Top 40 Engagement Rings for $25000

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
January 10, 2024 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Deciding on a budget is crucial when selecting an engagement ring; a long-established rule is that you should spend approximately two months’ worth of your salary. However, it isn’t always that simple. If you’re unsure about how much to spend, then consider checking out our ring budget calculator. And if you’ve decided that you want to look at engagement rings for $25000, then read on to find the best options in this price range.

1. Cartier Engagement Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Vintage Cartier Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Cartier Ring.

You can stand out even while following traditions, and this Cartier ring is certainly proof of just that.

The 1.14-carat, round-cut center diamond appears larger due to the four-prong setting, while pavé-set diamonds line the shoulders to embellish the entire visible part of the band. What’s more, the additional diamonds total approximately 0.75 carats and the center stone boasts an impressive colorless “F” color grade. Truly a classic design with exquisite sparkle. 

2. Moreland Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Leaf Motif Shoulders

Price: $28,000. Learn more about the Moreland Ring.

The Moreland ring features a 2.67-carat J color, VS2 clarity, old European-cut center diamond set in box prongs. Additional diamonds are set on the shoulders and under-gallery which weigh a total of 0.68 carats and lend to a leaf motif. Meanwhile, the minimalist platinum band ensures an elegant and cohesive look with all eyes focused on the stones themselves.

3. Pittston Ring

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring for $25K at Estate Diamond Jewelry

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Pittston Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this antique piece is perfect for brides who prefer wide bands and appreciate the Art Deco Era. A 2.00-carat diamond sits in the center, while four smaller French-cut diamonds run along each shoulder. However, the main thing that distinguishes this ring from others is the wide band decorated with bold geometrical engravings. 

4. Calp Ring

Luxurious Diamond Engagement Ring With Accent Diamonds

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Calp Ring.

The luxurious Calp Ring is a perfect choice for the bride who wants to feel like royalty. Indeed, this ring certainly has a regal quality about it; the precious center diamond is prominently displayed in a raised setting with a sparkling display of accompanying embellishments all around. The bridge features elegant openwork, while each shoulder is decorated with two dazzling rows of additional diamonds.

The piece was handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, making this an Art Deco-era treasure. The old European-cut center diamond weighs 2.50 carats and is set in prongs.

5. Nebraska Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring With Emerald Halo And Bow Motif

Price: $26,000. Learn more about the Nebraska Ring.

The Nebraska Ring’s intricate design details are so alluring that it can be difficult to avert your gaze. The center old European-cut diamond weighs 2.66 carats, while a French-cut emerald halo surrounds the main stone. Small diamonds cover the bow ornaments on the shoulders and create another halo. This ring is perfect for wider fingers, as it covers a large surface. 

6. English Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring With Pear Diamond Side Stones

Price: $21,000. Learn more about the English Ring.

This elegant three-stone ring features a 2.06-carat old European-cut center diamond with a 0.63-carat pear-cut diamond on each side. The stones are mounted in an 18k gold bezel setting giving this sleek piece a beautiful color contrast. If you’re looking for a ring that has a minimal yet alluring design, then this is an excellent choice.

7. Scottsboro Ring

Subtle Diamond Engagement Ring With Embellished Gallery

Price: $23,000. Learn more about the Scottsboro Ring.

The Scottsboro Ring is equal parts beautiful and subtle, making it quite an elegant piece. The gorgeous old European-cut center diamond is approximately 2.00 carats, while additional old European-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders. What’s more, the under-gallery features a stunning display of even more diamonds in a leaf motif.

To sum up, this ring is perfect for brides who want something delightful and dazzling without being too over the top.

8. Luso Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo And Emerald Accents

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Luso Ring.

If your bride might appreciate a little color, then this Art Deco-style ring is a perfect choice to deliver some color with taste. A halo of small diamonds as well as kite-cut emeralds on the shoulders perfectly complement the 2.42-carat center diamond. Engagement rings with too much color can come off as kitsch, so get the best of both worlds with the subtle accent of green offered by the Luso Ring.

