Top 30 Engagement Rings for $20000

May 8, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Here is our guide for those looking to purchase engagement rings for $20000. There is, of course, a huge choice of engagement ring styles and prices in today’s digital marketplace. Therefore, we are confident that a list of the top options should help you make an informed purchase without getting overwhelmed.

1. English Ring

English Vintage Style Engagement Ring With Diamond Accents

Price: $21,000

This 18k yellow gold ring exudes elegance and confidence all while embodying a delicate form. The old European-cut center diamond is 2.06 carats, J color, and VS2 clarity. A pear-shaped 0.63-carat diamond set in a matching bezel adorns each shoulder. The bezel setting of all 3 diamonds gives the ring an overall tight and clean look, while the lack of hindering ornamentation keeps it delicate and charming.

2. Cartier Engagement Ring

Numbered And Signed Cartier Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000

This genuine Cartier estate engagement ring is perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity of solitaire rings, but want a bit of extra embellishments. The 1.14 carat, F color, VS1 clarity center diamond is set in four prongs, while 0.75 carats of additional diamonds adorn the shoulders.

The prong setting of the diamond really allows it to sparkle and shine, thus creating a rare and incredible engagement ring from one of the world’s most renowned jewelers. What’s more, you’ll feel secure in its authenticity as the mounting retains a number and signature by Cartier.

3. Brookside Ring

Brookside Diamond Engagement Ring With Emeralds Halo

Price: $18,000

The handcrafted platinum Brookside Ring centers a 2.00-carat antique cushion-cut diamond, surrounded by a beautiful calibre-cut natural emerald halo. The delicacy of this engagement ring extends onto the shoulders where there are additional, smaller diamonds set along the platinum mounting. What’s more, mesmerizing openwork patterns decorated the under-gallery.

4. Bologna Ring

Round Gold Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $19,500

Our next pick is the stunning Bologna Ring, featuring 18k gold mounting and a round design. The center diamond weighs 2.07 carats and was cut circa 1920. A 0.25-carat diamond halo surrounds the center diamond, adding glamour and elegance. Finally, the ring displays a triple wire shank and openwork filigree in the under-gallery.

5. Preston Ring

Vintage Preston Engagement Ring For $20000 Featuring Diamonds

Price: $19,500

If you’re looking for a wide diamond engagement ring, then the Preston Ring is perfect. This vintage beauty was handcrafted circa 1950 and features a total diamond weight of 3.03 carats. The center stone of this geometric ring is a 1.90-carat transitional-cut diamond with H color. Horizontal rows of alternating baguette-cut and round brilliant diamonds border the center stone on all sides.

6. Denton Ring

Three Stone Denton Engagement Ring Featuring Yellow Gold

Price: $19,000

There’s certainly room for three-stone rings on this list, and the Denton Ring is a great example of one. This stunning antique ring was handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1905 and features three old European-cut diamonds. The center stone weighs 1.88 carats, while the side stones are approximately 0.50 carats each. Finally, all three diamonds hold I-J color and VS1-SI1 clarity overall.

7. Rouen Ring

Price: $19,000

The Rouen Ring was handcrafted circa 1920 in platinum and represents the elegance antique rings can offer. The gorgeous crown-style setting holds a 2.08-carat old European-cut diamond while the shoulders are lined with additional diamonds of approximately 0.14 carats. If you want her to feel like a princess, then you can’t go wrong with this fantastic ring.

8. Barcelona Ring

Barcelona Engagement Ring For $20000 Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $19,500

If you’re searching for a halo ring, then the Barcelona Ring may just be for you. This round Art Deco Era ring features a beautiful old European-cut center diamond weighing approximately 1.55 carats. What’s more, the surrounding halo and adorned shoulders emphasize the center stone.

9. Regal Ring

Regal Engagement Ring For $20000 With Sapphire Halo

Price: $22,000

If you’re interested in a pop of color to help emphasize the center diamond, then check out the Regal Ring. The star of this ring is its 2.00-carat center diamond, but it’s the subtle design of the shoulders and the blue calibre-cut natural sapphire halo that allow this center stone to really shine at its full potential.

10. Venice Ring

Crown Style Venice Engagement Ring For $20000

Price: $19,000

The Venice Ring is a perfect model for subtle beauty; it is elegant and delicate.

The shimmering center stone is an old European-cut diamond weighing 1.74 carats and with I color and SI2 clarity grades. The stone is set in four double prongs, while the gallery is a crown style thus allowing the gorgeous stone to be displayed appropriately. Finally, the shoulders are adorned with diamonds, granting the ring a total diamond weight of 1.90 carats.

11. 1.10ct Tiffany Ring

Tiffany And Co. Diamond Engagement Ring For $20000

Price: $20,000

Tiffany is one of the most recognizable names in jewelry, and here’s a ring to show why.

