Top 30 Flower Engagement Rings

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
May 25, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Flower engagement rings are a lively and youthful choice and can be especially charming for spring weddings. They’ll make your future bride smile as they symbolize your love staying in bloom and growing many years after the wedding. If you’re keen on finding the perfect one for her, then read on for our top 30 flower engagement rings that are sure to make your bride-to-be swoon.

1. Leiria Ring

Edwardian Era Yellow Gold Leiria Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,000

If you like the combination of diamonds and yellow gold, then the Leiria Ring is for you. This antique ring centers an impressive prong-set cushion-cut diamond of 0.20 carats, J color, and SI1 clarity. In addition, surrounding rose-cut diamonds form a floral halo, adding 0.20 carats to the total diamond weight. Finally, the ring was handcrafted circa 1900, during the Edwardian era.

2. Eura Ring

Eura Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Flower Style Halo

Price: $9,200

The Eura Ring is a great choice if you’re looking for a subtle yet majestic ring. This flower engagement ring features an antique old mine-cut center diamond of K color, VS2 clarity, and 1.21 carats. What’s more, the surrounding halo of old-cut diamonds is bordered with fine milgrain, thus further emphasizing the diamonds. There are more diamonds on the shoulders and a wonderful under-gallery.

3. Tulip Ring

Tulip Ruby Engagement Ring Featuring Flower Like Design

Price: $9,000

As its name suggests, the Tulip Ring features a GIA-certified oval-cut natural Burma ruby of 1.26 carats in the middle, thus evoking the image of a tulip. As for the petals, there’s a frame of old European-cut diamonds surrounding the ruby as well as additional diamonds on the shoulders, placed in an alluring geometric open-work pattern. Finally, this ring is crafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold.

4. Ruby Floral Ring

Old European Cut Diamond and Ruby Floral Motif Engagement Ring - Hand Video - Ruby Floral Ring

Price: $14,000

The Ruby Floral Ring is a perfect example of a flower engagement ring. The centerpiece is a GIA-certified European-cut diamond of 1.47 carats, while the flower petals comprise half-moon-cut natural rubies of 0.48 carats. An old European-cut diamond cluster surrounds the rubies, and additional diamonds are set on the shoulders. The rest of the ring is equally unique, with a mix of platinum and 18k yellow gold.

5. Kempton Ring

Kempton Floral Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $9,000

The Kempton Ring offers a clean and elegant floral look; an old European-cut diamond of 1.18 carats is surrounded by a flower halo of old mine-cut diamonds, which form the outer border of the ring, granting a clear floral shape. Additional diamonds on the shoulders add 0.66 carats to the ring. Finally, the whole ring is crafted in platinum and decorated with an open-work under-gallery and fine milgrain.

6. Parkside Ring

0.65ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Halo Engagement Ring - Parkside Ring - Hand Video

Price: $5,400

The Parkside Ring is yet another elegant diamond ring shaped like a flower, this time with the petals set more closely together. It features a 0.65-carat old European-cut center diamond of J color and VS1 clarity, while similar diamonds form the surrounding halo, adding 0.75 carats to this platinum on 18k yellow gold ring. Finally, the petals have I-J color and VS1-VS2 clarity overall.

7. Fairhaven Ring

1.41ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Halo Engagement Ring - Fairhaven Ring - Hand Video

Price: $12,500

If you want an impressive statement piece, then the Fairhaven Ring is the way to go. It features a 1.41-carat old European-cut center diamond and a 0.40-carat floral diamond halo of the same cut, with even more diamonds adorning the shoulders. Finally, this platinum on 18k yellow gold ring also features fine milgrain and a triple-wire shank.

8. Lamego Ring

Lamego Floral Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $11,250

The Lamego Ring is an exemplary floral-style engagement ring, which certainly makes it an excellent addition to this list. A GIA-certified diamond of 1.25 carats, G color, and SI1 clarity is the centerpiece, while a halo of additional old European-cut half-bezel set diamonds surrounds it. Finally, there is even an additional diamond on each shoulder of this platinum on 18k yellow gold ring.

9. Wentworth Ring

Edwardian Era Floral Wentworth Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800

If you’re an antique ring lover, then the Wentworth Ring is a great option. This flower engagement ring from the Edwardian Era features an old European-cut diamond of 0.20 carats, I color, and VS2 clarity in the center, while the bezel frame is surrounded by more diamonds, giving this ring a distinctive floral look. Finally, fine milgrain borders each of the elements thus enhancing this antique platinum ring.

10. Milford Ring

Milford Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Flower Style Halo

Price: $8,200

The Milford Ring is everything you can ask for in a flower engagement ring. Firstly, its central stone is a 0.75-carat diamond of H color and SI1 clarity. Then, the surrounding diamonds are set in a bezel on a platinum mounting. Finally, together with shoulder diamonds, they add to the ring’s diamond weight and make this ring a stunning piece.

