Top 20 1940s Engagement Rings

July 31, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Every vintage piece of jewelry has a story to tell, and this is especially true for engagement rings coming from such an intriguing decade as the 1940s. Rings from the Retro era feature bold accent stones and recognizable geometric designs that are popular even today.

Feast your eyes on the top 20 1940s engagement rings below and don’t hesitate to contact us if any of them win your heart.

1. Debonair Ring

Retro Debonair Diamond Engagement Ring With Subtle Design

Price: $52,000

First on our list is a subtle ring that serves as a perfect example of what makes Retro rings great.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1940, the Debonair Ring features prominent geometric shapes in its design while a 3.65-carat center diamond creates a dramatic effect. What’s more, the diamond is J color and VS1 clarity and the four double prongs make the diamond appear more large and striking. Finally, a single baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder, adding an additional 0.10 carats overall.

2. Berge Ring

Berge Retro Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Ribbons

Price: $4,000

The Berge Ring is our next pick, and it certainly is another great example of the Retro era’s tasteful elegance. This geometric ring features a 0.60-carat SI2 clarity old European-cut diamond, alongside several smaller rose-cut ones on the sides. This ring has another early 1940s staple as charming milgrain borders highlight each aspect of the diamond elements on this ring.

3. Metz Ring

Metz Retro Halo Engagement Ring Featuring Colorless Diamond

Price: $14,000

The Metz Ring combines delicacy with luxury.

This square-shaped ring features a 1.42-carat old European-cut center diamond with E color and SI1 clarity, making it an extremely rare colorless diamond. Additionally, the round center stone is surrounded by a square halo of several smaller gems. What’s more, the shoulders are adorned with even further diamonds, bringing the total carat weight of this ring to approximately 1.68 carats.

Finally, this French ring also features fine milgrain borders and the mounting excellently accentuates the center diamond by increasing its exposure.

4. Mildred Ring

Yellow And White Gold Mildred Retro Diamond Ring

Price: $8,500

If you can’t make up your mind between yellow gold and white gold, then let this dainty, handcrafted engagement ring provide you with both. At the center of this two-tone ring, a 1.26-carat VS1 diamond steals the show. The yellow gold prongs create a striking contrast with the center stone, giving this ring a truly unique appearance. The white-gold shoulders are further decorated with two single-cut diamonds.

5. Genesee Ring

Genesee Solitaire Engagement Ring With Prominent Diamond

Price Upon Request

The Genesee Ring is perfect for those who want a delicate solitaire ring with an impressive diamond.

A 6.01-carat VVS2 clarity Asscher-cut diamond is held in place by double prongs, while the rest of this ring is unembellished. Indeed, the strength of this ring is in its conservative design; nothing distracts from the diamond, the minimal setting allows for maximum visibility of the diamond, and the double prongs emphasize the diamond.

6. Liberty Ring

French Liberty Diamond Ring With Unique Split Shank

Price: $18,500

The French Retro Liberty Ring features a 1.90-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. The unique split shank holds shoulders adorned with pavé-set diamonds and fine milgrain detailing. If you’re interested in a unique ring that isn’t too experimental in its design, then this is a great choice.

7. Melbourne Ring

Five Stone Horizontal Geometric Melbourne Yellow Gold Ring

Price: $2,800

1940s engagement rings often have a unique geometric design, and the Melbourne Ring is certainly a great example.

This ring features a horizontal design that combines platinum and 18k yellow gold. It holds five antique cushion-cut and old mine-cut diamonds displayed in a setting that graduates inward. The 0.25-carat center diamond has K color and VS1 clarity, while the remaining diamonds total 0.75 carats and vary from I-J color and VS2-SI1 clarity.

8. Palmetto Ring

Palmetto Diamond Engagement Ring With Unique Dome Shape

Price: $3,800

Speaking of unique ring shapes, the Palmetto Ring is a dome-shaped platinum ring featuring graduating steps up to the center elements. The transitional-cut center diamond weighs approximately 0.35 carats and has I color and VS2 clarity. Additionally, two-by-three groupings of old European-cut diamonds decorate the remaining space above and below the center diamond.

9. Andover Ring

Gold Andover Engagement Ring With A Single Diamond

Price: $15,000

The Andover Ring is a bold take on 1940s engagement rings, with a bezel-set 1.93-carat center diamond as its only stone. The old European-cut diamond sits on a 14k white gold raised octagonal bezel, while the remainder of the ring is yellow gold. What’s more, the wide band is embellished with intricate hand engravings.

10. Belmont Ring

Belmont Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Unique Geometric Design

Price: $5,800

Up next, this French Retro era ring features an intricate geometric design centering a 0.45-carat round brilliant-cut diamond with VS2 clarity. The center stone is enhanced by a baguette-cut diamond on the left and right, while 24 single-cut diamonds adorn the open-cut shoulders as well as the spaces above and below the center stone.

11. Califon Ring

0.40ct Center Old Mine Cut Diamond Retro Engagement Ring - Califon Ring - Hand Video

Price: $2,500

Delicate engagement rings never go out of style, and the Califon Ring is no exception. This charming ring combines gentle curves with a square-shaped design and features a 0.40-carat VS2 clarity diamond. The stone is held in place by box prongs, and each shoulder houses a single-cut diamond in a bullet-shaped bezel. Finally, the ring was handcrafted in 14k white gold circa 1940.

