25 Ideas for DIY Homemade Rings

Written by: Afshin Shaddaie, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
May 2, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Learning how to make rings opens up endless personalization and creativity possibilities. A DIY homemade ring shows off your personality and makes a thoughtful, memorable gift for a loved one. 

There are many captivating DIY ring ideas that don’t require expensive materials or equipment to recreate. We have scoured the internet for inspiration and have come up with 25 beauties. 

Wire Wrapped Rings

How to Make a Wrapped Wire Ring with a Round Bead

The classic wire-wrapped ring offers a feminine and vintage style, and is easy to make. In addition, you won’t need expensive materials to recreate the professional and finished look of this design in particular. If this is your first time making a wire-wrapped ring, consider starting with a more straightforward technique, as demonstrated in this video

To achieve this design, you’ll need to thread the wire through a bead, then wrap the ends around a ring mandrel to make your ring size and shape. Then, wrap the wire around your decorative stone for a secure fit. 

A Wooden Ring

How To Make Wooden Rings Without Power Tools (No Lathe, No Power Tools, No Problem)

A piece of wooden jewelry can be attractive, classy, and relatively straightforward to make when using the right technique. After nailing the basics, the trendy DIY ring design options are endless. There are a few methods available to make wooden rings without a large workshop setup. A simple place to start is using the “bent wood” method. To see how this technique works, click here for a great demo. 

A Ring From a Hex Nut

Turned a Hex Nut into BEAUTIFUL Ring- Using Only Hand Tools

You can make an attractive ring from nothing more than a piece of hardware like a hex nut. The process involves a lot of filing and sanding using standard hand tools. To achieve this design, you’ll need to file and sand away the threads on the inside and the hex points for a smooth round finish. Then drill and smooth out a space at the “front” to fit your decorative feature piece. Please click here for a detailed demo. 

A Ring From a Coin

Making a Pro Coin Ring Without Expensive Tools

The coin ring’s popularity stems from the vintage look they offer coupled with coin metal being the perfect long-lasting ring material. You might be surprised at how straightforward they are to make. If you fancy trying your hand at making a coin ring to earn ring DIY heavyweight status, click here for an idea of how it’s done. 

A Midi Ring

DIY Midi Rings - 5 Designs! | by tashaleelyn

The midi ring is also known as a tea or memory ring and is typically worn toward the top of your finger–halfway between the tip and first knuckle. It isn’t clear when people first started to wear them. However, women and men in paintings during the 15th and 16th centuries are seen wearing them. These days, donning an attractive and stylish set of stackable midi rings is a glamorous way to beautify and elongate your fingers. Click here for a tutorial on how to make five beautiful midi rings. 

Fabric Button Rings 

Fabric button rings are entirely customizable as the fabric color or print used creates the design. They’ll add a fun pop of color to your hands, and you can use the material to match your outfits, bag, shoes, or any other accessory. There are also button rings where the button is the main feature. Click here to learn how to make designs for your kids for a fun activity to do together. And visit this website for ideas on how to upcycle your buttons and turn them into high-end fashion rings. 

Faux Granite Ring 

Consider a hip faux granite stackable ring if you’re looking for a modern vibe in your homemade ring. These geometric-shaped rings are on-trend and are effortlessly stylish. Moreover, they are quite simple to make with polymer clay and a utility knife. For the granite look, buy speckled clay. If you want to create a beautiful faux granite ring for yourself, click here to see how it’s done. 

Faux Gem Ring 

A faux gem ring is another idea if you’re looking for a bold statement ring. It’s made with clay, and to achieve the gem look, you simply combine different clay colors into a swirly pattern, bake it, then glue it to a ring blank. 

Twisted Knot Ring

How To Make A Knot Ring

Twisted knot rings offer a pretty and simple, elegant look. You can wear them above your knuckle as midi and elongate your finger. This ring is straightforward to make and uses a similar technique to the wire-wrapped ring design. Consider DIYing a twisted knot ring using gold, brass, copper, or silver wire. Take a look at this YouTube video to see how quick they are to make. 

A Leather Ring

How to make a leather ring

Leather rings are simple and look fab. If you decide to try making one, you can get the leather from old leather items such as shoes, wallets, jackets, bags, and belts. Alternatively, just head over to your local craft store. They are so many ring styles made from leather. One idea would be to use thin pieces of braided gold leather with elastic for an adjustable ring. If you want a rich Egyptian feel or minimalist look with a cute front detail in your design, head over to this YouTube tutorial

A Beaded Chain Ring 

The understated beaded chain ring offers a refined, beautiful, minimalist look and is another relatively simple DIY ring project. This type can be made to custom fit any position on your finger, using a gold chain, wire, and beads. Essentially, the beads are threaded through a thin piece of wire and then threaded through the gaps of the chain ring. 

Quartz Crystal Ring

DIY | Quartz Crystal Ring

Quartz crystal rings not only make beautiful and captivating jewelry pieces, but certain crystals can also help balance your emotions and offer mental clarity. The crystal ring is deceptively easy to make. Just as long as you have wire, E600 glue, quartz crystals, and pre-drilled ring blanks to make the process easier. Click here to see how to make your quartz crystal ring. 

Seed Bead Rings 

You can create a retro and geometric look using seed beads, a needle, and string. The beads are joined together using an intricate yet simple woven pattern. And you’ll have the option to achieve many different looks depending on the pattern and bead colors you choose. Click for the steps to accomplish this fabulous look like a ring and earring set. 

