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What Is an Engagement Ring Spacer?

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Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. But this doesn’t mean they can’t get damaged. While stacking multiple rings on one finger can be visually appealing, it can also result in scratched diamonds and worn-out bands. Fortunately, there is a solution: ring spacers. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about engagement ring spacers. Plus, we’ll offer advice on protecting your diamonds. 

What Is an Engagement Ring Spacer? 

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An engagement ring spacer is a metal band that separates and protects two other rings.

If you’re wearing your engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger, chances are both will get damaged over time, especially if they’re embedded with diamonds. While diamonds are valued for their toughness, it doesn’t mean they are completely resistant to scratches, abrasion, or chipping. 

When two or more diamonds come in contact, they could damage one another. But the damage to a diamond ring can happen even if only one ring features a diamond. A diamond’s hardness is uneven, making certain diamond parts more prone to potential damage. For example, sharp corners can get chipped more easily than other sections. 

A diamond on your engagement ring can also scratch your wedding band or any other ring. If the diamond is constantly in contact with the wedding band, it could significantly and negatively change its physical appearance. The situation becomes much worse if you have special engravings on your wedding ring. You could end up giving your wedding band a completely new “look” without even realizing it. 

To avoid damaging your rings, it’s best to use a ring spacer. Rings spacers are thin, all-metal bands that are placed between two rings. They act as a buffer and prevent the rings from coming into contact with each other. Instead of your engagement ring, wedding band, or any other diamond ring getting damaged due to contact, your ring spacer will take the hit. 

The Aesthetics of Ring Spacers 

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Besides keeping your rings protected, ring spacers can have an aesthetic function. Depending on the material and color you choose, ring spacers can blend in with your rings or create a unique contrast. Plus, they are an excellent way of starting your ring stack. 

You can combine different textures and designs to create unique stacks that will catch everyone’s eye. 

Engagement Ring Spacer Patina 

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After some time, you’ll notice the spacer has formed a patina – a change in color. It shows how much damage the spacer can withstand. Many people decide to keep wearing the spacer even though it’s completely scratched because it tells a unique story and makes a great accessory. 

How Much Does a Ring Spacer Cost? 

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Ring spacers vary in price depending on the material and thickness you choose. Generally, a good-quality ring spacer will cost several hundred dollars. 

It’s best to get an all-metal ring spacer made from silver, platinum, or gold. As far as gold is concerned, you can choose between white, yellow, or rose. All three metals effectively protect your diamond rings from scratching and complement their appearance. Which one you’ll choose is solely up to you. Some people love an effective contrast that emphasizes the rings’ beauty. Others prefer a more subtle look and choose a ring spacer that matches the rings. 

At Estate Diamond Jewelry, your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re looking for a perfect ring spacer, we can create it for you in silver, platinum, or gold. Our jewelers will create a unique spacer based on your requirements. 

Can Ring Size Adjusters Act as Ring Spacers? 

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Ring size adjusters are placed either on the base of your ring or the inside of the band and help you keep your rings in place. If your ring is too loose on your finger or the stone is so large it makes the ring turn around on your finger, a ring size adjuster is a convenient solution. 

You may think it would be easier to get a ring resized instead of using the ring size adjusters daily. But, this isn’t always possible. Some rings feature intricate engravings that won’t look the same after resizing. Moreover, diamond-adorned bands could also be impossible to resize. In some cases, resizing could result in a weaker band that can’t support the diamonds. In these circumstances, ring size adjusters are the only option. 

Most ring size adjusters are made of silicone or plastic. These materials are durable and won’t irritate your skin. Generally, wrap-around ring size adjusters are considered the most efficient because they provide good security. 

Some people may think these ring size adjusters could be used instead of ring spacers. While wrapping the adjuster around a whole ring could offer some level of protection, it isn’t the best alternative. Namely, ring size adjusters aren’t made of hard materials and are, in fact, flexible. This means certain parts of your ring could get exposed and damaged. Plus, wrapping the entire ring in silicone doesn’t look appealing and will cover the ring’s beauty. 

Alternatives to Ring Spacers 

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While ring spacers are functional and eye-appealing, they aren’t the only option for protecting your rings. We’ll discuss potential alternatives with a similar purpose. 

Insert Rings 

An insert ring is a double band with a large enough gap to fit a ring. Insert rings are usually used to protect solitaire rings from damage. Moreover, they also have an aesthetic appeal. These bands are often decorated with diamonds and gemstones and feature different shapes and designs. 

If you want to use an insert ring as a spacer, it’s best to get a plain one. Otherwise, the decoration may damage other rings and do more harm than good. 

Ring Guards 

Ring guards are two bands that go on top and bottom of your engagement ring, wedding band, or any other ring. Since they are not connected, you can mix and match different ring guards and create a unique style. Like insert rings, ring guards come in many shapes and designs. We recommend using plain ones to ensure the rings are protected from scratches. 

Both insert rings and ring guards are often referred to as “enhancers.” Keep in mind the two terms are often used interchangeably. While this isn’t wrong – because they have the same purpose – ensure you check the product’s description before purchasing. 

What Else Can You Do to Protect Your Diamond Ring? 

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Diamond rings frequently represent memories of our most valuable moments and memories. Whether you received one for your engagement or you inherited it from a beloved relative or ancestor, a diamond ring can carry a lot of history and emotions. Damaging or losing a diamond ring is definitely something everyone wants to avoid. 

Besides using ring spacers, there are other actions you can take to protect your diamond ring: 

Be Careful Where You Keep It 

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In addition to using ring spacers to keep your diamond rings protected while they’re on your finger, it’s vital to think about where you’re storing them. Jewelry boxes are an excellent option for other jewelry, but diamond rings should have a separate space. 

Since a diamond can damage another diamond, storing two or more close together could result in nicks and scratches. We recommend storing diamond rings individually in pouches or padded boxes. 

Get It Regularly Checked Out 

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We recommend getting your diamond inspected once or twice every year. Regular check-ups can help make sure that everything’s in place and ensure the diamond or the ring hasn’t suffered any damage. These check-ups are even more important if you have a prong-set diamond. Prongs can become loose and bend, and the diamond can fall out. Tightening the prongs is a routine activity for any professional jeweler, and it won’t take much of your time. 

Besides inspecting prongs, a reliable jeweler will check every part of your ring to ensure everything’s in good shape. 

If your diamond ring is insured, it’s useful to know that many carriers require regular check-ups. 

Take It Off When Necessary 

Many women like to wear diamond rings all the time. However, you may consider taking off your ring in certain situations. 

For example, when you’re washing the dishes, your diamond ring can go down the drain or get scratched in the process. It’s also advisable to take the ring off when you’re swimming because one second is all it takes for it to slip off your finger and disappear in the pool or ocean. Remember to pay special attention to your ring during winter. When the temperatures are low, our fingers shrink, enabling the ring to become loose and slide off. 

Clean It Properly 

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While dust and dirt won’t damage your diamond, they will decrease its sparkle. It’s crucial to know how to clean a diamond ring properly because some chemicals can harm it. 

It’s best to use lint-free cloths and warm water. Occasionally, you can clean your ring with mild soap and an extra-soft brush. Remember not to use abrasive household cleaners that could harm your ring. 

Besides cleaning it yourself, you should have the ring cleaned by a jeweler at least once a year. 

We’re Here for You 

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If you have any questions regarding ring spacers or diamond rings in general, feel free to reach out. The Estate Diamond Jewelry team has decades of experience in working with fine jewelry, and we’ll be happy to clarify any doubts you may have. 

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment in our showroom or call us at 212-265-3868 or 866-853-9357 for more information. 


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