Best Places to Propose in Florida

November 16, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

When you’re ready to pop the big question, you ought to know that the place where it happens matters and will be remembered for years to come. Florida, fondly nicknamed the Sunshine State, is known for its vibrant culture, turquoise waters, stunning beaches, and romantic charm. This makes it among the best places to consider for a proposal. It can add a magic touch to any unique story. Read on for the 25 most romantic spots to consider.

1. St. Augustine

very beautiful picture of saint augustine with nice borders

This is America’s oldest city and it allows you to go back in time. The historic charm offers the most captivating backdrop for a unique proposal. The courtyards and Spanish Colonial architecture make it a remarkable sight. You can choose spots in the picturesque gardens, cafes, and the Castillo de San Marcos monument. There are pristine beaches and horse-drawn carriage rides that help create an even more perfect for a sunset proposal.

2. Hot Air Balloon Rides in Orlando

picture of an hot air balloon in orlando for ideas

While hot air balloon rides are accessible in most parts of Florida, Orlando stands out among the rest. It’s one of the best places to have an unforgettable experience. Launch your relationship to greater heights – literally. To make it more magical, do it at sunset or sunrise. There’s no doubt that this could be one of the most memorable rides your other half ever had!

3. The Florida Aquarium

proposing at the florida aquarium

The aquarium is situated in Tampa and covers 250,000 square feet. It has more than 14,000 animals. Amongst the best in the U.S., its romantic charm has seen it serve as a wedding venue on countless occasions. Make plans beforehand and get tickets where needed. This also gives you ample time to explore and find the perfect place to go down on one knee. There are many ways to get creative in this destination.

4. Sanibel Island Lighthouse

image of the sanibel island lighthouse

The lighthouse is surrounded by the natural beauty of the turquoise water and white sandy beach. This is a historic structure with the perfect backdrop for an impeccable proposal. This place is secluded and peaceful. The lighthouse beam will light your path as you start out on a new journey. The lighthouse symbolizes strength since it has remained for years and withstood some punishing conditions.

The lush vegetation, water, and beaches create the most picturesque scene for a memorable proposal.

5. John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

idea of proposing at the john and mable ringling museum of art

Here’s your chance to see a world of elegance and beauty. Soak up the manicured gardens, the fountains and statues. This location offers a timeless background for a memorable proposal. The museum makes the proposal feel like something from a classic love story. If you adore classical romance, architecture, or art, this is the most appropriate location you could consider. The expansive area offers so many breathtaking opportunities.

6. Venetian Pool

beautiful picture of the venetian pool in florida

The Venetian pool is a historic place and a truly romantic oasis located in Coral Gables. The enthralling public pool has lush landscaping and mystical caves that immerse you in a world of adventure and love in equal measure

The whimsical and unique setting creates the perfect environment to create a moment that you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime. There are plenty of ideal spots to propose. It all depends on how private you want things to be and the kind of backdrop you prefer.

7. The Biltmore Hotel

very nice image of the biltmore hotel in florida

This iconic hotel exudes romance and grandeur with its enchanting gardens, opulent ballrooms, and architecture. This is the ultimate destination: a historic hotel with a wide range of luxurious facilities. These include gourmet dining, an extensive tropical landscape, and full-service spas. It’s the perfect spot to propose to the love of your life.

Other outstanding features of the hotel are the private cabanas, the private balconies, and the most romantic settings for the perfect dinner.

8. Edison and Ford Winter Estates

graphic image of the edison and ford winter estates

This is another historic place to consider offering beauty and nature. Some captivating sights of these estates include the serene waterfront views, the ancient trees, and breathtaking gardens. You won’t miss a picturesque moment to kick off the beginning of the rest of your life. This is an ideal place for a memorable proposal. There is a 21-acre garden and historical museum to explore. The garden has more than 400 species of plants from the different continents of the world. The largest is the moonlight garden with a reflection pool. The sparkling lanterns and lights combined with fragrant plants and blooming flowers make it a great spot for an evening proposal.

9. Florida Keys

great picture of the florida keys for an idea of where to propose

This is the perfect romantic location with breathtaking scenery, palm trees, and turquoise water. With the right timing and setting, you can create a perfect proposal. For more privacy, go for the secluded beaches, and waterfront docks, or take a sunset sail. This will give you a chance to declare your undying love amidst astounding natural beauty. There are other ideal areas like waterfront restaurants or the Key West lighthouse, which is a scenic zone. Better still, there’s always something to match your budget.

10. Walt Disney Land

magical idea and picture of walt disney castle

Here’s your chance to create your fairy tale in the happiest place in the world. There are many excellent restaurants at Disneyland. You can plan intimate dinners and enjoy dazzling fireworks. Bursting with opportunities for the most memorable and magical experiences, you can choose the Cinderella castle to act as the backdrop. With the engagement packages offered, you can really take advantage of your time in Disney World. Such packages include special dining, custom cakes, private cabanas by the poolside, and photography packages to capture those special moments.

11. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

proposing at the vizcaya museum and gardens

The Italian Renaissance gardens, the regal architecture, and mesmerizing waterfront views offer the most incredible settings for elegance and romance. You can propose in these enchanting surroundings for the most incredible turning point in your relationship.

