Best Places To Propose in Brooklyn

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
March 8, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

When people from outside of the city think of “New York”, they’re often really just thinking “Manhattan”. After all, it’s Manhattan where all the great movie scenes are shot. But the truth is that Brooklyn may not be even hotter than Manhattan. Here’s our list of the top places to propose in Brooklyn.

1. The Brooklyn Bridge

A scenic picture of the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

Yes, one end is in Manhattan, but the other is definitely in Brooklyn. You should keep in mind that the bridge can be incredibly busy at peak times, so early morning or late afternoon would be best if you want fewer people to navigate around.

It’s a shame that, for some, Brooklyn Bridge is now a little bit of a cliché. The fact is that it is iconic, and instantly recognizable in pictures. Choose the halfway point and not only do you have a great backdrop, but you can even straddle the Manhattan/Brooklyn boundary.

2. The River Café

The River Café, a riverside fine dining restaraunt under the Brooklyn Bridge.

A Brooklyn dining institution, the River Café has some of the best food in NYC. It also has one of the best views. People marvel at the New York skyline in pictures and on TV, without ever wondering where they need to be to see it for themselves. It turns out that one of the best spots to do so is the River Café.

It is chic and sophisticated, all without ever being snooty or non-inclusive, and proposing at the River Café is still wonderfully discreet. We think it would be especially sweet if done on the terrace. Everything great about New York is around you and in front of you, making this a prime location for the special moment.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

A grassy park near the water below the Brooklyn Bridge.

If the bridge itself isn’t for you, and you’d like a little more privacy than the River Café might provide, then head down to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Unique and absolutely gorgeous in the spring, the park also has some of the best skyline views available.

Stroll down to the historic Jane’s Carousel, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges for the best views of all.

4. A Private Boat

The glass ceiling and sky from within a greenhouse full of trees.

From Pier 1, you can get a private boat that will take you on a 2-hour cruise looping around the Statue of Liberty. Late Summer and Autumn at sunset are the best times to do the trip, although it is a wonderful experience at any time.

It’s a real “no-rush” experience and is just a perfect occasion on which to propose.

5. The Botanic Gardens

Prospect Park Botanic Gardens

Situated at the North East corner of Prospect Park, the Botanic Gardens is a fabulous proposal location at any time of year. If the winter chill or the summer heat is too much, head into the Temperate Zone, or into the Steinhart Conservatory.

The Conservatory itself has an amazing array of tropical and subtropical plants and flowers and even has a waterfall. Proposing in a rainforest, what could be better?

6. Coney Island

A ferris wheel and other rides beachside with buildings in the background.

Iconic, and tons of fun! It may not be the prettiest or shiniest place on earth, but there’s no beating the Coney Island experience.

Ride one of the world’s biggest wooden roller coasters, the Cyclone, and if your nerves allow it, pop the question mid-roll! This is the ideal location if you want somewhere fun and exciting.

7. The Brooklyn Museum

The interior of an art museum.

Next door to the Botanic Gardens is the Brooklyn Museum. One of the premier museums in the US, there is a heavy focus on American art.

Both the interior and exterior of the building are something to behold. Either would make a perfect backdrop for a quiet and discreet proposal.

8. Prospect Park

An old bridge over a body of water and surrounded by greenery.

Prospect park is Brooklyn’s answer to Central Park across the East River. It is usually less crowded than its more prominent relative but is every bit as pretty.

Take a picnic, have a stroll, or watch a ball game. Prospect Park has just about everything to make it ideal for a proposal.

9. Shore Road Park

A walkway by the water with the sun setting in the background

Shore Park is located on the west coast of Brooklyn, and it gives you an amazing view of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. You can even see the Statue of Liberty from this point. What’s great about proposing to someone outdoors is that it’s typically easier to find a private moment for yourselves.

The best time of the day to come here for a proposal is around sunset and since Shore Park can get pretty crowded on the weekend, we recommend going there during the week if possible. That way, you’ll have more privacy, and it will be less nerve-wracking.

10. The Romantic Streets of Park Slope

The historic Park Slope district in Brooklyn with breath-taking architecture.

Located right next to Prospect Park, Park Slope is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn, filled with historic buildings, wide pathways, and great restaurants. There’s nothing like a romantic walk through a picturesque neighborhood for that special moment you have been waiting for.

Proposing to someone in the middle of the street will definitely catch them off guard. If you have fond memories set in Park Slope, even better. It could be somewhere you went on a date, or perhaps where you first met. If you prefer an indoor setting, there are various bars, cafes, and restaurants all over this neighborhood that could make great romantic spots.

11. Valentino Pier

A grassy area with the satue of liberty in the background.

For those who want a proposal with a stunning view, the Valentino Pier offers a view of the Statue of Liberty. Once again, we suggest you take your significant other at sunset, but it can be any time of the day that you prefer. Walk toward the end of the dock for the best spot, just make sure it’s not windy that day and that the weather is just right.

The Valentino Pier is a great place to propose because the Upper Bay view makes it even more romantic.

