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Engagement Rings For Small Fingers

Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Small Hands

When buying engagement rings for small fingers, there are many factors to consider, such as style, design, and diamond features. And, of course, there’s how the ring would look on the bride’s hand. Since every person has different hands and fingers, not all ring styles will flatter them. 

In this article, we reveal the best engagement ring for small fingers. We’ll discuss different diamond shapes, bands, and ring styles to make your purchase easier.

Understanding Engagement Rings for Smaller Fingers 

Ring on Finger Hand

Small fingers have a unique elegance that pairs perfectly with fine jewelry. However, there are certain unwritten rules regarding the band choice. 

Generally, a thin band is the most appropriate choice for small fingers. This band will seemingly make the fingers look bigger without being too eye-catching. Since it doesn’t take a lot of space, a thin band will complement the fingers. In contrast, thick bands can cause the fingers to look short and bulky. 

The choice of metal doesn’t have a significant role in complementing smaller fingers. It should come down to the bride’s preferences.

Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about buying a ring (or wedding band) for small fingers.

Best Diamond Size for Smaller Fingers

Solitaire Diamond Ring on Small Fingers

Many people assume that bigger diamonds are always better. However, if your bride has smaller fingers, it’s quite the opposite. Larger stones tend to look disproportional and make the fingers look even smaller. 

If you want to compliment the bride’s petite fingers, it’s best to go for a smaller stone that won’t cover a large part of the finger. One of the advantages of having small fingers is that a small diamond looks more substantial. Another advantage is that you’ll save money: You don’t have to spend a fortune on a big stone. A smaller diamond will be a perfect fit. 

When discussing the best diamond size, we should also mention the carat weight. While these two terms aren’t the same, they are closely connected. Generally speaking, any diamond that weighs more than two or three carats will probably look bulky on smaller fingers.

Most Flattering Diamond Shapes for Smaller Fingers

elaborate vintage cocktail ring on small finger hand

Diamonds come in many different shapes. Even though all of them are beautiful, a few look best on smaller fingers. 

Most often, elongated diamond shapes are the best choice for smaller fingers. Besides making the fingers appear longer, these diamonds tend to look larger than they really are. This enables you to select a diamond with a lower carat weight and excellent color and clarity. If you don’t know much about diamond shapes, don’t worry: We’ll provide an example for each shape we mention. 


This shape features curved sides and pointed ends. It was developed in France in the 18th century, and it’s still very popular. Due to its specific form, a marquise diamond will look bigger than a round diamond with the same weight. Many brides love it because it makes the fingers look longer and also slender. 

A wonderful example of a marquise diamond from our collection is the Alpine Ring.


Oval diamonds don’t feature pointed edges. They look like stretched versions of round diamonds with a head, end, shoulders, and belly. The belly is the diamond’s widest part, and the shoulders are between the belly and the end/head. 

The Salamanca Ring perfectly represents how an oval diamond looks on a thin band.


Pear-shaped diamonds are also called tear-shaped because of their form. The head of the diamond is rounded, while the point is sharp. Due to its specific anatomy, this shape looks excellent on smaller fingers. 

The Alicante Ring from our collection features an impressive pear-shaped center stone.


Emerald-shaped diamonds are typically rectangular and feature long step cuts. Due to the straight cuts, this shape has unique light interaction that many enjoy. 

Take a look at our beautiful Basswood Ring with a lovely emerald center stone.


Diamonds with a round shape can also look great on smaller fingers. If you’re on the market for a round diamond, be careful not to choose a large one because it will look disproportional on petite fingers. 

Here are some examples of engagement rings with round diamonds that could look great on small fingers: the VCA Cluster Ring, the Diamond Tiffany Ring, the Cartier French Ring

Best Ring Style for Petite Fingers

Vintage Cartier 72000 Finger

Detailed, stacked ring styles may be exciting and unique, but they aren’t the best fit for petite fingers. In this case, less is more. 

A solitaire ring could be perfect for small fingers. These rings tend to have thin bands that create an illusion of longer fingers without making them look bulky. If your bride likes a classic, timeless look, she’ll love a solitaire ring. These rings are simple yet effective, which is why they never go out of style. 

Another excellent choice is pavé. This type of ring setting features small diamonds along the band. These diamonds are set in such a way that they look like a continuous line when looked at from a distance. The pavé setting enhances the brilliance of the entire ring and emphasizes the beauty of the center stone. When this setting is paired with a thin band and a small center stone, you get a perfect style for petite fingers. 

Channel setting could also be a great option for brides with small fingers. This setting also involves small diamonds along the band, but they are set between two walls of metal, forming a channel. One of the advantages of the channel setting is that it offers extra security for the diamonds. However, keep in mind the metal can make the fingers look much wider. If you want this style, ensure the band is as thin as possible. 

Small Hands but Long or Short Fingers

Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Small Fingers and Hands

Women with small hands and long fingers can experiment with a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs. You can go with a bold and extravagant style that will catch everyone’s eye. Or you can choose a simple and effective design. The choice depends on the bride’s preferences. In terms of the band, both thin and wide bands suit long fingers. 

Asscher, princess, and cushion-cut diamonds look perfect on longer fingers. These diamonds tend to be larger in size and carat weight, which is why they don’t look as good on shorter fingers. 

