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Estate Diamond Jewelry has been featured in a number of major print and online publications. Our collections are favored among fine jewelry experts, gem enthusiasts, and collectors worldwide, and we are delighted to share the latest in estate diamond jewelry news and events with a growing number of followers.

Estate Diamond jewelry in New York

International Fairs & Events

Located on Fifth Avenue in New York, Estate Diamond Jewelry has come to enjoy a strong international presence, as evidenced by participation in such events as the esteemed Hong Kong Jewelry Show in 2017, and by attention received in such publications as Vogue Paris. To stay abreast of our latest international events, we invite you to join our bi-monthly mailing list here. Our showroom is located near the Diamond District.

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Our exquisite collection of pieces has garnered exceptional media attention. Here are a few recent examples:

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In the 21st century, many of our extraordinary antique pieces have found an Estate Diamond Jewelry news presence online. Our collections continue to draw an ever-growing number of followers on Instagram and across a range of social media platforms. (To take a look at some of the most incredible photos of our collection, click here.) Estate Diamond Jewelry has been featured in Buzzfeed’s The Top 6 Vintage Jewelry Instagram Accounts, with a strong social media following who have fallen in love with our “epic” pieces.

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See more and follow us @EstateDiamondJewelry for an instant look at all of the newest additions to our expertly curated collection.

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As our collections continue to flourish, stay connected via Pinterest to see what pieces have been deemed most noteworthy this season. Estate Diamond Jewelry is always acquiring rare and unique pieces, featuring hand-picked, one-of-a-kind treasures as rich in history as they are unsurpassed in sophistication. Vintage jewelry enthusiasts and individuals planning weddings are invited to stay updated on Our Most Pinned Vintage Engagement Rings Pictures, a fantastic collection of stunning pieces and an excellent way to discover the high standard of quality and style that has defined our over three decades of expert gemology.

Historical Significance & Contemporary Presence

Estate Diamond Jewelry is pleased to be involved in various press and international events. For questions about our Estate Diamond Jewelry news, we invite you to contact our staff anytime at (212) 265-3868 or (866) 853-9357, or via email at Join our mailing list for updates on our latest additions, shows and events, and to learn more about Estate Diamond Jewelry’s extensive showings in the U.S and around the world.

Estate Diamond Jewelry will be visiting the Hong Kong Jewelry Show in September 2017.

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Upcoming shows:

Miami Beach Antique Show
M Khordipour Inc & Estate Diamond Jewelry.

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