A.

Proposing hiding behind back

As with all trick plays, the simplest is the best. Let her walk ahead of you while you walk behind holding a sign saying “Marry Me”. When she realizes you’re not alongside, and turns around to look for you, the sign will be the first thing she sees. Bets of all, it doesn’t matter if it’s on a deserted beach or a crowded street.

This is also a great proposal for a couple who likes the simple and uncomplicated moments in life.

5. Sign Writers In The Sky

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: Starts at approximately $4,000.

Marry me skywriting

This will take a little more planning (and cost) than most of the suggestions on this list. You, your (hopefully) fiancée to be, and an airplane all need to be in the right place at the right time. Make sure you have all the details ready. A few seconds on a very windy day and the moment can be ruined.

You can also use a plane towing a banner or you can go all the way and use actual smoke writers. Either way, it’s one of the classic ways to propose.

6. Inside her Book

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: N/A.

Proposing inside book

Find the bookmark in the book she is currently reading, and replace the page with a simple message. Better still, buy a second copy, cut out the center of the pages and put the ring inside. Then just leave it for her to find.

When she opens the book, there will be a ring, ready to go on her finger after you propose.

7. Hand In Sand

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: N/A.

Handprint in sand

There are very few locations that are as romantic as a beach at sunset. Take a walk, take her hand, and then take a knee. If you do it right on the edge of the waves, the occasion will be even more memorable. You’ll both be recalling the moment to others for years.

Not everything needs to cost money.

8. On a Romance Trip

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: Potentially high.

Holiday Planning

Two-Thirds of couples get engaged whilst on a break or vacation. It actually makes perfect sense.

You’ll both be more relaxed, and you can choose your moment without any other distractions. It doesn’t matter how or where so much as when. Do it over dinner, or on a walk, the choice is yours.

Just make sure that you do your research before. Make sure that she hasn’t booked other plans before planning your proposal.

9. On A Picnic

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: Low.

proposal on the beach at sunset

Romantic picnics are always a lot of fun. Add in a proposal and you’ve got the picnic to end all picnics.

You can hide the ring in the hamper, or simply produce it at an opportune moment. Do make sure to pack some champagne in your hamper too, you’re going to need it!

10. The First Date Revisited

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: Varies.

First Date Proposal

Assuming it isn’t decades since your first date, recreating it – or most of it – might be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. It just might also be the most romantic.

If there’s a key piece of the date missing, like the restaurant has closed or you were somewhere else that is out of reach, then be creative. Go to where you had your first kiss or even the first place you saw each other. Pick a first, and make it another first!

11. Send Up A Balloon

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: $50 – $150.

Balloons in the air

Well not exactly send one up, but remove only one out of a box. There are some beautiful choices available nowadays to be able to present a balloon in a box to your loved one. When she opens the box, the balloon and proposal will be right in front of her.

Please Note: We strongly advise against releasing balloons into the air. It is very bad for the environment and wildlife.

12. Street Artistry

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: $30 – $250.

Street Artist Drawing Picture on Anvil

Caricatures are great fun. They’re even better if you can set up with a local artist to sketch you both with either speech bubbles, or just have the proposal in text across the drawing in some way.

It won’t be the first time the artist has been asked to do something similar, so don’t be afraid to ask. If you offer a little extra money in advance, the artist will really work to help you out.

You also get a great memento from the occasion as well, so it’s well worth the few dollars it will cost to give the artist something for his talents.

13. T-Shirts Message

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: $50 – $250

Friends helping with Proposals

Have a party with special friends and family. Get everyone to wear custom t-shirts with a letter spelling out the proposal. You will have to plan it out in advance.

Put your intended at the front of the group, to get a photo of everyone, and have the guests reveal the t-shorts without her knowing. Take the picture, and let her see the outcome.

This is one of the best marriage proposal ideas for a couple with lots of close friends and family. They’ll all feel involved in the proposal, but the moment will still belong to the two of you.

14. Write it in Snow

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: N/A

Writing on Snow on Car

Choose a frosty or snow day and offer to scrape the ice off the windshield from your/her car. Instead of clearing it, simply scrape the proposal message into the ice. If she will be seeing the word through the glass, take care to write the word “proposal” in reverse so it will be seen correctly from the inside. You might need to practice this one!

Pro Tip: Keep it short and large!

