Low Profile Engagement Rings

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
November 1, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Manufacturing methods have advanced with the advent of technology and so has the range of design. Jewelry is no exception. Even engagement rings have several sub-categories of design and manufacturing. One such design is the low-profile engagement ring. Continue reading to learn more about this type of ring.

What is a Low Profile Engagement Ring?

Customer In Showroom Looking At Emerald Engagement Ring On Finger

A low-profile engagement ring is an engagement ring that has a gallery of equal size to the diamond’s depth. There are no standard measurements, but in general, a low-profile ring shouldn’t sit above the finger by any more than 1mm over the depth of the diamond.

Please note that if the diamond (or alternative stone) is very big or tall it won’t be called a “low profile ring” even if the metalwork doesn’t extend above or below the stone.

Understanding The Anatomy of a Low Profile Ring

Anatomy of an Engagement Ring

The center stone of an engagement ring commonly sits high and proud (as shown in the diagram above), displaying the diamond to its fullest effect. However, many people have reasons to want a ring where the diamond, prongs, and shoulders are low-sitting.

They could be wanting a ring that is less prone to snagging or they may be thinking about the job that they do. Some people just prefer to be a little more subtle than the higher-profile rings usually allow.

Although there are exceptions, low-profile engagement rings will tend to be bezel set. This doesn’t mean all bezel-set rings are low-profile, but it would be unusual to see a low-profile engagement ring that is prong-set, as the nature of a prong setting means that the center stone sits high in the overall design.

A primary example of a high-set ring is the classic prong style setting, which was designed specifically to counter the more traditional low-set bezel of the time and to show off more of the diamond.

Feel free to learn more about the anatomy of an engagement ring here.

Advantages of Low Profile Engagement Rings

Low Profile Engagement Ring Upside Down
Side angle picture of a low-profile engagement ring. The under-gallery sits very close to the diamond.
Low Profile Vintage Ring
Art Deco Ring with a low profile

Having the center diamond set low, however, doesn’t mean that the ring is dull or uninspiring. The bezel setting allows more individual detail to be added; low settings in general can display pavé around the center stone or contrast gems can be set into the band.

Indeed, in many ways, the variety of design elements that can be incorporated into a low-profile engagement ring can make for very interesting and eye-catching creations. Because of the removal of the need to work around a high-set center diamond, designers have been able to apply much looser rules to what should and shouldn’t be included in an engagement ring.

Because of the current popularity of prong settings or Tiffany-style rings, there aren’t a lot of low-sitting engagement rings. Many of the available low-profile, bezel-set engagement rings are often vintage or antique. Antique rings were made 100 or more years ago, while other rings may replicate those styles and use antique-cut diamonds in their center. The older cuts are perfectly configured to be bezel set (or low-prong set) and are therefore perfect for low-profile rings.

“Low profile” itself doesn’t mean “no profile”, of course, as any stone(s) used will still be prominently displayed on the band. Low profile means that they will be seen in a lower position from a profile view as compared to high-profile settings.

Disadvantages of Low Profile Rings

Customer Trying on Vintage Engagement Ring on Finger
Rare JE Caldwell Ring
Rare JE Caldwell Ring with a low profile

Low Profile Rings don’t have many disadvantages on a logical or practical level. As mentioned above, having a low profile makes sense on so many levels. Aesthetics tends to be the main reason that many people will avoid low-profile rings.

Low Profile Rings don’t show off the diamond as well, and if the diamond is important, the ring-wearer will want maximum visibility.

Another disadvantage is that cleaning can be more challenging. More hard-to-reach dirt tends to get caught in rings that are so compact. You may need to bring your ring to a professional ring cleaner (any local jewelry store) a little more frequently.

Final Thoughts

If you have an active lifestyle, a job that risks the ring being snagged, or just love the style, low-profile rings are a perfect choice!

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Browse Popular Low Profile Engagement Rings

To get you started on your journey to finding the best low-profile engagement rings, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite options

1. Boston Ring

Diamond Ring With Double Halo Of Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Boston Ring.

The Boston Ring is a perfect low-profile engagement ring for those who love sapphires. The piece features a 0.87-carat emerald-cut center diamond, certified by the GIA as H color and SI1 clarity. A vivid halo of blue French-cut sapphires surrounds the center stone, while an additional halo of old European-cut diamonds follows.

2. Bondi Ring

Diamond Ring With Emerald Halo And Diamond Set Shoulders

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Bondi Ring.

If colorful halo halos appeal to you, then consider the mesmerizing Bondi Ring.

The GIA-certified center diamond features an emerald cut, 0.80 carats, J color, and VS1 clarity. Most importantly, the surrounding halo of calibre natural green emeralds totals 0.54 carats and completely draws in the eyes. Finally, the details of this ring really make it sing, from the emphasis provided by the fine milgrain borders to the subtle elegance of the triple-wire shank.

3. Worcester Ring

Simple Round Diamond Ring With Diamond Adorned Shoulders

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Worcester Ring.

If you’re interested in vintage pieces, then consider the Worcester. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, this delicate French ring features a subtle design centered around a 0.50-carat round brilliant-cut diamond with I color and VS1 clarity. Finally, three small diamonds decorate each of the shoulders, serving as a perfect last touch to the design.

4. Mayflower Ring

0.77 carat bezel set rose cut diamond from the Edwardian era - Mayflower Ring -  Hand video

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Mayflower Ring.

