Vintage Engagement Rings

A rare collection of unique vintage engagement rings, foremost of its kind in the world. These rare antique rings have been our labor of love for the past 40 years. Each engagement ring is hand-picked by Estate Diamond Jewelry to ensure that it meets our high standards for diamond quality and craftsmanship.

The range of vintage rings includes delicate platinum Edwardian Engagement Rings and fashion-forward Art Deco Engagement Rings. Our collection also includes rare gold Victorian Era, Georgian Era, and Retro Engagement Rings. The age of the antique engagement rings spans from the 1880s until the 1970s.

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  • French Retro Pyramid Halo Engagement Ring - Metz RingWhite Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring - Metz Ring

    Metz Ring. Circa 1940, Vintage, Retro Era

  • Vintage Diamond and gold Ring Allentown Ring Top View0.50ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Allentown Ring 14216 TSV

    Allentown Ring. Circa 1950, Vintage, Retro Era

  • Vintage 18k White Gold 0.71ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 13519-TV-1000PXWheat Motif Hand Crafted Milgrain 18k White Gold Mounting 13519-TSV-1000PX

    Virginia Ring. Circa 1950, Vintage

  • Vintage Diamond and 18k Yellow Gold Ring Califon Ring Top View0.40ct Diamond and Gold Ring Califon Ring 14368 Top Side View

    Califon Ring. Circa 1945 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • 4.30 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring with Onyx Halo 13423 TVPlatinum Diamond and Onyx Engagement Ring - Kent Ring

    Kent Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Emerald and Baguette Cut Diamond Halo Ring Littleton RingBaguette Halo and Emerald Ring Littleton Ring

    Littleton Ring

  • Platinum Three Stone Ring Vercelli Ring Top ViewKashmir Sapphire Ring Vercelli Ring Top Side View

    Vercelli Ring (Kashmir)

  • 3.42ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Gatineau Ring 14885 TV3.42ct Old European Diamond Engagement Ring - Gatineau Ring 14885 TSV

    Gatineau Ring. Circa 1945 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • Two Tone 14k Gold Engagement Ring - Mildred RingOld European Cut Diamond Retro Ring - Mildred Ring

    Mildred Ring. Circa 1940 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • 5.46ct Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Nyons Ring

    Nyons Ring

  • Summerset ring prong set round aquamarine ring 14767-TV-1000PXprong set round aquamarine cut ring 14767-TSV-1000PX Summerset ring

    Summerset Ring

  • Emerald Cut Zambian Emerald Cocktail Ring - Winslow Ring DYL43 TVFloral Ruby Diamond Halo Ring - JN2230 SV

    Winslow Ring

  • 1.18ct Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring - Anaheim Ring 14772 TV1.18ct Aquamarine Diamond Accent Engagement Ring - Anaheim Ring 14772 TSV

    Anaheim Ring

  • 1.13ct Round Aquamarine Diamond Halo Ring - Andalusia Ring 14764 TVAquamarine and Diamond Birthstone Engagement Ring - Andalusia Ring 14764 TSV

    Andalusia Ring

  • Retro Era 1.93ct Old European Diamond Ring - Andover Ring 14510 TVVintage 14k White on Yellow Gold Ring - Andover Ring 14510 TSV

    Andover Ring. Circa 1940 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • 0.59ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Ansley Ring 101-503 TVF Color Princess Cut Diamond Ring - Ansley Ring 101-503 TSV

    Ansley Ring

  • 0.80ct Round Aqua Halo 18k White Gold Ring 12620 TV0.80ct Round Cut Aquamarine Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 12620 TSV

    Aqua Halo Ring

  • Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Basswood RingEmerald Cut Diamond and 18k White Gold Ring - Basswood Ring

    Basswood Ring

  • Top View 18k White Gold Diamond Ring Branford Ring 14995Top Side VIew . Diamond Ring Branford Ring 14995

    Branford Ring

  • old europeon cut diamond ring Bridgeville ring 14430-TV-1000PXBridgeville ring old Europeon cut diamond ring 14430-TSV-1000PX

    Bridgeville Ring. Circa 1950

  • Buccellati 2.01ct Old European Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 14828 TV

    Buccellati Diamond Halo Ring

  • Signed Buccellati Diamond Openwork White Gold Engagement Ring - 13836 TVBuccellati 2.23ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - 13836 TSV

    Buccellati Diamond Ring. Circa 1960

  • Vintage Signed Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring - Buccellati Emerald Ring 13327 TVEmerald and Diamond FIligree Cocktail Ring - Buccellati Emerald Ring 13327 TSV

    Buccellati Emerald Ring

  • 11229 Ruby Buccellati Ring TVTSV Ruby Buccellati Ring

    Buccellati Ruby Ring

  • 207 natural demantoid garnet ring Casper ring KAMi-TV-1000PXKAMi-TSV-1000PX Casper ring 207 natural demantoid garnet ring

    Casper Ring

  • Vintage French 1.45ct Diamond Engagement Ring - Cesena Ring 14758 TVVintage 1.45ct Old European Diamond Ring - Cesena Ring 14758 TSV

    Cesena Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • Chambers ring 14771-TV-1000PX round cut prong set aquamarine ringround cut prong set aquamarine ring Chambers ring 14771-TSV-1000PX

    Chambers Ring

  • Pear-Shape Light Brown Pink Fancy Diamond Ring - Champs-Elysees Ring vmk13 TVPear Shape Fancy Diamond Halo Ring - Champs-Elysees Ring vmk13 TVS

    Champs-Élysées Ring

  • 7.17-carat Yellow Sapphire Ring Chesterfield Ring Top ViewYellow Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring - Chesterfield Ring

    Chesterfield Ring

  • 0.86ct Round Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring - Cincinnati Ring 14766 TV

    Cincinnati Ring