15. Scuba Diving

Effort Level: High. Cost Level: $250 – $350 per person

Scuba Diving Proposal

This one will require some planning and has a couple of pre-requisites. Make sure that you work out all the details before you start.

The payout from this marriage proposal idea is really big. If it all works out, the experience is magical! The bottom of a shallow lagoon, with white sand and the sun’s rays flickering through the water, is a beautiful place. Once down at the bottom and comfortable, pull out the ring and propose. Make sure someone else is in on the secret and has a water-proof camera to record the moment.

16. Use a Drone

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $25 – $500

Drone Proposal

Drones are very popular and are now very affordable. You can buy drones on Amazon without breaking the bank. Attach the ring to the bottom beforehand and let the flying drone do all the work for you. When it comes to special deliveries, there are only a few more special than this.

Just make sure that you practice using the drone in advance and also make sure that it has a full battery. If the drone crashes or dies in the middle it may ruin the effectiveness of this proposal…

17. Write a Poem

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: N/A

Poem Proposal Idea

Not just any words, but a poem. Choose one that is appropriate such as Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty” or, better still, write your own.

This is a marriage proposal idea for those who want an intimate experience. No crowds, no big build up, just subtle and understated. Finish the poem, have the ring ready and softly make your proposal.

18. Cook Up A Proposal

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: $50 – $200

Proposing at a Romantic Dinner with Red Wine

Public marriage proposals are okay if you’re both comfortable with that, but many people want intimacy and privacy. If you can’t cook, then it’s time to learn. Make the effort and it won’t go unnoticed. When the time is right, perhaps over dessert or coffee, just ask.

Pro Tip: Find a friend who is good at cooking and have them train you on how to cook “one-full-dinner”. You don’t need to become a master chef overnight. All you need to do is get one meal perfect.

Alternatively, you can cheat and order take-out from a restaurant.

19. Use Hot Air

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: Approx $550 for two or $1,200 to rent entire balloon.

Proposing on hot air balloon

Hot Air Ballooning is one of the most classic proposal ideas. It has almost everything that you would want for a private but dramatic proposal.

Hot air balloon tours are available in lots of places today. Once in the air, you will be amazed at two things; the uninterrupted views all around, and the absolute silence. A quiet word with the pilot beforehand will ensure his discretion, and a small bottle of champagne can be stowed before launch. If you have to use plastic cups for the drink, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about that, it’s about the two of you.

20. Follow The Ribbon

Effort Level: Low – Medium. Cost Level: $5

Follow the Ribbon Proposal

The “Follow the Ribbon Proposal” is basically a treasure hunt with a difference. When she comes in, all she will see is a red ribbon with an instruction attached for her to follow it. Have further notes along the ribbon with memories of your time together, maybe even adding a photo or two. At the end of the last ribbon is you, with a ring and a proposal at the ready.

You can keep the ribbon going for miles if you have a large area. It can wrap in and out of buildings and locations. You can make it very creative!

21. Location, Location, Location

Effort Level: High. Cost Level: Expensive

Flying to the Proposal Location

There’s always one special location that means more to you, as a couple, than anywhere else. Plan a trip. Have someone, a stranger if necessary, ready to take pictures for you. Tell her how much the place, and she, mean to you and that you can’t think of anywhere better to ask her to marry you.

The place doesn’t necessarily need to be far away, but usually, in order for it to be meaningful it will be far as well.

22. Glow In The Dark

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $10 – $20

Glow in the Dark Proposal

Special sticky letters which glow in the dark are now easily available online. Clear stickers are available so you can stick them to the bedroom ceiling without her noticing.

Turn the light out, and you’ll have the best display imaginable. For what is essentially a very inexpensive proposal, it is amazingly effective.

23. Chalk It Off

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $3.95

Chalk Engagement

Street games involving nothing more than a piece of chalk were great fun as kids. Recreate one now, but make sure it leads to just one final destination, you, ready to propose.

The style of the game is up to you, and the beauty is that the chalk will wash away so you should get no complaints from the neighbors!

24. Send A Card

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Card with Flowers

Seriously, send a card. In fact, send a sequence of cards a day apart. The message can be obvious or cryptic, but it should reflect your relationship.

She may twig what the end product will be, she may not. Either way, she has a keepsake to remember what will seem like a very well thought out proposal.

