Top Bezel Set Engagement Rings

November 15, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Your engagement day is one of the most memorable moments in your life, and bezel set engagement rings are one of the best ways to make the occasion even more special. These options are elegant and visually appealing. If you have don’t diamond shopping experience, here are the top 30 contenders you should consider for your special day.

1. The Cremona Ring

14114 Cremona Bezel set Emerald cut diamond and baguette halo engagement Ring

Price: $38,500

This bezel set engagement ring has a GIA-certified emerald cut diamond in the center, and the stone weighs approximately 2.24 carats. While the center gem is visually appealing, the surrounding baguette cut diamonds rival its beauty and cover the ring’s shoulders. The platinum setting is a dainty but skillfully decorated piece, with fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery.

Customers who wish to learn more about the center diamond’s color, clarity, and cut can ask to view a copy of the GIA certificate.

2. The Greenwich Ring

13960 Greenwich Bezel Set Emerald Ring

Price: $22,500

We can’t discuss unique bezel set engagement rings without mentioning the Greenwich Ring. A 5.03-carat emerald diamond sits in the center, forming a beautiful color contrast with the platinum mounting. But this piece brings even more shine to the table. Two baguette cut stones surround the center emerald, while additional European cut gems run across the shoulders. So, the total diamond weight of the smaller diamonds is approximately 0.62 carats.

3. The Charlton Diamond and Onyx Ring

14265 Charlton Bezel set onyx and diamond vintage art deco Ring

Price: 14,000

This antique engagement ring dates back to 1925 and has all the hallmarks of the Art Deco style. A beautiful European cut gem sits in the center, bezel set in dark onyx. The color contrast between the colorless stone and the buffed onyx is striking, making the ring even more alluring.

Openwork decorates the under-gallery and the shoulders of the handcrafted platinum setting.

4. The Leawood Ring

14163 Leawood Ring

Price: $7,000

A halo setting will tick all your boxes if you’re looking for a cut that will make the center diamond look more prominent. The Leawood Ring is an attractive halo option that centers a 1.02-carat European cut gem. A circle of French cut sapphires surrounds the colorless diamond, and their bright blue color complements the platinum setting. The mounting also has fine milgrain detailing and an openwork under-gallery.

5. The Ruby Floral Ring

14134 Ruby Floral Halo Ring

Price: $14,000

The Ruby Floral Ring is a unique bezel set engagement ring, and your partner will be in awe of its lively floral shape. An old European cut diamond weighing around 1.47 carats sits in the center, and its cut, clarity, and color are GIA-certified. Those curious to learn more about this piece can request to view a copy of the certificate.

The center stone isn’t the only striking aspect of the Ruby Floral Ring. Half moon-cut rubies encircle the center diamond, forming a dazzling floral design.

6. The Roslyn Ring

MAR105 Roslyn Ring

Price: $3,200

This low profile bezel set diamond engagement ring centers a natural emerald weighing around 0.84 carats. Emeralds are thought to signify love, luck, hope, and peace, with their eye-catching green color representing prosperity and new beginnings.

So, there’s no better way to start the next chapter of your life than to surprise your partner with the Roslyn Ring.

7. The Spruce Ring

12771 Spruce bezel set yellow gold cushion cut diamond and French cut sapphire engagement Ring

Price: $9,700

This stunning bezel set diamond engagement ring centers a GIA-certified colorless gem weighing approximately 1.36 carats. A halo of French cut sapphires surrounds the antique cushion cut stone, their color further enhancing its fire and brilliance. The ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold and features smaller diamonds on the shoulders of the mounting and a triple-wire shank.

If you want to learn more about the Spruce Ring, you may request to review a copy of the GIA certificate.

8. The Atlanta Ring

13787 Atlanta Ring

Price: $4,800

This unique engagement ring holds an Asscher cut diamond in the center. The bezel protects the gem, giving the piece a striking geometric shape. Moreover, the center stone weighs around 0.50 carats, with a double row of smaller diamonds and emeralds surrounding it and adding to its beauty. The delicate platinum setting has a triple-wire shank and an openwork under-gallery. The additional diamonds bring up the total gem weight to 0.80 carats. 

9. The Malta Ring

13052 Malta Ring

Price: $5,200

This halo engagement ring centers a bezel set antique cushion cut gem weighing approximately 0.63 carats. Although the center diamond is the most alluring aspect of this piece, the surrounding halo of old European cut stones is almost as dazzling. The pave-set gems bolster the daintiness of the yellow gold setting, and the tapered shoulders each hold a single European cut diamond.

10. The Broadway Ring

14124 Broadway aquamarine and sapphire halo cocktail ring

Price: $6,000

If you’re in the market for a statement bezel set engagement ring, consider surprising your partner with the Broadway Ring. It features an emerald cut aquamarine stone in the center. The bezel set aquamarine weighs approximately 5.00 carats, and a double halo of single cut diamonds and baguette cut sapphires surround it. A fleur-de-lis motif decorates the shoulders, while an openwork under-gallery enhances the platinum setting.

