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Top 12 Non Diamond Engagement Rings

non diamond three stone engagement ring

The rule that you need to get a diamond-centered engagement ring isn’t set in stone. And more than a few non diamond rings are worth considering for your engagement. But this may not make your quest for the perfect piece any easier.

Although they can be generally quite popular, some non diamond gemstones aren’t fit to adorn the finger of your future fiancée. To help you discern true bling from a dud, this write-up presents you with the top twelve choices. And whichever stone grabs your attention, you should always consider your significant other’s preferences.

  1. Aquamarine Engagement Ring
  2. Sapphire Engagement Ring
  3. Emerald Engagement Ring
  4. Moissanite Engagement Ring
  5. CZ Engagement Ring
  6. Ruby Engagement Ring
  7. Wedding Band
  8. Pearl Engagement Ring
  9. Amethyst Engagement Ring
  10. Blue Topaz Engagement Ring
  11. Turquoise Engagement Ring
  12. Your Birthstone as the Center

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Round Double Halo Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Pale blue color and exceptional clarity make aquamarine the choice of many future spouses. The clarity itself allows the ring and the stone to appear more expensive. But aquamarine is a gem that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Not only that, but this is also a very hard stone – the Mohs scale rates it between 7.5 and 8. Additionally, aquamarine is a cousin of the emerald, with the two sharing some of the same properties. More importantly, people consider them lucky stones.

This is one of the reasons why both emeralds and aquamarines are a popular choice for engagement rings. But aquamarine’s minimal hue and great clarity make the stone more subtle. Thus, it’s a good choice for future brides who’d like a piece that’s less flashy.

Aquamarine is also a stone that looks stunning in a platinum or gold setting. With this in mind, yellow gold might be the best choice, but this is a matter of personal preference.

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Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring With Bagutte Diamond Accents

Did you know that Kate Middleton’s and Princess Diana’s engagement ring features sapphires? Yes, this gemstone has been among the most popular choices for celebrities and royalty. But what is the timeless charm of this stone?

First, sapphires fit a variety of settings. The most common is a gold halo with blue sapphires and the gold is usually white. And if you want a more minimalist look, you can combine the sapphire with a halo made of small diamonds.

Second, sapphires aren’t only blue, they also come in yellow, pink, red, and green. What’s more, some of the colors are even rarer than blue. And sapphire is the second hardest stone, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale.

All this makes sapphires great for regular wear, and well suited to different styles. Furthermore, there’s a host of estate sapphire rings to choose from, if you’re into the vintage look. And it won’t be hard for you to find a more modern piece to mark the most important occasion in your life.

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Emerald Engagement Ring

Square Emerald Engagement Ring WIth Diamond Halo

Ranging from light to deep green, emeralds exude style and a special sense of mystery. There are also pieces that have a bit of a blue luster, although these might be tricky to find. In addition, emerald is the only gemstone that inspired the name of a cut.

However, you can get this stone in any cut you like, not just the traditional emerald step cut. When it comes to hardness, emeralds have a rating of 7.5. This is a bit less compared to rubies and sapphires, so be sure to take care of your emerald ring.

But don’t get us wrong, a lesser rating on the hardness scale doesn’t take away from the ring’s finesse and appeal. Nevertheless, emeralds usually come with some inclusions, while flawless pieces are exceptionally rare.

With this in mind, you may offset some of the inclusions should you opt for a yellow gold and emerald combo. This classic contrast allows the stone’s natural properties to come to life.

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Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite Rings In Boxes Held By A Man

There’s one thing you should know about moissanite – these are lab-grown diamonds. Scientists have found a clever way to condense billions of years into an industrial process. All that’s left to ask is whether these mock diamonds actually make the cut.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Because of their industrial nature, there are companies that mass-produce moissanite. In turn, this affects the price and the future value of the stone. Not to mention that it’s quite easy to tell moissanite from a diamond.

Okay, the production technology has become better over the years. And an untrained eye might not spot the difference right away. But do you really want to mark your eternal devotion and love with something that came off a conveyor belt? Even if you’re on a really tight budget, it’s better to choose a natural stone.

The only thing that goes in favor of moissanite is its hardness of about 9.5. However, this is only because the stones were originally meant for industrial applications, not jewelry.

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CZ Engagement Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Machine

Cubic zirconia, or just CZ, are lab-grown gemstones. As such, they’re cheap, easy to find, and come in more than a few colors that match their natural counterparts. But are these the characteristics that you want in an engagement ring?

Assuming your answer is negative, it’s best to steer clear from CZ. Similar to moissanite, zirconia comes from mass production facilities. Their country of origin is usually China or Russia. And some Chinese manufacturers have made a name for themselves on CZ.

But this doesn’t make the artificial stones more appealing – at least, not for engagement rings. The only redeeming feature of CZ is its hardness. But it’s difficult to put a finger on an exact number because the product quality varies widely from one manufacturer to another.

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Ruby Engagement Ring

White And Yellow Gold Buccellati Ruby Cocktail Ring

The pigeon-blood red is certainly hard to miss, and rubies are a veritable diamond alternative for a few reasons. Like sapphires, rubies have a Mohs scale rating of 9. This means the stone doesn’t scratch easily, and it won’t lose luster even after years of everyday wear.

Due to their color, rubies really stand out in rose or yellow gold settings. That being said, the latter might be too vintage for most brides-to-be. Nevertheless, the combination of white gold and rubies allows the natural properties of the gemstone to really shine through.

