Top 20 Funniest Wedding Proposal Videos

August 10, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Proposals are usually romantic, heartwarming, and emotional. But proposals can also be funny. Whether that’s because something went wrong or the hilarity was intentional, some proposals are simply funnier than others.

Here’s a list of the top 20 funny proposal videos.

The Stunt Proposal

Best EVER wedding proposal - hilarious practical joke will make you laugh!

This proposal video will definitely make you laugh! In the beginning, we see the groom-to-be. He talks about how long they had been dating and says it’s time to pop the question. Then, he asks his friend to throw him the ring, but he fails to catch it and plummets off the building’s roof. Fortunately, this is just a stunt, as he landed on a stunt mat and wrote, “Will you marry me?” on the ground.

The Hypnotized Proposal

FUNNIEST PROPOSAL EVER (Hypnotist Rory Z 'pops the question' to his hypnotised girlfriend)

This video may be a bit long, but it’s worth watching. The groom-to-be hypnotizes his girlfriend so that she has a specific reaction every time she sees the ring. After a few “failed” attempts, the author releases his girlfriend, and she finally gives him her honest response.

The Disbeliever

Hilarious Proposal

The genuine reaction of the bride-to-be in this video is hilarious. When the groom-to-be pops the question, she can’t believe the situation is real. She keeps interrupting him until she finally believes him.

Video of the Disneyland Musical Proposal

Best Marriage Proposal Ever

Disneyland proposals aren’t that rare. However, having a proposal in the form of a rehearsed musical is nothing short of creative and unique. The groom-to-be takes part in this funny and heartwarming musical, impressing his future bride and the audience.

The Apple Toss Proposal

Funny Wedding Proposal

This proposal takes place at an apple orchard. The groom-to-be asks his girlfriend to marry him, and her first reaction is to throw an apple at his face in disbelief. After realizing he’s not joking, she hugs him so hard they both fall down.

Video of the Girlfriend Running Away After Hearing the Question

Wedding Proposal - Funny

Public proposals can be adorable, but there’s always a risk she might say no, which can be pretty embarrassing. This is what happened at a game when the guy proposed to his girlfriend in front of a big audience, and she ran away in shock!

Video of the Girlfriend Pushing Her Boyfriend Down the Front Steps

Ultimate Proposal Fail

Here, the boyfriend hid in a cardboard gift box and “delivered” himself to his girlfriend’s front door, ready to pop the question. Unfortunately, the girlfriend got scared of the box and pushed it off her front steps.

The Basketball Proposal

UCLA basketball proposal FAIL!

Proposing to your girlfriend on a “kiss cam” can be sweet, but it’s also very risky. After the boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend, she thinks about it for a few seconds and then walks away.

Video of a Dog Ruining the Proposal Video

Caught On Camera - Funny Dog Messes Up Marriage Proposal

Proposing to your girlfriend while walking through the woods can be incredibly romantic. This groom-to-be wanted to film the proposal, so he left his phone on the ground. After the boyfriend popped the question, their dog ran towards the phone and obstructed the view, so the couple was left with no video of the proposal.

Video of the Girlfriend Hitting Her Boyfriend With a Ukulele

most funny proposal fail

Public proposals can go very wrong, and this is a true example. After three months of dating, the boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend in a shopping mall. He even wrote a poem for her; unfortunately, she didn’t seem to like it because she grabbed a musician’s ukulele and smacked her boyfriend with it.

The Meme Proposal

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes

Meme lovers will love this proposal. The boyfriend printed out the best memes and used them to propose to his girlfriend while she was sitting at a restaurant. She said yes, and he ran to her with flowers.

The Girlfriend Abandoned the Stage

Wedding proposal fail

This proposal is yet another example of a public proposal gone wrong. After the boyfriend pops the question, the girlfriend is in shock. She waits a few seconds and then leaves the stage. The final few seconds show the boyfriend, and his expression is just heartbreaking.

Grandpa Uses Selfie Mode to Record a Proposal

Wholesome Grandpa Records Himself Instead of Marriage Proposal

In this wholesome video, grandpa was asked to record the proposal. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be familiar with how phones work, so he recorded himself instead of the happy couple. We love the heartwarming reaction we see in the video!

Girlfriend Faints During the Proposal


This proposal was definitely a big surprise for the girlfriend because she fainted as soon as her boyfriend popped the question. After a few minutes, she got up with the help of family members who held her while the boyfriend asked her to marry him once again.

Girlfriend Is Too Focused to Notice the Ring

Funny Marriage Proposal - Adrian & Libbi

The boyfriend had a great plan: he was going to wait in front of their new salon, the girlfriend would be removing the newspapers from the windows, and she’ll see him outside. However, she was so focused she didn’t notice him for a few minutes. Eventually, she said yes!

The Girlfriend Walks Away

Food Court Proposal Gone Bad

This proposal video is just awkward. The boyfriend proposed to his girlfriend in front of a food court in a shopping mall. It looks like she didn’t enjoy this public proposal because she walked away while he was down on his knee.

Tim Tebow Presenting the Ring

Tim Tebow's Funny Marriage Proposal =)

This boyfriend surprised his girlfriend by having Tim Tebow, the famous American football player, hold the ring while he popped the question. We loved this unusual proposal, and so did the girlfriend because she said yes!

Proposal on the Conan Talk Show

The First Marriage Proposal On CONAN | CONAN on TBS

This proposal video shows a guy proposing to his girlfriend at a Conan taping. After hearing the question, the girlfriend says she didn’t know the guy, claiming her actual boyfriend is sitting on the other side. The audience is left in shock, and the situation can’t be more awkward. Finally, the girlfriend admits she was just joking, and she says yes.

The Girlfriend Kicks the Ring

Funniest Beach Proposal

In the beginning of this video, we see two couples walking on the beach. They stop to take jumping photos, and at one point, the other couple backs up so that the groom-to-be can propose to his girlfriend. Not knowing what would happen, the girlfriend jumped in the air for the photo and kicked the ring by accident. Fortunately, it all ended well, and she said yes.

Falling From the Ceiling

Crazy marriage proposal: epic fail at school!

The boyfriend had it all planned. He hid in the ceiling and wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal. The entire class helped him cover his tracks and plan the surprise. Unfortunately, the ceiling collapsed, and his entrance was not as elegant as he had planned.

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