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Micro-Story Writing Competition

Jewelry and writing seem to be a perfect fit. But we want there to be a twist. The entire story needs to be told within 3 sentences.

Picture of a diamond engagement ring


In addition to winning prizes we will also showcase your writing in front of our social media fans. We have, to date, over 150k social media followers.

  • First Prize: $300 and showcase on our EDJ blog and social media
  • Second Prize: $100 and showcase on our EDJ blog and social media
  • Third Prize: $50 and showcase on our EDJ blog and social media

The Objective

The objective of this competition is to write a “3 sentence emotional story” involving an engagement ring.

  1. Publish the 3-sentence-emotional-story on any public social media account or public blog.
  2. If writing a blog, link to this writing competition and, if using social media, tag us @estatediamondjewelry at the end of the story.
  3. To ensure that we don’t miss your story, fill out the form below and tell us where we can find your short-story. Don’t submit the actual story via the form.


The deadline to present your short story is 12/31/2019. The winner will be announced by 2/9/2020.

Due to the influx of writers, we’ve changed the deadline until the end of the year. Please note the adjusted date.

Common Questions

Question: Where can I publish the story?

Answer: Any blog will work. For example Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Reedsy, Tumblr, or any other blog platform. Any social media will work as well. For example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, or any other public social media.

Question: Can I write more or less than 3 sentences?

Answer: No. The criteria for this competition will require a story that is 3 sentences in length.

Question: Are there any other restrictions that I should know about?

Answer: You must be 18 years or older to enter. You need to own the rights to the work you’re submitting and it cannot be something that was previously published or submitted into any competition. You don’t need to reside in the United States, but winners will be paid via Paypal in US dollars. Please make sure you (or any of your family or friends) have access to a Paypal account. You can only submit 1 entry.

Question: How often do you run a writing contest?

Answer: Once a year. Between the months of September and November.


The judges of the short stories will be a special panel of anonymous writers appointed by Estate Diamond Jewelry.


  • 1st Place Winner: Brian T. Black
  • 2nd Place Winner: Susan Till
  • 3rd Place Winner: Lucy Borrin

1st Place Winner

Brian T. Black

Tom gently squeezed Beth’s delicate hand, but for the first time in six decades, she didn’t hug his fingers back. The engagement ring felt colder than it had ever felt before. The aurora broke through the curtains, and as the family gathered, the diamond cast shards of light throughout the bedroom.

2nd Place Winner

Susan Till

I broke his seventeen year old heart, by not wanting to hold his hand.
Thirty years later, I wish I could go back and tell him, my hand now holds his ring.
“No need,” he smiles and replies, “I always knew it would.”

3rd Place Winner

Lucy Borring

I was preparing to surprise her after many years of dating, but I got cold feet and hid it somewhere safe. My dog found it one day and gave her the ring. It was a perfect surprise when she walked in wearing it.

Submit your Short Story

writing with pen and engagement ring

Please don’t submit the actual short story here. Please only provide us with a link to the location of your short story. Use the hashtag #EDJmicrostory so that we can find you easily.


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