Top 30 Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings

December 15, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

No longer is the standard diamond engagement ring enough. Many modern couples want ethically sourced and environmentally friendly rings. If you’re on the hunt for an ethical, environmentally-neutral diamond engagement ring with a story, this article can help. 

Here is a list of the top 30 ethical diamond engagement rings that are sure to please both you and your partner.

1. Califon Ring

13496 Califon Ring

Price: $3,800

This Retro era 14k white gold ring was handmade in the 1940s. It features an old European cut diamond weighing 0.75 carats, with VS2 clarity and J color. The ring’s shoulders feature bullet-shaped bezels with a single diamond in each one. It can be resized for any finger size. 

2. Highbridge Ring

13666 Highbridge Vintage Ethical Art Deco Diamond Ring

Price: $6,500

This intricate Art Deco ring was created in platinum around 1930. The central old European cut diamond weighs about 0.93 carats. The diamond’s color is K and its clarity is VS1. The ring features engravings along the entirety of the shoulders and shank. The dome-shaped mounting features floral openwork and delicate milgrain on the under-gallery. 

3. Copenhagen Vintage Ring

13864 Copenhagen Ring

Price: $5,000

The shoulders of the 1930s Art Deco Copenhagen ring are pave-set with single-cut diamonds to create a step-shaped geometric halo. You can see delicate hand-engraved decorations on the shank. The central old European cut diamond is 0.90 carats, I color, and SI1 clarity. Together with the diamond halo, this ring’s total diamond weight reaches 1.15 carats.

4. Berge Ring

13495 Berge Ethical Engagement

Price: $4,000

Each side of this Retro era platinum engagement ring with a geometric design has two rows of rose-cut diamonds in an east-west configuration. They flank the central 0.60 carat conflict-free old European cut diamond. Intricate milgrain adorns the mounting, making the ring more refined and shiny. 

5. The Denmark Ring

12396 The Denmark Ethical Engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

Are you longing for an engagement ring that is at once delicate and bold? The fleur-de-lis style Denmark ring might be perfect for you. A magnificent French-cut sapphire and diamond mounting holds a stunning vintage European cut diamond that weighs around 1.07 carats. The attention to detail on this ring is impressive and will make the lucky recipient truly stand out.

6. Redstone Ring

14210 Redstone Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800

The Redstone ring features a sparkling 0.50 carat old European cut diamond in box prongs in the center. Two additional diamonds on each shoulder and a halo of single cut diamonds add to the ring’s classy look. It’s set in 14k white gold and decorated with fine milgrain for an elegant effect that will capture anyone’s attention.

7. Arles Ring

14215 Arles Ring

Price: $3,500

When it comes to ethical engagement rings, the Arles ring is a great pick. This simple yet impressive ring features a 0.75 carat J color and SI1 clarity old mine cut diamond. It’s set in box prongs with platinum mounting. Fine milgrain detail adorns the Art Deco ring to give it that extra sparkle on your special day.

8. Bloomsburg Ring

13604 Bloomsburg Ring

Price: $32,000

Grace your fingers with this mesmerizing piece of jewelry. French-cut sapphires bring out the brilliance of this lovely ring’s center stone and shoulders. A GIA-certified K color, VS2 clarity 2.13 carat diamond of the old European cut sits prominently in the center, with hand engravings embellishing the already-stunning shank.

9. Exeter Ring

14146 Exeter Vintage Art Deco Ring Circa 1930

Price: $11,000

The Exeter ring is a beautiful, platinum ethical engagement ring made with a 1.25 carat old European cut diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. The ring features intricate detail work in the gallery and along the shank, adding to the 1930s Art Deco ring’s delicate look.

10. Ewell Art Nouveau Ring

14377 Ewell Ethical Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring.

Price: $3,500

The Ewell ring is a fantastic, Art Nouveau-style diamond ring with a cushion cut center stone and floral openwork detailing. The ring is made of silver on 18k yellow gold and features rose-cut diamonds swirling around the center stone and extending along the shoulders of the ring. This exquisite ring will make any wearer feel like a fairytale princess.

11. Dresden Ring

13831 Dresden Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $11,000

This Georgian era ring features a floral design with rose cut diamonds surrounding the center diamond, with a single rose-cut set on each shoulder. The Dresden ring is silver on 18k yellow gold with a backed center diamond. In addition, the backing, shoulders, and shank are all hand-engraved. This antique ring dates back to around the year 1800.

12. Rochfort Ring

13499 Rochfort Ring. Circa 1915

Price: $4,000

The 0.60 carat European cut diamond in this stunning French engagement ring from 1915 has I color and VS2 clarity. Two triangular natural emeralds highlight the shoulders for a subtle touch of color. The mounting consists of floral open-work with a scroll pattern on the shoulders. Hand engravings along the shank add to the beauty of this antique ring. 

13. Brantford Ring

14373 Brantford Ring. Circa 1925

Price: $2,700

The Brantford ring features a conflict-free 0.50 carat center diamond, rated H in color, and SI2 in clarity. The halo of single cut diamonds weighs roughly 0.13 carats in total. An openwork under-gallery and exquisite milgrain adorn the mounting. This ring was created in platinum during the Art Deco era, around 1925.

