Best Places To Propose in Brooklyn August 7, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

When people from outside of the city think “New York”, they’re really often thinking “Manhattan”. After all, it’s Manhattan where all the great movie scenes are shot. It has Central Park, the Empire State Building, Seinfeld, and Friends. To the outside world, Manhattan IS New York.

Of course, that’s not the case, or anywhere near to it.

The five boroughs of the city all have their own unique cultures and outlooks. Brooklyn, of course, is no exception. It also has many wonderful places to propose marriage.

The River Café

River Cafe in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn dining institution, the River Café has some of the best food in NYC. It also has one of the best views. People marvel at the New York skyline in pictures and on TV, without ever wondering where they need to be to see it for themselves. One of the best answers is the River Café.

It is chic and sophisticated, all without ever being snooty or non-inclusive. Proposing at the River Café is wonderfully discreet. It is especially sweet if done upon the terrace. Everything great about New York is around you and in front of you.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Location

Yes, one end is in Manhattan, but the other is definitely in Brooklyn. You should know that the bridge can be incredibly busy at peak times. Early morning or late afternoon should mean fewer people to navigate around.

It’s a shame that, for some, Brooklyn Bridge is now a little bit of a cliché. The fact is that it is iconic, and instantly recognizable on pictures. Choose the halfway point and not only do you have a great backdrop, but you can even straddle the Manhattan/Brooklyn boundary.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

brooklyn bridge park ariel view

If the bridge itself isn’t for you, and you’d like a little more privacy than the River Café might give, head down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Unique and absolutely gorgeous in the spring, you also have some of the best skyline views available.

Stroll down to the historic Jane’s Carousel, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges for the best views of all.

A Private Boat

Boating in Brooklyn Pier 1

From Pier 1, you can get a private boat which will take you on a 2-hour cruise which loops around the Statue of Liberty. Late Summer and Autumn at sunset are the best times to do the trip, although it is a wonderful experience at any time.

It’s a real “no-rush” experience and is just a perfect occasion on which to propose.

The Botanic Gardens

Prospect Park Botanic Gardens

Situated at the North East corner of Prospect Park, the Botanic Gardens is a fabulous proposal location at any time of year. If the winter chill or the summer heat is too much, head into the Temperate Zone, or into the Steinhart Conservatory.

The Conservatory has an amazing array of tropical and subtropical plant and flowers and also has a waterfall. Proposing in a rainforest, what could be better?

At Coney Island

Coney Island In Brooklyn

Iconic, and tons of fun! It may not be the prettiest or shiniest place on earth, but there’s no beating the Coney Island experience.

Ride one of the world’s biggest wooden roller coasters, the Cyclone and, if your nerves allow it, pop the question mid-roll!

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum Front Area

Next door to the Botanic Gardens is the Brooklyn Museum. One of the premier museums in the US, there is a heavy accent on American art.

Both the interior and exterior of the building is quite something to behold. Either would make a perfect backdrop for a quiet discreet proposal.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park Pathway

The park is Brooklyn’s answer to Central Park across the East River. It is usually less crowded than it’s more prominent relative, but it every bit as pretty.

Take a picnic, have a stroll or watch a ball game. Prospect Park has just about everything to make it ideal for a proposal.