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Here is our guide for understanding how to shop for engagement rings in the $20,000 price range. There is, of course, a huge choice of engagement ring styles and prices in today’s digital marketplace. Understanding the market will help you make an informed purchase.

Finding Your Budget

11769 Montmartre Ring Yellow Diamond 20000

As we go up in price, choice becomes less as the rarity of diamonds increases with size. Diamond prices also rise exponentially. A 2 ct diamond is far more than twice the price of a 1 ct diamond. It can, in fact, cost 4 or 5 times as much. The visual impact of a 2ct or larger diamond can be considerable, however.

If we believe the marketing brochures, you should be spending 2 month’s salary on a diamond engagement ring. There are several issues with this. Life is expensive. Buying a house or a car, paying rent and utility bills, raising kids and even just buying food is far more expensive than it used to be. Wages have risen broadly in line with inflation over the last 20 years. The problem is that all the above have risen at a rate up to 35% faster than wages over the same period. So yes, you may earn the same when allowing for inflation, but more of your dollars now just go on paying bills.

In essence, this means that saving two months salary now takes a lot longer than it used to. You have the choice of either spending less or saving for longer. Whatever point you reach where you decide you have enough to spend on a ring, you should make sure you can afford it. It’s nice to go that bit further, but no amount of romance will compensate for taking on a level of extra debt which may not be entirely affordable.

For a neat psychological boost, set your budget a little lower than the amount of money you have available. This allows some flexibility for a ring you see that is over your original price limit but is still within the budget you have available.

Engagement Ring Ideas for $20,000

A $20,000 price tag on an engagement ring puts it above the average, and above many people’s equivalent of two month’s salary. However, it also means that there is still plenty of choice available. If you are able to put a $20,000 budget on your engagement ring choice, then here are some ideas.

Hendon Ring

Price is $22,000

11315 Diamond Engagement Ring with Art

The Hendon ring features an incredibly lively old European cut diamond weighing approximately 2.65 ct. At J color and VS2 clarity, this is a rare and spectacular antique diamond engagement ring. The diamond is c.1925 and is in handcrafted platinum with lots of fine milgrain. The milgrain extends onto the shoulders where there are other, smaller diamonds in a double band arrangement.

The gallery showcases openwork filigree and has further milgrain-set diamonds in a bow arrangement. The overall effect is bold yet, at the same time, incredibly feminine.

Kent Ring

Price $18,000

12203 Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Contrast is very popular in diamond engagement rings, and nothing provides more contrast to any diamond than black onyx. The center diamond is a very rare, GIA certified, French cut diamond weighing 1.80 ct and of J color and SI2 clarity. A halo of buffed onyx surrounds the center stone, maintaining the bright appearance beyond the confines of the diamond. Further old mine diamonds create a second halo which has geometric onyx inserts.

The entire look of the Kent Ring is very art deco, right down to the triple wire shank.

Rare Art Deco Ring

Price $21,000

11649 Rare Art Deco Engagement Ring

This amazing art deco ring is as rare as it is spectacular. Inside a double halo of old mine cut diamonds, is a very lively 1.98 ct antique cushion cut diamond of I color and VS1 clarity. Further marquise diamonds adorn the shoulders in a natural motif which offers a nod to art nouveau in its design.

The gallery contains lovely open filigree work, leading down to a double wire shank. Such rings come along so infrequently that this is a truly unique engagement ring.

Montmartre Ring

Price $18,000

11769 Montmartre Ring Yellow Diamond 20000

With the craving for the whitest diamond possible in an engagement ring, it can be easy to forget how stunning fancy yellow diamonds are. The Montmartre Ring reminds us in no uncertain detail, with its fabulous 1.01 ct center diamond with its octagonal halo of old mine cut diamonds and milgrain. The smaller diamonds and milgrain run down the shoulders.

The handcrafted, shallow under gallery is platinum.

Octagon Halo Ring

Price $22,000

11405 Artistic Diamond Engagement Ring

This incredible art deco-inspired ring has been handcrafted using the same tools that would have been used when the diamond was first produced c.1920. The level of craftsmanship is such that it is one of the finest rings of its kind available. The old European cut diamond is 2.30 ct, J color, and VS2 clarity and is in an octagonal bezel topped with milgrain.

There is a further octagonal halo of smaller diamonds, with an open filigree gallery and a triple wire shank. Despite the large size of the center diamond and the additional halo, this ring remains incredibly delicate in appearance.

This ring is a little over $20,000 but the price is close enough to be within the category.

Asscher Cut Ring

Price $19,500

Asscher Cut Diamond Halo Ring in Ring Box

Asscher cut diamonds have a certain presence which lifts them into the spectacular. This diamond ring is no exception. The 1.80 ct diamond is H color and VVS2 clarity and is GIA certified. It is set into an octagonal bezel surrounded by a halo of smaller, brilliant cut diamonds.