25. Write a Song

Effort Level: Hard. Cost Level: N/A

Flash mob in Bilbao, Spain, 2012

If you are musical, have a go at writing a song. If you know someone who has the skills, ask them to help. The song should be subtle but increasingly indicative of its purpose. Hit the last verse and she should be ready to accept without you even having to finish the song. It will take some time and effort to get it right, but it’s original, and it’s yours.

You can even add friends and turn it into a flash mob.

26. Newspaper Ad

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Approximately $350 – $500.

Newspaper Ad

The idea is simple in this case, you just need to occupy an ad in the newspaper with her name and your proposal, then passing the newspaper to her. This solution is nice because no one expects a simple newspaper reading to come with such a question! Make sure to prepare the ring accordingly before handing the newspaper.

Important: If the ad message has her name in it, make sure you prepare for an early proposal or make sure that her phone is off. You don’t want anyone calling to wish her congratulations before the proposal has actually begun.

27. Beach proposal

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Clean Open Beach

Go to the beach, build a sand castle together then take a relaxing walk. Out of nowhere, try to impress here and get the ring out of your pocket, then say the word.

Not all proposals need to be show-stoppers. Just have a great day hanging out at the beach and finish it off with a proposal.

28. Underwater

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Underwater Scuba diving proposal

Similar to the scuba-diving, this requires you to go undersea or underwater, and during a simple dive get the ring out of your pocket. This is a unique way to ask a woman in marriage.

Unlike scuba diving which requires scuba equipment, this proposal requires nothing but swimming clothes.

Just make sure that you have an underwater camera.

You may also want to read this article about strenuous exercise and engagement rings. You don’t want to ruin the ring before she gets a chance to wear it…

29. Dropping it in the Woods

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Secluded outdoor proposal with engagement ring

Take your loved one into the forest for a fun and relaxing day out. Write your love words on a piece of paper, and leave it to fall out of your backpack while she is behind you. You can even drop the ring box as well.

Obviously, make sure that you drop it in a safe location. You won’t want to climb down a waterfall to get it back.

30. On a cake

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $100 – $300.

Strawberry Cake

This one is for couples with a creative spirit.

Order a cake with your proposal message inscribed with icing, and leave it for her to see. You can even keep it in the bakery window. Put the diamond ring on the top. Take her on a walk past the bakery and make a special stop in front of the window display.

Window shopping at a bakery is a lot of fun. It won’t look suspicious at all.

31. Fortune Cookie

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Very Low.

Chinese Fortune Cookie for Proposing

The method of making fortune cookies is actually quite easy, and there are lots of recipes available online.

Simply put your proposal inside a cookie and make sure she gets it after your meal. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a restaurant or a simple takeout, nothing will ever taste quite so good as when she says yes!

It’s simple and effective.

32. Flowers

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Flowers Roses for Proposal

If Shakespeare used roses to tell us that love would always succeed, who are we to argue? Laying a trail of petals (or fake rose petals) from inside the door to wherever you – and your proposal – are waiting is one of the most romantic proposals ever.

It may be that she has an inkling before she reaches the end, but so what? It still won’t stop her being thrilled at the effort you’ve taken.

33. Proposal Planners

Effort Level: Really Easy. Cost Level: Expensive.

Proposal Planning Team

If you’re maybe not the creative type, or you just don’t know where to start, don’t despair. There are a number of companies who are set up to help out in any way you want.

Proposal planners make life easier for you by arranging everything you need to make your proposal special. They will have ideas available that us mere mortals would never think of.

We reached out to Megan from the Yes Girls to ask her if she could help our readers understand why a proposal planner is so important. Below is her response:

One of the questions we receive most often is, “Why should I hire a proposal planner when I could do it myself?” and the answer is simple. While most people think they can plan a dream proposal on their own, the truth is that 80% of women are disappointed with their proposal story.

There are a number of reasons why this happens – men plan the proposal towards what they would want rather than what their partner would want, there are no personal touches and the proposal feels spur of the moment, the proposal is too cliche to brag about, or something goes wrong and throws the entire proposal off course.

A proposal planner can foresee all of these issues before they happen so that all there is to do on the day of the proposal is show up, get down on one knee, and soak in every perfect moment of her saying “YES!”

Megan from The Yes Girls

34. Pick a Spot

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Special Spot for Marriage Proposal

All relationships have those places that are special. It might be the place you had your first kiss, or just somewhere you both truly love. Whatever the reason, can there be a more romantic place for you to propose?

