Complete Guide to Bullet Diamonds 

May 31, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Diamonds come in many shapes and designs, depending on the effect the jewelers want to achieve. One popular shape found in certain diamond rings is the bullet. Bullet diamonds can be used in different-style rings and have a unique purpose, which is why they aren’t commonly featured as center stones. 

This complete guide to bullet diamonds explains everything you need to know about them and introduces our selection of bullet-style rings. 

What Are Bullet Diamonds? 

Art Deco Bullet Diamond Engagement Ring With Onyx

As one may assume, bullet diamonds feature a bullet-like shape. They have three sides with straight lines resembling a rectangle, while the fourth side comes to a point with a sharp edge. 

Bullet diamonds are typically step-cut, but they can also be brilliant-cut, depending on their purpose and other diamonds featured in a ring. For example, if other diamonds are emerald cut, a step-cut bullet diamond will compliment them nicely. Whereas round diamonds look better next to a brilliant-cut bullet diamond. 

Bullet Cut Diamond as Center Stone 

It’s uncommon to see bullet-cut diamonds as a center stone in diamond rings. Why? Because their v-shaped tip makes them perfect side stones. They are usually part of a multiple-stone setting and emphasize the center stone’s beauty. 

That being said, bullet-cut diamonds can appear as center stones. In such cases, they are usually surrounded by other diamonds that complement their shape and create a unique composition. 

Bullet Cut Diamond as Side Stones 

13601 Diamond Bullet Shapes Engagement Ring on Finger

Bullet-cut diamonds are usually featured as side stones. Their shape ending with a pointed edge is a perfect way to transition to the shank and make it look thinner. When combined properly, bullet-cut diamonds can make the center stone look bigger and brighter. Since such diamonds are typically smaller, carat weight doesn’t play an important role. However, it’s essential to consider the color and clarity. 

If you want bullet-cut diamonds as side stones, keep in mind that their color should be one grade lower than the center diamond. That way, they will be bright enough to highlight the center stone without looking yellow. Bullet-cut diamonds should never have a higher color grade than the center diamond because that would defeat their purpose. In such cases, bullet-cut diamonds would steal the show and make the center stone look yellow. 

As you may know, diamonds have blemishes, inclusions, and various imperfections. But these imperfections aren’t always visible to the naked eye. If you want bullet-cut diamonds as side stones, there’s no need to look for flawless diamonds. Instead, choose those with eye-clean clarity. In other words, check whether the diamonds appear clean when you look at them. Their position and angle may allow you to go a grade or two lower, thus saving a substantial amount of money. Of course, if you want a pair of bullet-cut diamonds, ensure they have the same or very similar clarity grade. 

Examples of Bullet Accenting Stones 

We offer several engagement rings featuring bullet accent stones. These rings come in various shapes and designs, so everyone can find what they’re looking for. Some rings feature only diamonds, while others are combined with other gemstones. Our rings vary in price, carat weight, clarity, and color grades. Let’s take a look at them: 

Thorseby Ring 

Price: $15,500. Learn more about the Thorseby Ring

If you like contrast, you’ll fall in love with this black-and-white ring inspired by the Art Deco era. This ring’s center stone is a near-colorless 1.24-carat old European-cut diamond. A polished onyx halo wraps around the center diamond and emphasizes its brilliance. Two bullet diamonds weighing 0.41 carats total are placed on each shoulder, decorated with fine milgrain. 

As you can see, bullet diamonds don’t have high carat weights, but they still contribute immensely to the ring’s overall style and beauty. First of all, they highlight the contrast between the onyx and the center stone. This black-and-white combination is classy and unusual, and bullet diamonds blend perfectly with it. Secondly, the bullet diamonds smooth out the transition between the onyx and the shank, creating a well-rounded composition with no rough elements. Since they are wider than the shank, bullet diamonds make it appear thinner. 

Deansgate Ring 

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Deansgate Ring

The Deansgate Ring is undoubtedly one of the most impressive rings in our collection. It features a near-colorless 3.14 emerald-cut diamond as the center stone. Two bullet-shaped diamonds with a total weight of 0.80 carats adorn the sides. The entire ring is hand-crafted in platinum and decorated with fine milgrain that contributes to the sophisticated style. 

