20 Awesome Proposal Decorations Ideas

December 6, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Planning a proposal is more stressful than it might seem. You need to pick out the perfect ring, scout for a suitable location, and set everything up at the right time. On top of that, your proposal needs to have all the necessary decorations so it can be remembered as the best day of you and your partner’s life. 

Here are 20 awesome proposal decoration ideas that will make this special occasion even more memorable.

Rose Petals 

engagement ring proposal idea with roses petals

Starting with a classic choice, rose petals are a must no matter what type of proposal is in your plans. Red rose petals are the most obvious choice, but some people prefer white ones. You can even combine the two and create a rose petal pathway that stretches from the entrance to the proposal spot. If you’re planning an outdoor proposal, you can scatter them on the grass. Another idea is to make a heart shape with the rose petals or spell out “Will You Marry Me?” 

Candles, Candles, and More Candles 

engagement proposal with candle settle

Candles are another element that’s sure to create the most romantic ambiance. The more candles you light, the better. If you decide to make a rose petal pathway, you can place candles along the entire path. For outdoor proposals, you can put tiny candles into jars, lanterns, and candle holders to make them safer. While some opt for traditional candles, some people have taken a liking to reusable LED votive candles, which are powered on batteries. You also wouldn’t have to worry about the wind blowing them out. 

Fairy Lights in Mason Jars and Bottles 

engagement proposal decoration ideas with fairy lights in mason jars

If you plan to propose in the evening or at night, lighting is one of the most important factors to think about. Fairy lights and light strings would make a wonderful addition to your proposal. You can even combine them with candles. Some types of fairy lights need to be plugged in, but you can find a lot of battery-operated ones, which can be placed in Mason jars, bottles, or any other glass containers. White and yellow fairy lights are the most popular choices. 

Confetti Balloons 

confetti balloons decoration idea for engagement proposal

If you want to add a fun effect to your proposal, confetti balloons are the way to go. Whether you pick a balloon arrangement or fill the entire room with heart-shaped balloons, it’s sure to make a long-lasting impression. The color of your balloons should match the overall ambiance, but confetti balloons are typically clear with gold, white, or rose gold confetti. 

Polaroid Camera 

polaroid camera decoration images for proposal

While a polaroid camera isn’t technically decoration, it could come in handy when it’s time to make your first pictures as a newly engaged couple. Polaroid photos make great memories because they capture genuine moments that can’t be retouched or filtered. You can even incorporate those pictures into your wedding decorations. 

Bouquets and Flower Arrangements 

bouquets and flowers arrangement for proposal engagement decorations

There’s nothing more romantic than a room filled with flowers. We mentioned rose petals before, but lavish rose bouquets would take your proposal to a whole new level. You can place them anywhere you like. Roses in boxes and luxurious packaging have become extremely popular recently. Even though roses are considered the most romantic flowers, you can also order carnations, lilies, tulips, orchids, irises, and others to make a beautiful arrangement. 

Champagne and Glasses 

champagne and glasses pictures for engagement proposal

What’s a proposal without champagne? Have a table with a champagne bottle and two glasses waiting for you to celebrate when they say “Yes.” Some of the best champagne brands for proposal include Moët & Chandon, Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon, Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee, and more. If you choose to splurge on this special day, then go all the way. 


lanterns set up for an engagement proposal

If you don’t want to get fairy lights for your big day, lanterns are a great alternative, especially for outdoor proposals. You can put them on the ground, hang them from a tree, or set them around a picnic blanket. There are many different types of lanterns for you to choose from: lacy white lanterns, floating festival lanterns, glass floor lanterns, and much more. 

Personalized Neon Sign 

personalized neon sign to ask for marriage

To spice up your proposal, consider adding a custom neon sign. The great thing about this type of décor is that you can choose exactly what it will say. Of course, you could just have it spell out “Marry Me?” but why stop there? Make the text more unique, for example, “It Was Always You,” “Better Together,” “I Love You,” or “You Make Me the Happiest Man on Earth.” Don’t be afraid to get personal, as this will add a sentimental touch to your proposal, and it might even make your partner tear up. 

Home Theatre Projector 

proposing at home with a home theatre projector set up

If you would like to add visual effects to your proposal, a home theatre projector can be useful for so many things. If you and your partner like to take a lot of videos together, edit them and make a short movie to play during your proposal. You can also play a famous scene from their favorite romantic movie. There are so many options; you just need to think outside the box. 

LED Window Curtain String 

led window curtain string for a proposal decoration

Here’s another idea for the lighting ambiance. It’s OK to add candles, fairy lights, or lanterns, but if you really want to make a statement, get LED twinkle star curtains and place them all around the proposal spot. Like we mentioned before, the more lights, the better! 

Romantic Food 

romantic food and dinner set up for a proposl

Adding food to your proposal could also be a nice touch. Chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, or a versatile charcuterie board are all fantastic options. Along with the champagne bottle we mentioned earlier, choose something your partner loves to eat and surprise them even more. 

LED Light-Up Marquee Letters 

led light up marquee letters to propose

One popular proposal decoration idea is the LED “MARRY ME” sign, which comes in a variety of sizes. If you want to keep it simple, buy the smaller light-up marquee letters and hang them on the wall. For those who want a more dramatic effect, you can get giant LED letters and place them in a standing position. LED signs are a safer alternative to candles since they can’t be blown out or start a fire. 

Balloon Letters 

marry me balloon letters to proposal decorations ideas

Spelling out “Will you marry me?” or just “Marry me?” with balloons is an affordable alternative to the LED sign. You can combine them with other types of balloons, such as heart-shaped balloons and confetti balloons. What’s more, once you’re done with them, you can simply pop them and throw them away. 

Photo Wall 

romantic photo wall to propose

A great way to display all your memories is by making a photo wall filled with your favorites. This decoration idea is perfect for couples who like to take pictures together. To make the photo wall even more stunning, hang fairy lights to hold the photos. Not only will you walk down memory lane together, but it will make the proposal even more special and personal. 

Custom Proposal Ring Box 

custom proposal ring box to propose

Instead of a typical velvet red or black ring box, why not opt for something custom-made? Modern ring boxes are made from wood, see-through glass, or even crystals. Even though you won’t be needing the ring box after you pop the question, it could serve as a pleasant memory when you stumble upon it in the future. 


garland idea decorations for a proposal

Garlands have always been favored proposal and wedding decorations that really tie the entire space together. It’s up to you to choose the size and the type of flowers you’ll use. Ideally, you should place the garland right behind your proposal spot. If you hire someone to take pictures, it will make a wonderful background in all your photos. 

Night Light Projector 

night light projector for proposal

If you want to make an indoor proposal but still want to create a starry night ambiance, what better way to do this than with a night light projector? They usually come in different colors and patterns, but blue, white, and yellow are the most popular. They can create such a beautiful atmosphere that it will make you feel like you’re in a planetarium. 


sparklers decorations during your proposal

Sparklers have always been a fun trinket during Christmas and New Year’s seasons. Even though they only last for a short time, they can add a certain flair to your proposal. You can even find heart-shaped sparklers that would look amazing in the photos. What’s more, they make the entire evening more magical and nostalgic. 

Use Amazing Decorations to Create the Perfect Proposal 

There are so many different ways to make your proposal a moment you and your partner will never forget. Whether you go for an outdoor or indoor proposal, invite family and friends or keep it more private, or choose between a day or night proposal, you need the right decorations to seal the deal. Thankfully, there are more ways than one to decorate the proposal setting.