The great thing about this idea is that she won’t suspect a thing. So you arrange to go to your favorite place? That’s not so unusual. But then the proposal comes and everything changes for you both.

35. Go Green

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Park with flowers and trees

There are many great green places to propose. Some will be personal, others will be spectacular.

One of our favorites is the park. But not just any park, of course. Every town and city has those small, tucked away places that even local residents don’t realize are there sometimes.

Do your homework, and find one to suit you. Even if it’s an hours drive, it’ll be worth it for the peace and tranquility.

36. Sail Away

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Medium.

Boating for Proposal

If you are lucky enough to live in a sizeable city, then it’s likely you have a river close by. It’s also likely that there will be boat operators on the river.

Maybe book a table for dinner so you can propose at sunset. Alternatively, if you are by the beach, charter a boat. Spend a day swimming and enjoying the fresh air before popping the ultimate question.

37. Camping In Tents

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Proposal during Camping

Camping is a great way just to spend time alone, without the hassle and rush of town and city life. It’s also an excellent setting for a proposal.

A campfire, some great beer or wine, and the mood will be all set and ready to go. Pick your moment, and it will be the best night under canvas you could ever have.

38. Hook, Line, and Sinker

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low.

Couple Fishing

This idea, we admit, is a little risky. If you don’t already fish, then learn. Not only is it very relaxing, but it’s also a great way to set up a unique proposal.

Getting her to go with you might take a little effort, but when she pulls that line in and there’s a ring on the end of it, well, it’ll be the catch of the day. Make sure you tie it tight, though, or swimming might be your next hobby!

Also, although we hate buying stereotypes, women are notoriously adverse to fishing. Test the waters with her first before you plan a fishing trip and she insists on not going.

39. Send In The Clowns

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Approx $150 per clown for an hour.

Using Clown for Proposing

Theater or clown troupes are usually happy to be involved for a small donation to their funds. Clowns are great because of the very visual nature of their art.

As well as being highly entertaining, they will get away with setting up a gag in ways nobody else can. Of course, the “gag” in this instance is your proposal. Either get them to spell it out or even act it out. Unique, it certainly is.

40. Barbershop Quartet

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Approx a few hundred dollars.


Many local barbershop quartet groups will happily sing your proposal for you, and they usually have the expertise to come up with a totally unique song. Chances are it won’t be free, but it also won’t be all that expensive.

Songs are a fantastic way of communicating feelings, and you don’t even need to be an American Idol contestant to pull this one off! If you have the skill to join in, all the better.

41. The Classified Ads

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $25 – $200

Proposal Ad in Newspaper

The personal ads in the classifieds section have long been a way of communicating your love. Before the internet, Valentine’s messages filled pages of the printed papers every year. Now, although the pages maybe aren’t quite so crowded, they are still a great place to propose. There’s a certain charm to doing it “the old way”. All you need to do is get her to read it!

This is also far more affordable option than buy an actual ad in the main section of the paper.

42. Play Hacker

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A

Girl using laptop

It’s actually pretty easy to set up a custom picture to be displayed when a computer starts up. All you need is access to her laptop, and whatever message you want her to see. If she is the type to start the computer and go and make coffee, then make the picture her screen saver. That way, she will return to see the message.

Please only consider doing this idea if you are certain that she won’t be upset that you’ve touched her laptop. If there is a chance that she’ll feel that you’ve intruded on her privacy maybe it is better to pick another proposal idea.

43. Breakfast in Bed

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Low

Breakfast in Bed Proposal

Let’s face it, who among us doesn’t love having breakfast brought to them in bed? Make it special by incorporating a proposal. You can choose to hide the ring somewhere that she’ll find it, or simply propose at the end. It’s sweet, it’s charming and it’s special.

44. In Letters 10 Feet Tall

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A

Sand Writing Proposal Idea

This is another great beach idea. You will, though, need a high vantage point for this particular proposal and might need some help from friends.

Plan a walk up to somewhere which overlooks your chosen beach, where you or friends have written the words “Marry Me”. Let her reach the viewpoint a few steps ahead of you and, when she sees the message and turns around, there you are with the ring.

45. Pass Go

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $13.95.

