Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring to Sleep?

February 1, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Most women prefer to take off their jewelry before going to bed. This especially refers to larger, statement jewelry pieces that may be uncomfortable to sleep with. But what about your engagement ring? Of course, once you’ve said “Yes” and put the ring on, it starts to feel like a part of you. Some brides never take the ring off and even wear it together with a wedding band, whilst others only wear it occasionally. 

In this article, we will reveal whether it is safe for you to wear your engagement ring to sleep. Read on to find out the consequences of wearing your ring in bed and how to safeguard against them. 

Is It Bad for You to Wear an Engagement Ring to Sleep?

Sleeping While Wearing Your Engagement Ring

Some metals can cause skin irritation. However, your engagement ring is hopefully made of a precious metal that is non-allergenic and non-reactive. Therefore, it is safe for you to wear an engagement ring to sleep, as long as you follow rules for protecting it. 

If you wear your ring in bed, the worst thing that can happen is red marks left on the skin or getting hair tangled in the delicate detailing. 

Unless your ring features a large diamond with sharp edges, wearing it to sleep should be safe for you. But the ring might scratch your partner or cause damage to your bedding. 

Can Wearing a Ring to Sleep Damage It?

Sleeping in Bed with Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a fine piece of jewelry and should be treated as such. Diamonds are the hardest minerals, so you are highly unlikely to damage the stone itself. But you are much more likely to harm the precious metal that the ring setting is made of. The constant pressure applied to the ring can deform the shape, causing the center stone to fall out. Furthermore, the metal may gather dust, oil, and small scratches, that affect the luster. 

Another thing that brides wearing an engagement ring to sleep have to deal with are small dirt particles that get caught in the ring. Tiny hairs, textile from your bedding, and dust can get stuck around the stone setting. For the most part, the ring will be easy to clean, but it’s even easier to avoid dirt accumulation by taking the ring off when going to sleep. 

Owners of gemstone engagement rings are at higher risk. Depending on the type of stone, the risk of scratching can range from the unlikely to the inevitable. The hardness of the gemstone can be checked on the Mohs scaleSapphires and rubies are almost as hard as diamonds and you can wear them to sleep with a bit of caution. Opals and pearls are very fragile and are better off spending the night on your bedside table. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring 

Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold Mounting

The first and the most important tip is to clean your ring regularly. You can do it yourself or take it to a jeweler. To clean the ring at home, add a bit of mild liquid detergent to water and immerse the ring in the solution. If your ring has a gemstone instead of a diamond, the advice is to leave the cleaning for a professional, though. 

Another tip that will help to prolong the lifetime of your ring is to check the prongs and setting regularly. Especially if you decide to sleep with it on. Taking the ring to a jeweler about once a year will help to avoid deformation of the precious metal and reduce the risk of losing the stone due to a loose setting. 

Avoid applying pressure on the ring – this includes both manual work and laying on the ring during the nighttime. Any pressure may cause chipping, scratching, or deformation of your ring. 

You can find more tips on taking care of your engagement ring on our blog. 

Treat Your Ring as It Deserves 

Engagement Ring set in platinum

To sum everything up, whether you should wear your engagement ring to bed depends on the type of ring. But the general advice is – you shouldn’t. If you are wearing a simple band without additional detailing, you can be sure that sleeping with the ring won’t cause issues. However, you still have to clean and polish it regularly. 

If you have a classic diamond ring, taking it off during the nighttime will ensure that the stone doesn’t fall off. And you likely don’t want to get your hair entangled in the ring or damage your bedding. Finally, if you are wearing a ring with a gemstone, do not sleep with it under any circumstance. A lot of gemstones are fragile and require lots of care and attention.

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