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Top 40 Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings

Platinum and Yellow gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings have a timeless appeal and are always a good option for any prospective bride. Platinum diamond engagement rings, however, are next-level pieces of jewelry. They’re durable, of superior quality, and come with unparalleled beauty.

If you’re searching for the best platinum engagement rings for women, then read on for our list of 40 vintage pieces of all shapes, sizes, carats, and colors.

1. Obidos Ring

Old European Cut Diamond & Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring - Obidos Ring - Hand Video

Price $12,200

The stylish Obidos Ring comes with a bezel-set old European-cut diamond weighing 1.30 carats. The stone is surrounded by a halo of sapphires and a subsequent diamond halo. Finally, the ring is handcrafted in platinum and features diamonds on the shoulders. The total diamond weight is approximately 2.00 carats.

2. Bulgari Platinum and Diamond Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Bulgari Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Price $45,000

This vintage platinum ring is one of the most fashionable and exquisite rings you can buy.

Handcrafted by Bulgari in Italy circa 1970, this ring features a GIA-certified brilliant-cut diamond weighing 2.20 carats and with E color and VS1 clarity grades. The piece can be resized for free and the GIA certificate is available upon request.

There is nothing more classic than a solitaire ring, so if the bride-to-be is a fan of more traditional or minimal pieces, then this could be a great fit

3. New York Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry New York Diamond Engagement Ring

Price $9,800

This stunning halo ring comes with a GIA-certified Asscher-cut diamond weighing 1.01 carats and with a J color grade. A 0.23-carat halo of diamonds surrounds the center stone, while the fleur-de-lis shoulders hold single-cut diamonds.

This ring also features a triple-wire shank with an openwork under-gallery, making it the perfect engagement ring for women who appreciate style and beauty.

4. Towson Ring

Towson Ring With Floral Emerald And Diamond Halos

Price $8,000

This platinum cluster ring features a 0.65-carat old European-cut center diamond surrounded by an old European-cut diamond cluster and a subsequent emerald halo. These features come together perfectly to create a charming floral design. Further diamonds adorn the shoulders while the remainder of the band is quite minimal. The total diamond and emerald weights are 1.80 and 0.42 carats respectively.

5. Pacific Ring

Octagonal Pacific Ring With A Halo Of Sapphires

Price $5,200

If you’re looking for a stunning platinum engagement ring with sapphires, then the Pacific Ring is a great option.

The bezel-set emerald-cut center diamond weighs 0.52 carats and is surrounded by French-cut sapphires weighing approximately 0.66 carats. What’s more, the diamond is graded J for color and VS1 for clarity. Each shoulder of the ring is decorated with diamonds, and there’s a triple-wire platinum shank for additional beauty.

6. Medford Ring

Medford Art Deco Era Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Price $22,000

This fabulous engagement ring was handcrafted circa 1935 during the Art Deco era, and it certainly shows.

It’s a diamond halo ring that centers on an old European-cut diamond weighing approximately 1.75 carats. Bordering the square face of this ring is a halo of antique carre-cut diamonds. In addition, trillion cut diamonds adorn the tapered shoulders in a wide triangular formation.

Additional embellishments in the form of floral motif openwork in the under gallery, hand engravings along the shank, and fine milgrain throughout truly elevate this already spectacular ring. The total diamond weight of this ring is 4.29 carats, and it measures around 13.76mm x 14.02mm.

7. Heathrow Ring

Heathrow Diamond Engagement Ring
With Circular Diamond Halo

Price $23,000

This halo engagement ring features an old European-cut, VS1 clarity, and L color center diamond weighing 2.25 carats. Surrounding the center stone is a halo of pavé-set round brilliant cut diamonds. What’s more, brilliant round diamonds set in marquise-shaped bezels adorn the shoulders. The total diamond weight is approximately 2.63 carats.

8. Lakewood Ring

Lakewood Marquise Shaped Ring With Cluster Of Diamonds

Price $3,500

The Lakewood Ring is a marvelous navette-style ring with a cluster of old European-cut diamonds. There are 1.20 carats worth of diamonds ranging from I to J color and VS1 to SI1 clarity. The Edwardian-era ring is hand-crafted in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The measurements are 18.50 mm x 9.82mm, but the size can be changed free of charge.