Monopoly Board Proposal

If you like board games, get the Monopoly out or buy it! Add a few “Will You Marry Me Cards” into the packs, and then just play. Watch the puzzled look on her face as it is replaced with a huge smile, and then take it from there. You won’t need the get out of jail free card, and you don’t even need the 10 dollars you won in that beauty contest earlier on.

46. The Engagement Rink

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: Approximately $10 per person.

Ice Rink Proposal

Pop up skating rinks appear everywhere as the weather gets colder.

Be brave, strap on those skates and do your best Bambi impression as you make your way out. When she has stopped laughing at your comically poor balance, you can drop to one knee – deliberately or otherwise – and produce the ring. Ice cool in Alex. Or New York, or Boston…

47. Proposing in the Rain

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Proposing in the Rain

There are few things which feel better than a walk in the rain when it is planned. The two of you cuddled together under a big umbrella, what could be more romantic?

The last thing she’ll be expecting is to play Debbie Reynolds to your Gene Kelly. Leave the umbrella with her, and dance a few steps in the rain. It doesn’t need to be complicated, this isn’t dancing with the steps. A few hops on and off the sidewalk will do. She’ll laugh, she’ll think you’re a fool, but she undoubtedly will love you more when you ask her to marry you.

48. Rolling by the River

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Proposing at the River Side

One of the great things about Mother Nature is that she has provided a ton of rivers for us to walk alongside.

Pick a river and pick a place, the more secluded the better. Invite your partner to take a walk and meander your way down towards your chosen location. There are few things more relaxing than the sound of running water, so she’ll be totally at ease when you surprise her with a proposal.

49. Hide and Seek Marriage

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Man Hiding to Give Ring

Walks in woodlands and forests are just so romantic. Disappear from sight when you get the chance, and reappear at just the right moment to present her with a ring.

Just bear in mind that this isn’t a Friday 13th remake. You’re not there to terrify her into marriage. Choose your moment wisely and it’ll be a tale she’ll want to tell to everyone she meets.

50. At the Zoo

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $20 – $50 per person.

Monkey in Zoo

Zoos aren’t like they used to be. Generally, animals are very well treated and there is some great conservation work going on. But the zoo is also a great place to propose. It might not be classically romantic, but it is unique.

Find a nice spot, and ask the question. Whether it’s the Monkey House or the Bat Cave, it’s a  moment never to be forgotten.

51. Letters on Cupcakes

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $50 – $150

Ask your local bakery to make you a set of small cupcakes which each have a letter from “Will you marry me?” on them. Put them out, jumbling up the letters, and let her work it out herself. Your proposal will never be sweeter and is the literal frosting on the cake.

This same type of proposal can work with many other types of foods as well.

52. Street Art

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $4.

Chalk Message Hopscotch

Graffiti? Yes, but with a difference (and without the damage). Chalk out your artwork on the floor or walls, with a letter from “Marry Me” found somewhere inside.

Show her your “artwork” and see how long it takes her to realize that there is a message there for her.

In years to come, it will be the one thing you talk about which your kids and grandkids might understand!

53. A Kestrel For A Knave

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: Low.

Falcon Flying in the Air

A falconry experience is an amazing thing. If you’ve never been up close with these stunning creatures you are really missing out.

Speak to the handlers beforehand, and they might agree to have one of the birds deliver your engagement ring tied to its leg. What better way to do things than to have a beautiful feathered friend involved?

54. A Puzzling Question

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: $19.79.

Puzzle Piece Proposal Idea

It’s so cheap and easy today to have a jigsaw made from any picture, so why not incorporate it into your proposal? It doesn’t have to be big or overly complex, but you do need to keep the last piece to yourself. That’s the piece that will have your proposal on it.

When she’s looking around for the piece, “find” it and put it into place. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it’s actually as permanent as you want it to be. You can even have the puzzle framed.

Click here to create a puzzle online.

55. A Web of Proposals

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: N/A.

Creating Website for Proposal

The internet is great. Everyone has access to it, and running your own website is surprisingly inexpensive. Set up a web page with your proposal. There are also lots of ways to make it interactive if you like. Make sure she gets the address, under whatever premise works and let her discover your hi-tech proposal. The website can continue to be used as an invitation portal for your celebration.

You can create a quick website on Weebly.