The center stone of this mesmerizing ring is a GIA-certified round brilliant-cut diamond with impressive G color and VS2 clarity grades. The 1.10-carat center stone is enhanced by stunning shoulders set with approximately 0.18 carats of micro-pavé diamonds.

Finally, the platinum engagement ring is signed “Tiffany & Co.” so you can rest assured of its authenticity.

12. Boucheron Ring

Yellow Gold Boucheron Diamond Engagement Ring For $20000

Price: $20,000

The absolutely spectacular Boucheron Ring has a certainly unique yet familiar design, while still remaining quite glamorous.

The 1.06-carat center diamond is an impressive E color and VVS1 clarity, but what elevates this already stellar stone is the manner in which it’s set- held by prongs, it appears suspended as there is a gap between it and the surrounding round-cut diamond halo. What’s more, this 18k yellow gold treasure was hand-crafted in France circa 1980 and signed by Boucheron.

13. Berkeley Ring

Berkeley Diamond Engagement Ring For $20000

Price: $19,000

This special piece is perfect for those who want a unique ring to stand out in a crowd.

The antique Berkeley Ring features an exquisite design consisting of floral motif openwork, fine milgrain, tapered shoulders, and additional diamonds. The 1.53-carat old European-cut center diamond has J color and VS1 clarity grades, while the additional diamonds amount to approximately 0.85 carats. Finally, this platinum beauty was handcrafted circa 1910.

14. Banbury Ring

Price: $19,000

Yet another antique ring, the Art Deco Era Banbury Ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920 and features a 2.02-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and VS1 clarity. Meanwhile, the shoulders hold pavé-set diamonds in triangular bezels. If you’re interested in timeless rings with a traditional yet interesting design, then certainly keep this one in mind.

15. Ashford Ring

Ashford Diamond Engagement Ring With Halo For $20000

Price: $19,000

If you’re after a halo ring, then the Ashford Ring is here as another great option. It features a GIA-certified center diamond of 1.62 carats, I color, and VS1 clarity, while a surrounding halo is set with small old European-cut diamonds. What makes this ring exceptional, however, is the clever gap between these two elements. This aspect of the design certainly lends to the ring’s elegance and overall allure.

16. 1.01 Carat Cartier France Ring

1.01 Carat Cartier France Engagement Ring For $20000

Price: $18,000

This genuine Cartier Ring features a 1.01-carat center diamond with certainly impressive G color and VVS1 clarity grades. The quality of the center diamond is unquestionably high, but, in addition, this ring’s beauty is elevated by pavé-set diamonds along the shoulders. Finally, feel at ease knowing that the ring is numbered, signed, and has official stamps and papers.

17. Burton Ring

Burton Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Geometric Shoulders

Price: $18,500

With clear influences drawn from the Art Deco style, the alluring Burton Ring features unique geometric shoulders that certainly make it stand out. The main feature of this ring is, of course, the stunning GIA-certified old European-cut central diamond; it weighs 1.40 carats while boasting I color and SI1 clarity. What’s more, the three baguette diamonds on each side add to the appeal and help the ring stand out.

18. Jefferson Ring

Three Stone Art Deco Era Jefferson Engagement Ring

Price: $18,000

If Art Deco influences appeal to you, then you’ll be pleased with the Jefferson Ring as it is from that precise era.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this antique ring features three central stones of approximately 1.00 carat each with I-J color and VS1-VS2 clarity. The Art Deco flair is clearly demonstrated via the octagonal bezels and geometric openwork. Last but not least, certainly do not overlook the exquisite openwork and hand engravings decorating the gallery, shank, and tapered shoulders of this ring.

19. Leyden Ring

Double Halo Leyden Ring Featuring Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $22,000

If the geometric design of our previous rings caught your eye but you would like a pop of color, then consider the Leyden Ring.

Firstly, the center stone is a bezel-set old European-cut diamond of 1.80 carats, J color, and VS1 clarity. Then, the double halo has an octagonal overall design featuring a starburst-shaped inner halo of French-cut natural sapphires. The outer layer consists of additional diamonds, while the shoulders mimic this appealing sapphire-diamond pairing.

The double halo and diamond-adorned triangular shoulders will certainly make her feel like royalty

20. Park End Ring

Park End Diamond Engagement Ring For $20000

Price: $20,000

If you want a fairly straightforward and delicate design, then the Park End Ring may be the perfect choice. The six-prong-set center stone is a 2.14-carat old European-cut diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. In addition, a baguette-cut diamond accent is set on either side of the center stone. Finally, this ring was handcrafted in platinum circa the 1950s.

21. Newport Ring

Newport Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Gallery

Price: $19,300

The Newport Ring features a subtle and delicate overall design, keeping the main focus on its impressive 2.27-carat center diamond. The J color and VS2 clarity center stone is held in four double prongs, while additional diamonds are set along the shoulders and gallery. Finally, this handcrafted platinum ring features fine milgrain and has a total diamond weight of approximately 2.44 carats.

