Vintage Wedding Bands

In over 30 years of experience, Estate Diamond Jewelers has assembled the finest collection of Art Deco wedding bands, Edwardian wedding bands, Retro wedding bands and Anniversary Bands. Each of our vintage wedding bands features an exquisitely bold and intricate design. Our dedication is to helping our clients discover the pieces that they will cherish over the course of a lifetime, and to providing the the unparalleled selection and expertise to ensure your lasting satisfaction.

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Filter products Showing 1 - 30 of 101 results
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  • Deco Band Top ViewDeco Band Top Side View

    Admiral Band

  • 11334 Floral Wedding BandFloral Motif Platinum Wedding Band

    Floral Motif Band

  • Art Deco Wedding Band1920s Wedding Band

    1920s Vintage Wedding Band

  • Carrollton Band Top ViewCarrollton Band Top Side View

    Carrollton Band. Circa 1914

  • Kingspoint Band Top Viewkingspoint Band Top Side View

    Kingspoint Band. 4mm

  • Rosemont Band Top ViewRosemont Platinum Wedding Band Top View

    Rosemont Band. 3mm

  • 12585 Irondale Band Top View12585 Irondale Band TSV

    Irondale Band. Circa 1920

  • 2mm Baguette Cut Platinum Band Meadville Band Top View2mm Channel Set Baguette Band Top Side View Meadville Band

    Meadville Band. 2mm

  • Rosa Band Top View

    Rosa Band. Circa 1920

  • Beverly Band Top ViewBeverly Band Top Side View

    Beverly Band

  • Dalton Emerald and Emerald-Cut Diamond Band Ring TVDalton Emerald and Diamond Band TSV

    Dalton Band

  • Dekalb Band Top View12720 Dekalb Band TSV

    DeKalb Band. 2mm

  • Fermi Band Top View

    Fermi Band. Circa 1920

  • Fleet Band. Circa 1920Fleet Band Top Side View

    Fleet Band. Circa 1920

  • Bezel Set Platinum and Old European Cut Diamond Lancaster Band

    Lancaster Band

  • Lancy Band Top View

    Lancy Band

  • Old European Cut diamond Eternity Band Villanova BandOld European Cut Diamond Shared Prong Band Top Side View Villanova Band

    Villanova Band

  • Aberdeen Band Top ViewAberdeen Band Top Side View

    Aberdeen Band. 3MM

  • Carmel Band Top ViewAvon Band Top Side view

    Avon Band. 4.3mm

  • Morro Bay Band Top ViewMorro Bay Band Top Side VIew

    Carmel Band. 5.30mm

  • Eden Band Top ViewEden Band Top Side View

    Eden Band. 2.7mm

  • Pembroke Band Top ViewPembroke Band Top Side View

    Pembroke Band. 4mm

  • Red Bay Platinum Band Top View

    Red Bay Band. Circa 1960

  • Abbey Infinity Band Top View12757 Abbey Infinity Wedding Band TSV

    Abbey Infinity Band

  • Albian Diamond Wedding 12897 Band Top View12897 Albian Wedding Band Side View

    Albion Band

  • Alfred Band Top ViewAlfred Band Top View TSV 11610

    Alfred Band. 3MM

  • Amour Éternité Wedding BandAmour Wedding Band

    Amesbury Band. 1.8mm

  • 3mm Platinum Wedding Band TVTSV 3mm Platinum Wedding Band

    Amesbury Band. 3mm

  • Antique Art Deco Wedding BandAntique Deco Wedding Band

    Antique Deco Wedding Band

  • Antique Edwardian Wedding BandAntique Edwardian Wedding Band

    Antique Edwardian Wedding Band