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Top 30 Engagement Rings From the 1930s

Art Deco 1930s Engagement Rings

Bold, geometric designs, abstract lines, lavish opulence – these are what characterize the 1930s in the world of jewelry. The second decade of the Art Deco era features some stunning rings that will leave you speechless. Check out our list of the top 30 1930s engagement rings below and contact us if you’d like to learn more about any of them, or to help you find the perfect ring for your betrothed.

Top 1930’s Engagement Rings

1. Salford Ring

14167 Salford 1930 engagement Ring

Price: $16,000

Starting this list off strong, the Salford Ring is a beautiful example of Art Deco motifs. This platinum ring features an impressive, 1.89-carat VS1 clarity old European-cut diamond in its center. The stone sits in a circular halo-style mount that houses several smaller diamonds as well. The ring’s under-gallery is decorated with openwork filigree and geometric shapes.

2. Monticello Ring

Monticello Ring 14164

Price: $14,000

The Monticello Ring’s main attraction is a 1.66-carat old European-cut diamond in K color and VS1 clarity. While the ring’s head remains fairly simple with a prong mount, the shoulders have plenty of fine detail. A single-cut stone adorns both sides and the milgrain detailing extends all the way down the ring’s shank.

3. Exeter Ring

14146 Exeter Engagement Ring. Circa 1930

Price: $11,000

The next ring on our list doesn’t lack detail either. Handcrafted in platinum, the Exeter Ring features incredibly intricate detail. Its gallery is of particular interest, with fine milgrain and small diamonds giving it extra flair. The main stone of this ring is a 1.25-carat VS1 beauty in an old European cut.

4. Highbridge Ring

13666 Highbridge Ring

Price: $6,500

Those who like botanical motifs will adore the elegant simplicity of the Highbridge Ring. This platinum ring has a single prong-set 0.93-carat VS1 diamond in a dome-shaped mount. The mount has a beautiful under-gallery with floral openwork. The details stretch down the shoulders and extend over the entire band of this delicate ring.

5. Odessa Band

13935 Odessa Band. Circa 1930

Price: $2,000

The next ring on our list is actually a charming vintage wedding band. This platinum band features a total of 0.67 carats of pave-set single-cut diamonds, with fine milgrain detailing along the edges. The sides are further decorated with antique-looking engraving. This band is size 4.75, and its width is 2.86 millimeters. 

6. Woodbine Ring

13597 Woodbine 1930 Engagement Ring

Price: $10,500

The Woodbine Ring puts a twist on traditional-looking engagement rings with its unique, elongated design. The center of the ring features a 1.15-carat VS2 clarity emerald-cut diamond that sits in an east-west orientation. On either side of the center stone, natural sapphires decorate the shoulder. In addition, numerous old European-cut diamonds halo this arrangement, creating a truly magnificent piece.

7. Dorchester Ring

13691 Dorchester Engagement Ring. Circa 1930

Price: $25,000

The next Art Deco piece from the 1930s features not one but three stunning VS clarity diamonds in its ornate mount. The center stone weighs 1.25 carats, while its companions are 0.90 carats each. The old European-cut gems are housed in geometric bezels bordered by milgrain. The under-gallery is noteworthy too, with intricate openwork to charm the wearer.

8. Cicero Ring

13110 Cicero 1930 Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

The Art Deco era didn’t shy away from sizeable colored gemstones in its jewelry designs. The Cicero Ring certainly grabs attention even 90 years later. We can marvel at the interesting look the cool platinum creates against the bright yellow of the citrine. The 5-carat gem is prong-set in the center, while the shoulders are adorned by diamonds.

9. Copenhagen Ring

13864 Copenhagen Ring. Circa 1930

Price: $5,000

The Copenhagen Ring is another great example of the geometric design 1930s diamond engagement rings often feature. The mount has an interesting step arrangement, with a halo of single-cut diamonds. The center stone, held in place by box prongs, weighs 0.90 carats and is I color and SI1 clarity. The shank features additional hand engravings.

10. Milton Ring

13648 Milton 1930s Engagement Ring

Price: $6,000

With graceful lines and a delicate band, the Milton Ring is a timeless piece. In its center, a 0.90-carat J color VS2 clarity diamond is secured in box prongs. The stone is surrounded by a halo of single-cut diamonds and fine milgrain detail. The ring is made of platinum and has a simple under-gallery. 