12. Caledonia Ring

Retro Platinum Caledonia Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $5,400

The Caledonia Ring features a 4.00-carat emerald-cut aquamarine center stone. The ring itself is platinum, with bold rolled bars above and below the center stone while a milgrain-bordered row of single-cut diamonds is set to the left and right sides of the stone. If you’re interested in a ring with some color, then the Caledonia may be the one you’ve been searching for.

13. Weybridge Ring

Weybridge Diamond And Sapphire Ring With Rolled Design

Price: $60,000

The Weybridge Ring is one of the most impressive 1940s diamond engagement rings on our list. This exquisite piece of jewelry features a GIA-certified 2.15-carat colorless center diamond with VVS1 clarity. It has multiple calibre-cut, baguette-cut, and round old-cut stones. Most notably, the piece features a tank-scroll motif and rows of natural sapphires on either end.

14. Piedmont Ring

Piedmont Rubellite Engagement Ring With Accent Diamonds

Price: $3,200

The Piedmont Ring is another spectacular 1940s engagement ring with a colored stone. The 3.52-carat emerald-cut rubellite contrasts well with the six diamonds that border it on two sides. The diamonds weigh 0.30 carats in total, and the ring itself is platinum. What’s more, the overall shape of the band itself is a unique three-bar-shank design.

15. Woodhaven Ring

18k White Gold Woodhaven Emerald Engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

The bright and bold Woodhaven Ring is a perfect French 1940s engagement ring for those who love emeralds. In the center, a 2.01-carat natural round-cut green emerald is prong-set in a square bezel. The thick 18k white gold band and setting are unadorned and produce a bold look that is focused on the stone itself.

16. Islip Ring

Islip White And Yellow Gold Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $9,000

The Islip Ring features one of the largest stones on our list; a 20-carat emerald-cut center aquamarine dazzles the wearer with its fresh color. The 14k white gold on yellow gold mounting is adorned with three single-cut diamonds in square bezels on each side, while the shank features a triple-wire design.

17. Dalton Ring

Dalton Retro Era Ring Featuring Diamonds And Emeralds

Price: $4,000

The Dalton Ring is yet another uniquely shaped ring, this time featuring deep green emeralds.

The center portion of the ring features four channel-set emeralds and is attached side-to-side with diamond-adorned shoulders above and below. The total carat weight of the emeralds and diamonds are 0.36 and 0.57 respectively. This elegant platinum ring manages to be subtle yet unique, so certainly keep it in mind if that sounds like her style.

18. Enola Ring

Enola Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds And Center Ruby

Price: $14,500

Retro diamond engagement rings often feature non-diamond stones for added interest, and the Enola Ring demonstrates this beautifully. Granting some added allure to this piece, the natural cushion-cut center ruby displays a wonderfully intense magenta. What’s more, the surrounding round brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds provide a striking contrast that further emphasizes the stunning center ruby.

19. Emerson Ring

Bold Emerson Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Accents

Price: $56,000

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1945, the French Emerson Ring is another stunnin option for lovers of bold jewelry. The old European-cut center diamond weighs 3.15 carats. Additionally, a row of channel-set baguette-cut diamonds extends from the left and right of the center diamond. Finally, the total diamond weight of this ring is approximately 4.15 carats.

20. Tiber Ring

Charming Tiber Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds And Aquamarine

Price: $2,800

Wrapping up our list is the absolutely gorgeous Tiber Ring. This charming piece features a 1.64-carat round-cut aquamarine stone set in subtle prongs. The shoulders and the under-gallery have multiple baguette-cut and single-cut diamonds. Finally, the borders of the uniquely-shaped mounting also have milgrain details.

Popular Ring Styles From the 1940s

In the world of jewelry, the year 1940 represents the end of the Art Deco era and the beginning of the Retro era. While Art Deco pieces are famous for unique and often unusual designs, rings from the 1940s tend to be a tad simpler. Continue reading below as we expand on some popular styles that characterize the Retro era.

Geometric shapes

1940s Square Shaped Retro Diamond Engagement Ring

Art Deco was still lingering in the air during this decade, so naturally we can see geometric mountings and intricate under-galleries have a presence in the Retro era as well.

Colored stones

Aquamarine Engagement Ring From The 1940s

Diamonds weren’t always the number one choice for engagement rings. Although they became more popular during the Retro era, there are still plenty of rings with colored gems like aquamarine and emerald.

Combined metals

Retro 1940s Engagement Ring Featuring Mixed Metals

As platinum use was restricted during the war, jewelers used various alternatives. Many 1940s engagement rings feature a two-toned design with several types of gold.

Are Rings From the 1940s Considered Vintage and Antique?

customer looking at diamond halo engagement ring on hand

Whether a piece of jewelry is antique or vintage depends entirely on its age.

By definition, vintage jewelry needs to be older than 20 years but not yet over 100. Engagement rings from the 1940s are around 80 years old today, which qualifies them as vintage. Vintage rings are also generally considered estate jewelry since they were previously owned.

Antique jewelry is over 100 years old. Therefore, Retro rings aren’t yet antique. In a few decades, your vintage ring will step into this category.

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When shopping for a vintage engagement ring, finding the right era can make all the difference. If the 1940s have caught your eye, then you thankfully have many choices. Whether you prefer diamond rings or something extraordinary like colored gemstone rings, we can help you make the right choice. Please feel free to contact us using the form below if you have any general questions or would like to learn more about any of the rings we offer.