12. Marine Park

A large gated grassy park with many trees

Marine Park provides a stunning view of Shell Bank Creek, and there are plenty of places to walk with the Marine Park Marsh Nature Trail nearby. If your significant other likes to spend time in nature, then this might be the perfect place to propose. Note that this place accommodates lots of activities, like golfing, hiking, cricket, and more.

If you want to recreate the Little Mermaid “Kiss the Girl” scene, you can rent canoes and take your significant other to Shell Bank Creek. Just make sure it doesn’t get too dark, or it might be challenging to find your way back.

13. Coney Island Beach

The silleouettes of many rides with the setting sun in the background.

Now let’s focus on Cony Island Beach. It’s free to the public and large enough to find an empty spot to pop the question. You can do it on the beach, the boardwalk, or the Pat Auletta Steeplechase Pier.

What’s great about having a beach nearby is that you can use it as a proposal spot any time of the year. If you want to avoid crowds, you can propose before or after summer. For other less-crowded places, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach are close by.

14. Governors Island

View of New York buildings across the water from a grassy island.

While Governors Island is technically between Manhattan and Brooklyn, you can get there via ferry from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The island is open to visitors all year round, but you’ll have to check the timetable on the official website.

Since there are so many things to do and see on Governors Island, there are bound to be various beautiful places to propose. The most romantic place might be Outlook Hill, which gives you a view of Manhattan. You can do a lot of fun stuff together, like riding bikes, kayaking, having a picnic, or just strolling. There are even some great restaurants where you can grab a bite before or after the proposal.

15. The Skyline Drive-In Open Theater

A view of the New York city skyline from a drive-in theater.

If you want to propose in Brooklyn in an extra special way, then consider the numerous open theaters that this part of New York offers. The Skyline Drive-In Open Theater is the most popular because it offers a unique, drive-in cinema experience. Not only can you take your significant other to a romantic movie, but you’ll have a chance to watch it in front of the breathtaking Manhattan skyline.

If you don’t mind a public proposal, then you can even contact the theater and have them set up a message on the screen. You can also call your friends and family to witness the proposal and have them hide in their vehicles until the right moment.

16. Prospect Park Zoo

Flamingos in the grass and water with flowering bushes in the background.

Another fun place to propose in Brooklyn is the Prospect Park Zoo. It opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m. during the week and closes at 5:30 p.m. on the weekend. The zoo hosts a number of indoor and outdoor exhibits, as well as special events you can check out on the official website.

If your significant other loves animals and going to the zoo, then Prospect Park Zoo can be a great place to propose. For some privacy, you can contact the zoo and ask them when’s the best time of the week to propose and if there is any way they would extend visiting hours for the two of you.

17. Vale of Cashmere

A scenic lily pond surrounded by various green plant life.

If you were hoping for a more private space to propose in Brooklyn, and you like the idea of proposing in nature, then the Vale of Cashmere is a great choice. Located in Prospect Park, it offers picturesque scenery and colorful gardens just for you and your significant other. It’s famous for its lily pool, which might be the perfect proposal spot. In addition, if your significant other is a fan of history, then they’ll surely appreciate the rich history surrounding the Vale of Cashmere.

The Vale of Cashmere is beautiful any time of the year, even in winter when completely white. However, we think the best time to come here to propose is during spring when the flowers start to bloom.

18. Sunset Park

A park of trees with a body of water in the foreground.

If you want to propose in Brooklyn, then consider the charming Sunset Park for this occasion. It’s not as big as Prospect Park, but it’s definitely one of Brooklyn’s hidden treasures. It’s a nice place to take a walk in the evening, but it got its name after the spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline, the harbor, and the North Historic District at sunset. If you climb to the highest point of the park, then you can even see the Statue of Liberty.

For those looking for less crowded, discreet places to propose in Brooklyn, Sunset Park is one of them.

19. Manhattan Beach

A sandy beach with birds flying against a blue sky.

Manhattan Beach is a charming little beach at the very bottom of Brooklyn. If you’re looking for privacy, nature, and the sea, then Manhattan Beach might be one of the best places to propose in Brooklyn. Note that you can’t get to this beach via public transportation, so you will have to go by car.

The beach is kept clean during the summer season, so you can also go swimming. It’s even a good proposal spot off-season when fewer visitors go to the beach. Proposing at this beach at sunset would make a romantic story you can tell over and over again.

20. Fort Greene Park

A walkway within a series of plant and flower-covered arches.

Tucked away in the very northern part of Brooklyn is Fort Greene Park. It’s named after the original fort that was built during the Revolutionary War and Nathaniel Greene, a hero of the Revolutionary War. This park offers wide fields and sloping hills. Right in the middle is the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument.

This park is beautiful all year round, even in winter, when the hills are covered with snow. Since there are a lot of festivals and activities in Fort Greene Park, make sure to keep this in mind so you can pick a date when there will be fewer people.

21. Blanca Restaurant

The interior of a high-end fine dining restaraunt with mood lighting.