11. The Cambria Ring

14060 Cambria vintage style bezel set diamond engagemnent Ring

Price: $6,500

This visually appealing vintage style bezel set engagement ring centers an old European cut diamond weighing around 0.79 carats. The tapered shoulders stretch across an openwork under-gallery, each housing a single European cut stone. The ring also features additional diamonds with a combined weight of 0.20 carats.

12. The London Ring

13977 London Ring

Price: $13,000

The London Ring is a perfect choice if you prefer simple bezel set engagement rings with a unique design. It centers an old European cut diamond weighing around 1.33 carats. A cluster of smaller stones encircles the center gem, forming an eye-catching geometric design.

Additional diamonds adorn the shoulders and have a combined weight of approximately 0.99 carats. The platinum and yellow gold setting boasts fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery. If your partner enjoys mixing platinum and gold pieces, they’ll be happy to show off the London Ring whenever possible.

13. The Norfork Ring

14047 Norfork bezel set diamond and floral halo engagement Ring

Price: $7,200

This diamond cluster engagement ring has a flowerhead design and centers a cushion cut diamond weighing around 0.80 carats. A halo of smaller old European cut gems encircles the center bezel-set stone, and a single diamond adorns each shoulder. At first glance, the platinum mounting is simple, but it features a triple-wire shank. Furthermore, an openwork under-gallery adorns the setting.

The Norfork Ring is an ideal choice who appreciate classic pieces with a modern twist.

14. The Arvada Ring

14033 Top Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Price: $11,500

Art Deco style jewelry is known for its combination of geometric shapes and bold colors, all features you’ll notice in the Arvada Ring. A bezel-set old European cut gem sits in its center, weighing roughly 1.49 carats. This piece is unique because the lace openwork encircles the center diamond and houses a cluster of pave-set European cut stones. Each shoulder carries three additional diamonds, and the platinum mounting features fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery.

15. The Evora Ring

14024 Evora Ring

Price: $32,000

If you suspect your partner isn’t impressed with colorless diamonds, lively bezel set engagement rings like the Evora Ring are an excellent choice. This piece centers an old European cut diamond weighing around 3.01 carats. A cluster of French cut sapphires surrounds the center gem, enhancing its fire and brilliance with its dark blue hues.

Moreover, a pair of triangular-shaped sapphires flank the stone, adding a geometric element to the top of the ring. The shoulders each carry a single diamond, while the platinum mounting boasts an openwork under-gallery.

16. The Constantinople Ring

13803 Constantinople Ring

Price: $11,800

This classic piece is a lovely bezel set engagement ring which centers a 1.41-carat old European cut gem. Multiple bright French cut sapphires form a halo and encircle the center diamond. Additionally, brilliant cut stones flank the colorless center gem, with several small diamonds lining the shoulders. Fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery decorate the platinum setting.

18. The Stonehaven Ring

13947 Stonehaven Ring

Price: $18,000

Rounding off our list of the top 30 bezel set engagement rings is the Stonehaven Ring, an attractive piece centering a 1.72-carat diamond. The setting is a mixture of platinum and yellow gold, while a halo of old mine cut gems sit on half-bezels. These smaller stones act as petals to the center diamond, creating a visually appealing flower motif.

19. The Aspen Ring

13105 Aspen Bezel Set Aquamarine and French cut sapphire and diamond double halo vintage style engagement ring

Price: $3,800

This aquamarine beauty features a dazzling natural teal gemstone in the center and weighs approximately 1 carat. A row of smaller blue sapphires accentuates the center stone’s color, while a second halo of round stones borders the ring. The platinum setting is almost as sophisticated as the gems themselves. It boasts an under-gallery with an openwork design.

20. The Howden Ring

12188 Howden Marquise cut diamond vintage style engagement ring

Price: $4,500

The Howden Ring is a gemstone piece that centers a bezel set antique marquise cut gem weighing around 0.67 carats. The lovely colorless stone has a distinct elongated shape, and the ring has a slimming effect on the finger. A row of smaller old European diamonds envelops the center stone, underscoring its clarity and brilliance. When it comes to the setting, handcrafted openwork adorns the under-gallery. 

Should you wish to resize the piece, our expert team will provide the service at no additional cost.

21. The Colton Ring

MAR101 Colton  bezel set diamond and French cut ruby halo vintage style engagement Ring

Price: $2,800

Gorgeous bezel set engagement rings like the Colton Ring are an excellent choice if your partner appreciates colored diamonds. Its center holds a colorless brilliant cut gem weighing approximately 0.25 carats. A halo of natural rubies surrounds the center stone, adding a pop of color and liveliness to the piece. Additional diamonds sit on the shoulders, emphasizing the ring’s elegant design. Handcrafted in platinum, the Colton Ring features fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery. 

