Engagement Rings For Small Fingers March 27, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Your hand and fingers will alter the appearance of your engagement ring, just as the ring will alter the appearance of your hand. If you’ve ever bought a TV which looked just fine in the store, but then takes up an entire wall at home, think that but on a smaller scale!

Assuming you have the budget, it’s great to look at rings with big, high-quality stones in the setting. The problem is that, on a small hand, they can look larger or too flashy.

The Band

Holding flowers with wedding ring

Of course, with shorter fingers, a thinner band will usually be your best option. Too thick and it might start to look like it’s about to entirely fill the space between the knuckles. A thinner band often provides the illusion of extra length, simply by not taking up too much space along the finger.

The metal isn’t so important. Platinum or white gold, or yellow gold will all work equally as well.

Diamond Size

Solitaire Diamond Ring on Small Fingers

It really is all about proportions. If you have small hands with shorter fingers, don’t worry. Smaller diamonds will then look larger when worn. It isn’t really about saving money, though, it’s about things just looking right.

If you are looking at round brilliant cut diamonds, then it may be that 1 carat will be plenty to “fill” your finger. Certainly, any diamond about 3ct might start to look too big. With some other cuts, there is a little more freedom in the actual carat weight.

If you are going for a larger-look than you won’t mind that the diamond will look better. The main thing is that you are aware of how you want it to look.

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The Cut

Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Small Hands

Any cut that has a length will work well. By that, we mean any that is longer than it is wide. These can be marquise, oval, pear and, as long as the width isn’t overdone, an emerald cut will all sit nicely on your finger.

Any cuts that are, for want of a better word, “chubby” will only serve to shorten the fingers. These will be cuts like heart or squarer cuts like Asscher and princess. Round cuts are harder to determine and will need to be decided on a ring-by-ring basis.

If you do have a particular cut in mind, though, do try rings on that have them. You won’t know, until you see for yourself, exactly how your finger will look with any type of cut. It may be that the size you like, or that fits your budget, will work perfectly well for you.

The Ring Style

This is probably the most difficult part of deciding the best options for smaller fingers or hands. A solitaire will always work well, as the bands tend to be thinner by design. It also allows a little more leeway for a larger diamond if you so wish.

If you do go for the cuts above that lengthen the finger, then there might be some room for smaller stones at either side. With a marquise cut, for example, pavé works beautifully, without adding so much to the width that it defeats having the longer cut in the first place.

Other Considerations

There’s not a great deal you can do to physically lengthen your fingers. Or so you’d think. Your nails, although a much less permanent part of your hand, can also help to lengthen the appearance of your fingers. Assuming your job and/or lifestyle allow longer nails, they will be a big help. If you choose a French manicure for your nails, though, be careful of the shape. The current fashion for square French tips can add a stubbiness to the overall length. Consider a more tapered finish for maximum effect with small hands.

Accurate sizing of the ring is vital for smaller hands. For any hand, a ring that is a little tight can make the finger look puffy. This is especially true for shorter fingers, which usually need all the slenderness they can get.

Another potential size issue down the line is whether you will ever need your engagement ring re-sized. The smaller circumference of the band already means a tighter arc to the band than on larger sizes. This can make stones more prone to popping out if not set properly. That might make a difference to the stones and the setting that you to choose, so speak to your jeweler for advice on the ring you want. There will be some latitude on the size, but perhaps not as much as you think.

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