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Top 30 Diamond Engagement Rings for $70000

engagement rings for 70000 from showroom with customer

Shopping within a range of around $70,000, finding a diamond engagement ring should be easy. But choosing the perfect one is another thing entirely. The engagement ring you pick could affect the course of your relationship. But don’t worry – we are here to help. At Estate Diamond Jewelry, we certainly offer a stunning selection of diamond engagement rings. Enjoy taking a look at our top 30 diamond engagement rings for $70000. 

1. Devon Ring

platinum ring with intricate embellishments featuring additional diamonds and round center diamond

Price: $70,000. Learn more about the Devon Ring.

If you want a piece right at the $70,000 mark, then the Devon Ring is a great option. Featuring rounded tapered shoulders and dazzling ornamentation throughout, this spectacular ring has a total diamond weight of approximately 5.62 carats. The old European-cut center stone weighs 4.22 carats, while additional diamonds line the shoulders and bridge in unique geometric designs.

2. Bayside Ring

circular diamond ring featuring diamond halo and six baguette-cut accents

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Bayside Ring.

For those considering engagement rings on the lower end of a $70000 budget, the Bayside Ring is an elegant, handcrafted piece featuring an old European-cut diamond in the center.

It certainly has a lower profile, and the head of the ring is surrounded by a halo of diamonds as well as three baguette-cut diamonds on each side leading to the shoulders. The center stone weighs 3.80 carats and looks impeccable with VS2 clarity and K color.

3. Weybridge Ring

platinum ring featuring tank-scroll design adorned with diamonds and blue sapphires

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Weybridge Ring.

The Weybridge Ring is a beautiful original vintage ring, centering a GIA-certified emerald-cut diamond of approximately 2.15 carats. The ring’s head is decorated with round old-cut diamonds and lovely natural calibré-cut sapphires. Altogether, the diamonds weigh 2.81 carats. 

The under-gallery reveals a tank-scroll motif, and the outstanding retro design is accentuated by the impressive F color and VVS1 clarity of the center diamond. To sum up, these two quality-determining factors put this diamond engagement ring in a class of its own. 

4. Emerson Ring

engagement ring with round center diamond bold platinum mounting and accent diamonds

Price: $56,000. Learn more about the Emerson Ring.

The Emerson ring is certainly a unique option, as the platinum mounting is quite wide and bold.

This French vintage ring was handcrafted circa 1945 and features a stunning 3.15-carat center diamond. What’s more, a row of channel-set baguette diamonds extends from the main stone to each shoulder, totaling approximately 1.00 carat. This is a perfect ring for confident brides who love vintage pieces and don’t mind some extra attention.

5. Shoreham Ring

platinum diamond ring featuring delicate diamond-set band and circular diamond halo

Price: $65,500. Learn more about the Shoreham Ring.

The platinum Shoreham Ring features a bezel-set, 4.37-carat old European-cut center diamond. A halo of pavé-set diamonds surrounds the precious center stone, while even more diamonds adorn the shoulders. What’s more, the magical ornamentation of this ring is quite alluring; fine milgrain detailing highlights the diamonds, while diamond-set leaf motif openwork patterns decorate the gallery.

6. Burbank Ring

three-stone diamond ring with delicate band and halo of small diamonds

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Burbank Ring.

If luxurious styles appeal to the bride, then consider the magnificent three-stone Burbank Ring. The stunning center diamond is 2.03 carats, has an emerald cut, and is GIA-certified. What’s more, it falls in the D color category, which is the highest possible color grade.

What’s more, the flanking diamonds are also GIA-certified, but they have a Trillian cut. One is 0.50 carats and E color, while the other one is 0.49 carats and D color. Finally, smaller old European-cut diamonds are set around the three-stone center and along the ring’s shoulders. 

7. Earling Ring

round platinum engagement ring featuring center diamond surrounded by diamond halo

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Earling Ring.

If the bride has a sophisticated fashion sense, then we highly recommend the elegant Earling Ring. This gorgeous piece features a prominent antique rose-cut diamond, weighing approximately 5.08 carats, encompassed by a halo of old mine-cut diamonds. Finally, supporting the center diamond, the platinum mounting features a detailed openwork gallery that beautifully accentuates the ring’s splendor.