9. Sintra Ring

Luxurious Crown Style Diamond Engagement Ring With Additional Diamonds

Price: $24,000. Learn more about the Sintra Ring.

Featuring a stunning 2.50-carat old European-cut center diamond prong-set in a crown setting, the magnificent Sintra Ring is perfect for those who want a luxurious piece with a traditional feel. The center stone appears even larger due to the distinct six-prong setting which allows for maximum visibility of the stone.

What’s more, additional diamonds adorn the shoulders while floral motif engravings decorate the shank. Not only that, but even more diamonds decorate the gallery and line the bridge elevating the luxurious quality of this ring.  

10. Westvale Ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond And Sapphires

Price: $26,000. Learn more about the Westvale Ring.

This three-stone vintage Art Deco-era ring is perfect for brides who can pull off the bold look. It features a 2.04-carat old European-cut center diamond accompanied by a round-cut sapphire on either side which total 2.56 carats. If blue is her color, certainly consider this stunning ring.

11. Heathrow Ring

Round Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $23,000. Learn more about the Heathrow Ring.

The Heathrow Ring is a lovely halo engagement ring featuring a 2.25-carat old European cut-center diamond. The platinum triple-wire shank ring has a total diamond weight of approximately 2.63 carats when considering the center diamond as well as the additional round-cut diamonds pavé set in the halo and marquise bezels on the shoulders.

If you’ve been looking for a dazzling all-diamond piece, then consider the magnificent Heathrow Ring.

12. Kensington Ring

Engagement Ring Featuring Two Pear Shaped Side Diamonds

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Kensington Ring.

For a truly spectacular diamond ring, the Kensington is an excellent choice. All three main diamonds are prominently displayed with minimal distractions- indeed, if you want a piece that is diamond-focused, then this is it.

The rose-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as 2.00 carats with K color and VS2 clarity. What’s more, a pear-shaped rose-cut diamond adorns each side of the center stone, while micro-pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds line the gallery which extends across all three main stones. The combined weight of the side stones is 1.21 carats, while the additional small stones total approximately 0.32 carats.

13. Halifax Ring

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring On Platinum And Yellow Gold

Price: $24,000. Learn more about the Halifax Ring.

This beautiful handcrafted Edwardian-era ring features a stunning 2.50-carat prong-set diamond. With such a stone no additional design elements are needed; it offers beauty in its minimalism. Finally, this antique French solitaire ring was handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900.

14. Hinton Ring

Art Deco Old European Cut Diamond Two-Stone Navette Ring - Hinton Ring - Hand Video

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Hinton Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, the Art Deco-era Hinton Ring is an absolutely stunning navette piece featuring two large central diamonds. Each of the main stones weighs approximately 1.25 carats and has J color and VS2 clarity. What’s more, the surrounding embellishments add elegance and luxury; exquisite leaf motif engravings decorate the shank while magnificent leaf motif openwork adorns the gallery.

15. Curel Ring

Diamond Ring With Thin Sapphire Halo And Detailed Ornamentation

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Curel Ring.

This antique Art Deco ring features an old European-cut 2.24-carat center diamond set in prongs. A delicate halo of French-cut sapphires surrounds the center stone with additional single-cut diamonds adorning the under-gallery and shoulders. The hand-engraved designs on the shank are a special touch that brings the whole piece together. Finally, the piece was handcrafted circa 1925.

16. Calca Ring

Round Diamond Engagement Ring With Uniquely Shaped Emerald Halo

Price $27,000. Learn more about the Calca Ring.

This diamond ring certainly stands out due to its uniquely shaped halo comprised of lively green, natural emeralds. The emerald halo continues down the shoulders slightly and is approximately 0.75 carats. The band itself is minimalistic, but the under-gallery features fine openwork. Finally, the center stone is a 2.06-carat old European-cut diamond with J color and VS1 clarity.

17. Woodside Ring

GIA-certified 2.53 carat Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Woodside Ring - Hand Video

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Woodside Ring.