Five further diamonds run down each shoulder and the gallery has fine filigree work to complete this stunning engagement ring.

Estate Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Price $22,000

11019 Artistic Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring

With an antique old European cut diamond at its heart, little else is needed to create a spectacular engagement ring. But, with the added pavé of calibre-cut sapphires surround it, this amazing ring becomes truly special. Three smaller diamonds are set on each shoulder, and all are supported by incredible filigree work.

The diamond itself is 2.24 ct, K color, and VS2 clarity, and was originally cut over 100 years ago. The ring is a breathtaking example of a sympathetic and carefully thought out setting for a large diamond.

Floral Engagement Ring

Price $18,000

11058 Floral Estate Diamond Engagement Ring Nouveau

With elements of both art deco and art nouveau, this ring has a total of 2.16 ct of diamonds and 0.30 ct of sapphire. The center old European cut diamond is 1.66 ct. J color and VS1 clarity, and is dated c.1920. The pavé contains a total of twenty-one sapphires, with a further twenty-one diamonds making up the outer halo.

Exquisite milgrain adds to the intricacy of the setting, and lovely filigree in the gallery leads the eye directly to the triple wire shank.

English Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Price $23,000

12135 Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

This unique ring has an elegance which makes it very special indeed. The center old European cut diamond is 2.09 ct, K color, and VS1 clarity. On the shoulders are pear cut diamonds, each weighing  0.78ct.

The bezel setting is yellow gold, with a complete shank and an open gallery supporting the main three-stone setting. The end result is both stunning and very different.

Cartier Engagement Ring

Price $22,000

11345 Cartier Engagement Diamond Ring

This genuine Cartier estate engagement ring is not technically a solitaire ring, due to the diamonds set into the shoulders of the band. The center diamond is 1.14 ct, F color, and VS1 clarity. The 0.75 ct of diamonds on the shoulders bring the total to 1.89 ct.

By being prong set, the diamond is allowed to look as good as it possibly can, and creates a rare and incredible engagement ring from one of the world’s most renowned jewelers.

Connecticut Ring

Price $21,000

11621 Connecticut Sapphire Halo Ring

The Connecticut Ring is a unique art deco era creation. The vintage center diamond is dated to c.1930 and is 2.01 ct, I color and VS1 clarity. It is perfectly framed by French cut sapphires which provide huge contrast in both color and style.

With smaller diamonds on the shoulders, and magnificent open filigree in the under gallery, the Connecticut Ring is the perfect example of art deco.

Colmenar Ring

Price $23,000

The Colmenar Ring is a true representation of Edwardian Jewelry, very little of which has survived until the present day. With a 2.35 ct, K color, VS1 clarity diamond at the center, and twenty smaller diamonds in the mounting, this is a highly unusual ring.

The handmade platinum setting provides a high position for the diamond and has excellent filigree work in the gallery. The gallery itself also has small diamonds set in a butterfly motif typical of Edwardian jewelry.

Lagos Ring

Price $21,000

12067 Diamond Edwardian Engagement Ring Style

The Lagos Ring is the perfect combination of delicate design and huge visual presence. Around the 2.16 ct I color, VS1 clarity old European cut center diamond is a floral cluster of old mine cut diamonds.

The lovely, feminine filigree in the gallery gives an overall look which captures the best of both Edwardian and art nouveau periods.

Bollon Ring

Price $19,800

11947 Bolon Diamond Onyx Emerald Engagement Ring 20k

When viewed from the top, the Bollon Ring couldn’t be inspired by anything other than by art deco. With a stunning 2.40 ct antique diamond an L color and VS2 clarity, and smaller diamonds at each corner, little else is needed. However, the addition of onyx and emerald accents on the shoulders make this a very striking and unusual ring.

The gallery has fine open filigree work that is studded with other small diamonds. The setting is entirely handcrafted from platinum

Howell Ring

Price $14,800

The Howell Ring has a very unusual mounting, which presents the 1.62 ct, I color, VS1 clarity center diamond as though atop a royal crown. Prong set in platinum, the diamond is GIA certified.

Smaller diamonds around the crown mounting, on the shoulders and under the gallery under the shank create a very delicate and feminine engagement ring.

Things to Remember When Buying an Engagement Ring

As well as always having your budget in mind, don’t be afraid to look around a little to see what’s on offer. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from your favorite jeweler, but having an idea of what you like will be very helpful. By telling your jeweler what you want, he will have more of an idea of what to show you that will be appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to be bold. The days of a solitaire ring being the start and end of engagement rings are long gone. Color contrasts are incredibly popular, and the modern convention for an anything goes approach to style means that nothing is off limits.

If you are buying online, know your ring size. This isn’t as complicated a procedure as it once was. Now, simple ring sizer belts are available for what is almost loose change.

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