14. Charlton Diamond and Onyx Ring

14265 Charlton Ethical Vintage Diamond and Onyx Engagement Ring

Price: $14,000

This unique ring has a square shape and wonderfully contrasts the brilliance of a diamond and the darkness of an onyx. The central 1.50 carat old European-cut diamond sits in a buffed onyx bezel. Openwork embellishes this handmade platinum mounting’s shoulders and under-gallery. The ring is from 1920 and includes the craftsman’s signature, “Charlton.”

15. Lorraine Ring

13357 Lorraine Ring

Price: $4,000

The total diamond carat weight of this impressive ring is approximately 1.00 carat. Around it are old European cut diamonds in a half-bezel set. Calibrated natural rubies frame the diamond’s floral motif in platinum on an 18k yellow gold setting. It will undoubtedly make a statement wherever you go.

16. Rovigo Ring

13444 Rovigo Ring. Circa 1920

Price: $16,000

This rare Art Deco ring has an impressive vintage European cut diamond and natural sapphire accents down the shoulders for a stunning contrast. The center stone rates a K color with VS2 clarity and weighs close to 1.70 carats. 

The ring was handcrafted around 1920. It features diamonds, milgrain, and openwork filigree embellishments. The additional diamond weight from the accents of this antique ring is close to 0.36 carats.

17. Weybridge Ring

Artistic engagement ring for 60000 Diamond and Sapphire

Price: $60,000

As one of the most luxurious rings on this list, the GIA-certified Weybridge ring features a 2.15 carat emerald cut diamond with F color and VVS1 clarity. The ring is set with caliber-cut natural sapphires and caliber-baguette and round old cut diamonds in a tank-scroll motif. Made around 1945, this original retro ring is perfect choice for discerning brides yearning to own an original vintage piece.

18. Lagos Ring

14089 Lagos Ring

Price: $16,000

This exquisite ring may be the perfect choice for those looking for a delicate ethical diamond engagement ring. It features a round, floral shape with platinum mounting. Openwork under-gallery and fine milgrain embellishments decorate the mounting. The I color and VS2 clarity central diamond weighs 1.52 carats and is surrounded by a halo of old mine-cut diamonds in a flower design. The halo has an approximate total carat weight of 0.65 carats.

19. Albi Ring

14067 Albi Vintage Art Deco Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $48,000

This seemingly simple yet impressive solitaire engagement ring features an antique cushion-cut diamond set in box prongs. It has an L color and VS1 clarity and weighs an impressive 4.11 carats. Intricate hand engravings and delicate milgrain embellish the prongs, under-gallery, and shank. On each shoulder sit two smaller old European-cut diamonds. The platinum ring was handcrafted circa 1920 during the Art Deco era. 

20. Chrysler Ring

14251 Chrysler Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

Price: $16,000

This exceptional Art Deco diamond and sapphire ring features an old European-cut diamond that weighs 1.48 carats with J color and VS1 clarity. Adorning each shoulder is a row of French cut sapphires with a total weight of around 0.24 carats. The platinum setting is embellished with an openwork filigree set with 0.15 carats of single-cut diamonds.

The Chrysler ring is an excellent example of antique Art Deco era excellence with handcraftsmanship dating to 1925.

21. Curel Ring

13852 Curel Old European Diamond Ring. Circa 1925

Price: $25,000

The Curel ring is another stunning option for ethical diamond engagement rings. It features a 2.24 carat European cut diamond with K color and VS2 clarity. The ring incorporates a halo of caliber French cut natural sapphires around the center stone for the perfect contrast. 

This ring’s setting is handmade platinum with floral open-work filigree, single-cut diamonds, and delicate milgrain. The openwork pattern extends down the shoulders. Sapphires adorn the under-gallery.

22. Lafayette Ring

13945 Lafayette Ring

Price: $5,500

The Lafayette ring is an amazingly vibrant and colorful ring that will make any lady wearing it feel like a princess. This French Victorian-era engagement ring has a 0.60-carat diamond with SI2 clarity and J color and is prong-set in the center. The ring features a floral pattern diamond cluster and a double halo of diamonds with black enamel surrounding it. Rose-cut diamonds with hand-engraved fleur-de-lis designs sit on the ring’s shoulders.

23. Holland Ring

13856 Holland Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,500

Intricate floral-design rings never go out of style. This Edwardian-era ring was handmade in 1905 in 15k yellow gold. A double halo of old mine and single-cut diamonds frames the center old mine cut diamond cluster. The overall weight of the ring is around 2.50 carats. Overall, it has J-K color and VS2-SI2 clarity, making it a truly stunning engagement piece.

24. Berkeley Ring

14149 Berkeley Ring

Price: $19,000

Brides looking for a piece of a bygone era may love the Edwardian Berkeley ring circa 1910. The 1.53 carat old European cut main stone is kept in place by prongs within a square bezel. The diamond’s J color and VS1 clarity in a platinum setting make it a sight to behold. The flowery openwork pattern with extra antique European cut diamonds and under-gallery is enhanced with an openwork heart motif design. 

