What Engagement Ring Should I Get My Girlfriend?

January 28, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

If you’re reading this blog post, let us first welcome you by saying: Congratulations! You’re getting ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Deciding to propose to your girlfriend is a major step in your relationship, and we’re here to help so that everything goes smoothly. This article will let know which engagement ring you should get for your girlfriend.

Once you’ve made up your mind about proposing, the big question pops up. What engagement ring should you get your girlfriend? The quest for the perfect ring can be daunting if you have no idea where to start.

Read on for tips on how to decide what ring your girlfriend will love. 

1. Listen Carefully 

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Quite often, the answer you’re looking for can lie in the simplest of forms. An ad might pop up featuring a piece of fine jewelry. Does a ray of sunshine paint on her face when she sees a diamond ring? Try to catch her comments and facial expressions to find out whether she likes a certain ring type or not. She might see a ring and say something along the lines of “Awwh, what a beauty!” And that can be your eureka moment right there. 

She might show you a ring of her friend or colleague on Instagram who recently got engaged. She’ll either be thrilled with the ring design or deplore it. Take notes on everything that might be useful. 

2. Go James Bond on Her Jewelry

Wearing and Engagement Ring with Jewelry Collection

Chances are your girlfriend will have a specific taste in jewelry. Most girls do. Take a sneak peek into her jewelry box when she’s not around.

If you didn’t pay attention to her jewelry before – now’s the time. You can find clear clues regarding her favorite ring type by looking at the jewelry she already has. 

3. Head Over to Her Pinterest

Pinterest Engagement Ring

Investigating her jewelry box is great when it comes to finding out her taste. But most likely, you won’t find her dream ring in there. Now, what if we told you there’s a magical place where her dreamy ring lies and patiently waits to be discovered?

That’s right: it’s on her Pinterest board. Girls don’t just pin engagement rings they hate. Pinterest can easily be your second eureka moment. Endless hours she spent browsing Pinterest for reasons you never understood before might finally pay off. 

4. Take Her to a Jewelry Store 

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A short visit to a jewelry store might be just what you need. Find a valid excuse such as buying a new watch or choosing a birthday or anniversary gift for your mom or friend. She will most likely head over to the ring section at some point.

Now’s the time to carefully observe what type of rings she might be into. You can prepare things in advance too. Ask the salesperson beforehand to pay attention to what ring styles your girlfriend leans toward. 

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5. Pay Attention to Her Favorite Fashion Style 

Vintage Style Dress for Outdoor

Make sure the engagement ring fits her fashion style. She might prefer casual clothes. In that case, the ring shouldn’t stick out too much. You can check out some minimalist design rings.

Maybe she has a closet full of vintage dresses. In that case, vintage rings are the way to go. 

6. Team Up With Her Best Friend 

Best friends talking

Although not always recommended, you can ask her best friend for assistance. It normally goes without saying that the teamwork should stay a secret but to be sure, you can ask her best friend to keep it to herself. 

You can find a few engagement ring pictures you think your girlfriend would like and text them to her friend. She can then forward them to your girlfriend under the excuse of having to help a friend pick a ring for his girlfriend. Then she can copy-paste your girlfriends’ opinion on each of the rings. 

Also, there might be a chance her friend already knows what your girlfriend’s favorite ring type is. 

7. Talk to Her Family Members

Ask Mother question

Chances are, her Mom will have an idea of what ring-type her daughter likes. Maybe they’ve purchased her a ring before. Perhaps they’ve previously bought a ring for someone else or they know whether she has had her eye on a particular engagement ring. 

But be cautious as talking to family members can be a double-edged sword. They might be too curious about details you still haven’t figured out yourself. Arm yourself with patience beforehand! 

8. Ask Her Directly 

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Yes, you’ve read it right. Asking your girlfriend what engagement ring to get her can make things so much easier. Many girls actually prefer telling their boyfriends what type of engagement rings they like. After all, she will be wearing it continuously, so it better be to her likings (or else, you might be in trouble). 

She might be fine with knowing what ring she will get, but make sure the proposal remains a factor of surprise. 

9. Do Your Internet Research 

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Make Google and YouTube your teammates. You can check what ring styles are trending in 2021. If your girlfriend loves to follow fashion trends, even better. Check for the trending cuts, shapes, and precious stones. Each gemstone represents a specific symbol. Do a quick search to make sure you pick the one that best translates your emotions. 

Now that we’ve given you enough advice on what type of ring to get your better half, let’s get into some more details. 

Choosing the Right Ring Size 

Ring sizer on finger

Imagine spending weeks finding the right ring type, only to find out it doesn’t fit her finger on the big day. Sure, she will most likely be able to resize it, but why the extra hustle? You can save yourself some time by carefully measuring her ring size beforehand. 

She might have a bunch of rings in her jewelry box. Do you think she could go without noticing one of them missing for a few hours? If so, take it to the nearest jewelry store and ask the salesperson to measure its size. Or maybe you don’t have enough time for the trip. In that case, measure the ring’s inner diameter and figure out the size according to it. 

Read more tips on how to find out her ring size without her knowing

You might opt for the “ask her directly” option. In that case, you can head over to a local jewelry shop together and get her ring size measured. There are many alternative options on how to get your ring size as well. 

A Word of Advice 

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Choosing what engagement ring to get your girlfriend isn’t the easiest of tasks. The good news is, the tips we provided you with today are bound to work. They’re tested on hundreds of thousands of grooms-to-be just like you. 

If your girl knows the engagement is coming, she will be giving you some hints—no doubts about it. Just look for tiny details such as her facial expression when she casts an eye over the rings in shop windows. Listen for keywords such as “diamond,” “emerald,” “love it,” “halo,” “vintage,” etc. Talk to her friends and family. 

In case you find the quest for the perfect ring too difficult, don’t be afraid to ask her for advice. This might be the best way, and everyone will be satisfied. Getting an engagement ring shouldn’t be a stressful experience but an exciting one.