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Top 30 Engagement Rings for $50000

engagement ring for 50000 with cushion cut diamond in center

With a generous budget of $50,000 for an engagement ring, you can rest assured that compromising between the stone’s size and quality won’t be necessary. However, the wide range of engagement ring options available for $50000 may be overwhelming even if you know your second half’s preferences well. For this reason, we’ve gathered our top 30 engagement rings for $50000. 

1. Cullum Ring

Ribbon Motif Cullum Diamond Engagement Ring For $50000

Price: $50,000

Starting off our list is the exquisite Cullum Ring. What truly makes this ring stand out are the diamond-set embellishments adorning the gallery and ribbon motif shoulders. The center stone is no less stunning, however; an impressive 2.97-carat old European-cut diamond with I color and VS1 clarity set in prongs. The final touch of fine milgrain serves to emphasize the embellishments and center diamond.

2. Caffrey Ring

3.08ct Asscher Cut Diamond & Geometric Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring - Caffrey Ring - Hand Video

Price: $50,000

The gorgeous Caffrey Ring features a 3.08-carat GIA-certified Asscher-cut diamond set in a bezel and is surrounded by a 0.66-carat French-cut sapphire halo. Additionally, a baguette-cut accent diamond flanks each side of the center diamond leading down to the shoulders. What’s more, the shoulders are adorned with additional diamonds, bringing the total diamond weight to 3.33 carats.

3. Buccellati Diamond Ring

Buccellati Diamond Engagement Ring For $50000

Price: $48,000

Handcrafted in Italy circa 1960, the dome-shaped Buccellati Diamond Ring features a 2.23-carat GIA-certified old European-cut center diamond set in a bezel and boasting impressive E color and VVS2 clarity grades. What’s more, the 18k white gold mounting features a subtle face and a high profile featuring approximately 0.36 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds and openwork.

Finally, hand engravings decorate the shank and an M. Buccellati signature proudly rests on the inner part of the shank.

4. Aveyron Ring

Crown Style Aveyron Diamond Engagement Ring For $50000

Price: $52,000

If you want a timeless design enhanced by fine milgrain and hand engravings, then consider the Aveyron Ring. This crown-style ring features a delicate overall design with tapered shoulders. The center stone is a 2.05-carat diamond with an incredible D color grade. The ring may seem simple, but the diamond has an astonishing level of quality while the intricate ornamentation throughout grants additional beauty.

5. Glenridge Ring

Glenridge Engagement Ring For $50000 With Adorned Shoulders

Price: $60,000

The Glenridge Ring has a plain design, but this doesn’t make it less beautiful. The center 5.04-carat antique cushion-cut diamond is set in four prongs. Additionally, small diamonds run along the shoulders, while the platinum band is unembellished. Finally, the ring has a high crown profile with additional diamonds on the gallery.

6. Astoria Ring

Yellow Gold Halo Astoria Engagement Ring For $50000

Price: $40,000

The stunning 18k yellow gold Astoria Ring features a large old European-cut center diamond of 3.26 carats. Adding to the glamour of this ring, a halo of pavé-set diamonds surrounds the center stone. Finally, this fantastic piece features a triple-wire shank and leaf motif openwork in the under-gallery. There’s no denying it, this ring is extraordinary.

7. Boudry Ring

Art Deco Era Boudry Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $42,000

If you’re interested in traditional-looking antique rings, then the Art Deco Era Boudry Ring is a great choice. The center diamond of this is an old mine-cut stone weighing approximately 3.90 carats, while each of the shoulders displays two antique baguette-cut diamonds. Finally, this platinum ring was handcrafted circa 1920.

8. Columbus Ring

Columbus Diamond Engagement Ring For $50000

Price: $42,000

The Columbus Ring is unhindered by distracting embellishments; all attention remains on the stunning 3.21-carat central diamond. The rose-cut cushion-shaped diamond is GIA-certified and set in four prongs. Accenting the large diamond are micro-pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds set along the shank. Finally, the prongs and gallery of this platinum ring are decorated with additional diamonds as well.

9. Dover Ring

Dover Halo Engagement Ring Featuring Antique Center Diamond

Price: $45,000

The gorgeous handcrafted platinum Dover Ring features a 3.02-carat old European-cut center diamond set above a surrounding halo of additional diamonds. If you think the center stone seems special, then you’d be right- this antique stone was cut circa 1915 and is quite a sight to behold. Finally, the under-gallery is decorated with beautiful openwork.

10. Westchester Ring

Platinum Westchester Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $55,000

Three-stone rings are a traditional style, but the Westchester Ring still stands out due to its sparkle.

The total weight of the three antique cushion-cut stones is approximately 3.50 carats, while small micro-pavé diamonds run along the shoulders, and round brilliant-cut diamonds decorate the under-gallery. The center stone holds a GIA certificate and has impressive D color and VVS2 clarity grades.