The platinum Woodside Ring is perfect for those wanting a minimal design with maximum sparkle. The prong-set old European-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as 2.53 carats with J color and SI2 clarity. Meanwhile, a tapered baguette-cut diamond decorates each of the shoulders; they have a combined weight of approximately 0.72 carats.

18. Medford Ring

Large platinum diamond ring with diamond halo and diamond-covered triangular shoulders

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Medford Ring.

The stunning vintage Art Deco Medford Ring features a cohesive combination of various designs surrounding its 1.75-carat center diamond.

Working our way out from the center, a dazzling halo of antique carre-cut diamonds is found. Next are trillion-cut diamonds a bit further out on the shoulders. Finally, hand engravings and fine milgrain along the shank, and intricate openwork with a floral motif on the under-gallery add some lightness. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1935, this ring is a true masterpiece.

19. Dorchester Ring

lare platinum three-stone diamond engagement ring with openwork details

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Dorchester Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this three-stone Art Deco-era beauty features a 1.25-carat center stone, while the accompanying stones are approximately 0.90 carats each. The wide design suits these glorious stones and provides ample room for stunning embellishments along the gallery. While additional diamonds adorn the shoulders, subtle openwork designs decorate the face and gallery.

20. Lienz Ring

platinum diamond ring featuring four sections of additional diamonds on each side

Price: $23,000. Learn more about the Lienz Ring.

Your bride is sure to love this classy hand-crafted platinum Art Deco ring. Most importantly, it features a 2.26-carat center diamond, while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders. The stunning side diamonds on each shoulder consist of a bezel-set baguette stone surrounded by a three-stone section of old European-cut diamonds on either side which converge to an additional sectional lower on the shoulder.

To sum up, the additional stones are approximately 0.44 carats bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 2.7 carats.

21. Leyden Ring 

platinum ring with round center diamond and octagonal diamond and sapphire halos

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Leyden Ring.

The focus of the Leyden Ring design is its octagonal shape and layers of surrounding stones. The round center diamond is approximately 1.80 carats, while the surrounding octagonal double halo begins with a layer of deep blue French-cut natural sapphires, while the outer layer consists of old European-cut diamonds. What’s more, this diamond-sapphire layering continues on the triangular shoulders.

22. Bowery Ring

Platinum diamond engagement ring with blue sapphire halo and diamonds on shoulders

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Bowery Ring.

If your significant other prefers some color, then this geometric engagement ring will do the trick. The 2.07-carat Asscher-cut center diamond has K color and VVS2 clarity grades. Additionally, a lovely 0.78-carat halo of deep blue French-cut sapphires surrounds the stone. Finally, the ring features under-gallery openwork designs and four additional diamonds on each shoulder.

23. Toulon Ring 

Platinum and yellow gold ring featuring Burma ruby and floral diamond halo

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Toulon Ring.

If red is the bride’s color, then consider the gorgeous hand-crafted Toulon Ring. It features a cushion-cut ruby set in 18k yellow gold prongs in the center. The precious stone is AGL-certified as a non-heated natural Burma ruby of 1.46 carats.

What’s more, a floral halo of old mine-cut diamonds accompanies the spectacular red stone, while old European-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders. The total diamond weight is 1.70 carats This ring certainly offers a glamorous alternative to the standard center diamond engagement ring.

24. Mosley Ring

cushion-cut diamond engagement ring featuring blue French-cut sapphire halo

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Mosley Ring.

The 2.29-carat cushion-cut center diamond on this ring is highlighted by a 0.75-carat halo of vibrant blue French-cut sapphires. Additionally, pavé-set old European-cut diamonds embellish the shoulders, while bold openwork decorates the under-gallery. Finally, the platinum ring has a triple-wire shank.

25. Woodmere Ring

simple platinum ring featuring round diamond and green emerald halo

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Woodmere Ring.

For another option with a bit of color, consider the exquisite green offered by a halo of natural emeralds. This Art Deco-style ring features a 2.70-carat old European-cut center diamond with three additional pavé-set round-cut diamonds on each shoulder. The beautiful piece is ornamented further by openwork designs in the under-gallery.

