Top 20 Engagement Rings for $40000

January 20, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

It’s usually not likely that large, high-quality diamonds will also have a low price tag – thus, a lot of people tend to compromise either the former or the latter. Thankfully, however, our list of 20 engagement rings for $40000 ensures that no such compromise will be necessary. 

In this guide, we’ve gathered the 20 best styles to fit a $40000 engagement ring budget. Here, you will find large diamonds of great clarity and bright options, as well as more modest styles.

1. The Piccadilly Ring

Estate diamond jewelry piccadilly engagement rings for $40000

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Piccadilly ring.

Regardless of the angle from which you look at this beautiful platinum ring, you’ll find a gorgeous array of diamonds on display.

Firstly, the 2.5-carat center diamond is GIA certified and is rated VS1 for clarity, and is emerald-cut. Two baguette diamonds flank either side of the center diamond, leading to three smaller diamonds on the shoulders. Finally, adorning the gallery on either side is a row of 8 round brilliant diamonds.

2. Barrow Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Barrow engagement rings for $40000

Price: $39,600. Learn more about the Barrow ring.

Diamonds are a timeless choice, but they don’t have to be clear. Add a pop of color with this 1.15-carat, fancy sunny yellow diamond. Round clear diamonds surround the main stone, while two baguette-cut stones adorn the shoulders of the ring. Furthermore, the Barrow Ring is not only striking but also practical due to its low profile and plain band. The ring holds a GIA certificate.

3. Bulgari Ring

Estate diamond jewelry bulgari vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Bulgari ring.

If you’re looking for a stylish vintage ring, then the uniquely shaped prong setting of this one should solidify it as a great option. This classic solitaire ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1970 in Italy and features a stunning 2.20-carat diamond. What’s more, it is GIA certified and boasts E color and VS1 clarity ratings.

4. Pierce Ring

Antique Three Stone Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring - Pierce Ring. Circa 1902 - Hand Video

Price: $34,000. Learn more about the Pierce ring.

This striking 18k yellow gold antique ring was handcrafted in 1902 as denoted by the inscription on the inside of the shank. It features three prominent stones which all hold GIA certificates and weigh a total of 3.33 carats. Additionally, the gallery displays tasteful swirl patterns which help elevate the ring’s overall beauty.

5. Montreal Ring

Estate diamond jewelry montreal engagement rings for $40000

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Montreal ring.

This ring features a mix of an antique 3.03-carat, cushion-cut diamond, and a sapphire halo. Despite its large size, the main stone is not overbearing. The mounting is quite straightforward, but in no way boring – the shoulders hold more diamonds, while openwork adorns the under-gallery. The band is made in a triple-wire shank style. A stellar entry within the engagement rings for $40000 list.

6. Kent Ring

Round Diamond Ring With Black Onyx Halo

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Kent ring.

If you want something unique without being pretentious or over-the-top, then the 18k white gold Kent ring is a great option. Set in buffed onyx, the 4.30-carat cushion-cut diamond on this antique ring really is exquisite. Last but not least, the under-gallery features bold openwork.

Handcrafted circa 1925, the Kent ring fills a special spot on this list of engagement rings for $40000.

7. Mulberry Ring

Estate diamond jewelry mulberry engagement rings for $40000

Price: $45,500. Learn more about the Mulberry ring.

This delicate vintage ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1930 and features an impeccable center stone. The prong-set, 2.11-carat, colorless center diamond is GIA-certified and supported by a baguette-cut side stone on each shoulder. If you want a minimalistic ring with a high-quality diamond, look no further!

8. Livingston Ring

Estate diamond jewelry livingston emerald diamond cluster ring

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Livingston ring.

If you’re looking for luxury and some color, then the Livingston ring should be on your radar. Crafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold, this ring features a gorgeous emerald-cut natural Columbian emerald which holds a GIA certificate. The 4.55-carat precious green stone is surrounded by a cluster of diamonds totaling 1.50 carats.

9. Bedworth Ring

4.18ct Old European Edwardian Era Engagement Ring - Bedworth Ring - Hand Video

Price: $38,000. Learn more about the Bedworth ring.

The Bedworth ring certainly does embellishments right- especially if you’re a fine of additional diamonds. This glamorous ring features an old European-cut center diamond weighing 4.18 carats and cut circa 1910. The platinum mounting consists of bow ribbon designs and is adorned with numerous diamonds and fine milgrain throughout. The total weight of the additional diamonds is 0.69 carats.

10. Cascais Ring

3.14ct Center Round Transitional Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Cascais Ring - Hand Video

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Cascais ring.

The 3.14-carat round transitional-cut center diamond of this ring is quite impressive, but, more importantly, this ring is yet another prime example of outstanding ornamentation.

The gallery is decorated with diamond-set fleur de lis patterns, a row of twelve diamonds adorns each side of the ring on the bridge, and intricate hand engravings cover the shank. Additionally, the shoulders are adorned with diamonds and fine milgrain.

11. Whitby Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Whitby vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $40,000. Learn more about the Whitby ring.