11. Cremona Ring

Cremona Diamond Halo Engagement Ring For About $50000

Price: $38,500

Experience the epitome of elegance with this handcrafted platinum Cremona Ring.

At its center, a GIA-certified 2.24-carat emerald-cut diamond with I color and VVS1 clarity is bezel-set for a modern twist on classic design. The center stone is enhanced by a surrounding halo of calibrated baguette-cut diamonds, adding a unique sense of dimensionality to the piece. Finally, the openwork under-gallery and fine milgrain detailing provide the perfect complement to this exquisite work of art.

12. Kent Ring

Kent Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Buffed Onyx

Price: $45,000

If you’re after the striking contrast provided by a diamond-onyx combination, then look no further than the Kent Ring.

This Art Deco ring was handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1925 and features a stunning 4.30-carat cushion-cut center diamond. What makes the ring truly stand out, however, is the bold buffed onyx surrounding the center stone. What’s more, the under-gallery is decorated by openwork and the center stone is emphasized by a fine milgrain border.

13. Piccadilly Ring

Piccadilly Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Adorned Gallery

Price: $45,000

The exquisite Piccadilly Ring boasts a breathtaking emerald-cut diamond, weighing 2.50 carats, certified by the GIA as H color and VS1 clarity.

The center stone is expertly secured by prongs, while the shoulders are elegantly embellished with two graduated baguette-cut diamonds and three dazzling round brilliant cut diamonds. Finally, the gallery features bezel-set round brilliant-cut diamonds, adding a touch of sophistication to the already stunning design.

Crafted in platinum, this ring exudes timeless elegance and beauty.

14. Whitby Ring

Art Deco Era Whitby Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $40,000

In the center of the Whitby Ring is a 3.29-carat, old European-cut diamond, while smaller stones run along the shoulders and the gallery. The platinum band is clean, and the profile features a crown design. The six-prong setting adds to the delicacy of the ring. Finally, it was handcrafted in the Art Deco Era, circa 1920.  

15. Tiverton Ring

Tiverton Diamond Engagement Ring With Unique Adorned Shoulders

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Next up is the stunning diamond cluster Tiverton Ring, handcrafted from platinum on yellow gold.

The magnificent centerpiece is an exquisite old mine cushion-cut diamond, weighing approximately 3.25 carats, with K color and VS2 clarity grades. What’s more, the center stone is surrounded by a staggering 3.66-carat halo of old mine-cut diamonds, which enhance its brilliance and add an air of luxury.

Finally, five accentuate smaller diamonds have been meticulously placed on each shoulder to accentuate the center elements with a unique pattern.

16. Debonair Ring

Debonair Diamond Engagement Ring From The Retro Era

Price: $52,000

The French vintage Debonair Ring is a true masterpiece, featuring an impressive old European-cut center diamond that weighs a substantial 3.65 carats, with spectacular J color and VS1 clarity grades. On either side of the center stone, a baguette-cut diamond elegantly flanks it, with a total weight of approximately 0.10 carats. Finally, this piece was handcrafted in platinum circa 1940.

17. Alperton Ring

4.01ct GIA Certified Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Alperton Ring - Hand Video

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The breathtaking Alperton diamond engagement ring is an absolute showstopper, with its platinum mounting and perfectly prong-set diamonds. The center stone is a brilliant round diamond that boasts impressive 4.01 carats, with K color and VS2 clarity. Finally, the center stone is emphasized by seven diamonds on each side, meticulously placed to bring out its brilliance and add an air of luxury.

18. Bel Air Ring

Bel Air Engagement Ring Featuring Large Central Diamond

Price: $54,000

The exquisite Bel Air ring is a delicate beauty, featuring a 3.02-carat oval-shaped rose-cut center diamond. The GIA-certified center diamond has I color and VS2 clarity, while the under-gallery boasts a hidden halo that accentuates the diamond’s beauty. Finally, this ring is handcrafted in platinum and showcases additional micro-pavé set diamonds, which perfectly complement the ring’s overall design.

19. Bayside Ring

Bayside Diamond Engagement Ring For $50000 With Halo

Price: $55,000

The elegant Bayside Ring boasts a lively 3.80-carat old European-cut diamond in the center, while a halo of diamonds surrounds it. What’s more, three horizontally-set baguette-cut diamonds flank each side, adding to the ring’s overall beauty. Handcrafted to perfection, the ring has a low profile, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Finally, this platinum ring features lovely openwork in the under-gallery that adds a touch of sophistication to the ring’s overall design.