56. A Trail of Clues

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Art Pens and Notes

Or decorating, anyway. If you plan to remodel or simply change the colors, leave a trail of messages on each bare wall. You can paint them, chalk them, pin them up, whatever works. Just make sure that, when she gets to the last message, you’re there, ready to propose.

57. Netflix Proposal

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Netflix and Proposal

Let’s face it, we all love a night in with some good wine and movie snacks. So put her favorite movie on the TV, open the wine, and have her ring ready to go in the chips or chocolates.

Yes, you will probably then need to sit through 2 hours of the latest Bridget Jones movie, but we think it’ll be worth it.

58. Disney Land

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: High.

Disney Land Castle

Who can resist a proposal at the happiest place on earth?

Wait until evening, and propose under a sky full of exploding fireworks for maximum effect. A brave man would do it all whilst wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Or you could just do it in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

59. On a Mountain

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Proposing on a mountain

There is nothing as amazing as climbing to the top of a mountain.

You don’t even need to be a hiking fan, although that would be great.

Just plan a trip to somewhere that has both mountains and a cable car service. Enjoy the ride to the top and, if you have the car to yourself, why not propose on the way up? Alternatively, enjoy the view at the summit, and let her know how much you love her.

60. Sunset and the Dock

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Sunset Proposal

Create your own classic moment by enjoying a late evening picnic as the sun goes down over your favorite dock. There’s really nothing more romantic than seeing the sun go down in all its sky-blazing glory.

Relax in the warm breeze and, just when she thinks it can’t get any better, show her that it really can.

61. Be The Karaoke King

Effort Level: Easy. Cost Level: N/A.

Karaoke and Marriage Proposal

Even people who say they hate karaoke can’t resist a good singalong. Give the DJ your song request (it doesn’t have to be too sickly sweet), and get up and do your thing. You can propose at the beginning or at the end, whichever suits you. Just remember that a whole bar full of people will be watching. Just make sure the DJ knows what you plan to do.

62. Say It With (Lots of) Pictures

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: $20 – $40.

Picture Book for Proposal

One of the great things about being a kid is that you get to do cool stuff like making your own flip book. But why should it stop just because you’ve grown up?

Make your own flip book which has a story that leads to your proposal. You don’t need to be a great artist, as some of the best examples are just stick-figure based.

63. Fairground Attractions

Effort Level: Medium. Cost Level: $20 – $40.

Roller Coaster Picture Proposal

You know when you go on a rollercoaster, and they take your picture during one terrifying part of the ride? You can turn that to your advantage. Get some friends to visit the park with you, all armed with a sheet of paper with one of the words of “Will You Marry Me?” printed on it.

Put your partner in the front of the car and, with good timing and a little luck, the message will be clear when you see the photo.

64. Say It on a Product

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: $10 – $20.

Custom Coke Bottle Engagement Proposal

A growing number of products, such as Nutella or Coca-Cola regularly do promos, where you can have custom labels printed on their jars and bottles.

Spread (no pun intended) across several jars of her favorite, and let the product do the work for you. There’s the bonus that you also get to enjoy whatever’s inside!

65. A Zip Wire to Paradise

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: $20 – $40.

Zip Line Proposal Idea

Zip wires are just the best fun. The key is that you need to go first, which may take some persuasion on your part. When you get to the bottom, be ready to go with your proposal. As she comes down the line, be on one knee, ring in hand, ready to propose.

Just make sure she stops before she gets to you! And make sure you don’t drop it!

66. On a Run

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: N/A

Jogging and Running Proposal

A walk is a great way to spend time together. It needn’t be a hike, it can just be a walk around the park, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a lake nearby.

The key will be making a walk a part of your regular routine then, once it’s not going to look out of place, you can surprise her at your favorite point of your stroll.

67. The Photo Booth

Photobooth Picture

Effort Level: Low. Cost Level: $5 – $15

Let’s face it, nobody comes out of a photo booth with a picture that shows them at their best, but what if that didn’t matter? Pretend you’re 16 again, go into the booth to make weird faces and, just as the first pic is about to be taken, produce the ring and propose.

Her reaction will be captured without anybody having to think about poses or lighting.

Final Thoughts on the Marriage Proposal

It doesn’t really matter how you pop the question or which of the marriage proposal ideas you end up using! In the end, all the at counts is that you’re together.

The proposal is very memorable. You should put sufficient time and thought into making it perfect. But don’t forget what really matters.

Each other.

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