The Whitby ring is a delicate antique ring, perfect for those seeking a classic look. Handcrafted circa 1920, this ring features a 3.29-carat old European-cut center diamond set in prongs. Elevating the ring’s beauty are additional embellishments in the form of hand engravings all along and around the shank, as well as several small diamonds adorning the shoulders.

12. Doylestown Ring

Estate diamond jewelry doylestown engagement rings for $40000

Price: $38,000. Learn more about the Doylestown ring.

The stunning Doylestown ring features a 2.02-carat, elongated cushion-cut center diamond which is colorless and GIA certified. Surrounding the center stone is a halo of antique round diamonds with three baguette-cut diamonds interrupting it on each side where the shoulders begin. Speaking of the shoulders, they are adorned with further diamonds. Finally, the gallery displays bold openwork.

13. Cremona Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Cremona diamond halo engagement ring

Price: $38,500. Learn more about the Cremona ring.

This exquisite ring features a 2.24-carat emerald-cut center diamond with VVS1-rated clarity and a GIA certificate. Surrounding the center stone is a halo of baguette-cut diamonds which include a trapezoid-cut diamond at each of the four corners, thus maintaining the center diamond’s emerald shape. Additionally, 5 round brilliant diamonds adorn each shoulder.

Finally, fine milgrain decorates the perimeter of each diamond feature, and delicate openwork decorates the under-gallery.

14. Boudry Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Boudry vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $42,000. Learn more about the Boudry ring.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic antique ring with an impressive carat, then the Boudry ring may just fit your needs. Handcrafted circa 1920, this beautiful ring features an old mine-cut diamond weighing 3.90 carats. Finally, this delicate platinum ring is adorned with two baguette-cut diamonds on each shoulder.

15. Tournus Ring

Antique Cushion Cut 3.38ct Diamond & Sapphire Geometric Engagement Ring - Hand Video - Tournus Ring

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Tournus ring.

The Tournus ring is certainly fit for the bride with a taste for opulence.

The regal ring features a high profile center diamond which weighs 3.38 carats and is antique cushion cut. Surrounding the stunning center diamond are calibre-cut natural sapphires arranged in a floral pattern and continuing down the shoulders. Subtle openwork on the gallery helps the patterns pop, and the numerous diamonds covering the gallery and shoulders add significantly to the sparkle factor.

The lucky bride to get this ring will surely feel like royalty wearing it.

16. Dover Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Dover halo diamond engagement ring

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Dover ring.

Although the center 3.02-carat diamond has an old European cut, the ring features an octagonal shape due to the stone setting adorned with smaller diamonds and milgrain. The shoulders feature additional stones, while the band is made in a classic triple-wire shank style. Last but not least, fine openwork decorates the under-gallery. 

17. Ludlow Ring

3.05 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring with Sapphire Half Halo

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Ludlow Ring.

The 3.05-carat diamond in the center of this ring has a fair tint but is of great clarity, which is crucial for an emerald cut. A genuine sapphire halo surrounds the main stone, while two more diamonds adorn the shoulders. Otherwise, the design is quite minimalistic, but the under-gallery features fine openwork, adding a bit of flare. Finally, the ring holds a GIA certificate.

18. Oakwood Ring

3.73ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Bow Motif Engagement Ring - Oakwood Ring - Hand Video

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Oakwood ring.

This stunning ring is truly a sight to behold. The center diamond weighs approximately 3.73 carats and is quite impressive on its own, but the ornamentation of this ring elevates it to a whole new level. Additional diamonds are set in floral patterned openwork along the shoulders and gallery. Fine milgrain further decorates these features, and the total diamond weight is approximately 4.82 carats.

If the bride appreciates a lot of sparkle, then this ring is a great fit.

19. Buccellati Ruby Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Vintage Buccellati Cluster Ruby Ring

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Buccellati Ruby Ring.

Buccellati is one of the most renowned jewelry houses and this ruby ring is a fine example of their high quality. The precious red stone is a 7.41-carat natural Burma ruby and is set in 18k gold. Surrounding the ruby is a cluster of 10 diamonds. Further embellishing the ring are detailed engravings throughout. This vintage ring is the real deal; it was handcrafted in Italy circa 1970 and carries an M. Buccellati signature.

20. Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

Estate Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom made engagement ring

Price: $48,000. Learn more about the Estate Diamond Engagement Ring.

This ring features an elegant, ladylike design that isn’t crowded with unnecessary elements. The center diamond weighs 3.63 carats and was cut circa 1920. A three-leaf motif flanks the main stone on each shoulder, while the platinum band is bare. Additionally, each leaf and the under-gallery holds more diamonds. The four-prong setting of the center stone adds to the delicacy of the ring. 

Unlimited Options for Engagement Rings for $40000

Click here to view our entire collection of $40000 engagement rings. Additionally, we offer a guide to building a custom engagement ring which may help you decide on all the details of your perfect ring.

As you can see, with a $40000 budget, your options are nearly unlimited – it’s quite easy to find a beautifully designed ring with great stone quality. However, in case our selection does not include your ideal ring, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding specific elements or styles – our masters can create a custom design by request.