20. Stratton Ring

Stratton Art Deco Era Diamond Enagagement Ring

Price: $55,000

The Stratton Ring is an original Art Deco Era masterpiece, boasting a stunning 3.62-carat old European-cut diamond that’s beautifully set in prongs. What’s more, bezel-set single-cut diamonds elegantly line the ring’s shoulders, and the shank is intricately decorated with hand engravings. This antique platinum ring was handcrafted circa 1920, and its timeless beauty is sure to captivate anyone who sees it.

21. Emerson Ring

Retro Era French Made Emerson Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $56,000

The impressive Emerson Ring is a true masterpiece, featuring a stunning 3.15-carat old European-cut center diamond, flanked by a row of channel-set baguette-cut diamonds on either side. The geometric mounting is handcrafted in platinum and bears French hallmarks, showcasing the ring’s exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Finally, this vintage French ring was made circa 1945, during the Retro Era, and has a total diamond weight of approximately 4.15 carats.

22. Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

Estate Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Motif Shoulders

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Floral-inspired designs always look feminine, and the Estate Diamond Engagement Ring is no exception. A three-leaf motif with small diamonds adorns the shoulders and under-gallery, while the center stone weighs approximately 3.63 carats. The delicate platinum band and four-prong setting make this style especially chic. Finally, the main diamond was cut circa 1920. 

23. Ellenburg Ring

Ellenburg Diamond Engagement Ring For Around $50000

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If you want a ring that is equally delicate and adorned, then check out the Ellenburg Ring. This precious treasure features a stunning 2.11-carat old European-cut center diamond certified by the GIA as having impressive D color and VS2 clarity. Finally, micro-pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds line the dainty shank and gallery.

24. Deansgate Ring

Deansgate Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Accents

Price: $60,000

There’s no questioning the elegance and beauty of the Deansgate Ring. The majestic emerald-cut center diamond is 3.14 carats and holds exceptions I color and VS2 clarity grades. In addition, a bullet-shaped diamond flanks each side of the center stone, emphasizing it. The ring is made of platinum and the additional diamond weight is approximately 0.80 carats.

25. Weybridge Ring

Retro Platinum Weybridge Diamond Engagement Ring With Sapphires

Price: $60,000

The spectacular retro Weybridge Ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1945 and features a GIA-certified 2.15-carat center diamond. What’s more, the center stone is emerald-cut and boasts extremely impressive quality grades of F color and VVS1 clarity. The scroll design of this ring is also quite enchanting and features additional diamonds as well as natural sapphire borders.

26. Earling Ring

Earling Diamond Engagement Ring For About $50000

Price: $60,000

The exquisite Earling Ring showcases a captivating antique 5.08-carat round rose-cut diamond, with a graceful halo of old mine-cut diamonds encircling it. Accentuating the ring’s overall beauty and allure, the gallery is decorated with intricate and dazzling ornamentation. Finally, the ring is made of platinum, reminiscent of the charming antique style due to its rose-cut diamonds.

27. Robinson Ring

Robinson Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Sapphire Halo

Price: $60,000

If you’re interested in a sapphire halo, then the Robinson Ring’s unobstructed design may interest you. The straightforward design features a large bezel-set 4.91-carat antique cushion-cut diamond and a surrounding 0.90-carat halo of French-cut natural sapphires. What’s more, an additional 0.12 carats of diamonds adorn the shoulders.

28. Osborne Ring

Osborne Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds On Shoulders

Price: $60,000

If you’re seeking the timeless beauty of a vintage engagement ring, then take a look at the stunning Osborne Ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1960, this piece features a GIA-certified round brilliant center diamond weighing 3.04 carats and boasting exceptional I color and SI2 clarity grades. Finally, approximately 0.72 carats of tapered baguette-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders.

29. Verbena Ring

Verbena Ring Featuring Green  Diamond And Unique Halo

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If you’ve been waiting for a fantastically unique ring, then the Verbena Ring is here to show you just how mesmerizing and special engagement rings can get.

Firstly, the oval-cut 1.54-carat center diamond is GIA-certified and features an exotic fancy light yellow-green color. Then, the surrounding embellishments consist of a halo of micro-pavé round brilliant diamonds whose arms extend out and hug pear marquise and pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds. Finally, the total weight of the additional diamonds is approximately 1.80 carats and the metal is 18k rose gold and 18k white gold.

A look is all you need in order to know that this ring is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure.

30. Barrow Ring

Barrow Ring Featuring Yellow  Diamond And Diamond Halo

Price: $39,600

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Barrow Ring featuring another fancy diamond. The GIA-certified fancy yellowish-green diamond is 1.15 carats is bezel-set in 18k yellow gold and is surrounded by a halo of round diamonds. What’s more, two vertically-placed diamonds interrupt the halo on each side, leading to the unembellished shank. Finally, the total diamond weight is approximately 1.65 carats.

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