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Top 30 Engagement Rings for $35000

35000 Diamond Engagement Rings in showroom and finger

One of the crucial factors to consider when searching for the perfect engagement ring is the amount of money you’re willing to spend. If you’ve decided to look for engagement rings costing around $35000, you can rest assured that you’ll soon find a high-quality ring within your budget. But, with so many options within that budget, you might feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of our top 30 engagement rings within the $35000 price range. Read on for a variety of exquisite diamonds, alternative gemstones, colors, and shapes. 

1. Cascais Ring 

platinum diamond engagement ring featuring engravings on shank and diamonds on shoulders

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Cascais Ring.

Kicking off our engagement rings for $35000 list with a bang, the Cascais Ring features a prong-set, 3.14-carat round transitional diamond cut circa 1950.

The crown setting displays delightful fleur-de-lis embellishments set with additional diamonds. What’s more, further diamonds adorn the shoulders and bridge. Finally, the entire shank is decorated with lovely detailed engravings; this is certainly an elegant piece in the way it incorporates the additional diamonds and the engravings without being overbearing.

2. Bloomington Ring

delicate platinum engagement ring featuring dainty band and round diamond

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Bloomington Ring.

The stunning Bloomington features a 2.88-carat old European-cut center diamond in an elevated and detailed setting. Although the setting features gorgeous dazzling bow motif ornamentation, it certainly allows for the above-average visibility of the spectacular center stone. The fine milgrain filigree continues along the bridge, while the remainder of the delicate band is unembellished.

3. Bollon Ring

diamond ring featuring uniquely-shaped onyx and emerald accents on the shoulders

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Bollon Ring.

If you’re a fan of the qualities Art Deco Era rings tend to exhibit, then consider the Bollon Ring. Although the ring is not from the era, the variety of shapes and colors integrated into the design clearly shows Art Deco inspiration.

The 2.84-carat center diamond is held in four distinct wide prongs, while the gallery holds three additional diamonds on each side. Providing colorful allure and contrast, the shoulders feature further small diamonds as well as uniquely shaped onyx and emerald rows. Last, but certainly not least, incredibly detailed engravings cover all parts of the shank.

4. Stafford Ring

platinum engagement ring featuring a delicate band and a large center diamond

Price: $34,000. Learn more about the Stafford Ring.

For those considering Art Deco-era pieces, the Stafford is an excellent choice.

Handcrafted in France circa 1920, this beautiful platinum ring features a large 3.24-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and SI1 clarity. What’s more, the impressive center diamond is set in eight prongs above a bold and elegant gallery. Finally, additional diamonds adorn the shoulders, while the remainder of the delicate band is quite minimal.

5. Seymour Ring

rose-cut diamond ring with micro-pavé round brilliant diamonds on shoulders

Price: $34,000. Learn more about the Seymour Ring.

The exquisite Seymour ring manages luxury and elegance with a design focused on a gorgeous center diamond accompanied by a dazzling array of additional small diamonds. The rose-cut center stone is GIA-certified as 2.16 carats with H color and VS2 clarity and is held in four prongs. Finally, 0.53 carats of shimmering micro-pavé round brilliant diamonds adorn the gallery rail, prongs, and shank.

6. Livingston Ring

emerald-cut emerald ring featuring diamond cluster set in yellow gold

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Livingston Ring.

If you’re looking for a bit of color in your engagement ring, then look no further than the Livingston Ring. The centered precious stone is a 4.55-carat, emerald-cut, natural Colombian emerald set with 18k yellow gold prongs. A cluster of sparkling old European-cut diamonds with a total weight of approximately 1.50 carats surrounds the center stone.

7. Pennsylvania Ring

vivid green emerald-cut emerald ring with trapezoid-cut side diamonds

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Pennsylvania Ring.

For another green emerald option, the Pennsylvania Ring is an excellent high-quality option.

The stunning 1.95-carat emerald-cut Colombian emerald is extra impressive because it is certified by Gubelin and AGL as having no oil treatment. No oil treatment emeralds are quite rare as this means that the stone’s excellent clarity can stand on its own without artificial enhancement. Finally, trapezoid-cut diamonds with G color and VS2 clarity flank the emerald and total 0.27 carats.