22. Eramosa Ring

Price: $21,500

If you’re on the lookout for a unique ring, then the Eramosa Ring has you covered.

This spectacular ring is a delight to behold; it features a dome shape design while showcasing alternating vertical rows of diamonds and sapphires surrounding the center stone. What’s more, the under-gallery displays intricate openwork patterns

The center stone is a 1.76-carat, GIA-certified, old European-cut diamond with J color and SI1 clarity grades. The total sapphire and diamond weights are approximately 1.05 and 2.21 carats respectively.

23. Chadwell Ring

Chadwell Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Sapphire Halo

Price: $18,00

If you’ve been gravitating towards the sapphire-diamond combination, then consider the Chadwell Ring. This gorgeous ring features a 1.69-carat, GIA-certified, antique French-cut center diamond with J color and SI1 clarity. What’s more, the surrounding sapphire halo is unique in its geometric style. Finally, the shoulders are adorned with additional diamonds.

24. Liberty Ring

Unique Retro Ero Liberty Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $18,500

The Retro Era Liberty Ring features a split shank holding the shoulders, thus creating a unique and bold look. The center stone is a 1.90-carat old European-cut diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. In addition, the shoulders are lined with pavé-set diamonds bordered by fine milgrain. Finally, the ring was handcrafted circa 1945 and bears French hallmarks.

The clever design provides emphasis on the diamonds and serves to create an overall stunning piece of jewelry.

25. Medford Ring

Art Deco Era Medford Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000

The Medford Ring is perfect for those who want a larger ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1935, this ring features a 1.75-carat center diamond and seemingly leaves no space without additional diamonds. A square halo of diamonds surrounds the center stone, while further additional diamonds fill in the spaces between.

What’s more, the shoulders, gallery, and shank are quite impressive in their own right; the gallery features absolutely stunning floral openwork, the tapered shoulders display antique trillion-cut diamonds surrounded by even more additional diamonds, and the shank is decorated with hand engravings.

26. Narbonne Ring

Price: $18,000

Elegant and intricate, the Narbonne Ring is a perfect example of how a ring can stand out while remaining delicate. This absolutely breathtaking ring features a 1.93-carat old European-cut center diamond with impressive color and clarity grades, but the detailed ornamentation is what truly elevates it.

The gallery features two diamonds set in leaf motif bezels on each side, while each shoulder is decorated with three additional diamonds. Finally, the shank displays beautiful hand engravings bordered by fine milgrain.

27. The Amsterdam Ring

The Art Deco Era Amsterdam Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $18,500

The Amsterdam Ring is another excellent choice for those fond of the Art Deco Era. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this antique ring features a 1.85-carat center diamond with J color and VS1 clarity. The ring’s high profile is put to good use as the gallery and shoulders are thoroughly embellished with additional diamonds as well as French-cut natural sapphires.

28. Wakefield Ring

Wakefield Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Sapphire Halo

Price: $18,000

The Wakefield Ring is an exemplary engagement ring for those who admire sapphires but still want a diamond ring. This elongated ring features a 2.00-carat, GIA-certified, emerald-cut center diamond. A baguette-cut diamond flanks each side leading to tapered shoulders adorned with round brilliant-cut diamonds. Surrounding the center stone is a 0.56-carat halo of French-cut sapphires.

29. Sherman Ring

Art Deco Era Sherman Ring Featuring Buffed Onyx

Price: $22,500

If you were hoping for some onyx, then you’ll surely be pleased to check out the Sherman Ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this Art Deco ring features a 2.25-carat old European-cut center diamond bezel set in buffed onyx. The ring also features alluring floral openwork in the under-gallery.

The beauty of this ring is greatly enhanced by the striking contrast between the center diamond and the surrounding buffed onyx.

30. Barrington Ring

Yellow Gold Barrington Engagement Ring Featuring Crown Style

Price: $22,000

The 18k yellow gold Barrington Ring is a crown-style engagement ring featuring an incredible center F color diamond weighing approximately 1.63 carats. In addition, four diamonds are set along each shoulder and bordered by milgrain. Meanwhile, the fleur-de-lis crown gallery is decorated with even more diamonds.

Finally, rest assured of the authenticity of the center diamond’s quality as it does hold a GIA certificate

Things to Remember When Buying an Engagement Ring

A Couple Shopping For An Engagement Ring

As well as always having your budget in mind, don’t be afraid to consider a breadth of options. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from your favorite jeweler, but having an idea of what you like will be very helpful, and you may refine your preferences by looking around at what’s on offer. By telling your jeweler what you want, he will have more of an idea of what to show you that will be appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to be bold. The era of solitaire rings marking the beginning and end of engagement ring choices is a thing of the past. Color contrasts are incredibly popular, and the modern convention for an anything-goes approach to style means that nothing is off-limits.

Finally, if you are buying online, then know your ring size. Thankfully this isn’t as complicated a procedure as it once was.

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