How to Find your Ring Size October 17, 2014 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Do you need to measure your finger? This chart below will help you determine your ring size. Use a piece of string and wrap it around the part of your finger where you will be wearing the ring.

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Mark the string where it overlaps to form a full circle. Then take the string and measure it with a ruler so you can compare it with the below chart. If it is a wide band, you might wish to add one size to accommodate the extra width.

Finger Sizing Techniques

There are so many ways to discover your ring finger size. Here are our top picks:

The EDJ Sizing Technique

We’ve been asked so many times how to measure your finger size without using any of the common finger-sizing tools. We did a lot of experimentation and discovered a pretty accurate technique that seems to show very positive results. We dubbed it the EDJ Technique.

What you need:

  • A long string of non-stretchy wire
  • A ruler
  • A calculator (or cell phone with a calculator app). You can use an online calculator to make the calculation.

How to Measure:

  • Wrap the wire 5 times around your finger in the place where you would wear the ring
  • Ensure that the 5 rotations reach the exact spot where the first rotation started. Make sure it’s exact. You can cut the wire or make a mark on it
  • Measure the wire. It’s preferable to use millimeters as it will give you smaller measurements
  • Use a calculator and divide the wire by 5.
  • Use the chart below to discover your finger size

Why 5 times? We’ve found that when wrapping the wire around the finger only once, the results aren’t always accurate. The 5 rotations ensure that you can get a better average from 5 different locations on your ring finger.

Please note: Any string that stretches will not work. We suggest fishing wire, dental floss or any other plastic non-stretch wire.

Plastic Ring Sizer

Estate Diamond Jewelry has plastic ring sizers that are available upon request for a nominal fee of $5. You can click here to buy it. The ring sizers are easy to use and give very accurate results. The obvious downside is that you will have to wait 2-3 days to receive the ring sizer in the mail.

Use Plastic Ring Sizing on Finger

The ring sizer shouldn’t be squeezed too tightly, but rather should tighten until it is comfortable on the finger.

Follow the link to learn more about the ring sizing belt.

Ring Sizing Conversion Chart

MMInchesBritish & AustralianUSA
44.771.76F 3/43 1/4
45.401.79G 1/43 1/2
46.021.81H3 3/4
46.681.84H 1/24
47.251.86I4 1/4
47.971.89I 1/24 1/2
48.791.92J 1/44 3/4
49.321.94J 1/25
49.951.97K 1/45 1/4
50.581.99L5 1/2
51.212.02L 1/45 3/4
52.502.07M 1/26 1/4
53.162.09N6 1/2
53.822.12N 1/26 3/4
54.822.16O 1/27 1/4
55.762.20P7 1/2
56.452.22P 1/27 3/4
57.652.27Q 1/28 1/4
58.212.29Q 3/48 1/2
58.722.31R 1/48 3/4
59.342.35R 3/49
60.382.38S 1/49 1/4
60.982.40S 3/49 1/2
61.642.43T 1/49 3/4
62.332.45T 1/210
62.892.48U10 1/4
63.462.50U 1/210 1/2
64.212.53V 1/410 3/4
64.972.56V 1/211
66.222.61W 3/411 1/2
68.772.71Z12 1/2

This chart has the measurements in millimeters, inches, USA sizes and UK sizes. There is always going to be slight disparities between the different sizes, but the differences shouldn’t be noticeable.

You can also use a ring you currently wear and cross-check it with the chart.

Ring Sizer App

Using Ring Sizer App

There are many apps in the App Store that claim to be able to measure finger sizes.

Our recommendation would be to use the Ring Sizer that was created by the Saber Team. To download it for IOS click here and to download for Android click here. The app is fairly simple.

It has various modes:

  • Size your finger based on a ring
  • Size your finger using the wire system mentioned above
  • Convert measurements. They have a much more complex system than the chart shown here

The app also has a section to browse through engagement rings.

Visit a Jeweler

Jewelry Storefront in Mall

We should have put this choice as the first option but purposely didn’t because we are assuming that you would only ask this question if you couldn’t get to a jeweler.

The best option to use if you want accurate results is a jeweler. Any jewelry store will have multiple options to get an exact finger size. They should have a mandrel and ring sizing chains available.

Another problem is the physiological pressure of going to visit a jeweler without knowing if you are buying from them. It really shouldn’t be a problem so long as you are straightforward with them from the start. You can tell them that you already have a favorite ring. Ask them to measure your ring size and also ask to see a few rings to see if they have any alternatives that match up with your top pick so far.

Final Notes

Engagement Ring and Ring Sizer

Getting your perfect size is really important. The last thing you want is a ring that is too big and slips off your finger without you even realizing. The good news is that resizing your ring is relatively cheap and easy. If you do end up miscalculating your size, just bring it back to your jeweler and ask them to resize it for you.

Whenever there is any doubt you can always use a professional sizing stick or visit a local jeweler and they will often size your finger for free.

It is important to note that the results can vary, but so far the technique of wrapping the string around the finger 5 times is the most accurate we have yet seen without visiting a showroom.