8. Montreal Ring

platinum ring featuring a large cushion-cut diamond surrounded by sapphires

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Montreal Ring.

The more colorful precious stones can at times offer a means by which to highlight the more prominent diamond on a ring- and what better way to add a splash of color than by the incorporation of a halo?

In this instance, a 0.72-carat halo of natural deep blue French-cut sapphires goes above and beyond to accomplish just that. The more prominent stone in question is a 3.03-carat antique cushion-cut diamond set in a bezel. Finally, additional diamonds can be found set along the shoulders, while the under-gallery is decorated by elegant openwork patterns.

9. Ludlow Ring

large emerald-cut diamond ring with sapphire halo and delicate platinum band

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Ludlow Ring.

If you’re interested in even more sapphire halo options, then perhaps this one will better suit your taste. The 3.05-carat emerald-cut diamond provides the ring with an octagonal shape- perfect for the accenting baguette cuts leading to each shoulder. What’s more, each shoulder is adorned with three additional diamonds. Lastly, the under-gallery is heavily ornamented by detailed openwork.

10. Barrow Ring 

diamond halo ring with yellow-green diamond set in yellow gold on platinum

Price: $39,600. Learn more about the Barrow Ring.

The standout attribute of this ring is certainly the 1.15-carat fancy yellow-green diamond. The diamond’s 18k yellow gold bezel provides a beautiful level of cohesion. Meanwhile, the platinum and surrounding diamonds offer a splendid contrast, highlighting the center stone. The halo consists of 16 round-cut diamonds as well as 2 baguette-cut diamonds on each side totaling approximately 0.50 carats.

11. Whitby Ring

delicate ring with round prong-set center diamond and engravings on shank

Price: $40,000. Learn more about the Whitby Ring.

This elegant antique ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920 during the Art Deco Era and features a most alluring head. The open nature of the setting will allow the bride to appreciate the 3.29-carat center stone from all angles. Additional old European-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders and lead to detailed engravings on the shank.

12. Stockton Ring

charming silver and gold ring featuring round diamond with surrounding diamond cluster

Price: $38,000. Learn more about the Stockton Ring.

This exquisite antique cluster ring was handcrafted in silver and 18k yellow gold circa 1880 during the Victorian Era. The center diamond is approximately 3.00 carats while the surrounding cluster of old mine-cut diamonds total approximately 0.85 carats. If you want to give the bride a truly timeless piece, then this undeniably has the track record to back it up.

13. Wharton Ring

deep blue sapphire surrounded by sunburst diamond cluster on minimal platinum band

Price: $31,500. Learn more about the Wharton Ring

The spectacular Wharton Ring features a sapphire as the center stone and was inspired by Princess Diana. The natural sapphire originating from Madagascar weighs 5.99 carats, while the 12 brilliant-cut diamonds comprising the surrounding sunburst cluster weigh 2.06 carats in total. Due to its large surface, this ring is suitable for wider fingers. 

14. Tournus Ring

ring featuring cushion-cut diamond surrounded by floral sapphire accents and diamonds

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Tournus Ring.

This stunning geometric ring carries a 3.38-carat antique cushion-cut diamond set among a lovely array of calibre-cut natural sapphires. The sapphires form floral patterns and continue down the shoulders. Additional diamonds surround the sapphires and truly highlight the sapphires’ beaming blue color. Last, but certainly not least, subtle openwork accented by diamonds decorates the gallery.

15. Vintage Buccellati Ruby Ring

ring featuring large ruby set in yellow gold and surrounded by diamonds

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Vintage Buccellati Ruby Ring.

How better to make your bride feel special than to get her a rare and special designer ring?

This vintage cluster ruby ring, handcrafted circa 1970 in Italy, contains Mr. Mario Buccellati’s signature, leaving no doubt of its authenticity. It features a 7.41-carat natural Burma ruby surrounded by a diamond cluster, all set in 18k yellow gold and finished with gorgeous engravings throughout. This ring is certainly a great example of how splendid the lively ruby-diamond combination can be.

