Estate Diamond Jewelry Warranty

Each item that was purchased from our collection is covered by our lifetime craftsmanship warranty. During the first year after purchase, the item is also covered by our special protection warranty. Keep reading to learn what’s covered and what isn’t.

Lifetime Warranty

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We provide a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects found on any of the rings, wedding bands, and earrings from our collection. The lifetime manufacturing defect warranty does not extend to any of the rings that are vintage, estate or antique. It is covered by any vintage-style rings that were handcrafted by our expert jewelers. The first year warranty does cover estate jewelry.

If you believe that your jewelry has a manufacturing defect, please contact our customer service and notify them.

Before shipping the jewelry for repair, please email us a photo so that we can determine that this issue is manufacturing related.

If the item is covered by our lifetime warranty, Estate Diamond Jewelry will fix the issue at no extra cost.

The following criteria voids our lifetime warranty:

The warranty is designed to cover issues with the ring that were present at the time of purchase. These following issues do not fall under that umbrella and are therefore not covered by the warranty:

First Year Full-Warranty

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In general, issues with engagement rings will usually occur within the first year.

In general, if the ring survives the first year, the integrity of the ring itself is assured. The ring can, obviously, be harmed by impact, but without damage, it is unlikely that the ring will require any custom jewelry attention.

During the first year, the following damages are fully covered by us at no cost to you:

Damage and Loss

None of our warranties cover damage, wear, or loss. We strongly recommend investing in engagement ring insurance. Insurance costs a nominal yearly fee and should sufficiently cover the ring in case of damage and loss. To learn more about engagement ring insurance, click here.

Jewelry Repair

If your ring received damage that isn’t covered by our warranty and you would like to get it fixed, please notify us. We will usually request pictures before we can give you a quote.

Our jewelers are among the best in the world. They will be able to restore almost any damaged ring to its original form.

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