11. Pomona Ring

Pomona Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Floral Cluster

Price: $8,200

Apart from the cluster diamond halo around the centerpiece stone, what makes the Pomona Ring a floral wonder is the fleur-de-lis motif on each shoulder. This platinum and 18k yellow gold ring has a total diamond weight of approximately 1.46 carats, and all diamonds are old European-cut. What’s more, the center stone has exceptional J color and VS2 clarity grades.

12. Chard Ring

Yellow Gold Vintage French Chard Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $12,500

The Chard Ring is not your typical flower ring, and it’s the ring’s special qualities that got it on this list.

This vintage 18k yellow gold beauty was handcrafted in France circa 1960 and features a central GIA-certified 1.00-carat diamond of I color and VS2 clarity. The petals are old European-cut diamonds that surround the central piece in an overall elongated shape. Be sure to check out the setting and gallery, as they certainly add a unique beauty to this spectacular ring.

13. Fairfield Ring

Fairfield Flower Themed Diamond Engagement Ring With Halo

Price: $15,000

The charming Fairfield Ring features a prominent old European-cut center diamond of 1.36 carats and a surrounding halo of additional old European-cut diamonds creating a floral design. What’s more, there is even a diamond-set bullet-shaped bezel on each shoulder. All diamonds are of J color and VS1 clarity, which goes well with the 18k yellow gold and platinum mix.

14. Lagos Ring

Lagos Diamond Engagement Ring With Flower Themed Halo

Price: $16,000

Although the focal point of the Lagos Ring is its floral crown, we can’t overlook the magnificent engravings on its under-gallery and shank. This Edwardian Era ring combines intricate details with a sizeable 1.52-carat diamond of I color and VS2 clarity in the center, making this a perfect engagement ring for your loved one.

15. Bayview Ring

Yellow Gold Bayview Pearl Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $27,000

If your fiancé isn’t a diamond fan, then take a look at the Bayview Ring. This ring might be the most expensive on this list but for a good reason; it features an enormous natural saltwater button pearl weighing 21.48 chows, surrounded by a 1.44-carat halo of old mine-cut diamonds to give it a floral shape. The ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold to emphasize the pearl and diamonds.

16. Verdant Ring

Emerald Engagement Ring With Flower Themed Diamond Halo

Price: $9,800

For emerald lovers, the Verdant Ring is a must-have; this antique French ring features a subtle GIA-certified 1.00-carat oval-cut natural Colombian emerald and a floral halo of diamonds. With more diamonds on the shoulders, the total diamond weight of this ring is 2.20 carats. This flower engagement ring was crafted in platinum circa 1915, during the Edwardian era.

17. Norfork Ring

Norfork Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $7,200

The Norfork Ring is certainly a charming piece for your bride-to-be. It features a 0.80-carat cushion-cut diamond of H color and SI1 clarity set in a bezel, while a 1.00-carat surrounding halo of old European-cut diamonds grants the flower theme. What’s more, an additional bezel-set diamond adorns each shoulder, leading to a triple-wire shank and a decorative under-gallery.

18. Lafayette Ring

French Victorian Era Yellow Gold Lafayette Engagement Ring

Price: $5,500

An utterly gorgeous choice, the Lafayette Ring is perfect for those with an inclination for bold and daring styles.

This French Victorian Era ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold circa 1880 and features a 0.60-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond while surrounding clusters of old mine-cut diamonds and black enamel accents accentuate it. Finally, engraved fleur-de-lis embellishments and rose-cut diamonds decorate the shoulders and further enhance the ring’s beauty.

19. Plymouth Ring

Plymouth Flower Engagement Ring Featuring A Central Aquamarine

Price: $4,800

If your loved one is particularly fond of the ocean, then the Plymouth Ring is one to consider. This stunning ring features an oval-cut natural aquamarine weighing 1.20 carats and a halo of old European cut diamonds. The central stone is emphasized by yellow gold prongs and one baguette-cut diamond on each shoulder. The rest of the ring is platinum and decorated with an intricate gallery.

20. Escan Ring

Victorian Era Unique Flower Escan Diamond Ring

Price: $4,500

With a central rose cut 0.55-carat diamond set in prongs and a cluster of diamonds arranged in a floral motif around it, the Escan Ring is a one-of-a-kind flower engagement ring. This antique ring was crafted in 18k yellow gold during the Victorian era, circa 1890. This ring certainly speaks for itself, and if you’re looking for something unique, then it’s one you simply must check out.

21. Highland Ring

Flower Themed Highland Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $6,300

The Highland Ring is another floral engagement ring that will draw everyone’s attention. The central and surrounding European-cut diamonds grant this platinum ring a distinctive flower shape. What’s more, pave-set shoulder diamonds bordered by fine milgrain add to the ring’s luxury. Finally, the total diamond weight of the ring is 1.63 carats.

22. Capulet Ring

Capulet Pink Sapphire Ring With Flower Diamond Halo

Price: $17,500

The Capulet Ring is unique, with a GIA-certified 4.47-carat ova-cut natural pink sapphire in the middle. A double halo surrounds this vibrant center gem. The first halo consists of single-cut diamonds set in prongs, while the second is made of bezel-set pear-shaped diamonds giving this ring a lovely floral shape. The diamonds weigh 2.31 carats overall, and the whole ring is crafted in platinum.