12. The Epcot World Showcase

feeric epcot world showcase for ideas of where to propose

This is a good way to take that romantic journey around the world. Various international pavilions offer romantic and unique settings. You can be transported to the location you want like the tranquil gardens in Japan or the delightful Paris streets. A proposal to your partner at this location is bound to be one of the best with the right ideas.

13. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

proposing at the miami beach botanical garden

The water features, tall palms, and vibrant blooms found in the botanical garden create a romantic yet peaceful setting for a proposal. Take a stroll around the garden first and find a spot where you can proclaim your love and pop the big question. You can then commence celebrations by taking a dip in the ocean.

14. John and Mable Ringling Bridge

beautiful john and mable ringling bridge

This is a dramatic location featuring a completely breathtaking skyline and water views. With the stunning architecture, there’s always something to admire. Walk on the bridge to find the perfect spot for your proposal. This is best done in the sunset when the golden rays of the sun make the surroundings fairytale-like.

15. The Naples Pier

perfect idea to propose at the naples pier

This is another stunning place with beach views and the most amazing choice for a proposal with a spectacular sunset backdrop of oranges and pinks. This creates that alluring romantic background and sets the stage for the most mystic proposal. The mood is completed by the waves crashing around and the gentle breeze.

16. The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

proposing at the hyatt regency grand cypress hotel

This luxurious place can help you make the grandest proposal. The elegant outdoor spaces, lush landscaping, and sparkling lake create a romantic and dreamlike landscape. With such a setting, you’ll definitely sweep your partner off their feet. The property lies in a 21-acre area with spacious suites that feature private balconies and lake access. The hammocks, outdoor lagoon, and tennis court only further elevate the experience. This sanctuary is a great place to relax. The area has peaceful waterfalls and lush greenery making it one of the most notable spots.

17. Lovers Key Florida State Park

great image to propose at the lovers key florida state park

This is yet another popular spot in Florida for weddings and proposals. The name “Lovers” suggests romance, while the surroundings match the purpose. Here, the sandy beaches are filled with all types of seashells. You can organize a picnic or go kayaking in the canals. Take a walk in the trails and then watch the sunset. There are many spots for the perfect proposal.

18. Morikami Museum and the Japanese Gardens

picture of the morikami museum and the japanese gardens

Located on the beach, you can take in mystical bridges, meandering paths, tranquil sand gardens, and serene koi ponds. You can propose in the lush gardens or dive into the waterfalls. Either way, you’ll have an intimate experience within a peaceful setting. There are many luxurious places to stay in the area to enjoy your romantic getaway.

19. Sandpearl Private Beach Resort

proposing at the beautiful sandpearl private beach resort

If you want a clear water proposal on the beach, this location fits the bill. It’s right on the beach and there’s an engagement package offered. The ring is delivered to you inside a seashell. Champagne is also included. The spa services and room service heighten the romantic flare. There are many recreation options here including swimming with the dolphins.

20. Bok Tower Gardens

proposing at the bok tower gardens

This historic and scenic garden has been a delight for lots of visitors. The site covers 50 acres. One stunning feature is the Singing Tower, an Art Deco structure that’s 205 feet high. The Pinewood estate mansion stands out as well. The wildlife includes birds, the gopher tortoise among others. Check out the stunning reflection pool. It’s one of the most incredible spots to get down on one knee.

21. Lakeridge Winery

lakeridge winery picture for idea to propose there

At the winery, you can engage in wine tasting and learn more about the entire winemaking process. The vineyard is in Clermont and covers 127 acres, which is plenty of space to find a romantic spot. You can enjoy the complimentary tours to create some memories during this important phase of your life.

22. Latitudes

proposing at the latitudes

Located in Keywest, you need to take a boat ride to get to Latitudes restaurant. You could propose during the ride or do it at the restaurant. This is an award-winning establishment with worldwide recognition. It ranks amongst the top 100 romantic restaurants. The waterfront views and delicious cuisine elevate its reputation even gather. If you want some privacy during the proposal, consider the nearby piers and the beach.

23. Howey Mansion

picture of the howey mansion to propose there

This mansion was first built in the 20s but underwent restoration a couple of years ago. This is an iconic home where tours can be arranged. As a participant, you get a peek into the past. To be safe, call ahead and confirm a booking. You can make the premises your proposal zone.

24. The Mission Inn Resort and Club

proposing at the mission inn resort and club

You can turn this one location into whatever you want it to be. It can serve as a location for the best weekend getaway, luxury spa, romantic dinner, or golfing. This exposes you to various opportunities. The grounds are gorgeous and there are trails and fountains. You can get boat rentals and create your dream engagement.

25. Florida Citrus Tower

great picture of the florida citrus tower

This is another spectacular spot in Florida. If you love sky-high views, pick this for your special someone. Take in the surroundings from the top of the tower before making the proposal. Timing is of the essence here.

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The 25 best places to propose in Florida are truly inspirational. However, even with the most romantic setting and the best cuisine, the proposal is incomplete without the perfect engagement ring.

If you don’t have one already picked out, you need to talk to our Estate Diamond Jewelry experts. We’ll help you weigh all the available options according to your preferences and budget. There are lots of dazzling ring options available. As such, you make the proposal even more amazing. With a wide knowledge of rings, you can make the perfect pick.