What Is a Shared Prong Wedding Band?

December 22, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

A shared prong wedding band is a romantic symbol representing the love you share with your beloved. This article will guide your search for a wedding band you’ll adore. For instance, you can compare the types of prong rings or peek at some lovely prong wedding bands.

Likewise, you’ll enjoy browsing through pictures of fabulous engagement rings. 

What Is a Shared Prong Wedding Band?

Shared Prong Wedding Band with Eternity Diamonds

Simply stated, a shared prong setting has two diamonds held in place by a pair of prongs. Usually, two sets of prongs are used, so a stone stays in place. They are mainly used along the shank of the ring rather than the main stone. However, the design ensures that the stones are fastened securely. 

Prongs in a ring setting serve a two-fold purpose. First, they hide the metal between diamonds on the band. This allows light to flow freely through your diamond. Secondly, a prong setting secures your diamonds to a greater degree than other settings. 

Diamond rings can come with as many as six or eight prongs in the setting. However, the number of prongs does not indicate your diamond will stay in place securely. In other words, the stone can fall out because of how the prongs are designed. Likewise, more prongs do nothing to improve the appearance of a wedding band. 

Shared Prong vs. Regular Prongs

Shared Prong Diamond Gold Wedding Band

Shared and regular prongs have some things in common. For example, both prongs serve to hold diamonds in place. Additionally, the two types of prongs are made of metal. However, the several differences between them may influence which one you choose. 

First, their methods to hold diamonds in place are not the same. Shared prongs are elongated or spiked-shaped. Their tips are round or pointed, so they grip the diamond table. On the other hand, regular prongs are fashioned as small metal beads. As such, the stones are secured by the diamond girdle only. 

Similarly, there’s a difference in where the two prongs are used. Shared prongs primarily hold stones along the shank of your wedding band. They cannot butt against a diamond in the center because the stone is already held in place by an adjacent prong. 

Conversely, stones can be placed around the central diamond using regular prong settings. For instance, halo and double halo rings feature this setting. 

Lastly, traditional prongs tend to bend outward. Consequently, there’s a chance they will loosen and fall out of the setting. Stones have been lost unbeknownst to the wearer. It rarely happens, but it’s the ring owner’s worst nightmare when it does. 

Contrary to their traditional counterpart, shared prongs have a pointed curved tip, making them less susceptible to bending backward. As a result, the chances of losing a stone decreases. 

There are other distinctions between the two prongs. For example, shared prong wedding band settings have larger diamonds. However, regular prongs have more style options. Finally, shared prongs are easier to repair than their traditional counterpart. 

15 Examples of Shared Prong Wedding Bands 

diamond wedding band on finger with flowers

You’ll have no problem finding a shared prong wedding band that suits your style. Look at the variety of wedding band designs below to see for yourself.

1. The Ellamore Band

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Ellamore Band

This band features an Art Deco-inspired pattern that alternates round brilliant diamonds and all-natural rubies. Its total diamond weight is 0.30 carats, and its total ruby weight is 3 carats. Hand engravings round out the dazzling design of this shared prong wedding band. 

2. Manhasset Band

Price: $1,900. Learn more about the Manhasset Band

The floral motif of this wedding band gives it a sweet and dreamy appearance. Approximately 0.25-carats of round diamonds surround the shared prong wedding band. The ring has a gorgeous yet customizable platinum band. 

3. Vintage Buccellati Band 

Price: $11,000. Learn more about the Vintage Buccellati Band

This band has a striking design in 18k white gold. The shared prong wedding band features a unique pattern of leaves set with bright diamonds and an 18k brushed yellow gold border. This circa 1980 piece is signed by Mario Buccellati. 

4. Floral Motif Band

Price: $1,800. Learn more about the Floral Motif Band

The ring is tastefully embellished with intricate milgrain and gracefully adorned with 0.36ct diamonds. The splendid platinum wedding band’s diamonds are H color and VS clarity. 

5. Platinum Diamond Shared Prongs Wedding Band 

Price: $12,000. Learn more about the Platinum Diamond Shared Prongs Wedding Band

Crystal-like sparkle flashes from this lovely diamond shared-prong eternity band. The Old European diamond cuts add fiery brilliance to the ring. Its approximate diamond weight is 4.17 carat with stones that are H color diamonds with VS clarity. 

6. Yellow Diamonds With 18k Gold Band 

Price: $1,800. Learn more about the Yellow Diamonds with 18k Gold Band

Finely crafted openwork in a floral design sets the scene for this ring. This wedding band gives you 0.40k of fully cut high-quality diamonds in an approximately 5mm wide luxury band. 