8. Webster Ring

GIA-certified 2.24 carat Carre Cut Diamond set in Prongs - Webster Ring - Hand Video

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Webster Ring.

For a subtle yet exciting design featuring an impressive diamond of extremely high quality, we confidently recommend the Webster Ring.

The impressive stone in question is GIA-certified as 2.24 carats with D color and IF clarity. Not only is a D color grade the highest possible, but IF clarity is just one grade below the highest possible. It goes without saying that such a stone would be rare but just to put it in perspective, it’s estimated that only 0.001% of world diamond production hold D color and IF clarity grades.

As if more appeal was necessary, the spectacular carré-cut center diamond is not the only stone incorporated in this ring’s design. Rows of single-cut diamonds flank either side of baguette-cuts on the shoulders, totaling 0.34 carats. Finally, hand engravings decorate the shank.

9. Dutchess Ring

delicate ring featuring round center diamond and tapered baguette diamonds on shoulders

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Dutchess Ring.

Short and sweet, this vintage ring was handcrafted in 14k white gold circa 1950. The delicate ring features a 4.25-carat center diamond, while tapered baguette-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders. The Dutchess Ring is a timeless classic that certainly follows an ever-loved design- it simply works.

10. Ellerbe Ring

large radiant-cut diamond on a delicate diamond-adorned band

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Ellerbe Ring.

For a subtle yet dazzling design focused on a spectacular main stone, the Ellerbe is an excellent choice. The impressive radiant-cut center stone is GIA-certified as 3.01 carats with F color and VS1 clarity. Not only is it considered a large stone, but the color and clarity grades are also quite good. Finally, a shining array of round brilliant-cut micro-pavé diamonds line the shoulders.

11. Bel Air Ring

ring featuring large rose-cut center diamond and dainty diamond-adorned band

Price: $54,000. Learn more about the Bel Air Ring.

The Bel Air Ring is a discrete and sophisticated engagement ring with many intricate details that aren’t visible at first glance. Small diamonds decorate not only the ring’s shoulders but the gallery and prongs as well. The elongated rose-cut center diamond has a GIA certificate and weighs 3.02 carats.

12. Carthage Ring

solitaire engagement ring featuring a round diamond set in six prongs

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Carthage Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1960, the French-made Carthage Ring features a solitaire design revolving around a huge 4.04-carat old European-cut diamond set in six prongs. The setting is certainly reserved, allowing for excellent visibility of the impressive stone. Finally, the diamond has J color and VS2 clarity grades, while the remainder of the mounting is quite minimal.

13. Olivette Ring

diamond engagement ring with bow motif shoulders adorned with small diamonds

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Olivette Ring.

If you’re interested in a unique design for a bride who loves to stand out, we recommend the Olivette Ring.

This stunning piece features a large old European-cut diamond GIA-certified as 3.43 carats with I color and SI2 clarity. The center stone is certainly alluring as it has impressive visibility and is quite large, but the bow motif shoulders are what truly make this ring stand out. What’s more, round brilliant diamonds are micro-pavé set on the bows as well as all along the shank.

14. Hemingway Ring

engagement ring featuring large round diamond and dainty diamond adorned platinum band

Price: $86,000. Learn more about the Hemingway Ring.

If you’re willing to be flexible on your budget, then we recommend considering the captivating Hemingway.

It’s another solitaire engagement ring, but this one features a prong-set diamond of 5.21 carats with an old European cut, L color, and VS1 clarity. The shoulders and under-gallery are also set with smaller old European-cut diamonds. Finally, this diamond engagement ring was handcrafted circa 1925 in the Art Deco Era. The Hemingway Ring is so breathtaking that it will be the center of attention in any situation.

15. Beckton Ring

delicate platinum engagement ring with large round center diamond and adorned shoulders

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Beckton Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, the Art Deco-era Beckton Ring features a stunning 4.25-carat old European-cut diamond set in eight prongs. What’s more, the elegant crown setting features fleur-de-lis patterns. Finally, small diamonds adorn the shoulders while the remainder of the delicate band is plain.