11. The Amsterdam Deco Ring

11293 Amsterdam Deco Ring

Price Upon Request

The Amsterdam Deco Ring has a similarly elongated shape as the Woodbine Ring. A dazzling, 2.06-carat, prong-set VS2 clarity diamond is in its center. Smaller stones, including sapphires, decorate the shoulders. Although this ring is no longer available, you can contact us to help you find an alternative your partner will love.

12. Lenoir Ring

13520 Lenoir Ring

Price: $4,000

This French Art Deco ring from the 1930s exudes subdued elegance. While the ring looks rather clean and simple from the top, its under-gallery showcases beautiful openwork. This platinum ring features three diamonds. The center one is a fine VS1 clarity J color European-cut diamond weighing 0.85 carats.

13. Tuscany Ring

13513 Tuscany Ring

Price: $4,500

The next shiny platinum ring on our list features an elongated halo design. The Tuscany Ring houses a 0.76-carat old European-cut J color VS1 clarity diamond in its center. Single-cut diamonds set in geometric bezels hug the stone on both sides. The entire design is encircled by a row of single cuts amidst fine detailing. 

14. Rankwell Ring

13711 Rankwell Ring

Price: $7,500

Not all 1930s engagement rings are extravagant. Even if you prefer small, dainty pieces of jewelry, you can find Art Deco rings you’ll love. The Rankwell Ring is a great example. This tastefully elegant ring features a 1.07-carat I color SI2 clarity diamond in a prong setting. On the shoulders, three rows of tiny single cuts create an orderly design.

15. Modbury Ring

MD103 Modbury Ring

Price Upon Request

The Modbury Ring has a unique, elongated shape, bordered by natural calibre-cut sapphires. In the middle, a 0.65-carat old European-cut diamond draws attention. The ring is platinum with a thin band. Although this ring is already on someone’s finger, our experts can help you find or create something similar.

16. The Fairview Ring

11568 Fairview Ring

Price: $14,000

Those who love thin, delicate lines can consider the Fairview Ring, another one of the most beautiful 1930s diamond engagement rings. It has a 1.60-carat VS2 clarity K color diamond in its center and three additional stones on either side. The result is almost like a solitaire ring, but with an unexpected twist. Seen from the side, the narrow band holds a stunning, intricate under-gallery with milgrain detailing and even more small stones.

17. Boonton Ring

10772 Boonton 1930s Engagement Ring

Price: $68,000

Sapphires are certainly magnificent as accent stones, but few things can compete with the 9-carat center stone in this beautiful 1930s ring. Cut in a pear shape, the sapphire is held in place by prongs that extend into an openwork under-gallery. The shoulders hold two sizeable 0.50-carat D color grade diamonds. The shank is decorated with hand engravings.

18. Art Deco Solitaire Engagement Ring

RMS822 Art Deco Solitaire Engagement Ring. Circa 1930

Price Upon Request

This Art Deco Solitaire Engagement Ring is exceedingly simple. A 0.57-carat H color diamond is its focal point, with three old mine-cut stones on each of its sides. Fine milgrain detailing gives this ring a unique character. While this engagement ring has already found a buyer, our jewelry experts are at your disposal if you’re looking for a similar piece.

19. Mulberry Ring

Mulberry 1930s Engagement Ring

Price: $45,500

The Mulberry Ring is certainly one of the most valuable pieces on our list of 1930s diamond engagement rings. Featuring a perfectly colorless D-grade diamond, this ring is a true beauty. The stone weighs 2.11 carats and is VS2 clarity. The ring’s design itself is simple. Only two baguette-cut diamonds on its shoulder take the viewer’s attention away from the exquisite center stone.

20. Smithfield Ring

13640 Smithfield 1930s Engagement Ring

Price: $15,000

 This original Art Deco platinum ring features a 1.73-carat K color VS1 clarity diamond in an intricate dome mounting. There’s a lot of detail on the Smithfield Ring, from added single-cut diamonds through milgrain and openwork filigree to an engraved shank.

21. Southwell Ring

13782 Southwell Ring. Circa 1935

Price: $13,000

The 1930s wasn’t all about sharp edges. The Southwell Ring, for instance, has a charming, uneven design that softens some of the geometry that rectangular cuts create. At the center, a 1.06-carat I color VS2 clarity old European-cut diamond steals the show. The shoulders have a minimalistic design with two baguette-cut diamonds. 

22. Clarksville Ring

13419 Clarksville 1930s Engagement Ring

Price: $11,000

The Clarksville Ring brings some feminine grace into this geometry-dominated decade. A 1.37-carat K color VS1 clarity old European-cut diamond is centered in a round bezel. Additional single-cut stones surround it in a halo, each in its own round bezel. As opposed to the majority of rings on our list, the Clarksville Ring is made of 18k white gold.