For an antique option with a more exciting design, check out the Mayflower.

Handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900, this spectacular Edwardian-era ring features a stunning 0.77-carat rose-cut center diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. The surrounding double halo certainly adds a lot of appeal to this ring’s design; the first layer is composed of calibre-cut rubies, while single-cut diamonds comprise the outer layer.

5. Ludlow Ring

Diamond Ring With Blue Sapphire Halo And Accent Diamonds

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Ludlow Ring.

The Ludlow is a magnificent piece for sapphire lovers. The 3.05-carat emerald-cut center diamond is flanked by a baguette-cut diamond on either side, while the shoulders hold additional small diamonds. What’s more, the French-cut natural blue sapphire halo provides an excellent pop of color to contrast the white diamonds. Finally, delicate openwork patterns decorate the under-gallery.

6. Rhone Ring

Diamond Ring With Floral Cluster Of Large Diamonds

Price: $6,300. Learn more about the Rhone Ring.

The Rhone Ring manages to have a charming appeal, while remaining quite bold. The eight-stone floral clust of diamonds surrounds a 0.65-carat elongated cushion-cut center diamond. The cluster itself has a total approximate weight of 1.20 carats, while the overall color and clarity of the stones on this ring is I and VS1-VS2 respectively. This ring is perfect for those wanting a diamond-centric piece.

7. Bayside Ring

Round Prong Set Diamond Ring With Many Additional Diamonds

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Bayside Ring.

For another diamond focused piece, check out the spectacular Bayside Ring. This exquisite piece features a dazzling array of diamond elements. Firstly, the prong-set 3.80-carat center diamond is the star of this piece. Then, a halo of small round diamonds surrounds the center stone, while three baguette-cut diamonds flank each side of the center diamond. Finally, the shoulders feature a few more diamonds.

For those paying close attention, this ring is an excellent example of how prong settings and low-profile designs are not mutually exclusive.

8. New York Ring

GIA-certified 1.01 carat Asscher cut diamond halo engagement ring - New York Ring - Hand video

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the New York Ring.

The New York Ring features a more subtle design, yet it is nonetheless just as stunning as any other ring on this list. The Asscher-cut center stone is GIA-certified as 1.01 carats, J color, and VS2 clarity, while the surrounding diamond halo totals approximately 0.23 carats. Additionally, small diamonds adorn the slightly tapered shoulders.

9. Pickford Ring

Simple Five Stone Diamond Ring

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Pickford Ring.

Providing an example of how many different styles of rings can have low profiles, the Pickford is yet another excellent piece for antique lovers. Hancrafted in platinum circa 1925, this Art Deco-era five-stone ring is feminine and exhibits a stuble luxuriousness. The five old European-cut diamonds total approximately 0.49 carats and have color and clarity grades ranging from I to J and SI1 to SI2 respecitvely.

10. Pottstown Ring

Platinum Ring With Center Diamond And Diamond Accents

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Pottstown Ring.

Yet another excellent antique option, the Pottstown was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920 making it an Art Deco-era piece. The old European-cut center diamond weighs approximately 1.65 carats and has J color and VS2 clarity grades. Additionally, each shoulder features three small diamonds arranged in a clover formation. Finally, notice the elegant box prongs setting of the center stone.

11. Atlanta Ring

Diamond Ring With Double Halo Of Emeralds And Diamonds

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Atlanta Ring.

The spectacular double-halo Atlanta Ring features an Asscher-cut center diamond certified by the GIA as 0.50 carats, J color, and VS1 clarity. The inner layer of the double halo is composed of vivid calibre-cut emeralds, while full-cut diamonds comprise the outer layer. Nestling the emeralds between diamonds certainly makes them pop. Finally, the total diamond and emeral weights are 0.80 and 0.50 carats respectively.

12. Roseland Ring

Large Yellow Peridot Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Roseland Ring.

The magnificent Roseland Ring features a 3.16-carat natural emerald-cut peridot surrounded by a halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds. If you’re interested in cocktail rings or birthstones, then this is an excellent piece for you. Finally, each shoulder features three additional diamonds while fine milgrain detailing borders each of the stone elements of this ring.

13. Holme Green Ring

Emerald Ring With Double Halo Of Diamonds And Emeralds

Price: $7,200. Learn more about the Holme Green Ring.

The Holme Green is certainly made for emerald lovers, especially for those who also love floral motifs. The 0.89-carat center emerald is surrounded by an eight-stone cluster of diamonds totaling approximately 1.00 carat. What’s more, a delicate perimeter of additional emeralds surroundes the diamond cluster. There’s no doubt that this is one of the most special rings on this list.

14. Barkley Ring

Diamond Ring With Floral Ruby And Diamond Double Halo

Price: $17,000. Learn more about the Barkley Ring.

The charming Barkley Ring features a 1.75-carat old European-cut center diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. Most importantly, a floral double halo comprised of natural-cut rubies and diamonds surrounds the center stone. This platinum ring is certainly beyond beautiful and perfect for those who want a floral themed ring.

15. Elland Ring

Diamond Cluster Ring With Double Halo Of Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Elland Ring.

Last but certainly not least, our final example of low-profile engagement rings is the luxurious Elland Ring. The center cluster consists of nine round brilliant-cut diamonds. A halo of natural blue French-cut sapphires surrounds the center cluster, while an additional halo of diamonds follows it. Finally, the total diamond and sapphire weights are approximately 0.74 and 0.80 carats respectively.

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