And it would be wrong to think that you need a huge ruby to make a statement. With these stones, a smaller piece can really make a lasting impression. This is because most rubies don’t feature any inclusions, which is reflected in their price.

But if you have your mind and heart set on a larger ruby ring, it’s well worth the investment. You’ll be getting a stone that’s not likely to depreciate in value and retain its appeal in the years to come.

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Wedding Band

Infinity Wedding Band on Wood Surface

Some couples choose to break away from tradition and go for a simple band to honor their engagement. And those who want to make an eco-friendly statement might even opt for a simple wooden band.

There are also nondiamond engagement rings specific to some regions, like the Irish Claddagh ring. But you need to ask yourself a critical question – how long will this ring last? And does it really represent the life-long commitment you’re about to take?

The questions answer themselves. For example, wooden rings are notoriously hard to keep intact. Other alternatives might be too simple for the occasion, despite being super budget-friendly. Either way, there’s one golden standard you should stick to.

An engagement ring needs to be worthy of an heirloom. That is, the materials and the stone should transcend generations. And you can only achieve this with a combination of precious metals and gemstones.

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Pearl Engagement Ring

Art Nouveau Pearl and Enamel Ring

From luxurious antique rings to chic contemporary settings, pearl engagement rings don’t go out of fashion. These will surely to a smile on your future spouse’s face, but there are certain things you should know.

To start, calcium carbonate is the main constituent of pearls, which makes them a bit fragile. In general, their Mohs scale rating is between 2.5 and 4.5. This means you may tarnish or scratch a pearl easily, so it’s advisable to take the ring off when doing housework, for example.

However, this doesn’t necessarily detract from the long-term value of the stone. As long as you give it all the TLC it requires, you should have a piece that’s fit for happily ever after. And it’s advisable not to skimp, so you should choose a saltwater natural pearl.

Since saltwater pearl collecting is a dying craft, these are becoming increasingly hard to find. Consequently, their value and appeal are going up.

Amethyst Engagement Ring

Amethyst Ring With Yellow Gold And Diamonds

If you’re looking for a good balance of price and gemstone properties, amethyst might be right up your alley. This stone has a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, but this doesn’t make it fragile by any means.

However, it’s advisable to be careful not to expose the stone to harsh chemicals. And you should take it off while exercising. But this is a small price to pay when you consider the stone’s romantic lavender hue.

This nondiamond beauty works great with a white or rose-gold setting. Plus, it’s not uncommon to find a large amethyst paired with an intricate halo of other gemstones. Nonetheless, amethyst won’t fail to amaze you as a single stone within a more minimal engagement ring design.

The bottom line is that amethyst is a good choice for those on a tight budget, yet want something to last a lifetime. Just remember that regular maintenance and professional cleaning is a must for these rings.

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Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

Blue Topaz Gold Ring With Diamond Lined Shoulders

Peer into a blue topaz and you’re likely to get enchanted by the depth and brilliance of the stone. Not only that, but this is one of the toughest nondiamond gems you can find. In most cases, the Mohs scale puts topaz at about 8.

However, pure topaz isn’t blue, it’s colorless. The blue, red, green, or orange hue signals certain imperfections in the stone. And this isn’t a drawback by any means, quite the contrary. The light to medium blue tint in the stone makes the piece more eye-catching.

Due to this, topaz is one of the few gemstones that look the part in yellow gold settings. This applies to the contemporary and traditional yellow gold setting as well. On the other hand, topaz wouldn’t be a wrong choice if you prefer white gold or platinum.

Either way, the affordable stone price allows you to splurge on the metal. Or, you can choose a setting with an intricate filigree in the under-galley.

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Turquoise Engagement Ring

Gold Bulgari Ring With Large Turquoise And Diamond Accents

Over the past few years, turquoise has really spiked in popularity. Primarily because some jewelry brands started incorporating the gemstone throughout their lines. Be that as it may, the real allure lies in the stone’s captivating color.

Turquoise gemstones range from bright to pale blue, and some pieces may have minute metal inclusions. And there are also those that give off a greenish hue. Because of this, turquoise is another nondiamond stone that looks the part in traditional and modern settings.

But if you wish to step things up a notch, a small diamond halo allows turquoise natural properties to shine. This kind of design doesn’t break the bank and it gives you all the bling you could wish for. If there is one thing worth pointing out.

The Mohs scale puts turquoise between 5 and 7 in terms of hardness. Therefore, you should make sure to get the hardest one possible. And don’t forget to ask your jeweler about a particular turquoise’s hardness if all other features tick the right boxes.

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Your Birthstone as the Center

Sapphire Engagement Ring with Flowers Birthstone

Your fiancée’s birthstone is a good choice for a center stone. And a lot of the gems featured in this list are birthstones. For example, rubies are for those born in July, and sapphires are for those born in September.

In fact, there’s an entire list of nondiamond gemstones that fit all the zodiac signs. But what are the things to keep in mind if you decide to go for a birthstone? First and foremost, you need to check the stone’s hardness. Rubies and sapphires top the list in this respect.

Other than that, think of the cut and setting that will accent the stone’s natural characteristics. And don’t forget to factor in professional cleaning every few months to keep the piece pristine.

Non Diamond Bling Galore

Customer Viewing Cocktail Emerald Ruby Rings in Showroom

By now, your eyes are probably set on one or two gems from the list. And this is just the start, you also need to figure out the setting and the metal. But it’s much easier to find the right style when you have an exact stone in mind.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering some important factors. The stone mustn’t be artificial and you should go for the highest hardness rating available. And with that out of the way, you’re ready to pop the question.


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