16. Orford Ring

platinum engagement ring featuring huge cushion-cut diamond and circular blue sapphire halo

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Orford Ring.

This divine ring features a huge 5.15-carat, elongated cushion-cut center diamond surrounded by a circular halo of natural blue French-cut sapphires. Four additional diamonds adorn each shoulder, while the under-gallery is decorated by delightful openwork. If the bride appreciates sapphires or blue in general, then this is a superb option.

17. Gatineau Ring 

prong-set large diamond on a white gold band with diamond-adorned shoulders

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Gatineau Ring.

The absolutely gorgeous Retro-era Gatineau Ring was handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1945 and features a minimal design with a large main diamond. The diamond in question is a stunning prong-set old European-cut stone GIA-certified as 3.42 carats with I color and SI1 clarity. Finally, 0.24 carats of small additional diamonds adorn the shoulders.

18. Ellenburg Ring 

luxurious platinum ring featuring prong set center diamond and diamond adorned shoulders

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Ellenburg Ring

The dainty yet elegant Ellenburg features a high-quality center stone and a dazzling platinum band.

The colorless old European-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as 2.11 carats with D color and VS2 clarity grades. The ring boasts an unassuming luxuriousness, not only from the impressive center diamond of the highest possible color grade but also from the additional micro-pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds decorating the shoulders and gallery.

19. Hampshire Ring

diamond engagement ring featuring platinum mounting with detailed ornamentation

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Hampshire Ring.

From the setting to the gallery, to the shoulders, and to the shank- the vintage Hampshire engagement ring certainly wastes no space as nearly every part of it is decorated by lovely diamonds and filigree.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1910, this Edwardian-era ring features a 5.03-carat old European-cut center diamond with L color and VS1 clarity. In addition, diamonds are found decorating the gallery, gallery rail, and shoulders along with intricate hand-engraved leaf motif designs along the shank. The detailed ornamentation of this ring is truly dazzling.

20. Aveyron Ring

platinum engagement ring featuring a round center diamond and fine milgraint details

Price: $52,000. Learn more about the Aveyron Ring.

The Aveyron Ring has a vintage appearance and since its width is accentuated, it would be more flattering on a wider finger, as the ring will make it appear thinner.

A 2.05-carat old European-cut diamond is the center stone. It’s ranked in the D color category, which makes it very valuable. The diamond is set in a high profile, thus resembling a crown. Finally, there are hand engravings along the entire length of the ring, as well as fine milgrain detailing the diamonds’ borders.

21. Yale Ring

large round diamond surrounded by sapphire halo on platinum triple-wire shank

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Yale Ring

The delightful Yale Ring features a rather large old European-cut center diamond of 4.26 carats surrounded by a bold and exquisite halo of blue French-cut calibrated sapphires. What’s more, the design is enhanced by a triple-wire platinum shank that leads up to diamond-set fleur-de-lis shoulders. Finally, the center diamond was cut in the 1920s and holds K color and VS1 clarity grades.

22. Athens Ring

large platinum engagement ring featuring round center diamond and dome design

Price: $59,000. Learn more about the Athens Ring.

For a large and unique piece unlike any other on this list, we happily present the dome-shaped Athens. The stand-out aspect of this ring is the large rounded mounting embellished with rows of diamonds bordered by fine milgrain and openwork. But of course, we can’t forget the enormous center stone which is impressive in its own right; a 4.59-carat old European-cut diamond of L color and VS1 clarity.

23. Colborne Ring

ring featuring emerald-cut diamond within halo of baguette and trapezoid diamonds

Price: $80,000. Learn more about the Colborne Ring.

The stunning Colborne Ring features a 3.00-carat, emerald-cut, very very slightly included center diamond bezel set within a lavish halo of baguette and trapezoid-cut diamonds. In addition, five round brilliant-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder.

Completing this fantastic handcrafted platinum ring are the curling design openwork found on the under-gallery as well as the fine milgrain details that border either side of the halo.

24. Vercelli Ring

ring of brushed white gold featuring Kashmir sapphire and baguette side diamonds

Price: $58,000. Learn more about the Vercelli Ring.