Generally, women with longer fingers don’t have a lot to avoid when choosing an engagement ring. They should only keep an eye on diamond shapes that could make the fingers look even longer. Elongated shapes such as marquise, oval, and pear have this effect. 

Unfortunately, brides with small hands and short fingers don’t have as many options. Most brides want to make their short fingers look longer, and this can be achieved by selecting specific cuts, bands, and diamond sizes. 

Vertically-set elongated diamond shapes are the best choices for such fingers. Brides should select smaller stones that won’t take up a large portion of the finger. If that happens, the finger will look even shorter, and in some cases, chubbier. It’s best to choose diamonds with excellent brilliance because they will draw attention away from the fingers. 

Brides with short fingers should stay away from diamonds with a large surface area. Meanwhile, Asscher and princess cuts, as well as any large diamonds, look best on long fingers. 

Short Fingers and Wedding Band 

A girl wearing engagement ring and wedding band

When selecting a wedding band, women with short fingers should aim for simplicity and minimalism. Thin bands with no intricate details are an excellent choice. Wide or double bands can make short fingers look even shorter, so this is something to keep an eye on. 

If you consider these wedding bands dull, you can always choose the one that’s paved with diamonds. The added brilliance will catch everyone’s eye without drawing attention to your fingers. 

You have complete freedom in terms of metal. Silver, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, even rose gold: The choice is up to you. 

Where to Buy Rings for Small Fingers?

Customer in Estate Diamond Jewelry looking at Vintage Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Most jewelers with a wide selection of rings will have various options to offer for small fingers. But, this doesn’t mean you should buy the ring at the first jewelry store you come across. In some cases, it will take a while before you find the right seller, which means having patience. 

You’ll likely realize finding the perfect ring is harder than it seems. Deciding where to buy a ring is only one of the choices you have to make. For these reasons, we’ve prepared several tips that will help you along the way.

Tips for Buying a Engagement Ring for Small Fingers

Denver Aquamarine Ring on small finger

1. Pick Your Jeweler Wisely 

As mentioned, many jewelers offer rings for small fingers. This is why you need to ensure you’re buying the ring from a trusted and reputable seller. Browse several jewelers in your area, read online reviews, and reach out to past customers to ask them about their experience. The jeweler you choose should be experienced and reliable. 

More importantly, the selected jeweler should be ready to answer all your questions and explain why one ring may look good or bad on small fingers. You can also ask the seller to tell you more about a ring’s origin and history. If your bride loves vintage jewelry, she’ll appreciate a ring with an interesting background and tradition. 

2. Pay Attention to Certification

Every diamond should have the necessary certification that proves its quality. Although you may be focused on whether a ring suits small fingers, don’t forget to ask for and pay attention to the certification. 

Unfortunately, some jewelers will try to trick you and sell you fake diamonds or claim they’re of much higher quality than they actually are. This is why it’s essential to accept only the official GIA documentation. 

3. Focus on Your Bride’s Style 

If you’re buying an engagement ring for your bride without her knowledge, finding the right one can be much harder. The essential thing to remember is that the ring should reflect your bride’s style. 

Pay attention to the rings she’s currently wearing and look for one that will match those. While jewelers can offer advice on what looks best on smaller fingers, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose something else. 

If your bride likes bulky, extravagant jewelry, she’ll likely love a ring with a large diamond and interesting patterns. Even if you think a different ring style might suit her better, make her preferences your priority. 

4. Start With the Basics 

If you don’t know much about rings, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices. This is why we recommend starting with the basics. Firstly, determine what kind of metal your bride prefers. This is a fairly easy step: Pay attention to the jewelry she’s wearing, and you’ll be able to establish what her favorite style is. 

Next, pick the center stone. Most often, brides with small fingers prefer smaller stones, but this isn’t a universal rule. The center stone you pick should reflect her style. Finally, choose whether you want a ring with side stones and additional details. 

5. Ask for Help 

Surprising your bride with a beautiful ring isn’t simple and requires planning. This is why asking for help is a great idea. 

Tell a close mutual friend about your plans and ask for advice. The friend may be able to tell you more about what ring style you should get and can even accompany you on your search. 

You may even be able to get some answers from your bride without asking her directly. You can visit a jewelry store together and comment on rings, or you can ask her what jewelry she prefers. 

6. Find Out Her Ring Size 

You can always ask your bride what her ring size is. If you want to surprise her, borrow one of her rings when she’s not around and trace the inner circle on a piece of paper. 

But what happens if your bride doesn’t wear rings? Well, you can buy the ring and get it resized later. However, keep in mind that not all rings can be resized. Before purchasing one, consult your jeweler regarding this matter. 

7. Decide on a Budget 

The prices of rings can vary greatly, and there’s no rule that dictates how much you should spend on a ring. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a budget you’re comfortable with. We recommend going to a few jewelry stores, comparing the prices to quality, and determining how much you can and want to spend. 

Talk to an Engagement Ring Expert

Customers in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

If you have any questions regarding engagement rings for small fingers, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team has more than 40 years of experience, and we’ll be happy to help you determine what rings would best suit your bride’s hands and fingers. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’ll show you different styles to choose from. 

You can schedule an appointment and view our ring selection in our showroom or contact us at 212-265-3868 or 866-853-9357.


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