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What Does an Aquamarine Engagement Ring Symbolize?

aquamarine stone halo engagement ring infographic

Every ring has a special meaning. Since ancient times, rings have been made and given with intention. This article will explore?what an aquamarine engagement ring symbolizes and show you some beautiful aquamarine rings to inspire you.

If you’re looking for a stone that embodies purity and vitality – aquamarine is the right one for you and your bride-to-be.

Colored Engagement Ring Symbolism

meaning of aquamarine word with elongated aquamarine halo ring

Colored gemstones and diamonds are rarer than most people think. And once you decide to get one, it will always have a special meaning as you must invest your time and money to find “the one.” 

In many cultures, the ring finger symbolizes the way to someone’s heart. That’s why gemstones chosen for an engagement ring should bring good energy into the future marriage. Indeed, as every color has its own meaning, blue stones that personify love, devotion, longevity, and vitality are often used in engagement rings. 

Bluestones like aquamarine, sapphire, and topaz symbolize honesty and loyalty, as well as eternal love and universal harmony. When it comes to relationships, the?aquamarine engagement ring?is an expression of courage, openness, and everlasting love. 

Once you let the energy of the sea into your life, it will follow you on your journey together. 

Aquamarine Stone Qualities 

aquamarine stone quality with info of aqua qualities
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Aquamarine is a transparent blue stone. Its name comes from two Latin words for water and blue sea because of its blue shades that resemble seawater.

Aquamarine is a stone that comes from the beryl family, and it shares a lot of its qualities with emerald and morganite. You can always recognize it for its unique transparent azure blue shade. 

Aquamarine Stone Symbolism 

aquamarine stone halo ring platinum with symbolism and meaning
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Aquamarine is often associated with serenity, tranquility, and universal harmony. Being one of the March birthstones, aquamarine embodies the transformation and rebirth of energy and the world itself. In its essence, it’s connected to life in all its vitality and hope.

The aquamarine stone brings happiness to a new marriage and good fortune to any woman who wears it. 

Sailors believed that aquamarine could shield them from strong winds and protect them during big storms. Ancient cultures wore aquamarine carved as animals to preserve their life energy, warding off death and illness. 

Wearing an Aquamarine Engagement Ring 

emerald-cut aquamarine and diamond engagement ring artistic photo
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If you want to match your new engagement ring to your outfits, aquamarine light blue goes exceptionally well with neutral looks.

The ring will attract much attention whether you decide to go with all-black or all-white outfits. It also compliments any camel or navy-blue dress, coat, or long shirt.

You can wear your new ring with a neutral cashmere sweater or a gentle blue blouse. Keep in mind that this gem is almost see-through, and it can blend with pretty much any color. 

Aquamarine engagement rings are durable enough to be worn every day. Still, you should avoid wearing them with other jewelry pieces that might scratch them. Many jewelers suggest them as a lovely alternative to a diamond, as far as durability and price are involved. Of course, they’re not as glittery as diamonds, but many people like them because of their crystal structure. 

Learn how to care for and clean your aquamarine ring.

How to Look for a Quality Aquamarine 

Examples of quality and color of an loose aquamarine cuschion cut stones
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Not all aquamarine stones come in the same shade of blue. Some of them are pastel blue, while others can be more vivid. Whether it’s a gentle blue or a strong dark one, it’s crucial to decide which stone you like. 

If you’re into sparkly stones, look for excellent cut stones. When it comes to metals, aquamarine goes well with everything. A golden or pink gold ring will make the stone look cooler while providing the right balance. However, platinum (or white gold) works best if you want to enhance the blue tones. 

Aquamarine carat size won’t play a significant role, as aquamarine is usually unearthed as larger raw pieces. Because you can find them in abundance, you can purchase big ring-size pieces for a reasonable price. 

Bear in mind that the darker (highly saturated) aquamarine stones are pricier than the lighter stones, as light ones are usually in high demand, but thankfully this doesn’t affect the price too much. 

As far as the cut is concerned, this stone looks staggering in every shape, and it ultimately comes down to your personal preference. Aquamarine will always look amazing whether you like an oval, round, emerald, or heart-shaped stone. Depending on your style, you can even use several aquamarine stones or arrange a particular cut. 

Different Styles of Aquamarine Engagement Rings

group photo of platinum aquamarine engagement rings

Aquamarine will look different depending on its color and ring size. Below are several aquamarine rings from our collection.

  1. Sardinia Ring 
Asscher Cut Aquamarine and Platinum Ring - Sardinia Ring - Hand Video

The Sardinia ring is an excellent choice for everyone who likes statement jewelry with a unique design. This ring has a square-shaped aquamarine, combined with a platinum ring and small diamonds surrounding the stone.?Its unique design and stone shape will undoubtedly get a lot of admirable looks once it finds its place on someone’s finger. 

  1. Gateshead Ring 
three stone gateshead aquamarine ring on models hand

This ring is ideal for anyone who loves vintage-style rings with one big stone and two small ones as accents. The Gateshead Ring takes center stage with three aquamarines on a simple platinum ring that holds them tight. This is its blue version for everyone who loved Megan Markle’s engagement ring. 

  1. Tide Ring 
Aquamarine Ring - Tide Ring - Hand Video

The Tide ring is a beautiful vintage ring with a square-cut aquamarine surrounded by small diamonds. Filigree details adorn the base of the well-crafted platinum ring. This ring has a vintage shape, but it can easily blend in with modern pieces, as it’s not too big. 

  1. Aqua Halo Ring 

If you’re looking for a simple white gold ring with a rounded diamond, the Aqua Halo Ring is the right one. This modern ring showcases a sleek design. The stone’s shape is simple. White diamonds surround the aquamarine gemstone.

Choose Your Aquamarine Engagement Ring Wisely 

infographic one how to choose your aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is a wonderful stone that works well with many different styles. Its rich symbolism makes it an ideal choice for an engagement ring, as it marks the beginning of a new life chapter for two people to share.

With this in mind, choose an aquamarine engagement ring that will remind you of the love you share with someone, and enjoy this gem’s incredible vibes. 

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