How to Use Engagement Ring Wishlist Extension

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
July 17, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Estate Diamond Jewelry is excited to present our latest initiative to help people find their dream rings. This initiative is called the Engagement Ring Wish List Extension.

The Objective of the Engagement Ring Wish List

Engagement Ring Wish List Extension Sceenshot

The objective of this extension is to streamline the journey of finding an engagement ring.

There are a number of obstacles that women face during their search for an engagement ring:

  • Forgetting which website they saw the ring on
  • Confusing multiple rings from the same seller
  • Deciding which ring to pick from among the top choices
  • Finding an easy way to send their fiance their top choices

The Engagement Ring Wish List attempts to solve this problem. Keep reading to learn how to use the extension.

Please note that you do not need a username or account to use this extension. This extension can be used as soon as you download it to your computer!

How to Download the Extension

Google Chrome Extensions

Downloading an extension is rather easy.

At the moment, the extension is only available on the Chrome Browser, but we plan to make this program available for Safari and Internet Explorer as well.

To download this app from the Chrome Extension Web Store, click this link. Here is the add-on for the Fire Fox Browser.

Once you click on the Engagement Ring Wish List, click the button that says “Add to Chrome”.

How to Use the Extension

There are two ways to add rings to the extension. We will go through both.

First Way to Use Extension

This is really simple. There are 4 steps and all of them are user-friendly.

  1. Find a jewelry website that contains an engagement ring that you love.
  2. Click the right mouse button anywhere on the product page
  3. Scroll down to the option that says “Add this page to Wish List”
  4. The extension will automatically add the ring to the program
Engagement Ring example of using wish list

Navigate to the product page and right mouse click anywhere. There will be, within the dropdown, an option to “Add this page to Wish List”.

Second Way to Use Extension

After downloading the extension you will see the icon of the wishlist in the top right corner of the screen. As shown right here. I made a red border around the correct extension:

The icon in the bookmark chrome extensions

That icon is your “quick links” into the extension.

Navigate the web until you find an engagement ring that you want to add to the Wish List.

Navigate to the actual page of the product. Make sure that you don’t just stay on the gallery page that is filled with lots of rings to pick from.

When you are on the page, click the Wish List icon to reveal the dropdown menu. Click the green button that says “Add to Collection”.

That’s it!


This extension is still in the early days. We would love feedback. Please feel free to use the contact form below to send us a message.

If a particular link isn’t working for the wishlist, please don’t forget to include it in the message.