If you want to go with a traditional proposal at a nice restaurant, but you a more private experience, then Blanca is the answer. You will need to make a reservation since this is a reservation-only loft with an open kitchen. It offers privacy, intimacy, and of course, delicious food. What’s more, you’ll be able to watch the chefs prepare your food in front of you, which is an unforgettable experience.

Blanca is also available for private dining. However, you need to be in the company of 12 guests, which might not be ideal for a proposal.

22. The Endale Arch

Inside the famous Endale Arch, a tunnel made of wood paneling.

Located in Prospect Park, what makes The Endale Arch special is that this historic landmark was recently restored. LED lighting was added to the interior of the arch, which makes this a great proposal spot during a romantic evening.

You can either propose inside the arch and take advantage of the bright lights and gorgeous interior or you can take advantage of the arch’s outward beauty by proposing right outside of it. It’s a good place to propose if you plan to take a walk through Prospect Park first. Not to mention that it’s more likely you’ll have some privacy here.

23. Walt Whitman Park

A serene park comprised of railed off grassy sections.

Walt Whitman Park is in downtown Brooklyn, and it’s right next to Cadman Plaza Park. Although this park is small, it offers a big, round fountain you can use as your proposal spot. You can also take a walk to the Brooklyn War Memorial, which is right across the street.

It’s best to go to Walt Whitman Park to propose sometime in the evening when the sun has set. This will be the most romantic time to pop the question. As long as you find a quiet corner, everything should go according to plan.

24. The New York Aquarium

A tunnel within an aquarium.

The New York Aquarium offers marine wildlife boardwalk attractions, outdoor and indoor exhibits, and other wonderful experiences. You can even visit the aqua theater, where you can hang out with sea lions. The aquarium opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. and is located right next to Coney Island Beach.

While the aqua theater might not be the best place to propose, the peaceful, dark aquariums might create the perfect mood. They will make you feel like you’re not in New York anymore. Make sure to go to the aquarium right before it closes, because that’s when you will have the most privacy.

25. Seagate Beach

A distant view of buildings of New York from the ocean.

Another beach proposal location, Seagate Beach, is a great place to propose in Brooklyn. The beach is part of the Seagate private neighborhood. Located right next to Sunset View Park, the beach is clean and beautiful and offers a stunning view of Lower Bay.

Note that this is a private beach, so you will have to pay for daily guest passes. The beach is only open until 6:00 p.m., so you won’t be able to propose in the evening. If you want to propose here, it’s a good idea to avoid summer, when it’s peak season.

26. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a lively pedestrian walkway and intersection.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers a terrific view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Downtown Manhattan, and the East River. If you want to propose in Brooklyn, then rest assured that there are plenty of places to do so on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The best time to propose is at dusk when the sun sets behind the Manhattan skyscrapers.

Of course, this place is always busy since a lot of tourists come to see the Manhattan skyline every day. If you don’t mind having some spectators during your proposal, then there’s nothing to worry about. If you want complete privacy, then unfortunately you won’t find it here.

27. Piccoli Trattoria

The interior of a fancy restaraunt with a bar and booths.

If you and your significant other love Italian cuisine, then Piccoli Trattoria might be a great place to propose. This restaurant makes organic handcrafted pasta and homemade Italian food. They also serve a selection of the finest Italian wines.

You’ll just need to make a reservation a few days or one week ahead, and you can always mention your proposal plans. If you want to put the ring somewhere in the food or in the champagne glass, then the restaurant staff can certainly help you.

28. The Prospect Park Boathouse

A large building between a body of water and many green trees.

Not only is the Prospect Park Boathouse a suitable place to propose, but it’s also a common wedding venue. Thus, this historic landmark is the perfect place for special occasions. It’s situated in the heart of Prospect Park and overlooks Lullwater Bridge and Prospect Park Lake.

Right across is the Picnic House, which is another beautiful place to propose in Brooklyn. If you were hoping for that cozy cottage on the lake setting, then the Prospect Park Boathouse and the Picnic House will give you just that. However, since it’s a popular place for weddings, make sure to pick a day when there will be fewer people.

29. The Sheepshead Bay Marina

A large body of water with a rocky shore in the foreground.

The Sheepshead Bay Marina is located in southern Brooklyn and is north of Coney Island. It’s a wonderful place where you can take a walk by the water at sunset and breathe in the fresh air. You’ll most likely encounter swans, which like to swim close to the pier; and what could be more romantic than swans?

You can take a walk on the pier, where you’ll be able to see different fishing boats and smaller yachts that are anchored there. If you want to get in on the boating action, then you can schedule a boat trip. If a romantic walk was what you had in mind, then you could go through Emmons Avenue to Pier 6. In addition, you’ll find lots of excellent restaurants that serve fish there.


Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

DUMBO stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and it’s one of the newest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. This location is also the most popular spot for taking photos, and it’s usually referred to as a living postcard. If you want to hire a photographer to take photos of the proposal in secret, this neighborhood is the right choice.

There are many great places to propose in DUMBO, like Jane’s Carousel and the Empire Fulton Ferry. On the right side of the Manhattan Bridge is John Street Park, where you will have the perfect view of Manhattan. You can also take a stroll to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which offers numerous ideal proposal spots.

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