9. Ashbourne Ring

Ashbourne Navette Style Ring With Three Center Diamonds

Price $4,500.

This fabulous Edwardian-era ring comes with three old mine-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.90 carats in total. This piece makes use of negative space between the center diamonds and the navette-style frame to add some delicacy and elegance. Finally, the ring was handcrafted in platinum-topped 18k yellow gold circa 1900 and has a total diamond weight of 1.05 carats.

10. Ruby Floral Ring

Ruby Floral Ring Featuring Diamonds And Rubies

Price $14,000

The Ruby Floral ring is one of the most charming rings on this list. Featuring a 1.47-carat center diamond with VS1 clarity and K color, the star of the show is the floral design afforded by the surrounding cluster and halo.

Vivid half moon-cut rubies bordered by fine milgrain form petals, while a surrounding diamond halo completes the floral design. What’s more, the shoulders feature additional diamonds contributing to the regal look. Handcrafted in 18k yellow gold and platinum, the ring measures 13.90mm x 14.25mm.

11. Pomona Ring

Pomona Ring With A Floral Motif Diamond Cluster

Price $8,200

This platinum and 18k yellow gold cluster engagement ring features a 0.76-carat old European-cut center diamond surrounded by a floral motif cluster of additional diamonds. The total diamond weight is 1.46 carats and the measurements for this ring are 12.20mm x 11.47mm.

If the bride-to-be is a fan of luxurious rings with extra shine and sparkle, then be sure to keep this ring in mind.

12. Russellville Ring

Russellville Ring With A Floral Motif Diamond Cluster

Price $13,500

If you’ve found the floral diamond cluster style appealing, then the Russellville ring will surely be another one to consider.

This breathtaking Edwardian-era antique diamond engagement ring features a stunning 1.32-carat center diamond with I color and VS1 clarity grades. Surrounding the center stone is a floral motif cluster of old mine-cut diamonds. The band is minimal so all eyes will be on the floral cluster, and the total diamond weight is 2.52 carats.

13. Fairfield Ring

Fairfield Ring With A Floral Motif Diamond Cluster

Price $15,000

If you liked the overall design of the two previous rings, then you’ll also love the Fairfield ring. Similar to the Pamona and Russellville rings, the Fairfield ring features a floral motif diamond cluster.

This center diamond is an old European-cut stone set in prongs and weighing 1.36 carats. The surrounding cluster of old European-cut diamonds creates a beautiful flowerhead design. The diamonds have VS1 clarity and J color overall and the setting is platinum on 18k yellow gold.

14. Brighton Ring

Brighton Diamond Ring With A Halo Of Diamonds

Price $8,800

This splendid halo engagement ring sports a 1.25-carat old mine-cut diamond with J color and VS2 grades cut circa 1915. In addition, diamonds decorate the shoulders and fine milgrain borders each element of the ring. The ring measures 11.65mm x 11.75mm but can be resized to fit any finger for free.

15. Teterboro Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Teterboro Edwardian Era Diamond Ring

Price $10,500

The Teterboro Ring is an Edwardian-era engagement ring with an antique diamond cluster on a dome-shaped platinum mounting. The central diamond weighs 1.08 carats, has SI1 clarity, and I color. There are also old mine-cut diamonds clustered around the central diamond. The ring was handcrafted circa 1910 and has hand engravings on the shank for added beauty.

16. Geneva Ring

Geneva Diamond Ring With Diamond And Onyx Halos

Price $10,500

If you’re a fan of the special contrast between onyx and diamond, then this beautiful engagement ring may be your perfect option. Featuring a 1.09-carat old European-cut center diamond, this ring’s true allure comes from it’s double halo.

The inner halo is circular and comprised of additional diamonds, while the outer natural onyx halo is octagonal and provides a striking contrast. What’s more, baguette-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders, elevating this ring to new heights.

