Scavenger Hunt Proposal Tips

July 9, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Scavenger hunts proposals are beautifully simple. At least they are if you’re a participant. If you’re a planner, they can be terrifying. Not the concept, that’s simple enough, but keeping them engaging throughout multiple stages. And praying that the end was worth the effort for all concerned.

Such hunts are becoming more popular as a way of proposing, and you’d think the very specific aim would make it easy. It can, though, be trickier than you might think. To help you, here are our top tips for a scavenger hunt proposal.

Before You Start

Brainstorming for Engagement Proposal Scavenger Hunt

The whole thing will be much easier if you plan properly. Work out a route around your home, or wherever you plan to lay the hunt and make sure the path never crosses itself.

Then work out a number of stages that will fit nicely. If your home is small and means you can only have a handful of stages, so be it.  If you prefer something more involved, then you can make all day of it, across as wide an area and as far a distance as you like. They key is to make it relevant. Whatever you choose for the hunt, have everything ready. The last thing you need is a time restriction and you can’t find something crucial to the hunt.

Most of all, enjoy it.

The Plan

Man holding Compass

One key thing you need to know is that this isn’t an ordinary scavenger hunt. You’re not leaving cryptic clues with several teams in a race to solve each one. You’re leading your partner on a guided tour of your relationship, towards a very specific goal. Yes, the clues should be clever, but you do want her to actually finish the hunt!

If you do plan on having an extended hunt, using public places, then you may need help from family and friends. Have them stationed at each point, ready to hand over the next clue. At home, you can use photos or items that mean something to you, to point the way.

Make each clue both a pointer and a memory. Ideally, some sort of chronological order would be best, but don’t get hung up on it if it means excessive distances. The key is really to guide your partner whilst offering an easy challenge. After all, you are the prize at the end of it, so you want her to get there!

The Specifics

Photos from Relationship

Well, this is entirely up to you. Where you met, a first date or a first kiss. Nothing is off limits as long as it means something. Some can be fun and quirky, some can be serious, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you know that every step will work.

If you can’t recruit enough help, look to include relevant stores or restaurants where the owners know you. Ask if you can put something there as part of the hunt. They will probably be thrilled to be asked to be involved.

Once you’ve worked out a plan, make sure it’s doable. If it involves driving, make sure there will be no problems with the rush hour, or whether there are potential hold-ups on the way. If you can do it in rush hour traffic, out of that time should be a breeze.

A nice twist is to have a limo waiting at the clue before the end. Let the limo bring her to you, or to the final message. At that point, she’s probably already guessed what’s going on, so make it a great ending.

Being Prepared

Proposal Helpers

Things go wrong all the time, on everything from scavenger hunts to baking cakes. Make sure you have an “out” for each clue. Assume there will be a problem and have a way to move onto the next clue without too much stress or hassle.

Make sure your helpers are also prepared. Unless necessary to give the next clue, see if they can get through without speaking or even smiling. If items are to be part of the clue, make sure they will be safe on the seat of a car.

Be sentimental about it. You’ve earned that much. What might feel a little cheesy will probably be okay. It’s important that you stay focused, though. And try not to have clues that are clever but have too little meaning.

The End Game

If you’re really smart and on top of things, you can have a party all set to go and join her in the limo. Family and close friends can all be there, and it will be the perfect end to a perfect day.

If you need more advice on how to propose at the end of the scavenger hunt, our upcoming article will have you covered.

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