Top 15 Engagement Rings for $80000

September 30, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

If you’re interested in engagement rings for $80000, you’ve come to the right place. At this budget, we offer a choice selection of engagement rings any bride-to-be would fall in love with. Depending on the stone’s cut, carat weight, and clarity, as well as personal preferences, there are various engagement rings of all eras and collections for you to choose from. 

Check our top 15 engagement rings for $80,000. 

The Weybridge Ring 

Engagement Ring for $60000 and $80000 price range

Price: $60,000 

If you’re looking for an elegant pop of color, then take a look at the Weybridge ring. The central stone is a 2.15-carat emerald cut diamond that comes with a GIA certificate. Additional baguette-cut diamonds frame the central diamond on both sides, paired with two rows of beautiful sapphires. This vintage engagement ring dates back to the 1940s and weighs 2.81 carats. 

The Bel-Air Ring

Price: $85,000 

If you prefer an engagement ring with a solitaire diamond, then the Bel-Air ring is surely worth considering. The diamond in question has a rose-cut and weighs 4.00 carats alone. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the diamond is placed on an elongated cushion, held by a thin platinum band that makes it look even more sophisticated. The diamond of this antique engagement ring also has type I color and VVS2 clarity, and it’s GIA certified. 

The Spaulding Ring 

SB6511-Artistic-Hand-3 Engagement Ring for 80000

Price: $73,000 

For those whose main focus is the carat weight, look no further. The Spaulding ring features an Asscher cut 5.90-carat diamond with type M color and VS2 clarity. Since the diamond alone is striking in itself, there is no need for additional gemstones or other details. What makes this engagement ring unique is that it’s a signed Spaulding from 1950. 

The Asscher Cut Ring 

Price: $105,000 

Similarly designed as the Spaulding above, the Asscher Cut features a three-stone setting with an overall weight of 4.20 carats. The central diamond is surrounded by two trapezoid diamond pieces of 1.16 carats. This diamond belongs to the G-H color scale (nearly colorless). 

The Lane Ring 

Kashmir Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $65,000 

The Lane ring is intended for those who want something other than a traditional central diamond. This engagement ring features a rare Kashmir sapphire that weighs 1.81 carats, further framed by a double diamond halo. The ring itself is made in 18k white gold. It’s bound to look wonderful on any hand. 

The Vintage Cartier Ring

Vintage Cartier 72000 Finger

Price: $72,000 

For those wishing to find a classic engagement ring, the Vintage Cartier ring could be what you’ve been looking for. It features a solitaire old European cut diamond that weighs 4.29 carats. Dating back to 1945, this vintage engagement ring is an original Cartier. It’s placed in a four-pronged setting with diamonds on all sides. 

The Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring 

Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring on Finger

Price: $88,000 

The Brilliant Cut Diamond ring holds a stunning 5.09-carat diamond, with H color, SI2 clarity, and an EGL certificate. The platinum mounting is attached to two tapered baguette-cut diamonds. This vintage engagement ring is for those looking for a large solitaire diamond that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. 

The Wicklow Ring

Price: $96,000 

With breathtaking details and plenty of elegance, the Wicklow ring features an emerald-cut diamond that weighs 3.07 carats. What makes this engagement ring stand out is the diamond’s D color, i.e., colorless, the highest grade on the GIA color scale. This vintage ring goes back to the 1960s and is handcrafted in 18k white gold. 

Glen Ridge Ring


The Glen Ridge ring is an antique old European cut diamonds engagement ring that comes from the 1900s. The central diamond has 4.69 carats, I color, and VS2 clarity. The handcrafted platinum ring would fit any bride-to-be’s hand beautifully. 

The Dutchess Ring 

77501 5.01ct Diamond Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $95,000 

If you’re looking for an engagement ring from the Art Deco era, take a look at the Dutchess ring. It’s got a cushion-cut 5.01-carat diamond shouldered by baguette-cut diamonds on both sides. Created in the 1930s, this engagement ring is an antique. 

The Altona Ring 

Price: $70,000 

If you can appreciate a sharp color contrast, the Altona ring might be a great option for you. Framed by a halo of stunning saturated emeralds, the Altona ring is classified as very rare. The central stone is a 4.20-carat diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. Emeralds have become a very popular choice for engagement rings for their exquisite color and love-related symbolism. 

The Marbury Ring 

Price: $110,000 

For those with a desire to go all out, the Marbury engagement ring can meet your expectations. There are plenty of elements that make this ring a winner: the antique cushion cut 3.53-carat diamond, two smaller diamonds on each side, the detailed ring set with tiny diamonds along the whole perimeter. All of the diamonds on this ring are GIA certified. 

The Haddon Ring

Price: $115,000 

Another rare piece, the Haddon ring features a hexagonal halo made from natural French-cut sapphires. At the very center of the ring is set an antique Asscher cut diamond of 4.09 carats. This diamond is GIA certified, with G color and VS1 clarity. In addition, it features two tapered-baguette cut diamonds that hold up the central diamond from both sides. 

The Antique Pear Shape Ceylon Sapphire Ring 

10772 Sapphire Ring on Finger

Price: $68,000 

For those looking for something other than a traditional engagement ring, this antique engagement ring holds a pear-shaped 9.59-carat sapphire. The platinum ring features engravings on the side and small diamonds on each side of the sapphire. 

The Boudry Ring

Price: $95,000 

Another Art Deco piece, the Boudry ring was crafted in the 1920s. An old European cut 4.89-carat diamond is the star attraction. The extremely rare ring is shouldered by two baguette-cut diamonds. 

Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams 

Estate Diamond Jewelry offers a wide selection of engagement rings at and around $80,000 for those looking for rings within this budget range. Whether you’re looking for a solitaire diamond, a three-piece diamond setting, or other gemstones to accompany the central diamond, we have something to meet all kinds of requirements. 

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