17. Smithfield Ring

Smithfield Art Deco Antique Ring With Rounded Design

Price $15,000

The Smithfield is an Art Deco ring handcrafted in platinum circa 1925. It’s center stone is a bezel-set, old European-cut diamond of 1.73 carats. The rounded mounting acts as the perfect canvas for this ring’s intricate open-work filigree and single-cut diamonds. Floral and leaf motif hand engravings further embellish the ring.

18. Nouveaux Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Nouveaux Art Deco Diamond Ring

Price 12,000

The Art Deco era Nouveaux Ring was handcrafted circa 1920 and features a 1.17-carat old European-cut central diamond. Additional diamonds, hand engravings, and fine milgrain filigree along the shoulders, shank, and gallery serve to further decorate the ring. The central stone has J color and VS1 clarity grades, while the overall ring measurements are 7.70mm x 7.20mm.

19. Arca Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Arca Octagonal Diamond Halo Ring

Price $10,500

If you’re interested in stunning diamond halo rings, then the Arca ring may be what you’re looking for. This geometric diamond ring houses a 1.00-carat old European-cut diamond surrounded by an octagonal halo of additional diamonds. The halo is comprised of two-stone groupings separated by milgrain. An additional diamond decorates each shoulder.

20. Sulham Ring

1.30ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond and Emerald Halo Ring - Sulham Ring - Hand Video

Price $9,500

The wonderful Sulham ring hosts a 1.30-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond surrounded by an inviting calibre emerald halo. The ring also features a detailed openwork under-gallery, and three additional diamonds along each shoulder. The ring’s dimensions are 10.05mm x 9.56mm.

21. Swiss Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Swiss Ring With Platinum Mounting

Price $65,000

The Swiss Ring is one of the most impressive pieces from our collection. It features a stunning 4.12-carat old European-cut central diamond. The ring dates from 1950 and is a perfect engagement ring for the bride with style. The accenting tapered baguette-cut diamonds weigh approximately 0.30 carats total.

22. Denmark Ring

Denmark Diamond Ring With Sapphire And Diamond Halo

Price $9,500

The lovely Denmark ring is certainly perfect for the woman who wants to feel like royalty.

This stunning platinum ring features a 1.23-carat, round, J color, old European-cut center diamond supported by regal ornamentation.

Firstly, surrounding the center diamond is a square shaped French-cut calibre sapphire halo with a round brilliant diamond in each corner. Then, the diamond-set fleur-de-lis shoulders serve as an elegant transition between the triple wire shank and face of the ring. Finally, swirling openwork designs decorates the under-gallery.

23. Bayside Ring

Bayside Diamond Halo Ring With Diamond Accents

Price $55,000

The Bayside ring is an incredible piece featuring a 3.80-carat old European-cut center diamond. A shimmering halo of diamonds surrounds, and serves to emphasize, the center stone. What’s more, three staggered baguette-cut diamonds flanks each side. Finally, gorgeous openwork decorates the under-gallery.

24. Curel Ring

Curel Rounded Diamond Engagement Ring With Sapphire Ribbons

Price $25,000

If you’re looking for a truly unique Art Deco engagement ring, this Curel Ring is certainly worth exploring. The 2.24-carat central diamond in an old European cut is set in prongs and surrounded by a caliber French cut sapphire halo. The ring mounting has floral filigree motives and is decorated with single-cut diamonds and milgrain.

25. Cascais Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Carcais Minimalistic Diamond Engagement Ring

Price $35,000

The Cascais Ring is perfect if you’re looking for a stunning diamond without the frills. This platinum engagement ring centers a 3.14-carat diamond. In addition, the shank is decorated with engravings and diamonds adorn the shoulders. This formidable ring is sure to knock your better half off their feet.

26. Providence Ring

Providence Diamond Ring With A Halo Of Diamonds

Price $29,000

The Providence Ring features and antique 2.90-carat cushion-cut diamond cut circa 1920. What’s more, a halo of additional antique cut diamonds surrounds the center stone with several more adorning the shoulders. Finally, detailed openwork decorates the under-gallery of this platinum ring.