The mesmerizing Vercelli manages to capture our hearts with a simple yet bold design and a non-diamond center stone. Indeed, the alternative center stone may not follow convention but it’s certainly quite special as it is no ordinary sapphire.

The rare 1.58-carat Kashmir sapphire features a cushion cut and intense blue color, while a baguette-cut diamond accent sits on either side of it. The incredible center stone is certified both by GIA and AGL so you can rest assured of its high quality. Finally, the mounting is 18k brushed white gold, and the diamonds total 0.18 carats.

25. Snow Lake Ring

platinum engagement ring featuring round prong-set diamond and baguette side diamonds

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Snow Lake Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, the French-made Snow Lake Ring features an old European-cut center diamond GIA-certified as 4.30 carats with K color and SI1 clarity. What’s more, the prong-set stone is accentuated by a baguette-cut diamond on each of the elevated shoulders. The additional stones are approximately 0.10 carats each.

26. Swansea Ring

vivid blue sapphire ring with floral diamond halo and plain platinum band

Price: $75,000. Learn more about the Swansea Ring.

For a luxurious piece that features a colorful center stone, consider the sophisticated Swansea Ring. The focus of this enchanting treasure is a vivid blue 8.36-carat natural Ceylon sapphire. Emphasizing the spectacular blue gem is a dazzling floral halo of fourteen round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.91 carats and with G color and VS1-VS2 clarity grades overall.

27. Deansgate Ring

minimal diamond engagement ring with bullet-shape side diamonds and plain platinum band

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Deansgate Ring.

The Deansgate Ring is perfect for any bride who appreciates a level of minimalism. The emerald-cut center diamond is 3.14 carats, while the bullet-shaped side diamonds total 0.80 carats. The center stone has I color and VS2 clarity grades. This handcrafted platinum ring doesn’t try to do everything, but what it does do, it does very well.

28. Osborne Ring

minimal platinum diamond engagement ring with tapered baguette diamonds on the shoulders

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Osborne Ring.

You may have noticed a very similar ring earlier on this list; number 9, the Dutchess Ring, is nearly identical in form. Well, consider the Osborne a sister ring for a lower price point.

This vintage platinum ring was handcrafted circa 1960 and features a round brilliant-cut, 3.04-carat center diamond along with a tapered baguette-cut diamond set on each shoulder totaling 0.72 carats. The center stone is GIA-certified and is graded I for color and SI2 for clarity. If you found the sister rings appealing but would be more interested in a lower carat and price, then this is the perfect alternative.

29. Villeta Ring 

three-stone ring featuring a vibrant emerald flanked by Asscher-cut diamonds

Price: $78,000. Learn more about the Villeta Ring.

The regal Villeta Ring is a perfect option for those considering non-diamond center stones. The vibrant green Colombian emerald is 2.68 carats and is a rare no-oil emerald as certified by both GIA and Gubelin. Using oil to enhance an emerald’s perceived quality is a common practice, so high-quality emeralds that have not had this treatment are certainly prized and sought after.

In addition to the impressive prong-set emerald, a GIA-certified Asscher-cut diamond flanks each side. One diamond is 0.70 carats with G color and VS1 clarity, while the other is 0.72 carats with G color and VS2 clarity.

30. Lane Ring

white gold Kashmir sapphire engagement ring with two diamond halos

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Lane Ring.

Last but certainly not least, we recommend the Lane Ring for those who love sapphires and want something luxurious.

This 18k white gold ring features a Kashmir sapphire; such sapphires are exceedingly rare and valuable due to their intense blue color that’s challenging to mimic. It weighs approximately 1.81 carats and has an AGL certificate. The sapphire is enclosed by two halos separated by an elegant gap. Both the halos and the ring’s shoulders are covered with small old European-cut diamonds.

Advice for Buying Diamond Engagement Rings for $70000

Customer using a Loupe on a Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Some people assume that with diamond engagement rings, it’s all about the carat weight and the cut. In reality, there are so many other factors to consider before you decide. That’s why you should shop with Estate Diamond Jewelry. We’ll help you make the right decision and answer any questions you might have about our diamond engagement rings. If one of our diamond engagement rings has caught your eye, or you have any questions, then feel free to contact us. We respond to all emails within one business hour.


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