23. Kingbury Ring

D4787 Kingbury Ring

Price Upon Request

Another ring that lets all the attention focus on a magnificent stone alone is the Kingbury Ring. Few can take their eyes off the 5.24-carat H color Asscher-cut VS1 diamond this ring features. Two baguette cuts embellish the shoulders. This platinum ring is unfortunately already sold, but there are still plenty of similar designs to choose from.

24. Diamond Engagement Ring with Emerald Halo

11412VB Diamond Engagement Ring With Emerald Halo

Price Upon Request

Emeralds look stunning against the white of platinum. This ring features numerous small emeralds haloing a sizeable diamond in the middle. The diamond itself is K color and VS1 clarity, weighing about 3.80 carats. This beautiful, two-color engagement ring can be custom-made using an original old European-cut diamond that dates back to the 1930s. 

25. Medford Ring

13732 Medford Ring

Price: $22,000

The Medford Ring features a bold square mounting with a 1.75-carat old European-cut diamond in the middle. An array of smaller stones in various cuts surround the center and adorn the shoulders. The under-gallery and the shank are both full of detail. The engravings extend all the way around its band.

26. 2.10 Carat Old European Diamond Engagement Ring

10668VB Old European Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

Few 1930s engagement rings have such a lavish band as this 2.10-carat old European-cut diamond engagement ring. Small stones decorate the entire length of the band, with a lovely J color VS2 clarity gem in the center. Although the original piece is already sold, our jewelers can create a replica using an original 1930s diamond.

27. Haddon Ring

13025 Haddon Ring

Price: $140,000

Another treat for the eyes of those who like halo designs is the Haddon Ring. Art Deco-style diamond engagement rings often feature colored gems, which we can see here in the form of sapphires. The center stone isn’t negligible either: a 4.09-carat GIA-certified Asscher-cut diamond in G color and VS1 clarity.

28. The Wells Ring

11586 Wells Ring

Price Upon Request

The Wells Ring is Art Deco in all its extravagance. This platinum ring that has already found an owner features extraordinary detailing. An old European-cut diamond adorns its center. The SI1 clarity I color stone weighs 1.05 carats. Extending from the center, a floral pattern houses numerous other small stones. Let our professionals find or craft a similar ring for your beloved.

29. Leeds Engagement Ring

11193 Leeds 1930's Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

The Leeds Ring is another ornate beauty with numerous diamonds and milgrain detail for a truly extravagant look. The original features a 1.13-carats J color VS2 clarity diamond. If you’re interested in recreating this beautiful ring with a 1930s vintage diamond, contact our experts for more information.

30. Hinesville Ring

13717 Hinesville Ring

Price Upon Request

Featuring an opulent, dark, step-cut sapphire in the middle, the Hinesville Ring is an interesting piece. The sapphire is bordered by single-cut diamonds that together weigh 0.43. Two additional calibre-cut sapphires decorate each shoulder.

Popular Ring Styles From the 1930s

1930s engagement rings belong to the colorful Art Deco era. Here are a few popular ring styles from this decade.

White All the Way

1930s Art Deco Platinum Engagement Ring

As you might have noticed, 1930s engagement rings predominantly feature white metals. Most rings from this decade are platinum, but you can also come across white gold.

Rectangular Cuts

12992 J.E. Caldwell Vintage Ring

Art Deco’s obsession with geometry resulted in the popularity of rectangular diamond cuts. This is the era when baguette-cut side stones caught on. 

Milgrain Details

13516 Lynton Ring

Milgrain – the tiny bead detailing used on a ring’s borders – is an Art Deco staple. It’s regaining its popularity, so a 1930s engagement ring can still be a fashionable choice today.

Bold Colors

13025 Haddon Engagement Ring

The Art Deco era was anything but modest. You’ll find bold, colored gemstones, like sapphires and emeralds, in many rings from this decade.

Are Rings From the 1930s Considered Vintage and Antique?

1930s Engagement Ring on finger

The difference between vintage and antique jewelry lies in the piece’s age. Vintage jewelry refers to pieces that were made between 20-100 years ago. A piece is considered antique if it’s at least 100 years old. 

By this definition, it’s clear that 1930s engagement rings are vintage, but not yet antique. They are generally estate pieces, since they have been pre-owned.

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

Art Deco engagement rings from the 1930s have a distinct character that makes them unique and exciting. If you’re intrigued by any of the rings above, contact us for more information using the form below. We can help you choose or create the perfect vintage ring your significant other will love.


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