27. Regal Ring

Regal Diamond Engagement Ring With A Sapphire Halo

Price $22,000

The Regal Ring is sure to leave a lasting impression as it leverages a classic look with appealing subtle details. It features a beautiful 2.00-carat diamond with an I color grade surrounded by a halo of calibre-cut natural sapphires. The unique detail that really makes this ring stand out is it’s shoulders; they overlap the sapphire halo to great effect and four diamonds are set along each of them.

28. Lisbon Ring

Lisbon Diamond Ring With Sapphire And Diamond Halos

Price $15,000

The Lisbon Ring is the piece of jewelry to get if you want to surprise your better half with an elegant engagement ring which is not necessarily all that unique but is also not minimal.

The combination of diamonds and sapphires is sure to make a statement no matter where you go. The 1.58-carat central diamond has J color and VS1 clarity grades and sits within a double halo. The inner halo features sapphires while the outer features additional diamonds.

Finally, the tapered shoulders host more diamonds surrounding sapphires and intricate openwork filigree decorates the under gallery.

29. Preston Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Vintage Preston Diamond Engagement Ring

Price $19,500

If she’s a fan of wide rings, then she may love the Preston ring. This vintage retro era ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1950 and features a 1.90-carat transitional-cut center diamond with an H color grade.

Providing a mesmerizing effect, two alternating rows of round brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds are set along the east and west sides of the ring and continue down the shoulders. What’s more, rows of carre-cut diamonds surround the other elements from the south and north sides, bringing the total diamond weight to 3.03 carats.

30. Deansgate Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Deansgate Three Stone Engagement Ring

Price $60,000

This fantastic bezel-set diamond engagement ring features three stones and a total diamond weight of 3.94 carats. The emerald-cut center diamond weighs approximately 3.14 carats and has I color and VS2 clarity grades. What’s more, the two flanking bullet-cut diamonds give this ring a sophisticated and luxurious look.

31. Boudry Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Boudry Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Price $42,000

Here’s yet another Art Deco-era ring that’s sure to make a statement. The old mine-cut center diamond weighs 3.90 carats while the shoulders have two bezel-set antique baguette cut diamonds for added elegance and style. The platinum ring was handcrafted circa 1920.

32. Arvada Ring

Arvada Diamond Engagement Ring With Mesmerizing Openwork Design

Price $11,500

The Arvada Ring is a truly mesmerizing ring, thanks especially to the detailed openwork found between the center diamond and diamond halo.

The 1.49-carat old European-cut center diamond has I color and VS2 clarity grades. The geometric lace openwork is detailed with fine milgrain, and the surrounding pave-set diamond halo provides an additional 0.44 carats.

This is a perfect ring for an elegant lady who appreciates Art Deco-style jewelry.

33. Cairns Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Cairns  Ring With Leaf Motif

Price $8,000

If you’re suspecting the bride-to-be will be interested in nature-evoking jewelry, then consider doubling down on your hunch with the Cairns ring.

This charming and elegant platinum ring features a 1.16-carat old European-cut center diamond, set in four prongs resembling clovers. Most importantly, however, the shoulders are each decorated with a three-leaf ornamentation, with each leaf emphasized with fine milgrain and an additional diamond. The additional diamond weight is approximately 0.10 carats.

34. Bridgewater Ring

Bridgewater Ring Featuring Impressive Diamond And Adorned Shank

Price $16,500

If you’re looking for a ring where the diamond does the talking, then look no further than the Bridgewater ring. This spectacular ring features an oval rose-cut diamond set in four prongs with 1.35-carats and E color and VVS2 clarity grades. Smaller round brilliant diamonds are micro-pave set along the shoulders and down the shank, while additional round brilliant are found lining the gallery.

35. Eura Ring

Charming Eura Platinum Diamond Ring With Floral Design

Price $9,200

This delicate platinum ring is perfect for an elegant lady who appreciates floral designs in combination with diamonds. The 1.21-carat old mine-cut central diamond has K color and VS2 clarity grades. Meanwhile, a formidable cluster of old-cut diamonds surrounds the center stone, thus providing a truly charming appeal.

