Artistic Ring Gallery

Feel free to peruse our pictures of fine engagement rings from the Georgian Era, Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, and Art Deco Era. Included in this collection are museum-grade handcrafted engagement rings that feature rare antique diamonds.

Browse our pictures in this artistic engagement ring gallery and click on the images to view more information.

Pictures of Engagement Rings by Estate Diamond Jewelry

11153 Cushion Cut Diamond with Ruby Halo Artistic
Sussex Ring. 7ct Diamond and Ruby Halo Engagement Ring. Contact for price.
13268 Sapphire Vertical Ring
Hardford Ring. A 3.50-carat set east-west sapphire ring. Price $4,500.
13224 antique navette ring Artistic
Cenon Ring. Antique navette ring with turquoise. Price $2,800.
1.56-carat diamond engagement ring with leaf motif
Chester Ring. 1.56-carat diamond engagement ring with leaf motif. Price $12,000
Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band on Surface
Carrollton band. Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band. Sold, but can be crafted upon request.
12655 18000 diamond engagement ring Artistic
Middletown Ring. 2.50-carat old European cut diamond ring. Price $21,500
DYL22 1.01 carat marquise cut fancy yellow diamond ring
Alameda Ring. 1.01-carat marquise cut fancy yellow diamond ring. Price $7,800
13231 old European cut diamond ring with halo
Lisbon Ring. Old European cut diamond and sapphire halo ring. Price $15,000.
Three Stone Emerald Cut Center Stone Baguette Cut Side Stones WEB-SB2503-Artistic-Lifestyle-Showing-Off-Ring
Seacliff Ring. 5 Carat emerald cut diamond ring.
Bulet Side Stones of Emerald Cut Engagement Ring D3176
Winona Ring. 6.38 carat emerald cut diamond ring
13798 Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Lifestyle
Crawford Ring. 5.03 carat antique Asscher cut diamond ring
DYL4-Sapphire-Ring in hand
Wharton Ring. Natural oval sapphire weighing 5.99 carats, surrounded by diamonds.
13316 Kunzite Ring on Tile
Marvão Ring. 4.06-carat kunzite ring, surrounded by a sapphire halo
Diamond Engagement Ring worn on finger style fashion model
Glenridge Ring. 4.53 carats antique cushion cut diamond ring
Kunzite Emerald Cut and Diamond Ring Platinum 13887
Burbury Ring. 8.96-carat kunzite emerald cut ring
12792 Kunzite and Ruby Halo Ring
Belfort Ring. Kunzite and Ruby Halo Ring
Sapphire Rings Group Photo
Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings. Shop More.
13231 Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Bokeh
Lisbon Ring. 1.58ct old European cut diamond ring
Pick Aquamarine Rings
Aquamarine Engagement Rings. Shop More.
HER4-Rose Cut Diamond Ring Artistic
Bergon Ring. 3.11 carats cushion-shaped antique rose-cut diamond weighing.
D5406 Diamond Ring
Sanremo Ring. 5.05-carat emerald cut diamond ring
Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement RIng in Platinum 12682
Fleetwood Ring. 0.66 carats Asscher cut diamond ring
SM313 Kashmiri Sapphire Ring with Diamonds
Rare Kashmir Sapphire Ring. Request More info
Floral antique style cushion cut diamond engagement ring 13278
Lamego Ring. 0.55-carat center old European cut diamond cluster ring
1.07-carat antique cushion cut diamond 12992 JE Caldwell
J.E Caldwell Ring.1.07-carat antique cushion cut diamond ring

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