16. Clearview Ring

platinum ring featuring round diamond with diamond leaf ornamentation on either side

Price: $30,000. Learn more about the Clearview Ring.

The antique Clearview prominently displays a GIA-certified 2.64-carat old European-cut center diamond between leaf motif shoulders. An old mine-cut diamond adorns each of the six leaves found on the shoulders totaling approximately 0.50 carats. Finally, this piece was handcrafted in platinum circa 1905.

17. Lansdale Ring

ring with prominent Asscher-cut diamond and two prominent emerald-cut diamonds

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Lansdale Ring.

What could be better than one prominent diamond? The spectacular Lansdale features a three-stone design comprised of a 1.33-carat Asscher-cut center diamond with an emerald-cut diamond on either side. The emerald-cut stones weigh 0.79 and 0.80 carats with VS1 clarity, while the center stone is VS2 clarity and all three stones boast G color. Finally, 0.26 carats of additional diamonds adorn the shoulders.

18. The Octagon Halo

platinum ring with diamond in octagon bezel with surrounding octagon halo

Price: $32,000. Learn more about The Octagon Halo ring.

It comes as no surprise that this ring features a stunning octagon halo. The center stone of this platinum piece is set in an octagon bezel and was cut circa 1920 and is GIA-certified as 2.29 carats with J color and VS2 clarity. What’s more, the band features a triple-wire shank, while openwork patterns decorate the gallery. Finally, fine milgrain detailing borders each side of the halo and around the center stone.

19. Mulberry Ring

platinum ring with cushion-cut center diamond and baguette on each shoulder

Price: $32,000. Learn more about the Mulberry Ring.

For a more tame option, the delicate and minimal Mulberry Ring is a perfect choice. This charming piece features a 2.19-carat antique cushion-cut diamond with H color and SI1 clarity as certified by the GIA. The center stone is held in four prongs, while a baguette-cut diamond is set in a bezel on each shoulder. The total diamond weight of the ring is approximately 2.43 carats.

20. Bryant Park Ring

cushion-cut diamond ring with double halo of diamonds and sapphire accents

Price: $32,000. Learn more about the Bryant Park Ring.

The dazzling Bryant Park Ring features a stunning elevated 3.33-carat antique cushion-cut center stone displayed above a sparkling array of additional diamonds and sapphire accents.

Prominent milgrain filigree highlights nearly every element of this piece. A baguette-cut diamond sits at the north and south, while three baguette-cut sapphires sit at the east and west leading to the shoulders. Finally, small round brilliant-cut diamonds are set on the shoulders as well as in two rows between the baguette-cut stones.

21. Hazlet Ring

platinum ring with emerald-cut emerald surrounded by diamonds and fine milgrain

Price: $32,000. Learn more about the Hazlet Ring.

For another emerald option, consider the Hazlet.

The 1.06-carat Colombian emerald-cut emerald is rare because it is a natural no-oil emerald; this means that the stone’s level of clarity is not enhanced artificially. As if the precious center stone was not enough, the surrounding diamonds add luxury and emphasize the center stone beautifully. Finally, the emerald is AGL-certified, while each stone is bordered by fine milgrain.

22. Buccellati Diamond Halo Ring

white and yellow gold diamond ring with starburst halo of diamond rows

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Buccellati Diamond Halo Ring.

If you love the idea of getting a designer ring but want something diamond-focused, then we recommend the Buccellati Diamond Halo Ring.

This mesmerizing piece is quite the spectacle, featuring a dome shape with detailed texturing on an 18k white gold mounting. What’s more, 18k yellow gold filigree borders the center stone as well as the perimeter of the ring. The center stone is a 2.01-carat old European-cut diamond with J color and VS1 clarity, while the surrounding starburst of diamonds are arranged in outward extending rows.

23. Clearwater Ring

ring with oval rose-cut diamond accentuated by baguette-cut and round diamonds

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Clearwater Ring.

