Top 30 Engagement Rings for $50000

May 24, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

$50,000 is a generous budget for an engagement ring that allows you to not have to compromise between a stone’s size and quality. However, the wide range of options available for engagement rings for $50000 may be confusing even if you know your second half’s preferences well. For this reason, we’ve gathered the best engagement ring styles on the market and explained what makes each one special. 

In this guide, you will find the 30 best engagement rings for $50000 to fit any style – from modest solitaires to lavish Edwardian era designs. If you’re unsure which style your significant other would prefer, not to worry – read out guide on how to figure that out. 

1. Bedworth Ring

In the center of the Bedworth ring is a clear, 4.2-carat diamond. Ladylike bow ornaments adorn the shoulders and the under-gallery, while the platinum band remains simple. Additionally, the bows feature more small diamonds. This ring will be a great fit for brides that value tradition but want to stand out. 

2. Haydon Ring

Solitaire rings are a timeless classic and pair well with any style. The center diamond of the Haydon ring weighs almost 5 carats. Even though the stone has a fair tint, it’s very clear, which is rare for a diamond of this size. Furthermore, additional tiny diamonds adorn the under-gallery and shoulders. The four-prong setting adds to the elegant look of this ring. 

3. Banbury Ring

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

The Banbury ring features a modest but stylish design. The center 2.05-carat diamond is of rare quality – colorless and clear. Two marquise-cut diamonds flank the main stone, while the under-gallery and platinum band are plain. The ring holds a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate. 

4. 4-Carat Vintage Ring 

4 carat Diamond Engagement Rings for $50000 on Hand

This 4-carat diamond ring is a distinct example of Art Deco style due to its shoulders. The fine openwork motif features additional small diamonds. While the center stone has a slight tint, it has a high clarity grade rare for diamonds of this size. Although this piece is sold, our masters can recreate this striking antique design by request. 

5. Glen Ridge Ring

12180-engagement ring for 50000

The Glen Ridge ring is simple, but this doesn’t make it less beautiful. The center 3.06-carat antique cushion cut in a four-prong setting is colorless and clear. Additionally, small diamonds run along the shoulders, while the platinum band is plain. The ring has a high crown profile and holds a GIA certificate. This piece dates back to the 1900s. 

6. Filigree Ring

4-Carat-50000 Engagement Ring Old-Mine-Diamond-Ring

An over 4-carat diamond is in the spotlight of this ring. Additionally, ornate filigree and floral motif openwork with more diamonds adorn the shoulders and the under-gallery. The platinum band features an engraved ornament. Last but not least, the main stone has a high clarity grade that ensures exquisite sparkle. 

7. Le Marais Ring

Fancy Color Brown-Pink Diamond Ring Top View

Colored gemstone engagement rings are one of the main trends of this year, therefore, fancy diamonds are gaining popularity. This ring features a 1.66-carat diamond with a rare brownish-pink tint. It’s mounted in an 18k rose gold bezel setting. Additionally, clear diamonds surround the main stone in an octagonal halo and adorn the shoulders. The band is plain, thus, it doesn’t steal attention from the stunning center stone. 

8. Hudson Ring

In the spotlight of this ring is a 4.6-carat, antique cushion cut diamond of a slightly elongated shape. A genuine emerald halo surrounds it, while more diamonds adorn the shoulders. The platinum band is simple, but the under-gallery features ornate openwork. Although the center stone has a fair tint, it’s of a high clarity grade. 

9. Devon Ring

The shoulders and under-gallery featuring a set of small diamonds are the main accents of this ring. The main diamond weighs over 4.5 carats and has great clarity. The platinum band is bare, thus the ring is comfortable to wear. Brides that admire everything shiny will undoubtedly love this style. Furthermore, wide shoulders make the Devon ring a great fit for those who wish to make fingers appear slimmer. 

10. Westchester Ring

Three-stone rings are a traditional style, but this ring still stands out due to its sparkle. The total weight of the three elongated cushion-cut stones is over 4 carats, while a pave of small diamonds runs along the shoulders and the under-gallery. Last but not least, all the stones are of high quality – colorless and clear. The ring holds a GIA certificate. This ring is a truly royal choice for the chicest brides. 

11. Orford Ring

A deep-blue sapphire halo in this ring surrounds the center 5.24-carat, elongated cushion-cut diamond. Despite a fair tint, the stone has a high clarity grade. More diamonds adorn the shoulders, while the triple-wire shank style platinum band is quite minimalistic. Additionally, the under-gallery features a leaf-motif openwork. 

12. Beckton Ring

Beckton Ring Top View

The Beckton ring is a perfect style for brides that prefer sleek designs with large diamonds. The center stone weighs over 4.7 carats, while small diamonds run along the platinum band. The ring has a high crown profile and holds a GIA certificate. Solitaire rings with diamond pave never go out of fashion and pair well with any style. 

13. Estate Halo Ring

Halo-style rings have several advantages, the main being that a halo makes the center stone appear larger. Thus, the 5-carat, antique cushion-cut diamond in this ring looks especially impressive. More diamonds adorn the shoulders, while the platinum band is made in a triple-wire shank style. Lastly, the under-gallery features fine openwork. This Art Deco ring will surely capture attention. 

14. Whitby Ring

12370-Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

In the center of the Whitby ring is a 3-carat, old European cut diamond, while smaller stones run along the shoulders and the under-gallery. The platinum band is clean, and the profile features a crown design. The six-prong setting adds to the delicacy of the ring. Most importantly, the size and the quality of the center stone are perfectly balanced. 