36. Addison Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Addison Cluster Engagement Ring

Price $15,000

This Addison Ring is one of the oldest platinum pieces on this list, as it was handcrafted circa 1880 during the Victorian era. It features a magnificent antique cushion-cut center diamond weighing 1.52 carats, and with VS2 clarity, and K color grades. A striking double old European-cut diamond halo weighing 2.40 carats surrounds the center stone.

37. Bloomsburg Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Bloomsbury Diamond Ring With Sapphires

Price $23,000

This Edwardian ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1910 and features a 2.08-carat center diamond with French-cut sapphires surrounding it, making a perfect engagement ring for sapphire-lovers. The ring is further embellished with ribbon motif shoulders, hosting additional sapphires and diamonds.

The ultimate elegance and sophistication of this ring will make sure your bride-to-be makes an entrance wherever she goes.

38. Finchley Ring

Finchley Diamond Engagement Ring With Halo Of Diamonds

Price $10,000

This breathtaking diamond ring is GIA certified and features a 1.00-carat central diamond with VS1 clarity and H color. The design is perfect for women who adore diamond halo jewelry and can appreciate a sophisticated cut. Additionally, the fleur-de-lis motifs add to it’s allure as does the fine milgrain decoration.

39. Hudson Ring

5.91ct Old European Cut Diamond & Emerald Halo Platinum Engagement Ring - Hudson Ring - Hand Video

Price $95,000

The Hudson Ring is a truly exquisite engagement ring that any bride-to-be would appreciate, especially if she’s a fan of emeralds. The 5.91-carat diamond is certainly a sight to behold, and is sure to impress. A 1.00-carat emerald halo surrounds the center stone certainly granting added sophistication and elegance.

40. Halifax Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Halifax Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price $24,000

If you’re interest in platinum does not discount the addition of other metals, then consider the Halifax Ring. The yellow-gold band is quite alluring by it’s own right, but the incorporation of the platinum setting makes it even better. Handcrafted circa 1900, this ring features a 2.50-carat center diamond set in eight prongs.

Platinum vs. White Gold: Which Is Better?

Platinum Vs White Gold Bullet Point Comparison Infographic

If you’re looking for authenticity and rarity, then look no further than platinum rings. They are naturally white, keep their sheen over time, and are also more expensive. Platinum isn’t mixed with alloys like white gold to maintain its color. That’s one of the reasons why platinum rings can be up to 50% more expensive, but the price difference is well worth it.

For a complete guide on platinum vs. gold, feel free to read our authoritative article.

Shopping Tips for Platinum Rings

If you wish to surprise your loved one with a platinum ring, then be sure to follow the tips below for the perfect shopping experience.

1. Pick the Right Jeweler

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

The crucial tip is to only shop from trustworthy brands. Estate Diamond Jewelry is a verified seller of platinum rings offering certificates and detailed information about every ring.

2. Look for the Right Qualities

Artistic Picture of Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

You want to go for platinum rings with high purity. If you run across a 95% pure platinum ring, consider it a worthwhile choice, even though it will be more expensive.

3. Confirm The Purity Percentage

13025 Customer using a Loupe on a Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring in Showroom

Always look for the hallmark on the inside of the ring to make sure the purity percentage is correct.

4. Learn About Alloys

Blow Torch on Jewelry

The purest platinum rings (95%) are most often alloyed with ruthenium or cobalt. Some rings may be alloyed with iridium, which is a more affordable metal, but can scratch easily.

5. Go for Handcrafted Filigree

Filigree Engagement Ring

Filigree rings are delicate and often prefabricated in the casting process. You want to look for hand-drawn wire filigrees that are sculpted and soldered into one piece.

6. Ask for the Certification

UGL Diamond Certification on Table

Platinum rings are typically priced such that they should have a tamper-proof quality assurance card. This is further proof that your ring is certified and well worth the investment, so be sure to keep it in mind.

Talk to an Expert Jeweler

Hopefully, you now have some idea of which platinum engagement rings will be the best fit for your soon-to-be fiancée. We’ve included just enough rings to guide you, so all you have to do now is make up your mind about the final design and pop the question!

If you want further assistance in finding the perfect platinum engagement ring, then please feel free to send us a message. We respond to all questions within one business hour.


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