Pearl Bead Ring 

This pearl bead ring is a dainty band with an eye-catching pearl bead in the center. It’s another type of wrapped ring where the wire goes around the ends of a thicker round piece. Again, another quick and easy DIY ring idea. If you want to recreate a head-turning pearl bead ring, click here for the steps. 

Gold Chain Hamza Ring 

The “Hamsa” symbol is a palm-shaped good luck charm famous throughout North Africa and the Middle East. It is commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings. Using a Hamsa charm and some chains, you can create a beautiful gold ring. For this precious-looking ring, you simply thread a piece of gold wire through a Hamsa charm, then affix the wire ends to a small piece of chain. 

Wire Wrapped Crystal

Wire Wrapped Stone Ring Tutorial

For a bold and colorful piece, crystals can be wrapped with 16-or-18-gauge gold wire to accentuate their beauty. Any shaped crystal can be used. An x-prism crystal can be placed horizontally with the wire wrapped around both edges. Or, if you have a flat stone, the wire can be molded into a wrap-around shape to keep the stone in place. Take a look at this detailed tutorial to see how it’s done. 

Easy Elastic Ring 

The easy elastic ring is another pretty minimalist ring that is adjustable and very comfortable. It’s made using an elastic cord, and this one, in particular, is made with beads and cubic zirconia. As it’s adjustable, it would make a thoughtful gift. Click here for steps on how to create one. 

Clay Dream Ring 

A clay dream does give off dreamy vibes. This unique design is made using polymer clay and beads. To earn ring dreams, simply mold a beautiful moon shape and accentuate it with a selection of gorgeous beads stuck in the center to represent the stars. 

Stackable Micro Beads Ring 

Stackable micro bead rings are fun and colorful and offer another way to elongate your finger. They are made with ring blanks and filled with tiny microbeads for an exclusive textured look. These rings offer the perfect DIY as they are straightforward to make. Click here to find out how to recreate one. 

Easy Heart Rings

Double Heart Rings // Easy Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial

You’ll fall in love with these adorable little heart rings. They’d make a memorable Valentine’s Day gift and couldn’t be any easier to make. All you need is some silver or gold 20-gauge wire (or any color you prefer), pliers, and a marker. To create the heart shape, wrap the wire around the plier tips, then wrap some around the base of the heart for decorative detail. If you want to try this design, take a look at this YouTube video for a demonstration. 

Hammered Bling Ring 

The hammered bling ring gives the impression of a piece that you have to work really hard on to earn ring premium quality. This ring offers a costume jewelry feel while upholding elegance. You use a hammered metal ring blank and then add a rhinestone chain to it to make this beauty. And for a rich, vintage touch, you can wrap gold wire between the stones. Click here to watch the video tutorial on how to create one. 

Faux Druzy Statement Ring

How to Make a Faux Druzy Ring

Why not make a statement with a sparkling and brightly colored faux druzy statement ring, using tiny crystals without holes for DIY jewelry, a ring blank, and crystal clay? The tiny crystals will stick well to the crystal clay. If you’re considering making one of these rings and want a rough idea of how to do it, click here for a YouTube tutorial. 

Pearl Knuckle Ring 

The pearl knuckle ring is based on the traditional pearl ring but with a midi ring design twist. Like the midi ring design, these are quick and easy to make, and you can make more than one to enhance your hand’s beauty by spreading them across your fingers. 

Layered Paper Ring 

The layered paper ring achieves a beautiful, retro, and trendy look using layers of colored paper— thirty layers of colored paper, to be exact. To achieve this unique effect, you glue the pieces of paper together and sand them to create a diamond or other shape. If you want to learn how to make such a mesmerizing ring out of paper, click here for a tutorial. 

Pearl Wire Wrapped Ring 

And our last beautiful idea is the classic pearl wire-wrapped ring. To achieve this bold ring design, you’ll need a large pearl, wide flat wire, and a fine gauge wire to bring it all together. The trick is to bend the flat wire around your finger diagonally to get the ring to lay correctly. 

So, there you have it—25 of the best homemade ring ideas around. We hope you have fun working on some of the ideas given here and that your creations turn out great. Good Luck!

What Is Your Ring Size? 

Ring sizer on finger

For the best fit, here are two ways to confirm a ring size: 

  1. Wrap a piece of paper or string around the base of your finger. Then mark the point where the end meets, and measure the paper or string in mm. Use a ring size chart to choose the closest measurement to confirm your size. 
  1. If you’re using a ring sizer, go with the size that fits snug but isn’t tight. It will be the size that catches your knuckle as you slide it up or down your finger but isn’t loose enough to slip off. 

Common Ring Making Materials 

Jeweler Planning out Engagement Ring

Here are some of the common materials used for our 25 homemade ideas: 

  • Wire: Different gauges offer various uses, from creating the ring itself to playing a key role in intricate detailing. 
  • Ring blanks: These look like incomplete rings. They have a plain band and blank ring base where you can glue your decorative pieces. 
  • Decorative pieces, including gems, stones, and crystals. 


  • Jewelry-making glue such as E6000 
  • Flat-nose pliers 
  • Round pliers 
  • A sharpie marker 
  • Sandpaper 
  • A hammer 
  • A file 

Now without further ado, let’s dig in. 

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