26. Bayview Ring 

yellow gold ring featuring large white center pearl and surrounding diamond cluster

Price: $27,000. Learn more about the Bayview Ring.

The Bayview Ring is quite distinct in that its center gem is a lovely natural 21.48-chow saltwater button pearl. Surrounding the precious center gem is a 1.44-carat floral cluster of old mine-cut diamonds. What’s more, it is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold, accentuating the diamond halo and white pearl beautifully.

27. Greenhaven ring

large green emerald-centered ring with deep blue sapphire halo and side diamonds

Price: $26,000. Learn more about the Greenhaven Ring.

Another gemstone ring, this colorful piece is centered by a natural Columbian emerald GIA-certified as 4.49 carats. A 0.78-carat halo of deep blue French-cut sapphires surrounds the center gem. What’s more, a baguette-cut diamond sits along either side of the halo as well as single-cut diamonds along the shoulders totaling 0.36 carats. Finally, the under-gallery is decorated with floral design openwork.

28. Sherman Ring

simple ring featuring round center diamond and surrounding large rectangulat black onyx

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Sherman Ring.

The Sherman Ring is a unique and beautiful option, perfect for those who love bold contrasts.

This antique Art Deco-era ring presents a 2.25-carat old European-cut diamond bezel-set in a large buffed onyx rectangle. The onyx itself is prominent, yet provides a contrast that only further highlights the diamond’s stunning features. Finally, this handcrafted ring was completed with beautiful openwork in its under-gallery.

29. Calabria Ring

ring featuring a diamond held in four prongs and diamonds lining shoulders

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Calabria Ring.

The stunning Calabria Ring may have a relatively subtle design, but nearly every bit of it is covered in diamonds. Most importantly, the spectacular 2.69-carat center diamond features a rose cut. Then, micro-pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders and the entire visible portion of the shank. What’s more, the prongs themselves are lined with additional diamonds.

30. Barrington Ring 

yellow gold ring featuring diamond in crown setting and diamonds on shoulders

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Barrington Ring.

This ring is a dainty choice for the most feminine brides. An array of small stones sparkles on the 18-karat gold under-gallery and runs along the band, while a beautiful 1.63-carat, colorless diamond with slight inclusions sits in an elegant crown setting. Since it is a very delicate ring, it will look especially great on brides with thin fingers. 

31. Greenwich Ring 

5 carat Greenwich emerald engagement ring

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Greenwich Ring.

This 4.97-carat natural emerald engagement ring does not boast a center diamond, but it’s nonetheless just as luxurious and spectacular as any other ring on this list.

Surrounding the precious center stone is an old European-cut halo interrupted by a baguette diamond on each side. Bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 0.62 carats are several additional old European-cut diamonds along the shoulders. Finally, adding a further touch of opulence is the fine milgrain decorating the perimeter of each of the ring’s elements.

32. Strand Ring 

three-stone ring with simple platinum band featuring center diamond and pear-shape sapphires

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Strand Ring.

Up next, the Strand Ring is a subtle three-stone ring featuring sapphires. Although this piece lacks additional ornamentation, it certainly doesn’t need it; the center diamond and pear-shaped sapphires get the job done. The old European-cut diamond is 2.03 carats, while the natural sapphires have a combined weight of 2.04 carats.

33. Florham Ring 

Intricate rounded ring featuring fancy intense yellow diamond and detailed ornamentation

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Florham Ring.

Colored gemstones are among the hottest engagement ring trends of recent years, but diamonds never go out of style. Why not combine tradition and fashion with the Florham Ring?

The sunny yellow diamond in a yellow gold bezel setting will undoubtedly make a lasting impression, while the surrounding intricate details elevate the piece even further. The delicate openwork and small white diamonds certainly complete the look. 

34. Vanderbilt Ring 

diamond ring with diamond embellishments including a leaf motif and baguette cuts

Price: $27,000. Learn more about the Vanderbilt Ring.