23. Dresden Ring

Dresden Unique Flower Shaped Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds

Price: $11,000

The clever placement of diamonds on the Dresden Ring produces captivating shadows and depth. The centerpiece is a Georgian Era rose-cut diamond of 1.00 carat, J color, and VS2 clarity set in a bezel. Additional rose-cut diamonds surround the main gem of this antique ring. Finally, the finishing touch is hand engravings on the shank, shoulders, and backing.

24. Delray Ring

White Gold Delray Diamond Ring With Flower Theme

Price: $11,000

The Delray Ring is a mesmerizing piece with a unique floral shape. The 0.91-carat cushion-cut center stone boasts impressive D color and SI1 clarity grades. The eye-catching halo of marquis cut diamonds is quite unique in that the diamonds are set at an angle. The rest of the ring is crafted in 18k white gold, adding to this ring’s delicate look. Finally, the total diamond weight is approximately 1.14 carats.

25. Linas Ring

Linas Diamond Flower Engagement Ring Featuring Pink Diamonds

Price: Contact us

If your bride is ready to have her breath taken away, then consider the Linas Ring.

This 18k rose gold on 18k white gold ring features a 1.00-carat GIA-certified Fancy Pink diamond with VVS2 clarity. More pink diamonds frame the stunning stone in an inner halo, followed by an additional halo of round brilliant diamonds. The final halo of micro-pavé diamonds is enhanced by three rows of diamonds going down the shoulders, revealing a beautiful under-gallery.

This is certainly one of the most spectacular options on our list, and it’s especially alluring if you are interested in the unique color of the inner diamonds.

26. Medway Ring

Yellow Gold Art Nouveau Era Medway Engagement Ring

Price: $5,500

If you’re looking for a flower engagement ring with a twist (literally), then give the Medway Ring a look. This Art Nouveau Era ring features seven old mine cut diamonds of 1.05 carats, I-J color, and VS1-SI1 clarity. The shoulders twist around the flowerhead and add to the floral look with engraved leaf motifs. Finally, this 18k yellow gold ring was handcrafted circa 1890.

27. 1.60ct Floral Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring With Flower Style

Price: Contact us

With its halo of sapphires and diamonds, this Floral Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring might fool someone into thinking you have a real flower on your finger. The central stone weighs 1.60 carats and is of I-J color and VS2 clarity. Apart from the gorgeous French cut sapphires and bezel-set diamonds around the center, small diamond accents are also on both sides of the shank.

28. Versailles Ring

Edwardian Era Versailles Engagement Ring With Unique Design

Price: $3,250

The Versailles Ring is a “four-petal” flower engagement ring from the Edwardian Era and features a 0.17-carat old European-cut diamond with J color and SI2 clarity. What’s more, rose-cut diamonds adorn each “petal” surrounded by a rose-cut diamond halo. Finally, there are four sapphires weighing 0.12 carats total, and more rose-cut diamonds along the shoulders.

This is yet another example of a unique ring in which words fail to do it justice, that is to say the ring certainly speaks for itself.

29. Queensboro Ring

Vintage Sapphire And Diamond Art Deco Era Platinum Ring - Queensboro Ring. Circa 1935 - Hand Video

Price: $3,500

The Queensboro Ring is a square-shaped vintage ring with a hidden flower halo of old European-cut diamonds between a delicate 1.00-carat center sapphire and a frame of old European-cut diamonds. There’s a single diamond on each shoulder and an intricate open-work under-gallery. This is certainly a great ring for those who want to make an impression and be the center of attention.

30. Holme Green Ring

Holme Green Ring Featuring Emerald And Diamond Halos

Price: $7,200

If you like the combination of emeralds and diamonds, then the Holme Green Ring is undoubtedly for you. The centerpiece emerald weighs 0.89 carats and is surrounded by a double halo consisting of a 1.00-carat inner halo of diamonds and an outer halo of additional calibre-cut emeralds. What’s more, a triple-wire shank adds to the ring’s elegance.

7 Tips and Tricks for Buying a Flower Engagement Ring

Couple Shopping For An Engagement Ring Online
  • Consider the center gemstone. Flower engagement rings usually have a central stone that carries most of the ring’s beauty. Therefore, it’s important to consider its type, the 4C’s, and other factors.
  • Look at the shape of the “flower.” Although you’d assume that all flower rings are circular, some interesting exceptions might be more to your bride’s taste.
  • Choose the color of the shank wisely. Different central pieces go well with specific shank materials. Platinum and silver are always good, neutral choices. But yellow gold is more suitable for diamonds of lower color grade and clarity.
  • Pick a trustworthy and reputable jeweler. Find a jeweler you trust, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Research the styles, shapes, etc., that are popular nowadays.
  • Consider your future bride’s tastes. No ring will be perfect unless it aligns with your loved one’s preferences and style, so make sure you know what your bride-to-be would like first.
  • The price tag isn’t everything. Set your budget and stick to it. A less expensive ring might match your significant other’s style better than a more extravagant one.

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