7. Fermi Band

Price: $6,800. Learn more about the Fermi Band

This is a rare Art Deco shared prong wedding band with approximately 1.4ct of H color, VS clarity antique French cut diamonds circling the eternity ring. Hand engraving surrounds the circa 1920 platinum wedding band. 

8. French Cut Ruby Wedding Band 

Price $4,000. Learn more about the French Cut Ruby Wedding Band

Spectacular French cut rubies pair with 0.24 carats of diamonds in this ring. The vintage-style ring has a shared prong wedding band setting. Detailed milgrain in a platinum band adds to the finery of the 2.4-carat ruby and diamond ring. 

9. Granby Band 

Price: 5,200. Learn more about the Granby Band

This ring combines grandeur and beauty in a 7.4mm width ring. Exquisite H color and VS1 clarity diamonds enhance the platinum mount. Detailed milgrain etchings adorn the openwork and sides to add to its regalia. 

10. The Tifferet Wedding Band 

11497 Shared Prong Manda Wedding Band

Price: $1,800. Learn more about the Tifferet Band

The ring is a statement piece of grace and elegance. Approximately 0.48cts of diamonds grace this stylish 18k yellow gold wedding band. Most importantly, the band is customizable to fit any finger size. 

11. 7.11 Carat Eternity Band

Shared Prong Wedding Band with Eternity Diamonds

Price: $34,000. Learn more about the 7.11 Carat Eternity Band

Over 7 carats of diamonds show off the brilliance of this shared prong wedding band. The delicate appearance of this ring belies the strong presence of diamonds nestled in a platinum band. Each diamond in this valuable band weighs approximately .50ct with G/H color and VS2 clarity stones. 

12. Admiral Band

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Admiral Band

A rare “zig-zag” design of caliber sapphire and old cut diamonds sets this ring apart from the rest. The band is an absolute show-stopper with 3 carats of sapphires and 0.40ct diamond weight—additionally, the platinum band and hand-engraving on the side highlight this unique beauty. 

13. Camden Band

Price: $1,700. Learn more about the Camden Band

The dazzling piece has approximately 0.65 carats of round diamonds. The brilliant stones circle the platinum ring in a shared prong wedding band setting. 

14. Villanova Band

Price: $9,800. Learn more about the Villanova Band

Old European cut diamonds beautifully enhance the striking ring. The luxurious wedding band diamond is 4.17 carats, with I/J color and VS1-S12 clarity. In addition, the Villanova band is an impressive 4mm width. 

15. Stanford Band 

Price: $2700. Learn more about the Stanford Band

The piece is the epitome of understated elegance. Brilliant cut diamonds surround the band in a shared prong setting. Moreover, the chic platinum band is 2.3mm wide. 

Shared Prong on Sides of Engagement Rings 

A shared prong setting is an equally lovely choice for your engagement ring. Stones along each side add an extra layer of style. Therefore, keep an open mind about other cuts. Commonly, rounds are used for accenting engagement rings. However, baguettes and other cuts are equally lovely to place along the shank. Feel free to select a unique and stylish cut to flank each side of the main attraction. 

With so many styles to choose from, you will find an engagement ring that expresses your style. For example, there’s no doubt that you’ll find inspiration from the ring samples that follow. 

1. Regal Engagement Ring

Price: $18,000. Learn more about the Regal Engagement Ring

Colored gems add extra beauty to this alluring diamond engagement ring. This gem has 2.02 carat old European cut diamonds in the center. A row of Ceylon sapphires in a caliber cut beautifully enhances the sides of the ring. Additionally, eight smaller diamonds decorate the shanks of this majestic engagement ring. 

2. 1.80 Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 

10666 Shared Prong Shoulder

Price: 18,000. Learn more about the 1.80 Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A nearly 2k old European cut diamond perches in the center of this engagement ring. The 1.80ct middle diamond is K color and SI1 clarity, with precious old mine-cut diamonds encircling the platinum band. The ring is delicate yet powerful with a triple wire shape and small diamond accents. 

3. Cartier Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Cartier Engagement Ring

This knockout vintage ring is a GIA-certified classic estate gem featuring a 1.14ct central diamond, with F color and VS1 clarity. Additionally, 0.75 carats of glistening diamonds run along its shoulders. 

4. Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Learn more about the Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The diamond in this luxurious hand-crafted engagement ring sits in an enchanting diamond halo. It features a 0.65ct, I color, and VS2 clarity center diamond with sparkling diamonds that graciously enhance the shank. 

Say No to Wedding Band Blues 

Customer examine diamonds in a diamond wedding band

There are many decisions to make for your wedding band or engagement ring. Fortunately, you have unlimited options. When it comes to a ring, follow your heart because you’ll be looking at it for years to come. Above all, remember to live happily ever after regardless of the ring you choose.