The luxurious Vanderbilt Ring is a design marvel; where other rings can mesmerize us with simplicity, this piece brings together a unique and alluring form to great effect.

The 2.81-carat center diamond is flanked on each side by a baguette-cut diamond. Surrounding these stones are flowing leaf-motif embellishments that lead to the shoulders. The physical separation of these elements and combination of curves is delightfully distinct. Finally, the additional diamonds weigh approximately 0.65 carats.

35. Providence Ring 

elegant diamond engagement ring with diamond halo and triple-wire platinum shank

Price: $26,100. Learn more about the Providence Ring. 

This handcrafted platinum halo engagement ring features a 2.90-carat cushion-cut center diamond. In addition to the impressive halo are four diamonds along each of the shoulders. Rounding out this exceptional engagement ring is openwork decorating the under-gallery.

36. Shafton Ring 

glamorous pear-shaped diamond ring with surrounding cluster of additional diamonds

Price: $26,000. Learn more about the Shafton Ring

If you’re looking for a glamorous engagement ring, then look no further than the stunning Shafton Ring. This beauty features a 2.09-carat antique pear-shaped center diamond with K color and VS2 clarity. An impressive display of additional diamonds surrounds and emphasizes the gorgeous center stone in a fourteen-stone cluster. Finally, the delicate shoulders complete the design.

37. Belem Ring

platinum ring with cushion-cut center diamond and diamond halo

Price: $24,000. Learn more about the Belem Ring.

Diamond halo rings are certainly spectacular, and the Belem Ring is an excellent example.

This magnificent piece features a 2.75-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. The surrounding halo is not only a beauty all on its own, but it enhances the center stone making it appear larger and more brilliant. What’s more, a distinct carré-cut diamond flanks each side of the center diamond. Finally, the total diamond weight of the ring is approximately 3.47 carats.

38. Belwood Ring

diamond ring with square blue sapphire halo and surrounding leaf-motif openwork

Price: $23,000. Learn more about the Belwood Ring

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, the Art Deco-era Belwood Ring is certainly an attention-grabbing piece. The tilted square design is not exactly eccentric, but its most definitely uncommon. That being said, it works very well here.

The old European-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as 1.69 carats with H color and SI1 clarity, while the magnificent square halo of natural blue sapphires is approximately 0.44 carats. What’s more, bold diamond-adorned leaf-motif openwork decorate the shoulders and gallery. The growing pattern of curvy leaves is an appealing contrast to the square face of this ring.

39. Mayfield Ring 

1.58 carat Natural Colombian No-Oil Emerald Ring - Mayfield Ring - Hand Video.

Price: $23,000. Learn more about the Mayfield Ring.

The delicate Mayfield Ring is a perfect choice for any bride who loves the color green. The 1.58-carat center stone is certified by Gubelin as a natural no-oil Colombian emerald. Often emeralds are treated with oils to artificially improve clarity by filling in fractures. Additionally, a trapezoid-cut diamond sits on either side of the green beauty totaling 0.16 carats. The diamonds have G color and VS2 clarity.

40. Wellsboro Ring

antique platinum engagement ring with center diamond and unique band texture

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Wellsboro Ring.

Last, but certainly not least, the Art Deco-era Wellsboro Ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1925 and features a 2.27-carat GIA-certified center diamond. The raised setting and unique shoulders add allure to this otherwise straight-forward antique piece. Finally, a row of single-cut diamonds sits in the center of each shoulder.

Budget: Engagement Rings for $25000

customer holding estate diamond jewelry ring box with a beautiful diamond ring

As you can see, you can easily find styles to fit any preference in a specific price range. Furthermore, $25,000 is enough to purchase a large diamond without compromising its quality. Hopefully, you have found your perfect ring among our top 40 selection, or at least got some inspiration.

If you wish to create a custom design that incorporates elements of several styles from this selection, then check out our custom ring guide. And, of course, feel free to reach out to us with any queries.