Complete Guide for Diamond Stud Earrings for Women

September 12, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Many women would love to have a diamond engagement ring on their finger, but what about diamond stud earrings? Diamond stud earrings are a timeless classic that you can wear as elegant accessories for a variety of occasions. What’s more, they can go with almost anything in your closet. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about diamond stud earrings for women, including where to find them, how much they cost on average, and how to style them. 

What Are Diamond Stud Earrings?

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are otherwise called solitaire earrings. The diamonds are typically set in platinum and held by backings (push-backs or screw-backs). These accessories vary by style, color, size, shape, and of course, price. They are simple and minimalistic, yet eye-catching and stunning. Although it’s possible to find stud earrings with all kinds of embellishments, solitaire diamond studs are classic, and they will never go out of style. 

Since they are made with diamonds, these types of earrings also make great long-term investments. If you can afford this luxury item, make sure to find a pair that meets all your wishes. We’re talking about the four main characteristics of diamonds, or the “4 Cs,” which represent color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. 

Cost for Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamonds Studs on Blue Abstract Background

Expert Tip: What you should know about shopping for diamond stud earrings online is that the price applies to the carat weight of both earrings combined. For example, if you see that a pair of diamond studs has 2 carats, this is the combined carat weight, and each earring has only 1 carat. 

Let’s take a closer look at how much you can expect to pay for one pair of diamond stud earrings with different carat weights: 

Carat Weight (mm size) for a Pair of Diamond Stud EarringsPrice
0.25 (0.125 + 0.125) carats* Each earring is 3mm in diameter$285
0.50 (0.25 + 0.25) carats* Each earring is 4mm in diameter $725
(0.50 + 0.50) carat* Each earring is 5.2mm in diameter $2,495
1.50 (0.75 + 0.75) carats* Each earring is 5.7mm in diameter $4,240
2.00 (1 + 1) carats* Each earring is 6.5mm in diameter $7,900
3.00 (1.5 + 1.5) carats* Each earring is 7.4mm in diameter $15,000
4.00 (2 + 2) carats* Each earring is 8.15mm in diameter$26,000
5.00 (2.5 + 2.5) carats * Each earring is 8.7mm in diameter$46,000

Keep in mind that these are the average prices for diamond stud earrings with a round cut. In addition, these prices might vary depending on the quality of the diamonds, as well as their setting. Just like with diamond engagement rings, if you want to buy diamond stud earrings with high color, cut, and clarity ratings, expect to pay more. 

How to Buy Diamond Studs

Halo Earrings with Diamond

If you want diamond stud earrings, you have two options. You can buy ready-made earring that are currently in stock, or you can design your own pair. Both are great options, but buying ready-made earrings might be an easier process. If you want to design your own earrings, you’ll need to find two identical or nearly identical diamonds with the same color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. 

As buying diamond earrings is an investment, take your time and do some research on your options. If you have a fixed budget, you may be required to sacrifice something, like the color rating or the size of the diamonds. 

Expert Tip: When it comes to the size of your diamond stud earrings, you should get a pair that’s proportionate to the size of your ears and face. If you’re going to buy earrings online, it’s always better to see a photo of someone wearing them. Jewelry can look much different in photos than in real life, especially in terms of size. Seeing a pair of earrings on a model will give you a general idea of how they would look on your ears. 

Since you are buying diamonds, make sure they’re GIA-certified or at least have some kind of diamond certificate. You should take shopping for diamond earrings as seriously as buying a diamond engagement ring. If you’re prepared to pay a lot of money, the last thing you want is to get ripped off. 

Where to Buy Diamond Stud Earrings? 

Camborne Diamond Stud Earrings Sapphire Halo

There are lots of jewelry stores that have diamond stud earrings. Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we offer a stunning collection of vintage diamond earrings. For example, take a look at the Camborne earrings. They’re vintage-style earrings with round brilliant cut 0.50-carat diamonds, surrounded by a halo of natural French-cut sapphires. Together, this pair of earrings has 1.00 carat. 

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, the Meadowbrook earrings might be to your liking. One earring is 0.63 carats with I color and VVS2 clarity and the other is 0.65 carats with I color and SI1 clarity. They’re a combination of stud and cluster earrings, ideal for formal occasions. Together, they weigh 1.33 carats.

Not only do we offer unique vintage pieces that are already available for sale, but our customers can also custom-build their pair. If this is something you’re interested in, feel free to fill out this form. It will allow you to choose what kind of earrings you want and similar details. Our diamond experts will reach out to you shortly with a few suggestions you might like. 

Bezel Stud Earrings vs. Prong Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

The two most popular settings for stud earrings are bezel settings and prong settings. 

Prong settings are quite common for engagement rings. Solitaire rings, to be specific. When a diamond is set in prongs, it’s held by four or six claws in a way that doesn’t distract from the stone’s appearance. The reason prong settings are favored is because they allow more light to travel through the diamond (especially if it’s a round cut diamond), which maximizes its brilliance. In addition, prong settings can make the stone look bigger. The one downside of prong settings is that it exposes the diamond more, making it vulnerable to wear and tear. 

Bezel settings do the opposite. The diamond is surrounded by a metal band that holds it in place. It’s similar to a halo setting, except that the band is thin, and it doesn’t have additional diamonds. While prong settings are modern, bezel settings make the earrings look more traditional. On the other hand, bezel settings can make the diamond appear smaller. 

