Wedding Bands

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Vibrant Grace

In over 30 years of experience, Estate Diamond Jewelers has assembled the finest collection of Art Deco wedding bands, Edwardian wedding bands, Retro wedding bands and Anniversary Bands. Each of our vintage wedding bands features an exquisitely bold and intricate design. Our dedication is to helping our clients discover the pieces that they will cherish over the course of a lifetime, and to providing the the unparalleled selection and expertise to ensure your lasting satisfaction.

Unrivaled Service & Expertise

Located on Fifth Avenue in New York, Estate Diamond Jewelry is known for its outstanding reputation in the field of estate diamonds, fine antique jewelry, and rare wedding rings from the past two centuries. To express interest in an item you’ve discovered in our collection, or to arrange an appointment or participate in our home viewing program, we invite you to contact us anytime at (212) 265-3868 or via email at