25. Brunswick Ring

13857 Brunswick Ring. Circa 1810

Price: $2,700

During the Georgian era, between 1714 and 1830, the fashion for diamond engagement rings was for large, showy pieces. The Brunswick ring is from around 1810 and is the perfect example of the trends of that era, with three large rose-cut diamonds in an elongated setting. The center diamonds weigh approximately 0.30 carats in total, and smaller rose cut diamonds border them. 

The ring is further enhanced with hand engravings on the shoulders and shank to emphasize the dramatic design.

26. Ashbourne Ring

13336 Ashbourne Ring

Price: $4,500

The Ashbourne ring is an excellent option if you’re looking for vintage ethical diamond engagement rings. This beautiful antique navette ring from the Edwardian era features three old mine cut diamonds set in platinum-topped 18k yellow gold. Single-cut diamonds border the ring, adding even more brilliance. The approximate weight of the ring is 1.05 carats, with the center mine cut diamonds weighing 0.90 carats and rating L color and VS2 clarity.

27. Rideau Ring

13480 Rideau Ring

Price: $9,900

This ring is a beautiful example of a Victorian-era engagement ring, dating back to around 1880. It features pave-set diamonds in a dome-shaped silver mounting. This French ring’s center stone is a 0.30 carats antique cushion cut diamond with single cuts to old European cut diamonds surrounding it. This ring is the perfect choice for someone who wants an ethical and environmentally friendly engagement ring that is also unique and stunning.

28. Escan Ring

13966 Escan Ring

Price: $4,500

The Escan ring is another example of dramatic floral designs in ethical engagement rings. This Victorian-era cluster ring features a floral motif with a 0.55 carat rose cut diamond, J color, and VS1 clarity in a prong setting. A cluster of rose cut diamonds further accentuates the center stone, forming a flower head design. Yellow gold backs the diamonds providing the perfect background for the gems.

This silver on 18k gold engagement ring was handcrafted around 1890.

29. Morrison Ring

YK109 Morrison Ring

Price: $10,500

This is a magnificent example of an Art Deco ring. The Morrison ring has an elongated design, set with old European-cut diamonds. The center diamond weighs around 0.55 carats and has an I color and VS2 clarity. The ring’s size and unusual design make it a dramatic piece perfect for the bride who wants to leave a lasting impression. This ring’s total estimated diamond weight is 2.15 carats. It dates back to around the year 1920.

30. Lamego Ring

14031 Lamego Ring

Price: $5,500

The Lamego ring is an exquisite original antique engagement ring from the Edwardian era. The bezel-set old European cut center diamond is approximately 0.67 carats, G color and VS1 clarity. Old European cut diamonds with a combined weight of 0.63 carats sit in a floral halo around the central stone. This platinum on 18k yellow gold handcrafted ring dates back to 1905.

What Is an Ethical Engagement Ring?

Profits from diamond mining are often misused to finance civil wars around the world, while the mining itself has a considerably negative effect on the environment. Ethical diamond engagement rings must come from a conflict-free and eco-friendly source. You should consider several factors to ensure your diamond engagement ring comes from an ethical source.

The Kimberly Process

Raw Diamond with Reflection

The Kimberley Process is an international initiative that regulates the diamond trade and tries to combat the trade of conflict diamonds. If a diamond has been certified by the Kimberley Process, you can expect it to be conflict-free. Unfortunately, the system still has loopholes that blood diamond traders use to fund wars from the profits. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds

One way to ensure you aren’t supporting the blood diamond trade is by buying lab-grown diamonds and recycled precious metals. Lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as natural ones, so you are still getting the real deal. 

Additionally, they’re a way to get around the environmental damage resulting from diamond mining. However, communities that survive by mining diamonds criticize lab-grown diamonds because they take away their already heavily limited employment possibilities.

Pre-Owned and Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Engagement Ring in Box on Wood

The best way to avoid these ethical problems is to buy pre-owned vintage diamond engagement rings. This way, you can be sure that you are not contributing to environmental damage, ongoing conflicts, or human rights abuses for simply wanting a unique ring. 

Additionally, vintage rings always have a past and a story behind them, making them more culturally valuable even if you don’t know their story. 

If you keep these factors in mind when shopping for an ethical diamond engagement ring, you will surely find a beautiful and responsible piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Talk to a Diamond Expert

Benjamin Khordipour in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

If you’re shopping for ethical diamond engagement rings, finding a qualified jeweler to help you select a responsibly sourced diamond is essential. Remember to keep the “4 Cs” of diamonds in mind, too. The Four Cs represent carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. These factors will affect a diamond’s price, so working with a jeweler who can help you balance your budget and your desired ring type is equally important.

Whether you’re still shopping around or have your eye on one of the rings featured on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our diamond experts can discuss your options and find a setting that best suits your style.

If you have further questions or concerns about our ethical diamond engagement rings, we’ll be happy to schedule a viewing at our New York Showroom. Video conferencing is also available for your convenience. Please fill out the form below for more information about our stunning collection.