22. The Colborne Ring

14015 Colborne Ring

Price: $80,000

Another unique bezel set engagement ring, the Colborne Ring centers a GIA-certified emerald cut diamond weighing roughly 3.00 carats. Emerald cut diamonds are chic and timeless, which is why they have remained one of the most popular engagement options for decades. This piece features a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the center gem, while fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery accentuate the handcrafted platinum setting.

If you wish to learn more about this ring, you can ask to view a copy of the GIA certificate.

23. The Hamilton Ring

12939 Hamilton Ring

Price: $4,500

This delicate piece centers an emerald cut diamond weighing around 0.51 carats. A cluster of smaller stones wraps around the center gem, highlighting its cut, clarity, and brilliance. The side diamonds have a total weight of around 0.19 carats, and the mounting features an openwork under-gallery and a triple-wire shank. 

24. The Walton Ring

13089 Walton Ring

Price: $4,800

Only a few vintage bezel set engagement rings come close to the beauty of the Walton Ring. This piece combines the halo’s brightness with the center stone’s colorlessness to create a stunning visual effect. 

It centers an Asscher cut gem weighing around 0.50 carats, while a double row of lively rubies and natural cut diamonds encircles the central diamond. The total diamond weight of the piece is roughly 0.90 carats.

If you think your partner would appreciate a ring with intricate geometric shapes, you can’t go wrong with this eye-catching piece.

25. The Woodlands Ring

13465 Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

Price: $3,900

An engagement is a perfect opportunity to make a statement, and rarely can any jewelry piece match the brilliance of the Woodlands Ring. It centers a natural aquamarine gem weighing around 1 carat.

A cluster of French cut sapphires surrounds the center stone, while the second row of smaller brilliant cut diamonds forms a beautiful double halo design. 

This piece is perfect for those who love playing around with color and will love to show off the center stone’s intense hue. 

26. The Olympia Ring

13559 Olympia Ring

Price: $3,900

This vintage bezel set engagement ring centers a colorless diamond weighing around 0.40 carats. The piece dates back to the Art Deco era and plays around with unique shapes, as is typical of similar vintage-inspired jewelry. In addition to the center gem, the Olympia Ring features a cluster of natural buffed onyx and a square-shaped halo of smaller stones surrounding the center diamond. This low profile bezel set engagement ring boasts a delicate platinum setting with a detailed under-gallery. 

27. The Colorado Aqua Ring

13404 Colorado Ring

Price: $3,800

If you’re interested in vintage bezel set engagement rings, you should consider investing in a colored option like the Colorado Aqua Ring. It features a teal-colored aquamarine gem in the center. The lively stone weighs approximately 1 carat. Moreover, a double row of old European cut stones and sapphires encircles the center diamond, creating a stunning combination of dark and soft blues. 

28. The Henlow Ring

13844 Henlow bezel set asscher cut diamond engagement Ring

Price: $7,000

This low-profile bezel set engagement ring is an elegant piece that will delight anyone who loves timeless jewelry. It centers an Asscher cut gem weighing approximately 0.84 carats. The center gem is GIA certified, and the document vouches for the stone’s cut and clarity. Each shoulder houses additional round brilliant cut stones, which complement the beauty of the platinum setting. The mounting also features fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery. 

You may review the GIA certificate upon request.

29. The Belfort Ring

13139 Belfort bezel set kunzite and ruby halo ring

Price: $4,800

Bezel set engagement rings are timeless and have a sophisticated design, and the Belfort Ring is no exception. The stunning piece centers an emerald cut kunzite center diamond weighing around 5.04 carats. This cut emphasizes the stone’s soft pink hue and ensures the most fire so that the diamond will captivate onlookers even in low-lighting circumstances.

A cluster of diamond baguettes and French cut rubies hugs the sides of the center gem. 

Should you wish to resize this attention-grabbing piece, we offer the service at no extra charge.

30. The Manchester Ring

14048 Manchester Ring

Price: $7,200

This floral design vintage bezel set engagement ring centers a cushion cut gem weighing approximately 0.80 carats. A cluster of colorless diamonds encircles the center stone, forming an intricate flower motif. Furthermore, additional diamonds sit on the shoulder, bringing attention to the dainty platinum setting. 

The total gem weight of the Manchester Ring is roughly 1.21 carats.

Bezel Set Rings vs. Prong Set Rings

Bezel Set Rings vs. Prong Set Rings

When shopping for unique bezel set engagement rings, many confuse bezel options for their prong counterparts. While both a bezel setting and prongs hold the diamond in place, prong-set gems are more susceptible to damage like cracks and chips. However, prong-set jewelry has been in-demand for decades because it shows off the most attractive characteristics of a diamond and is easy to clean.

On the other hand, a bezel encompasses the edge of the diamond, bolstering its protection levels. Should you accidentally drop your ring, the bezel will absorb much of the impact, leaving the gems unscathed. Contact a reputable diamond expert to learn more about the differences between bezel set rings and prong set rings.

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