For a more traditional design that doesn’t cut any corners in terms of luxury and elegance, consider the Clearwater Ring. This gorgeous piece features an oval rose-cut center diamond GIA-certified as 2.00 carats with I color and VVS2 clarity. What’s more, on each side of the ring two baguette-cut diamonds along with four small round brilliant-cut diamonds accentuate the center stone.

24. Shelburn Ring

prong-set oval-cut diamond with pear diamond accents on platinum band

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Shelburn Ring.

Next up, the glorious Shelburn features an impressive oval-cut center diamond GIA-certified as 2.02 carats with SI1 clarity and a perfect D color grade. Not only is the exquisite center diamond boasting the highest possible color grade but it’s also accompanied by a pear-cut diamond on each side providing emphasis and additional allure. Finally, the total approximate diamond weight is 2.32 carats.

25. Altona Ring

round diamond ring with milgrain-bordered sapphire halo and shoulders

Price: $37,500. Learn more about the Altona Ring.

For those interested in engagement rings in the $35000 price range with a pop of color, the Altona is one of our favorite options.

The stunning 3.07-carat old European-cut center diamond is set in a bezel within a halo of calibré natural sapphires. The sapphires extend to the shoulders and total approximately 0.72 carats. Finally, fine milgrain borders all sides of each sapphire element to highlight the different sections, while leaf motif openwork patterns decorate the under-gallery.

26. Bulgari Platinum And Diamond Ring

minimal and bold platinum solitaire ring featuring round diamond in four prongs

Price: $38,000. Learn more about the Bulgari Platinum And Diamond Ring.

Handcrafted in Italy by Bulgari circa 1970, this bold minimal vintage piece features an old European-cut diamond on a platinum mounting. The diamond is GIA-certified as 2.50 with J color and VS1 clarity. The prongs holding the diamond are quite unique, bold, and minimal and grant a high level of visibility of the diamond.

27. Riviera Ring

minimal platinum engagement ring featuring round center diamond and tapered baguette shoulders

Price: $38,000. Learn more about the Riviera Ring.

For another delicate option, the Riviera is an excellent choice. The round brilliant-cut center diamond is set in six prongs and is GIA-certified as 2.53 carats with I color and VS2 clarity. The design remains quite minimal as aside from the 0.30-carat tapered baguettes on the shoulders, there is no other ornamentation or noteworthy elements.

28. Munich Ring

round diamond in six prongs on platinum band with diamonds on shoulders

Price: $39,000. Learn more about the Munich Ring.

The antique Munich Ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1925 during the Art Deco Era and bears a French export stamp. The stunning center diamond is old European-cut with J color and VS1 clarity grades and weighs 3.48 carats. Finally, four small diamonds bordered by fine milgrain adorn each of the shoulders.

29. Glenview Ring

large square diamond ring with round center diamond surrounded by diamond halo

Price: $39,000. Learn more about the Glenview Ring.

For a bold Art Deco design, consider the diamond-covered Glenview Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this antique piece features a bold square design with a round center diamond held in a distinct bezel with prongs. The 3.07-carat old European-cut center diamond is set above a square diamond halo. Finally, additional diamonds adorn the shoulders bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 3.66 carats.

30. Astoria Ring

round yellow gold ring featuring center diamond and diamond halo

Price: $40,000. Learn more about the Astoria Ring.

Last but certainly not least, the Astoria Ring may be one of the most expensive pieces on our list, but it’s definitely also one of the most luxurious. The large old European-cut center diamond weighs 3.26 carats and is surrounded by a marvelous round halo of pavé-set old European-cut diamonds. The 18k yellow gold ring features a triple-wire shank and bold openwork under-gallery.

We Are Here to Help With Your Search

expert jeweler assisting customers with engagement rings in estate diamond jewelry showroom

Even though finding the perfect ring can seem overwhelming, knowing your bride’s preferences and establishing a budget will certainly help you. We hope our selection of the top 30 engagement rings for $35000 has helped you find the right ring or at least narrow down your choices. Whether you have questions about rings on our list or need assistance finding a better fit, feel free to contact us for any questions or assistance and an expert will be in touch within a single business hour!


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