Here, the two bullet-shaped diamonds are placed close to the center diamond. When looked at from afar, it appears as if the three stones are actually one bigger stone. The bullet-shaped diamonds blend perfectly with the center stone’s shape and cut to form a whole. 

Worcester Ring 

Price: $3,600. Learn more about the Worcester Ring

The Worcester Ring is an original piece dating from the Art Deco era, and was hand-crafted around 1920. This ring’s center stone is a 0.65-carat old mine cut diamond of impressive color and clarity grades. Five single-cut diamonds set in a bullet-shaped bezel adorn each shoulder. The center diamond and the shoulders are embellished with fine milgrain that complements the ring’s delicacy. 

At first glance, this is a classic solitaire ring. But, when you look at it closely, you notice the subtle yet effective details that make the ring so special. Here, none of the diamonds are bullet-shaped. Instead, the bezel features a pointed end, thus creating a gradual transition to the shank. The bullet-shaped bezel ends at the visible part of the shank and draws everyone’s attention toward the center stone. 

Califon Ring 

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Califon Ring

This lovely ring centers around a 0.75-carat old European -cut diamond set in box prongs. Each shoulder is decorated with a single-cut diamond set in a bullet-shaped bezel. The ring is hand-crafted in 14k white gold and originates from the Retro era. 

Contrary to popular belief, effective diamond rings don’t have to cost a fortune, and the Califon Ring proves it. It has a delicate, elegant style and goes perfectly with both casual and formal attire. Although the ring doesn’t feature bullet-shaped diamonds, it has a bullet-shaped bezel that serves as a bridge between the center stone and the shank. Because the bezel is lower than the center diamond, the stone appears bigger and brighter. 

Westfield Ring 

Price: $10,000. Learn more about the Westfield Ring

If your bride loves contrast and gemstones, she’ll love this ring featuring emeralds and diamonds. Emeralds symbolize true love, beauty, balance, and growth making them perfect for engagement rings. The ring’s center stone is a 1.17-carat old European cut diamond. Three calibre bullet-shaped emeralds decorate each side, thus highlighting the center diamond. A halo of old European cut diamonds wraps around the center stone and the emeralds, forming an unusual shape inspired by the Art Deco era. 

Diamonds aren’t the only stones that often feature a bullet-shaped design. This ring is a true example that emeralds can be just as effective in emphasizing the center stone and creating a unique and bold effect. Here, bullet-shaped emeralds are placed between the center stone and the halo, highlighting the ring’s different geometrical patterns. 

Mildred Ring 

Price: $8,500. Learn more about the Mildred Ring

The Mildred Ring is anything but ordinary. This hand-crafted Retro era ring dates from around 1940, and it continues to impress. Let’s start with the center stone: it’s a 1.26-carat old European cut diamond set in prongs. Each shoulder is adorned with a single-cut diamond placed in a bullet-shaped bezel. 

What makes this vintage ring so interesting is the combination of metals. The center stone is set in 14k yellow gold, while the shoulders are made of 14k white gold. The rest of the shank also features 14k yellow gold, thus creating a breathtaking contrast. Bullet-shaped bezels enhance this contrast and draw the eye toward the center stone and its brilliance. 

Gloucester Ring 

Price: $14,500. Learn more about the Gloucester Ring

The Gloucester Ring features a floral design and is ideal for brides who love making a statement with jewelry. This ring’s center stone is a 1.78-carat oval rose-cut diamond set in prongs. It’s surrounded by a halo of old European cut diamonds that represent petals. The halo is connected to the shank by a diamond set in a bullet-shaped motif on each shoulder. 

With the Gloucester ring, it’s all about the impressive center stone and halo. The bullet-shaped shoulders support the halo and smooth out the transition to the shank. They match the shank’s width to ensure the focus is on the central elements. 

Talk to Jewelry Experts 

Benjamin Khordipour in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

Picking the right engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially because there are so many options. Besides the budget, you need to consider the ring’s style and ensure it matches your bride’s preferences. 

If you need help choosing the perfect ring and aren’t sure what to focus on, reach out to us. Estate Diamond Jewelry has a team of jewelry experts that can assist you in your search. You can call us at (212) 265-3868 or send us an email. Moreover, you can schedule a showroom appointment to view our ring collection.