Styles of Stud Earrings

Earrings with Diamond Halo

As previously stated, diamond stud earrings come in various styles. Here are some of the most common ones: 

  • Halo – diamond stud earrings with halos appear bigger and have more sparkle. The halo can be set with smaller diamonds or colored gemstones. 
  • Bezel – a metal ring surrounds the diamond and holds it in place. It’s the best style for those who want maximum protection. 
  • Prongs – four or six claws hold the diamond. Since the diamond is exposed more, it will appear bigger and brighter. 
  • Martini – these types of diamond stud earrings look like Martini glasses when viewed from the side. They can sit higher on the ear, and they allow you to draw them closer. 
  • Crown – perfect for round brilliant cut diamonds. The crowns hold the diamonds in place, resembling a crown when looked at from the side. 
  • Basket – similar to Martini settings, only this setting is flat from the bottom and allows the earring to sit further from the earlobe. 
  • Vintage – diamond stud earrings that were made 100 to 50 years ago. They have a distinctive style, and they’re usually unique. 

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How to Wear Stud Earrings on Ear

Floral Diamond Stud Earring on Ear

The great thing about diamond studs is that they’re easy to put on and wear. Unlike drop earrings, they don’t tangle in your hair. You should wear your diamond stud earrings the same way you would wear normal stud earrings. Just make sure to attach the backings properly, so the earrings don’t fall off your ears when you least expect it. 

Some backings are more secure than others. For example, screw-back backings offer the most security, but it takes slightly longer to put them on. Friction backings, or butterfly backings, are the most common, and they’re easily placed on the post, allowing you to put on and take off the earrings in a few seconds. 

Square Diamond Earrings

Princess Cut Diamond Studs

Even though round cut diamonds are the most popular, it’s also possible to find square diamond earrings. We’re talking about step-cut diamond cuts, like the princess, emerald, cushion, Asscher, and radiant cut. These geometrical shapes are reminiscent of the Art Deco era, and they come in various styles. 

Did you know that the shape of the earrings can also make someone’s face appear more round or square? While round cut diamond earrings would look best on narrow faces, square cuts, like the emerald cut, would look the most flattering on round faces. 

However, if you want to design your own diamond stud earrings, it’s better to do so with round cut diamonds. Square-shaped diamonds will be more asymmetrical, and it will be challenging to find a pair that would look similar, let alone identical. 

Halo Stud Earrings 

Diamond Earrings with Halo

One of the most popular diamond stud earring styles is the halo setting. 

What’s great about halo stud earrings is that you can combine diamonds with other gemstones. For instance, you can choose a diamond for the center stone, with a halo of colored gemstones. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are the most common gemstones used for halos. Another idea is to mix it up and choose a gemstone as the center stone and diamonds for the halo. 

If you want to get stud earrings with a halo, it’s best to choose round cut diamonds and a halo that follows their shape. 

The EDJ vintage diamond earring collection offers some beautiful diamond halo stud earrings that might be to your liking. You can view the entire collection here or contact us if you want something specific. 

7 Tips on How to Save Money on Diamond Studs

Here are seven tips for buying diamond stud earrings for a less: 

1. Choose a cheaper metal for the earrings. Platinum and 18k gold are the most expensive, while sterling silver and 9k gold are more affordable options. 

2. Consider buying a lab-grown diamond. Artificial diamonds are made to have the same physical properties as natural diamonds, so they aren’t fake. Since they are more readily available than natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive. 

3. Choose a lower color grade stone. Since people won’t be able to see your earrings from close up, it’s alright to choose a lower color grade. Instead of spending thousands of dollars more on D-F (colorless) color diamonds, opt for G-J (near colorless) diamonds. What’s more, they look colorless to the naked eye. 

4. Go for a lower clarity grade. The same goes for clarity. You don’t need an IF or an FL clarity diamond, as these come at a high price. Instead, you can buy a VVS1, VVS1, VS1, or VS2 clarity diamonds for a much lower price. 

5. Select a smaller stone. The bigger the diamonds are, the more visible any inclusions will become. If you’re looking to save money, they don’t need to have 2 carats each. Getting two smaller diamond earrings is less expensive than one diamond with the same carat weight.

6. Get a creative cut. Some diamond cuts are more affordable than others. For example, square cuts are more budget-friendly than round cut diamonds. Just make sure you’re getting either ideal or excellent-cut diamonds, as they won’t have as much sparkle otherwise. 

7. Shop for vintage pieces. Depending on the pair you choose, vintage earrings can cost less than modern ones. A reputable jeweler will usually be able to offer you a better price if you ask.

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

Benjamin Khordipour in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

Every woman should own a pair of diamond stud earrings, whether they’re halo stud earrings or regular prong-set diamonds. They can be your go-to accessory for every social event, and they can complement any outfit you put on. This makes them great investment pieces and their classic elegance will withstand the test of time and fading trends. 

Estate Diamond Jewelry offers vintage diamond stud earrings from several periods, including the Art Deco era, the Art Nouveau era, the Edwardian Era, etc. In addition, if you want to build your own earrings, we can help you design the perfect pair.