15. Kingbury Ring

Here’s a ring for brides that admire classics with a twist. This ring features a traditional solitaire style with a 3.44-carat, Asscher-cut diamond in the center. Additional diamonds adorn the shoulders and the under-gallery. The four-prong stone setting looks elegant and pairs well with the ornate engraving along the band. Furthermore, the center diamond is colorless and clear, which is important for such a demanding cut. 

16. Rockford Ring

$50k Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand

The most prominent part of the Rockford ring is its under-gallery. The high crown profile holds a set of small diamonds, while the central stone weighs over 5 carats. Additionally, the platinum band features an elegant engraving that is also visible from the side. This ring is a distinct example of the Edwardian era design due to the number of fine design elements. 

17. Alperton Ring

A 4-carat diamond is in the spotlight of this ring, while a pave of smaller stones runs along the shoulders – a chic and traditional style. While the center stone has a fair tint, it’s of a high clarity grade. The four-prong setting adds to the delicacy of the ring, while the platinum band is simple. This ring holds a GIA certificate. 

18. Art Deco Ring

$50,000 Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring on Finger

The 3.36-carat diamond in the center isn’t the main star of this ring. The stone mounting features lavish floral openwork with small diamonds and filigree. Additionally, engraving runs along the platinum band. This Art Deco style is a perfect fit for the most feminine brides who prefer extravagant designs to modest ones. 

19. Edwardian Ring

10861B Ring on Finger

You can’t go wrong with a diamond solitaire with a narrow band. The center stone weighs nearly 5 carats, while more diamonds run along the shoulders. Although the main stone has a fair tint, it’s of a high clarity grade. The platinum band is bare, but the under-gallery features an openwork filigree. 

20. Portugal Ring 

Brides that love vintage things will appreciate the unique design of this Edwardian-style ring. Its shoulders feature handcrafted floral openwork and filigree motif with small diamonds, while the center bezel-set stone weighs 3.5 carats. Most importantly, the main diamond is colorless and clear. The platinum band and the under-gallery are just as striking – a true beauty from every angle. 

21. Rare French Ring

French Gold Diamond Ring

Here’s a ring for brides that can’t stand seeing similar things on others – you surely won’t encounter such a unique design anywhere else. The central oval-cut diamond is positioned horizontally, while two baguette-cut diamonds flank the main stone. A set of round small diamonds adorn the high profile of this ring. Last but not least, the 18k gold frame features a unique twisted motif. 

22. Estate Diamond Ring

11513B 3 carat filigree ring on Finger

Floral-inspired designs always look feminine. A three-leaf motif with small diamonds adorns the shoulders and under-gallery of this ring, while the center stone weighs over 3.6 carats. The simple platinum band and four-prong setting make this style especially chic. Finally, the main diamond is colorless and has nearly no inclusions. 

23. Tiverton Ring

7 Carat diamond engagement ring with large halo

The total weight of diamonds in this ring is nearly 7 carats – a truly striking piece. The center cushion-cut stone has an elongated shape and a high clarity grade. The stone setting is platinum, but the simple band is from gold – a mix of metals that is so trendy this year. Last but not least, the shoulders feature an unusual openwork motif with more diamonds. 

24. Dover Ring

Dover Ring

Although the center diamond features an old European cut, this ring has a modern angular shape due to the diamond halo in a box setting. More diamonds adorn the shoulders, while delicate openwork decorates the under-gallery. The platinum triple-wire shank band is quite simple and makes the ring even more elegant. 

25. Mulberry Ring

$50,000 Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes Side

If between diamond size and quality you choose the latter, take a look at this ring. In the center is a 2.1-carat, perfectly colorless diamond, while two baguette-cut stones flank it. The platinum band and the under-gallery are plain, which adds to the delicacy of this ring – a modest style that stands out due to how flawless it is. 

26. Northbrook Ring

SB2560 Engagement Ring on Finger

A marquise-cut makes the stone appear larger and visually elongates fingers. Although this is a classic solitaire style, it is in no way boring. The diamond in this ring weighs over 3.5 carats and is of high clarity grade, with a fair tint. The platinum band is plain, while the under-gallery features intricate openwork. 

27. Yale Ring

50 Thousand dollar ring with diamond and sapphire halo

Sapphires and diamonds are a timeless mix. A genuine sapphire halo surrounds the main 4.03-carat stone, while more diamonds adorn the shoulders. The under-gallery and platinum band are bare – extra details are unnecessary in this design. Last but not least, the central diamond is of a high quality that is rare for such a size. 

28. Vintage Style Ring

$40k Diamond Ring Cushion Cut Diamond in Platinum

Here’s one of the most sparkling rings of our selection. The center cushion-cut diamond weighs slightly over 2 carats, while a diamond pave that covers the entire band adds up another 1.5 carats. The four-prong setting of the main stone is minimalistic and doesn’t draw too much attention. 

29. Crawford Ring

This ring features a modern, angular shape. A deep-blue sapphire halo surrounds the 3.26-carat, Asscher-cut diamond in the center, while two bullet-shaped diamonds flank the main stone. Furthermore, the diamond is colorless and clear. The platinum band is simple, and so is the under-gallery. 

30. Antique Art Deco Ring

B11068 Ring on Finger

The ornate shoulders of this ring instantly give out its Art Deco origin. Small old mine cut diamonds adorn the unique filigree motif, while engraving runs along with the platinum band. Furthermore, these details are also visible from the side. Last but not least, the center diamond weighs 3.15 carats and is colorless. 

Final Thought on Engagement Rings for $50000 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the perfect ring that will make your bride-to-be happy for years to come. The next step is to pop the question – of course, deciding how to propose may be even harder than choosing the ring. If you don’t know how to ask her, check out our guide on what to say during the proposal – it may help you find the right words for such a special moment.